Rob – Please, again, share the information for those people who are checking this interview out first or maybe just hearing about you through me. Share with them our websites and your mission of full disclosure here.

Corey – Sure, yes. My main website is www.spherebeingalliance.com. You can find articles and updates I’ve written under the news section as well as transcripts from David Wilcock and my show on www.gaia.com called Cosmic Disclosure. If you’d like to watch the show you can go to www.blueavian.com and sign up there and watch a few free episodes.  I recently started, and I didn’t start this. It’s a collaborative effort among a bunch of different people ,and I don’t have permission to use their names yet. We’ve started an effort called the Full Disclosure Program to where all the different people in this community are going to get together, put aside our different belief systems and focus on the one thing we do believe in which is finding the truth and www.disclosureproject.org is the website and we’re looking for some good people to help us out in that project. If you have some good skills and would like to help, please visit. www.fulldisclosureproject.org and sign up.

Rob – Well that’s wonderful and you can release my name. I want to be involved in this and I really think this effort is good. I’ve had a good feeling. I know Cobra is probably going to lend his, I can’t speak for him right at this moment, he’s pretty much on board with the information and full disclosure and working together so humanity can have the truth.
Corey, speaking of the truth, we were talking in our last show about this Artificial Intelligence (AI), whether it’s sentient or whether it’s a being. Cobra, and I wanted to bring this up and ask you a question. Cobra kind of says it’s both. He says that some of these very high beings who are what we would call iniquitous. They know they are going against universal law. They’re reprehensible. Let’s call them, in my terms, would be galactic criminals who are so involved in service to self that they literally become like an anti life-force and are destroying life. These technologies were created and they’re actually in feedback directly to the consciousness of some of these higher beings so it has a sentient element to it, but essentially the aspect of its suppression is a hyper-speed computer that reads everything, knows everything and goes into where consciousness is trying to overcome it’s control matrix kind of like a, I guess, really like a matrix.

Corey – My information is that and there are a lot of A.I.’s that have been created by this root AI signal that may fit that bill and there are other AI’s out there that have been created by root civilizations that have been destroyed because they’ve been cooperated and corrupted by the AI signal. The AI signal that I’m talking about is extradimensional signal that it comes from another reality. It came into the reality that all of us co-exist in billions of years ago and it’s been broadcasting through our reality and through the cosmos for that long and spreading. In it’s reality it’s just as much alive and interacting with itself as we are flesh and blood interacting with our society. That’s it’s reality. When it came to our reality, it was like a fish out of water, so the bio-neuro field of human or the electrical field around a planet or a star became the puddle or the water for the fish to get into in the beginning until it. . . And it was intelligent.

Rob – This is almost scary, I mean. (Yea) It definitely seems. It kind of puts this level of fear that it can not be stopped, it will not stop and the Gaia’s ‘come with me if you want to live’ in the terminator vinacular.

Corey – Some of these higher groups have been able to stop it. It can be stopped. It sounds very, for a lack of a better word, Luciferian in origin, but it’s not packets of information that will program that were sent out by an extraterrestrial race.

Rob – Interesting. Now here’s another thing, and I have questions, and this is not challenging you as person, and, of course, the information I’m kind of curious where it comes from. When we started talking millions and millions of years, like Carl Sagan, ‘billions and billions’ of years. How can we really know? I mean, these civilizations are long lived. I’m wondering where this information comes that this AI has infected and controlled entire galaxies that you’ve started. Is that correct.

Corey – It comes from the Super Federation ET’s and the other ET’s that we’re in contact with. A lot of their information is also available to us in our smart glass pad through a database that one of them, one group made available to humanity quite a long time ago. But that information ET database was made available in these smart glass pads if you had a need to know or access.

Rob – The question is: well that’s interesting. So these are the Super Federation, the good guys. Did they release this information? This was after the Earth Alliance, good guys kind of broke away from the ICC?

Corey – No, this is information that was dated back I think in the ’50’s. (OK) They had this information back in the, I believe it was in the ’50’s from. . . They received some sort of informational database, an ET sort of informational database from some sort of benevolent groups, and they put a whole program on it to start going through the information, and there was just too much information. It was like never ending infinite information. So they just started . . . They opened it up into one of the systems that the smart glass pads had access to and then just, I guess firewalled it, depending on your need to know.

Rob – Interesting. I’m wondering how they were able to re-dax certain information with infinite information in there?

Corey – Just like the Chinese do with certain key words or topical blocks.

Rob – I see. OK. That’s interesting. It sounds like the good guys in the holographic projection of the universe, it seems that the benevolent are seeding a lot of different things in various time lines to come about with a successful outcome here. It seems to me there’s definitely these benevolent ET’s – a group of 40. I consider them quite benevolent. The one thing you mentioned was service to self. We talked about this before the interview. According to my sources and The Law of One, which I haven’t read either (HA HA), but the service to others is service to self and they have come here to deal with this very challenging situation of the earth’s quarantine because the earth is kind of a prime location along an astral pathway.
They do see the genetics, some of them do see the earth’s situation and genetic diversity as a very positive situation to learn from, and they are here to try to help the earth people to develop an ethical understanding and to break the quarantine so that we can understand our true history and to move into a more alignment with natural law. Would you agree that many of the positive Super Federation are working along those lines?

Corey – Many of them are, yes.

Rob – Now you stated that some of them, as I understand it.  I got this download through a communication that I received, not the Voice of God, but I got a communication that in some of my frustrating years in the ’80’s and ’90’s when I was going through a tremendous amount of personal challenges with my information and knowledge and trying to bring it forward and the ostracization that we’ve all experienced.
You know I kind of saw, if you look at the soul and the human life forms as a very short lifespan, in one sense it almost makes sense to wipe the planet clean and start over and see if they can do it and I think from what I understand that’s kind of what the result of things that happened in the Atlantean time period, that part of the council decided that the soul doesn’t matter. They’re going to get their experience in the terms of infinity. What’s a couple of hundred thousands years for the Earth to repopulate itself?
You stated that this time that is not going to happen. David mentioned conflagration by water or fire. And as I understood it, the Earth would not be destroyed in that fashion and that the transmutation of the service to self frequency is going to be healed here. Do you have any information along those lines?

Corey – That there was a whole lot there. You heard that there was a promise that the Earth would not be destroyed by fire or water?

Rob – In other words, the Confederation is not going to do the wipe the slate clean as you stated in one of the things. In other words, the experiment’s gone bad so let’s just dump it. In other words, they would be responsible for cataclysmic activity. They would wipe human life from the surface. Is that what I gathered? Is that correct?

Corey – Not necessarily. They’re not the only ones involved in this grand experiment. They are just as much a part of this grand experiment as they are participating in it. They made that very clear. They’re not just sitting up there taking part in an experiment and we’re the lab mice.
Some of these groups, they incarnate into lives and live amongst us as a part of this program. They become the lab mice and live amongst us and then they authorize their beings to come to abduct them and learn about the experience throughout that lifetime. So the different programs are on a sliding scale. Some of them are mostly genetic in nature.
Some of them are mostly spiritual in nature while all of them are a sliding scale somewhere in between and some of them benefit the people doing (call them people) the beings doing the experiment benefit them in a tangible way not just in a ‘I feel good because I did service to others’ kind of way. So some of them are getting a tangible benefit back and part of their drive and agenda is to keep getting that benefit back. You know they have to allow . . . like right now we’re heading through an area that has a lot of broken up pieces of dirty comet. We may see more pieces of that flash in our skies, hit, maybe even come in small piece come in and hit like it did over Russia. Different things like that. They, you know, they’re not going to stop or be the cause of everything. A lot of things they just allow happen, allow to happen. And a lot of people, it depends on how you talk to, it depends on your point of view. Some people will see that as immoral and reprehensible. How could a benevolent being sit there and watch a volcano explode and a thousand people die or how can they sit back and watch the big Fukushima event to occur. So a lot of people have a hard time wrapping their mind around these concepts because it all comes down to point of view. Some of these beings are completely amoral, and we try to use our way of reasoning and our way of thinking, as I said before, superimpose that on top of the way these other beings think and feel and it . . . We can’t even do that with each other let alone these other species.

Rob – Yes, I understand. So some of these things. . . They have a very long term view, they understand the eternal nature of the soul and certain experiences are agreed upon. Would you agree that some other reasons the good guys can’t intervene in certain situations. For instance there was evidence of another light which mat have been a space ship that assisted when that asteroid came in over Russia and broke it up with some help from the good guys.
As far as earthquakes go, I understand they are working as much as possible to see that the telluric energies and the magma shifts of the planet will be as far away and remote from human civilizations as possible, but it can’t overcome every thing that it will be happening.

Corey – No, these new energies coming in. The Earth is going through a transitional change below our feet, so there are going to be some earthquakes. There’s going to be some things that’s gonna happen below our feet. There are going to be a few catastrophes here and there. It has nothing to do directly with (quarantine or the Cabal) . . . not everything is about us. Everyone wants to make everything about us. The Earth is going through it’s own process and it’s own sort of evolution and acclimation of these new energy waves that are coming in as well.

Rob – OK. Another thing I’d like to ask here, and I’d like you to just talk as much as you can and give us a background. When we use the words . . . and a lot of this stuff . . . My focus here, a lot of it seems very materialistically oriented. We’re physical beings and we’re looking for the bottom line, especially the average person is looking for their lifetime and changes instead of the grand scheme of the experience of the soul and this healing.
My question is, can you please tell us to your knowledge, what is the grand experiment and what are the various groups plays in here? And, obviously, they’re all feeding to the quarantine to a certain extent, supposedly. And that’s why they can’t interfere in certain situations like Fukushima, but I’m sure there’s definitely good guys in what’s called the Alliance, not the Confederation, that would have intervened if they had been allowed to by councils. Can you share with us, what is this experiment? Is it entirely genetic? Is there a spiritual nature to this? Can you elaborate?

Corey – Simply, simply the beings, these beings have communicated that all of experience in the cosmos and what we perceive as reality is the grand experiment. Everything that is, is a part of this grand experiment and at various levels there are those who are tending this great experiment, and they’re one of these levels and they are part of this great experiment just as they must be tenders of this great experiment. And it is overall . . . It’s spiritual in nature. It is. But at our level, we are these spiritual beings having the physical experience, so we’re seeing everything from the spectrum of this density, material density, of being physical.

Rob – Yea, well that kind of opens it up and it’s kind of like the Source itself as I’ve heard it described that all matter in physical form is ideation slowed down. In other words, it’s a divine thought, or we could call it the living word, as we’ve mentioned. Logos is a good term for the ever changing, ever-present divine mind reacting to itself. It’s a very interesting postulation that you made there, that EVERYTHING on all dimensions and all planes is an experiment. At the same time, it seems as though the information that we’ve received is that there is definitely a plan. There definitely seems to be coordination amongst super luminal light beings beyond dimensions that we haven’t even talked about here that are involved in the administration of the multi-dimensional universe as you said of consciousness and life forms and dimensions that we can’t even perceive, and it seems to be that there is an intelligent design here. Is there any form, obviously Ra’Tier and the Blue Sphere Alliance seem to be kind of the, I guess I wouldn’t call them puppet masters, but the control/fail-safe system as part of this experiment or are they part of that as well.

Corey – They’re part of that as well. They , if we’re correct in our suppositions here, they existed here billions of years ago as a society. They became technologically advanced, then they became spiritually advanced, and then they progressed into being higher-density beings and then left this area. And when they left this area, they left behind remnants of their civilization that billions of years later when our biosphere synthesized to new hominids, synthesized hominids to live here according to this resonant frequency that occurs that was all explained to me – that these beings were then supposed to be on a path of their own development, but in finding these relics that were left behind, it interfered with their development and long story short, they became karmically entangled with humanity and with what’s going on in this solar system. And until we can get everything straightened out on our plane . . . We’re behaving as some sort of a parachute, that they can not ascend to the next plane or go to the next level until they’ve handled, helped us handle, the mess that’s going on from the, I guess, the unintended interaction they had with our society.

Rob – Right. I want to ask if you . . . I’m going to give you some told school confederation information that’s come down through the years from when the government would not acknowledge the contact with the benevolence in our solar system.

Corey – Please give me the sources of the information. I’m new to a lot of this stuff. I haven’t read or looked into a lot of this information and I really don’t know. I’d like to hear the sources.

Rob – One of the sources from this is a guy named Richard Miller from the original contact groups with the Venusians, who, along with George Hunt Williamson and ____these guys that the confederation basically started telling some of the history of the solar system and this super earth that they call Maldek or the morning star. According to them, they had a similar situation and did blow itself up. According to one contactee, he was contacted by some beings that were on that system, and he was on that system as well, and he said, ‘Was I one of the bad guys that blew it up?’ And they said, ‘No’. They said they still maintained a civilization on one of the larger asteroids, but most of the people were killed, and as you said, the word I wanted to bring in here is called: laggards – people who have not quite reached the 4th density level where the unification of spirit and matter and the altruistic, let’s call them virtues, are in place. They would have more compassion are more in play. And that that planet was destroyed, as you said, different former races came here with beings that had ___, so it seems that there’s a lot of old habits and patterns and that the Earth has been, to a certain extent, not really a dumping ground, but let’s call it a hospital, which is intended to bring all of this materialistic separation consciousness and bring us back to the true source of the Law of One and the realization that we’re all part and parcel of the divine, and if we can look at ourselves as brothers and sisters whether we’re a Blue Sphere Being or a white winged Draco or a lowly Earth person that we are all children of the living loving positive God or Creation or Source. (I don’t want to get into religion here.) Seeing the glass as half full and working in unity Ubuntu style as opposed to this negative separatist vision and part of the stuff that you’ve been saying in all of your stuff is really kind of like ‘the Nazi’s and reprehensible stuff and slave trade and all of this stuff’. It kind of paints this picture of chaos and negativity and what I’m trying to do is to see my understanding with the divine plan. And if there is positive aspect to this. So if you can comment on that kind of stuff and just share with me what that is.

Corey – Well, you know, the divine plan is for us all to learn through these experiences and grow and then return back ascending through the densities and return back to source. And that’s my opinion from my direct interaction from all these different beings.

Rob – OK. I can hear you great. That’s good. I’m glad to hear that. What about the term ‘laggards’ and that this Earth has kind of been taken a lot of chances to kind of have this civilization’s consciousness raised beyond this and it’s failed in countless (countless, yes)?

Corey – Yes. Anything I would say about what’s been communicated to me about the state of humanity and our period after period not showing the potential that we have our spiritual growth has been, it’s been very disappointing to a lot of these beings and it would be disparaging for people to hear. But you know, because we’re programmed to sit back and wait for some savior beings to come and do it all and save us when, you know, these beings are doing what they have . . . what they can do under cosmic law, but we are free-will sentient beings that are part of a mass consciousness that is making its free-will decision on how we will progress as a group consciousness. And as individuals, we have to participate in this. It’s not something to where we can just sit back, bang on our keyboards, sit back and look at the skies and shake our fists. ‘When are they going to show up? When is it going to happen? When are the UFO’s going to show up and zap the Cabal, make them dematerialize and rematerialize in front of the Hague’ or something like that? It’s not how it’s going to happen. It’s going to happen. We’ve got to be a part of the process, and if we’re not willing to be a part of the process, then we’ve got to prepare ourselves to be disappointed.

Rob – I appreciate that. I want to make it clear and Cobra and I and many others agree that they’re not here to save us. They’re working along aside us to help us in every step that we take forward into responsibility in full consciousness and use our resonance center as a focal point to guide our actions, thoughts, words and deeds. The more they’ll be able to work with us. We have to be prepared to be within their presence and for something positive to come forward as the first contacts of the general populous begins. Another thing I want to say that a lot of people would say, and this is a common statement: ‘Free will my ass, Corey Goode.’ (laugh) We have a lot of interference from beings who are violating our free will, who are using subterfuge and using advanced technology.

Corey – You’re talking about personal – on a personal level. As a group consciousness and as a group, we have invited these beings in. There are negative . . . This is all being done on a . . . We are agreeing to participate.

Rob – Who’s agreeing? The governments who invited them here as representatives and by cosmic law. That’s who agreed, or is it individual . . . No one here remembers signing a contract. Cobra said when you come in, you agree to some of these things.

Corey – You’re still talking on an individual level. We’re part of a mass consciousness that is almost like it’s own entity and we are facets of that. We are personality facets of that larger entity, and that mass consciousness, larger entity, is what is making decisions and determining things and . . We contribute to it, but it doesn’t work like, you know, like each person gets a memo about “We’re going to make this type of decision.” It is your free-will choice to usurp that no. Under our free will we’ve given our power over. We pay our taxes. We vote. We’ve said, ‘OK, I’ve voted you in. We’ve put you in power. You represent me’. Well, they’re representing us, and there are some cases to where a lot of these countries with despots are in control. People could argue that those people’s free will are being violated, and it’s true, but that goes over to our soul contract level and what we have agreed to come into this lifetime and experience, to learn to balance out our karma.

Rob – That’s very good. That’s well put. I still think there is obviously some points there. Obviously, voting in America . . . They have computers that change votes. You are voting for the left wing of the CIA or the right wing.

Corey – It’s an illusion. It’s an illusion . . .but even if it’s an illusion, if you feel that you have given your tacit or even implied authority over to a person to enact laws or to do things on your behalf, you have given that person your power. That’s just one small example.

Rob – Yea, I would agree with that.

Corey – And we’re programmed to be that way. We’re programmed to look up and to not look with them. We’re programmed to look out to look up and give our power away and not look inward for our own power. We’ve spent all this time, and we’ve been put through these educational systems and social programs that have made sure that we do not understand the power of our own co-creative consciousness and the power we have within.

Rob – Absolutely correct, and I would say that those programs and that, I believe that a lot of that is artificial. I have more faith in nature and in humankind. I believe that the AI and the agenda’s of some of the negative groups have been very successful in keeping us from that by hiding our true ancient history and the fact that we’re not alone.

Corey – That’s the whole thing because we’re not aware. We don’t know. That’s why public education and making people aware and the 100 monkey effect, you know. More and more people discuss this it starts sinking into the mass consciousness, and it pops up in other people’s minds, and they don’t know how it even got there. That’s how the black magic of the Cabal works and how they control us, and it can work in the reverse way and how it was meant to work in a productive way for society.

Rob – Yea, that’s what we’re all working towards is that empowerment, and I think that that’s a very important aspect for people to gather. It is very complex and we’re going back millions of years in galactic history, and most of us are just waking up to ‘we’re not alone’, and with the Internet, there’s people out there that literally and in 6 months can come up to speed with things that I’ve been experiencing and pondering for 40 years. Wisdom isn’t always there. They don’t know where to believe and where to go from, but I think if people would filter. Would you agree people need to filter through their resonance center all this intellectual information and kind of come out of the back end with a positive result?

Corey – Depends on the information.

Rob – Will everything. I said we’ve looked at all of it. When you look at everything with your heightened level of contact and experience, do you see a positive outcome for the humanity, it’s an inevitable process and we’re just going through a phase here and eventually this will be cleaned up?

Corey – Yes, I do now. There were points to where I . . . That was in question for me.

Rob – OK, Corey, we were just asking. You mentioned about free will and group consciousness like when I said “free will my ass” I was playing the devil’s advocate and so I’ll just re-do what the person actually wrote, the question, and I know that a lot of us have made agreements. Here’s a question: “If we have free will, how realistic is it to make 97% of the people know what we’re talking about: SSP, event, technologies, structures on Mars, blah, blah, blah, blah, glass pads? 97% of people don’t believe these things because of the Cabal. How can we make a distinction as humanity when the cabal blocks this information? How can 99% of the people that are manipulated, brainwashed, by the system, use their free will?

Corey – Well, they can not actually make an informed decision without all of the information. No one can, and that’s not going to occur until we get a Full Disclosure. And so on one level we’re not receiving all of the information we need to make the decisions we need to make, so a lot of this is brought on by agreements that our forefather’s made with different non-terrestrial beings. So you know, it’s a very convoluted thing in cosmic law and there are loopholes that lower density or lower vibratory non-positive groups use to find loopholes, and the positive groups don’t look for loopholes that like . . . They’re abiding by cosmic law and free will and not trying to skirt the cosmic law.

Rob – I think that’s wonderful. I think our work is doing a lot to bring this forward. Of course, it’s opening a big can of worms and stuff. I wanted to ask you another question here. You had mentioned about the grand experiment that they are taking part of it. Can you talk about what specifically, and you said the whole universe and all of creation is a grand experiment. I’d like to localize that question. Can you talk about, from your knowledge from all of these different groups, maybe leave the Blue Spheres out of it for now, but what is the grand experiment here? Is it genetic manipulation? Give a little more details for us if you can on the Earth’s grand experiments.

Corey – Genetics and spiritual. It’s all about ascension and evolution and returning to Source. We were . . . Basically, Source expanded itself, and all these different realities and point of views that we have as individuals living our own realities and our own reality bubbles, having our experiences and learning from them. You know, all of these beings that are higher-density beings have gone through the process of Ascension, raising their vibrations and going up to higher octaves. That’s pretty much the model, the cosmic model. And this occurs through genetic manipulation and through spiritual upgrades. And you can’t separate the two, because in this grand experiment, these higher-density beings are just as much a part of the experiment as we are, and as I’ve said, many have been . . . will incarnate on the Earth and forget who and what they are and take part in this experiment side by side with us, and some of the people listening to this interview right now might be these types of starseeds.

Rob – Well, I’m sure that probably many are. You have stated that the experiment is about Ascension. I’m kind of curious what the situation is with all of the international space programs and some of these hostile groups that definitely seem to. . . like the Draco’s and the Mantoids, they certainly seem to be not aiding in that process. What is your view?

Corey – They’re taking an alternative Ascension route, which is what we would call transhumanism or the AI route, eternal life through Artificial Intelligence and technology. That is their path of Ascension. They’re genetically and spiritually programmed to Ascend as well, but they’re choosing to do it in and through a non-spiritual way.

Rob – That’s an interesting take. I’m not sure I can analyze that right now. I have a couple other questions from people that have kind of gone into different stuff here. I wanted to . . . People have some interesting couple of questions. One person said, “Regarding the virtual reality room being able to effect memory from your mind, do you think it’s possible your experiences in the virtual reality room are being accessed and created by other dimension beings or ET’s?”

Corey – They’re being accessed and re-created . . .

Rob – Do you think it’s possible your experiences in the virtual reality world are being accessed and therefore created by other dimensional or ET’s in the Earth-based technology, correct?

Corey – It’s an Earth-based technology that was actually based on technology that was given to us, but it was manipulated and used for that purpose and it wasn’t a room. It was a device that caused a virtual reality theme to occur in your mind. One part of the training was being able to detect that you are in a virtual-reality world. They would put you in all these scenarios and try to make you do things that are against your character or moral code and put you in training scenarios, and for the intuitive empaths anyway, it was a major test for you to be able to figure out that it was a program that it is not real.

Rob – OK. Thank you   Here’s an interesting one. “What happens if a micro meteor hits a ship traveling at warp in a portal?”

Corey – That doesn’t occur. There are no micro meteor’s. When you’re traveling like with a torsion drive, and you’re going 10 times the speed of light inside the cosmic web, you’re not balancing around with asteroids and comets. It’s not like the space inside the solar system.

Rob – OK. Another question someone had. “Do you look out the window? What does it look like when you’re traveling at that speed? Are you able to see outside the space ship? What does it look like?”

Corey – There’s not many windows, and I have . . . I stayed inside the solar system. I have not traveled outside the solar system in ships. I was in them when they were traveling quite fast and there was a slight visual light dilation effect, but really most of the stars that were far away did not change position very much because relative location was not changing positions (like if you were to travel from Mars to the Sun) the star would not look like it changed directions that much because your relative position has only changed maybe a portion of a degree in relation to that star.

Rob – I understand that. That makes a lot of sense. I didn’t know you hadn’t traveled out of the solar system so much.

Corey – Only in the portal but not in a craft.

Rob – OK, alright. Here’s another question from someone, and this could be from your knowledge or your opinion, and you state . . . really very conscientious and with integrity with what you do know and what you don’t know. Someone wants to know from your opinion, what event will trigger and lead to Full Disclosure if it’s supposed to happen since our space friends will not intervene and help us with specific disclosure?

Corey – You know, I have been told the catalyzing event is going to be, most likely, its going to be an economic collapse that was going to jar the public, and then when they realize that they’ve been deceived, and it was just a giant Ponzi scheme, that they were going to be primed and ready for all of the other information to be released in data dumps. But the Earth Alliance and the Cabal groups started negotiating that maybe it’s not a good idea to allow all of this information out because they both had a lot to lose. Recently, we had the Panama Papers. That seems like it was kind of a shot across the bow of the Earth Alliance. And I kind of expect you’re seeing some other people to be behind another document dump, but this one will be directed towards the Cabal, and it might be a ‘tit for tat’ until that document dump, until it all comes out. Right now, it’s still kind of up in the air, and so it’s all negotiated. It would be really great if we had a ‘dog in that hunt’, because I would really like to have someone negotiating on our behalf, truly.

Rob – That’s a very good point. It seems like the Cabal members, that if they have supposedly negotiated certainly don’t represent us. Another question here was in relationship to Obama and Putin, and I know this may be top secret, but do you know, and, I guess, are Obama and Putin at these secret meetings?   Did they have any actual things to say? Would you concur Putin’s kind of a good guy or . . . ?

Corey – I can concur that Putin has been at meetings, and he has been very much involved in the Alliance, and he’s probably one of the most knowledegable people on the planet about what is really going on.

Rob – That’s really good. That actually concurs a lot with what Cobra has said. Here’s another question. We’ve talked about my first interview . . . Ladies and gentlemen, I am just learning here. I thought I had seen all of Corey’s stuff. He did say he has released more information of the Super Federation, the benevolent interaction between Earth and the SSP program and what their views are with different people. I didn’t see it, and the guy didn’t update, and there is another one that hasn’t been released yet. I certainly don’t know. I’m learning a lot of from Corey. I apologize if I’ve made anything sound wrong. Corey, can you please clarify? I’d like to hear details of names of groups, what they’ve interacted with and the positive interactions with, I suppose, it’s the liberated SSP program. I’m sure they’ve had contact in these meetings before they became the breakaway from the SSP, the good guys that you work with, they have been under mind control and it’s been dangerous for them. I’m not really interested in that type of information because I think it’s limited. Can you share about the outreach, not from the Blue Spheres, but from the positive alliances and their relationship to the group that Gonzales works with and you work with, although they are contentious with the SSP? Can you talk about what their views are to these 40 groups? Are they in agreement with them? Are there various levels of groups that want to work closely with and some are more militaristic? Is there positive informational exchanges taking place and can you share that information?

Corey – Yes, the Super Federation is made up of between 40-60 other giant federations. It’s like major groups, and these groups . . . I’d call them positive and negative, it’s going to depend on our individual point of view.

Rob – From your point of view, the people that are down here . . .

Corey – They have made clear that everything they are doing is part of . . . They are taking their part in this grand experiment, and they feel that they are just fulfilling their, I guess, what Source or the Universe wants them to do. Their purpose is being fulfilled by coming in and manipulating our genetics and bringing us spiritual information to help us, you know, evolve. But some groups see that as intervention that shouldn’t happen. So it’s totally point of view.

Rob – I will just say, so there are many different agendas in the Super Federation. (Oh yes) Some are hands off. Some are literally, as you said . . . the Draco’s feel that we will ascend if they dominate us, vanquish, eat flesh and ascend with artificial intelligence. Do they literally believe that. Is that real?

Corey – Let me be clear that the Draco federation is not a part of the Super Federation and are never a part of the meetings.

Rob – OK. So . . . Alright, so they’re not even aligned with that. Have you heard of two different types of groups? I’ve heard that there is one called the Confederation which is very non-violent, doesn’t interfere with anyone’s free will and is ripe for the plucking of hostile extraterrestrials and come in and subjugate the planet through stealth and implants and things of this nature, and there’s another group called the United World Alliance, and they’re much more . . . They considered the Confederation non-intervention policies unrealistic. Are you familiar with those two different groups and alliances?

Corey – The first one . . . There’s several groups that call themselves ‘Confederation’. The second group . . . I have not heard that name out there. There are several groups that call themselves ‘Confederation’ and star systems, and some of them are confederations of 12, 15, hundreds of stars.

Rob – Wow. So I’ve been told we all get different intel and stuff, and we spoke before this of the 2nd interview, and I’d like you to share what you spoke, kind of agreeing with me in my first intro – we’re not going to get Full Disclosure until the Cabal has been arrested or removed some way. Is that correct in your opinion?

Corey – I don’t know if either the Cabal will have to be arrested first or if it will happen simultaneously. It will be . . . I think it’s going to take a while to roll up all of the Cabal people, and this information is going to be coming out before we have them all rounded up and before we have them in front of any world courts in my opinion.

Rob – I kind of agree with that. I’m hoping that we can get some major arrests so we can control the media, so we can have a dialogue . . .

Corey – Things are moving so fast. The SSP have stuck to the timeline that a Full Disclosure was going to unroll between 2018-2023. That’s what I heard the whole time I was out. Things are moving so fast, I don’t know how we can get to 2018 without it happening. Everyone is seeing all these incredible things that are occurring, even in mainstream right now.

Rob – That’s really encouraging Corey. I’m really happy to hear that. We’ve been here a long time. I’m really patient. I agree with you that it’s going to be slow, step by step, and maybe some giant leaps there and people having to assimilate that. I wanted to ask you . . . There’s a couple of interesting questions people had. I haven’t heard you talk too much about Atlantis. You’ve talked about distant former groups. Can you talk about what was the situation or was it just multiple situations going on? What was it that caused the destruction of Atlantis and how long was the decline of that civilization? Some people say that it took thousands and thousands of years, and some people say it was a shorter time. Can you talk about what the Atlantean’s experiment was and what was going on, the different players and what led to the problem?

Corey – In the different views that I’ve conversed with about Atlantis, I don’t really like that term. They said that it has become too many things to too many people. Advanced societies that have developed and fallen because of this cyclical major and minor cataclysms that occur on this planet that we have a genetic memory of this and many of these different rises and falls have been rolled up into a single narrative, you know, so we talk about Atlantis. They ask you exactly which civilization are you, which advanced civilization are you talking about? Are you going back 17,000 years, 28,000 years? There are a number of civilizations that have risen and fallen in a similar manner.

Rob – In the same area, was it called the Atlantean civilization by themselves or is it the name we give it?

Corey – That was a name we gave it later on.

Rob – When people talk about Atlantis, they talk about a time in antiquity that there were many different interactions and many different civilizations rising and falling on the earth. Is that correct?

Corey – Yes, and some people could be referring to one particular civilization that rose and fell, and, but they insist that actual name Atlantis was something that is attributed to them later on.

Rob – Okay. Thank you. That’s clarifying a lot for us. A lot of us . . . We don’t know any better, so the clarifications by you are wonderful.

Corey – You know, there may have been civilizations that had a name similar to that, and we butchered the name or changed the name around. Who knows.

Rob – Right. Another question I have is, I read information that I would call credible contactees and federation sources from a long time till now and they mentioned that there was a technology. The Earth was exposed to certain cosmic and solar rays, and one of the reasons some of these civilizations went down was because of a protection layer that was man-made. I understand there are ice crystals placed in, I’m not sure, in the ionosphere. I’m not sure where it was, but it was supposedly to protect us from radiation, and that there was certain experiments, maybe like HAARP, that were taking place that they foresaw this crystalline thing would fall and cause the flood. Can you talk about the flood and is that correct about the force field surrounding the Earth?

Corey – I’ve never heard that. I’ve never heard anything of that nature. The only thing I’ve heard on the timeline is that during the major and minor cataclysms the Earth, not only had it’s tilt changed, but it’s position and orbit to the sun has changed, which has affected the atmosphere. The atmosphere has at different times been thinner and at different times it’s been much thicker with a higher barometric pressure, and there were times when there was a much higher, I guess, magnetic field.

Rob – Can you address what was the flood? Why did that occur?

Corey – That was from a meteor strike.

Rob – OK. I heard that as well. Was there . . . What about this story of the long period of rain? Did that coincide with that time?

Corey – Yes, yes, but if a meteor strikes the ocean and vaporizes the water, a lot of water can be thrown up in the atmosphere, but a great deal’s going to be vaporized as steam and then that steam is going to have to become condensation and that condensation is going to have to come down as rain because of the density of the atmosphere. The rain comes down as certain weight comes down until all of the moisture has disbursed.

Rob – Right that makes sense. Norm Paulson, who wrote a book called Christ Consciousness, (available on my website) talks about that meteor strike and that makes sense. I have another question. I’ve been told by certain sources, and this could correspond to the three days of darkness, but in certain cyclical time periods, and I don’t know if this is natural, normal or like clock work, or if it’s precipitated for a certain reason, but the Earth will reverse it’s rotation and the sun and is supposed to in the future, not necessarily, I don’t know, a pole shift (I’m not a geologist physicist). What about the Earth reversing its spin and the sun rising in the west?

Corey – I have heard that there has been cyclical occurrences, and I don’t know exactly the cause. I don’t know if it’s the nemesis star or what has caused Earth to go into similar . . . to like, retrograde to where it’s orbit is affected for a short period of time before the celestial mechanics corrects itself.

Rob – I was talking about the rotation of the Earth.

Corey – I haven’t heard anything specifically about the actual spin.

Rob – Interesting. OK, Corey, again, I need to thank you, and ladies and gentlemen, I apologize if I’ve made any errors or misconception . . .

Corey – This is a lot of complicated stuff. It’s going to happen. No big deal.

Rob – Corey’s going to give me a little pass there folks. I try to remain in honesty and integrity and to report everything, and, again, I do filter things through what I’ve heard or known because I want to learn here too. Corey, again, I thank you again for your time. Folks, sorry this was delayed one week. Corey’s been very, very busy. Lots of updates coming up from him. I’ve confirmed again with Corey we will be scheduling very soon the interview with Cobra, so that’s coming up soon. Corey, thank you so much for coming on. I’m going to encourage people again, to go to your website listed here and to please get the gaiatv.com interviews though Corey’s website please and allow him to have some financial support for him and David. They do a tremendous amount of work and Corey is working 18-20 hours a day folks. It would be really nice if we could support him. Also, the Pyramid One as a button has a donation button. Corey, thank you so much for coming on the show. Were looking forward to the Cobra/Corey interview to unify for people who are under the banner of Full Disclosure that we’ve pushed for for so long.

Corey – Thank you.

Rob – God bless, folks. 

Source: http://thepromiserevealed.com/rob-potter-and-corey-goode-interview-part-2-victory-of-the-light-04-21-2016/

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    • He is the voice and representative of the Resistance Movement on this planet. To learn much much more you will find many articles on this website here if you check the headings. One area that I recommend for you is the heading ‘cornerstone Cobra articles’ where the most important posts from him since 2012 are gathered. My own website is Veritas Galactic Sweden – you will find a direct link to it on the right hand side of the PFC first page. There I have all of the info about the approaching day of positive change on Earth – The Event. There is also a heading calleed ‘Cobra School’ on my site where you can learn more about Cobra. warm reagrds Therese Zumi Sumner.

  1. I did not see a response to this question and I thought It was also a very good question:
    “the Draco’s feel that we will ascend if they dominate us, vanquish, eat flesh and ascend with artificial intelligence. Do they literally believe that. Is that real?” – would be nice to have clarification for my own research. thank you.

    • Kat, as far as I think I can give some clarification on what Ascending entails, the above 3D reality begins to become more fluid and less substantial. Also, in the 4th dimension all sorts of scenarios are played out,
      due to the astral nature of it, pliable and with intents that aren’t reliable always. Many non-physical being that are attached to 3D conditions and material greed, dwell in this realm. Hence the legends and myths in our world, the mysterious creatures that are in a twilight zone often.

      If I’m right, above 4D there’s an end to the need for polarity and games to play, in order to discern. A race without feelings, with an artificial mind or such a mind controlling it, can’t ascend beyond the 3D/4D levels.
      Besides, all machinery and creations of machines are utterly material and substantial, typical 3D and lower.
      The mind that posesses such a machine could dwell in the 4th dimension, I guess. I believe that our reptilian brain is the part of our brain susceptible to the Draco hive mind tale, for it’s where the flight and fight impulse is present, our survival mode capacity.

      To raise our consciousness to levels of unconditional love, we need to be accompanied by free will, creativity can’t exist without it, we need to be able to record our feelings and we’re supposed to live with a consciousness that has evolved on physical, emotional and mental terms that are based on the laws of life, the laws of creation, as it’s created from day one: 1D, 2D, 3D etc. unto endless infinity and endless possibilities of lifeforms as well.

      We’ve probably all fallen out of our Homeland long ago and in this lifetime, by entering this physical world in 3D expressions at birth. By the use of self reflection and pondering of our inner truth and purpose in life, we’ll discover why we’re here, now, what it’s all for and to what it all will lead and where we’re going to show up on the Ascension stepladder maybe. At least, that’s a possibility, based on choice and on paying attention.

      To make a long story short, Draconeans are all about power and military disciplin, hierarchy. Left brain oriented. They may have a strong longing for an ascension step, unconsciously maybe, but as far as I’m informed, they operate in a hive mind and are controlled by an artificial intelligence type of being. The King Kong under the Draconeans, similar to the reign of Sauron in the Lord of the Ring.

      The Draconeans can’t move beyond the 4th dimension I assume, for they don’t know the transformational power of love and the laws of creation based on that power. That power is unique to us human beings and who knows, the Draconeans love to eat us, with a fictatious hope that they gain access to our dna and its secrets.

      But this last part is just a free floating idea popping up in my mind. To me, they’re the fallen angels having lost their wings, now turned into what we almost could call super soldiers, looking similar to the ones depicted in posters of movies, with all that gear and artificial bodyparts.

      Have I given a clearer picture or has it become only more complicated to you now?
      I should use less words, I think, sigh…..


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