Micro Gardens & Community Well-Being Growing in Boise, Idaho – USA

I have been following this beautiful local crew for some time now and love what they are doing! Many of these are sprouting up everywhere in the USA now and it is such a blessing to see the people come together at the most central part of our lives.

If you are around the local area or interested in participating, volunteering, or lending a helping hand. Please visit their website.


Envision a community living in harmony with the earth and with each other through green building, renewable energy, shared governance, and permaculture principles. Residents of the Treasure Valley collaborate to manifest a sustainable community, sustainable business incubator, and education center in an urban setting.

In 2015 the Boise EcoVillage Project began collaborating with a local farmer to start some of our initiatives.  We are leasing about 3 acres at the edge of Garden City, Idaho (9907 W Chinden Blvd), with 2 acres of irrigated farmland, a sweet little stream and large trees.  This is not where our residential community will be built, but it is a place to begin projects, build teams and relationships, and develop the skills we will need to live in community some day.

We have recently become a member managed organization and are looking to add more passionate members to our team!  Please see our section on membership to learn more about what being a member is all about.  You don’t have to be a member to participate, and we have several self-organizing Village Circles that are beginning to take form including the Garden Circle, Community Connection Circle, Builder’s Circle, Outreach and Education Circle, Media and Communications Circle, Harmony Circle, and the Visioning Circle.

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Website: http://boiseecovillageproject.com/
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/578546342231126

If you know of a local area that is doing the same within the area please send us your websites and comments via below or by using this link if you would prefer to write an article: https://prepareforchange.net/participate/write-an-article-for-pfc/

If we have enough submissions, we can create a strong micro local chain of health & well-being.

Here is another one in Seattle, Wa too <3

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