Big Pharma is terrified that you might discover a simple, powerful truth: You can prevent, reverse and CURE serious disease yourself! Your body is a powerful self-healing system, and your healing potential doesn’t depend on doctors, drugs or surgery.

In my new podcast (see links below), I cover all this and more:

• What is Big Pharma terrified of?

• They are terrified of natural medicine because it’s safer, more affordable and works better than pharmaceuticals!

• Big Pharma pays off journalists, bribes doctors and funds online mercenaries to attack proponents of natural medicine.

• They even attack anti-cancer foods and nutrition!

• They attack acupuncture, chiropractic, meditation, breastfeeding and much more.

• The real reason the medical establishment despises natural medicine is because it doesn’t cause SIDE EFFECTS that bring huge revenues to doctors, hospitals and drug companies! (They feed off the repeat cycle of disease and sickness caused by the medical system itself!)

• We are living in an era where knowledge is monopolized by a power structure that wants the people to remain illiterate and ignorant about natural medicine.

• Big Pharma feeds off ignorance and disease. This is their profit model. So they try to censor books, films, websites and knowledge.

• More people are waking up and realizing Big Pharma is a criminal cartel, created to HARVEST profits off your body.

Big Pharma is engaged in abuses of human rights, medical experimentation on children, and repeated medical ethics violations.

• “If you’re in the business of selling drugs to sick people, the only way you keep making money is to keep people sick.”

• Drug companies would NEVER develop pills that actually worked to halt disease… it would put them out of business!

• “There is no corporate entity that will deliberately commit financial suicide.”

• Drug companies created the massive, global “superbug” epidemic.

• The drug companies have financially infiltrated government, medical schools, academia and the mainstream media.

• BY DESIGN, drugs never solve health problems. Otherwise, there would be no repeat sales.

• The treatment of one disease causes another disease, which then requires MORE treatment.

• People on multiple pharmaceuticals are the LEAST healthy people in society. They almost never get better!

• Big Pharma FAKES the clinical trial data to produce whatever “scientific” results they want.

• All people who promote disease prevention are TARGETED by Big Pharma to be slandered, censored and destroyed.

• The only person who has a vested interest in YOUR health is YOU!

• The pharmaceutical cartels don’t want you to have a CHOICE in your own health outcome.

• I promote knowledge, wisdom and empowerment. Freedom of choice. Disease prevention. The use of food as medicine to PREVENT disease.

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  1. • The only person who has a vested interest in YOUR health is YOU!.. I don’t believe this is completely true, there are others who have an interest in your heath for example I have a vested interest in my families health and i also care about others health too.. Rick Simpson (who has been a target by big pharma) has been showing people how to cure cancers for a long time now with the use of cannabis oil.. obviously he has an interest in peoples health. you can find more info on Rick and how to make your own medicine etc here if one wishes to do so.. ..also cannabis oil is not only good for treating cancer there are many health benefits a list far too big to put here.. don’t take my word for it see for yourself. I believe cannabis could quite possibly be one of the major players to put big pharma out of business as it really is one of the most medicinal plants on earth.. and apparently the plant isn’t even native to this planet although i personally haven’t seen any evidence of this but i have read the suggestion several times during my own research into cannabis.

  2. Here’s a link to a short Youtube that will put everything into perspective. It explains how Rockefeller decided in 1913 to take control of the US medical industry, based on allopathy, chirurgy long hospital stays and prescription drugs. Up until then, most doctors used more natural healing methods, based mainly on homeopathy.

    In short, in was better to keep the public in a state of PROFITABLE health dependency, that to actually cure them.

    The Rockefeller Drug Empire – Eustace Mullins

    Eustace Mullins is best known for his work on the Secrets of the Federal Reserve.

    I was planning on doing a article on this aspect of Cabal control, once I get finished with a series on the Cabal financial control manipulation and history.


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