We are happy to announce the premiere of our Bashar documentary, “First Contact”!   Zia Films and Bashar Communications are now working to bring this unique, groundbreaking film to a theater near you! First Contact, narrated by legendary actor James Woods, tells the true story of Darryl Anka’s UFO encounter that led him to channel […]

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  1. I HAVE SEEN INFORMATION PURPORTING TO COME FROM ‘THE GALACTIC FEDERATION’ BY WAY OF CHANNELING. Is this a part of the PSYOPS PROGRAMME of delusion? The mind boggles! What standards might one use for verification/authentication?

  2. Beware, there are beings out there claiming to be ET that aren’t.
    Here is a quote taken from an article I read this morning:

    “The “Galactic Federation” and “Ashtar Command”, Greg Giles, stunned his followers by a public statement that he had been deceived, and that he was not in communication with extraterrestrials after all. Instead, he says he had discovered that he was being fooled by a military group using Voice of God technology.

    Giles states:
    “The so-called ‘channeled messages’ I received claiming to be from my soul family from the stars were in fact simple radio waves sent by U.S. government agents, allegedly from the military industrial complex, working in concert with volunteers, many of which are secret society members who help propagate enormous numbers of hoaxed news stories of UFOs and related space news, building a backdrop for a PSYOPS program that lures science and spirituality-minded individuals such as myself into their web.”

    That’s not to say ALL messages coming in are false… just be careful who/what you believe.

    Here is the source article link: http://exopolitics.org/inner-earth-beings-take-first-step-to-openly-reveal-themselves-to-humanity/


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