A Powerful Yet Simple Tool to Reduce Tension Anywhere until Compression Breakthrough

Calling All Lightworkers, Love Holders, Way Showers, Light Warriors etc.


It is very clear that we are in the midst of a very intensive time right now. Everything that you and I can do to decrease tension at this time is of vital importance. Probably the most important thing that any of us can do is to focus on maintaining calmness and harmonious relationships with everyone around us at this time. We continue with our Sunday Event meditation as always to help to ease the way forward to the moment of Compression Breakthrough. On Cobra’s last update he mentioned the following information that Dragon sources had provided about these end days.

Dragon sources have communicated that in the near future, Turkey may be the trigger for a short but intense military escalation just before the planetary breakthrough. If that happens, a mass meditation will be announced on this blog to counteract that.”

With this information in mind it occurred to me that we can allay the risk of this eventual intense military situation through the use of a very very simple but powerful meditation on a regular / daily basis now. This powerful tool is so simple that a small child could easily accomplish it.

In September of 2015 we had a very successful meditation for Europe when the situation there was critical.
Cobra gave us this tool then to use to strengthen the Goddess vortex in Syria and Iraq

“Also, there is a very simple technique to strengthen the Goddess vortex in Syria that the Archons are trying to suppress. Simply visualize this piece of ancient Halafian pottery rotating over the whole Syria/Iraq region, strengthening the Goddess vortex there and removing all darkness from the region:




This piece of Halafian pottery, made 7000 years ago, contains sacred geometry codes that activate Goddess presence and remove darkness from all four directions.”



Cobra now agrees that using this tool would also be of great support in reducing tension in Turkey at this time. The pattern is as you can see simple and easy to recall – we can focus mainly on the 4 petals of the flower pattern and the enclosed inner circle symbol and visualize it spinning clockwise. One could imagine this entire pattern as being on a large spaceship like disc rotating all over Turkey. You really do not have to decide on any particular time to do this. You can literally do it any time you find yourself with a few minutes over to relax.

This link has also a picture showing the pottery spinning over the area of Syria

Even if this is not a so called mass meditation this reminder of how powerful any form of meditation is can be good to share:

“Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation can actually save human lives in Europe and worldwide:”




Let’s try to spread this information far and wide so that many Lightworkers / Lightwarriors etc. have access to it at this crucial time and we can feel the satisfaction of actually being able to affect this situation in a very positive way on a daily basis with this simple powerful tool.

PS: This tool can of course be used to activate Goddess presence and remove darkness from anywhere. So those who feel so called can use this visualisation for any places on our planet that you feel need extra Light at this time. However, keep in mind that the RM / Dragon sources have mentioned Turkey specifically and this should be the first area of focus with this tool now.

Also for those people viewing this post from a shared link that cannot view the spinning motion of the Halafian Pottery you can go to this link and see it spinning clockwise there:


Victory of the Light


Therese Zumi

31st March 2016 at 1020 AM CET







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  1. Beautiful initiative <3
    I find that harmony can only return when all hidden/repressed emotions have been expressed/brought out into the open, which sometimes means having to express anger or fear in the less than constructive ways that we were taught …
    clearing the space means opening the door to harmony <3
    thank you

  2. Greetings Family of Light

    I am using the Halaifian pottery wheel with great results,,,,I am using it in many areas Turkey Syria , all the places I have been which I consider vortex areas,,,mostly I can See and FEEL a massive shift in my area,,the Space Coast Fl,,which is a powerful vortex ,,,there is greater ease , less tension with those that will cross my path,,,more smiles,,genuine conversation , less throwing energy,,I am raising my energy with Ease where as before it would feel like pushing against an ethic fence. Try it in areas that are known too be problematic and see the difference ,,,anchoring its effectiveness when feeling n seeing its results is an added strengthening to as guided by the RM to spin it over the Turkey Syrian area,,DC,,,all major cities,,over area that are negatively bound up.

    Yon Me She Haah
    He Me Shee Shee

  3. Much appreciation for posting this information about this tool and the symbol. i will utilize this information best i can.. also it has me wondering if one was to print this design on to a cd, would that also bring good energies etc whilst the cd is spinnig when playing?..could it be printed on to other things that spin? i assume it must spin clockwise or does it still work but not as well if spinning anti-clockwise?

  4. Thanks for your post.
    But where do you know from that “Cobra now agrees that using this tool would also be of great support in reducing tension in Turkey at this time”?
    It seem very right, of course, but I do not find it in any of Cobra’s posts.

    But all you say is very common sensed. I consider also right. Yes, “One could imagine this entire pattern as being on a large spaceship like disc rotating all over Turkey”, as well in any other area, as case may be.
    Thanks again for your insight!
    Kind regards.


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