The location of our Ascension conference in Switzerland was strategically chosen on an important Pleiadian leyline that runs through central Switzerland.

The conference was a brilliant success. We had a very strong and unified group of participants from 22 countries. Balance between female and male energies was much more profound than ever and this signifies that Goddess is very much present on the surface of the planet and much healing is already done. A lot of new intel was released, and the energy work we did has further stabilized the Ascension timeline for the planet. We have also initiated the process of establishing future Contact Zones across the world.

This conference has opened a doorway for further Ascension conferences.

Although it appears nothing is happening, there is much activity behind the scenes. This activity will become more pronounced and visible in May.

Arrangements have been made for joint Cobra / Corey interview by Rob Potter. If you have any questions for either me or Corey, please send them to [email protected]

Victory of the Light!

Posted by Cobra at 1:43 PM 23rd April 2016



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  1. Indeed Pee. Thankyou for your words of alignment. *)

    Release is essential, so long as we release honestly, instead of ego selfishly, we assist in a peaceful transition, but either way. It will come to the surface to be transmuted. Self cannot be censored indefinitely. Expansion of understanding remains inevitable as our heart always draws to us what we attempt to keep hidden.

    I understand that innocence in the care free act to experience is essential to experience, this occurs naturally in harmony.

    Of course from an unconditional view point. Everything is experience. That means everything is a choice. That is why I draw attention to the reason within. I offer interpretation, but it is only for any to receive what resonates with their heart and of course something for any to use, as everyone is responsible for creating their own path to fulfillment of being. I convey not to convince, but to share value for self to use to expand itself.

    I do not see essence as innocent, because thereis no contrast to counter what is, that eternal bond, which is unconditional and holds everything into being, as awareness is what bonds. I can only allude to what I sense and feel and throughout my life. I have developed interpretation of the reason. Every bit of info I receive is measured by my own honest understanding. Like puzzle pieces for the mind’s eye.

    Forgiveness is another act from an observer standpoint. I see as obsolete, as it reflects that self has been offended. For self to be offended would be a dishonest act, because self is all there really is. Self alludes to what bonds of course.

    I do wander. Thanks for the attention. Clarity will be. *)

  2. Congratulation for Cobra and all the participants, for their work and success as well?

    But, are we allowed to ask if will we ever hear mode details from these conference and the released intel? Or have we to wait sine-die, or to catch from ‘the back door’, from any participants something written on their knees?

    With kindest regards.

  3. It’s interesting to find how different views are held towards the meaning of innocense.To me it doesn’t mean unawareness or naivety, nor lack of experience. It’s a state of wonder where all things are welcomed as having a right to exist due to free will, without condoning the results. To not want something that is painful to feel is denying a part of me and ignorance of a valuable wayshower, a signpost on my path. It’s far more valuable to allow myself to be with whatever emotion arises and to begin to see what’s the message in it. Usually there’s a physical sensation in company of that emotion and when I learn to understand that language I may let go of fear and all kinds of discomfortable anti-wellness mock ups, present in my mind. I think we shouldn’t deny anger inside, for there’s something else underneath that anger that is in need of release. Usually that’s grieving for being suppressed in one’s true expression. I agree, we’ve got to put things right, as much within as without. These two worlds are mirrors to each other. Where one begins and the other follows isn’t important in the process of releasing. We can only work on the inside of our life to begin to manifest truth and harmony on our planet. That’s my twopence 😉

  4. Thankyou Samantha. I appreciate the heart clarity within you to read my intent. *)

    Though my reply yesterday was somewhat distorted do to my own distractions of now. I noticed it still had a smoothness of flow while in the typing and I trust my compellings, so I continued with it. Another sign of progress. *)

    This is also a way for me to test the levels of awareness. I include this as it is part of the reason I come forth.

    I also want to put out there for those that remain unaware, that all fear really is essentially, is lack of understanding. We always have the ability to understand, by turning within to the source of our being. The more aware we become of our reason. The more understanding fills the lack that our mind projects, as the expansion of our inner spark expands the mind and released what no longer serves us in our accumilated understanding.

    The understanding is there so long as we become aware. We help each other when we share what we really care, as our attention is what really matters to our experience.

    Thank you for your attention. Let honesty come forth so we can be aware of the reason for our problems and solve them. The signs still show clarity on the horizon, and the signs have only progressed. Replace any doubt with core understanding.

    For now. Appreciate the experience, because this is truly a unique time to be. *)

  5. What a blessing you are. Thank you for letting us rest assure that good is being done! I was in Europe laste week and felt a huge energetic presence. The messages are stronger! And I feel the positive shift. I am excited for more people to hear and know truth. Thank you again for spreading your light!

  6. Innocent? There are no accidents. Everything is connected. What occurs is asked for with attention, as we are magnets to our experience. It is only our mental ego filters that distort the clarity of our perception of this experience.

    The insane karma flow still affects this collective. Physical Death remains transition. Those who lose their physical vessels remain, because the essence within, is what bonds everything into being. This is a layered existence. No matter the appearance of loss. It remains a state of mind.

    This not intended to diminish the experience, because would be not only be ideal, but harmonious if we as a collective did not experience natural disasters, but our collective remains under the influence of mental lacking concepts, which are conditioned by influences dominant in ego than in heart.
    As to influences directing such technology to harm humans. Yes indeed. This is what will not be allowed as the counters are there to balance this collective along until the collective receives honesty in clarity to heal itself in understanding.

    Our host will continue. It us as a human collective’s responsibility for ourselves to become aware so we can heal our ways. This is why attention to the reason within is essential right now so we can end this insanity once and for all.

    It is understandable your concerns for the safety of others, but your fears do not help them. It remains everyone’s choice in how they transition as each vantage point,as in extension of self has it’s own unique experience. Your fears are for you to understand. Help those you love by understanding the reason. Contemplate moment by moment and always ask why until you reach the core reason.

    The horizon remains bright, but the transition there will be bumpy. We wish for this to be as peaceful as possible transition to a harmonious state of being, but the aspects of this collective, still unaware of the reason attract contrast to their being as all forms of negative perceived contrast is a wake up call.

    I wish for you to release this fear and give attention to your connection to your reality, so you can honestly help yourself, because assistance is always there, but the one’s asking for assistance and being offered are to be honestly ready of friction will ensue.

  7. On this post on Cobra’s blog site, a guy posted the following which includes a link to a documentary the guy created. His words will explain better than I can. I highly recommend checking it out. I’m still in the midst of watching it and felt compelled to share it now. Here’s a paste of what he said and the links:

    “Thank you cobra and hello everyone, I have made a personal investigation and created a documentary as a result of that.

    Time to wake up and remember. The whole truth about who we are and why there is a suffering in the world.

    Our world is contaminated with a virus which is the prime reason for the suffering happening in this world. Once soul has been free, but now it is enslaved. In this documentary I am telling the whole story about how it all happened. And how we all together can change that.

    This documentary was created after long years of research. Most of it coming from soul records and regression hypnosis. Also from other people who remember everything like I do. Cobra too.



    Feel free to watch it and share it. It is long but worth it. Thank you for your time.”

  8. This is great news. Yesterday I watched the video from the Event on the megaquake after months of being told by the Event that the shifting of the Continents will Not hurt innocent people, I was shaken to the core by the megaquake video. I live in Florida and after watching the megaquake video, I NOW fear for the lives of all my loved ones being drowned by a tsunami.


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