It’s fair to say that all of us don’t know what we’re talking about when it comes to specific topics. We might have excellent awareness in some areas, but next to none in others. Yet whenever we read the comments section of anything controversial on Facebook or elsewhere, there are always the various opposing views, many of which are ignorant, condemning and outright abusive. The disheartening aspect is many people who have awoken to some of the conspiratorial ‘truths’ that have been brilliantly exposed by the independent media, as well as run a relatively good heart program, can still be some of the most ignorant bullies out there.

From a personal standpoint, we should all be able to recognise that we’re learning everyday. Sometimes we might even have strong convictions about particular beliefs, but if we’re adamant about conducting holistic and robust research, we’ll inevitably find that we have gotten something strikingly wrong.

If unbiased and deep investigation has been a process that we have engaged in for many years, it would no doubt be a less common occurrence. Still though, it’s clear that we need to stay open to not just evolving our views, but entirely transforming that which we ‘believe’ we ‘know’. Otherwise, we’ll inescapably fall subject to falsity, dogma and bigotry.

In this light, it’s important to engage people with opposing or varied views through not just healthy debate, but conversation too. If we head into a discussion with the attitude that we’re only out to ‘win’, then what are the consequences if we’re wrong? Will we be shut off from developing our own perspective and therefore behave in ways that resemble the mainstream mentality?

Of course we would be.

The community of awakening individuals is on the right track, but let’s be real about it; most people who are only just beginning to stir from their slumber have very little idea of what they’re talking about. This is obviously even more applicable to the sleeping masses as well.

When we first begin to wake up to the greater realities of our existence, we only have a very limited perspective on the entire spectrum of concepts and knowledge that constitute the truth and sovereignty movements. And even though there are many people who have been engaged in this process for decades, even they will still have it wrong in some ways.

This awakening spectrum can be thought of as two distinct categories; on one side is opening to the spirituality of reality, and on the other lies the lies of the economic and social structures. Some of us are waking up in both areas, whilst others only explore one of the two.

For example, many people who understand the propaganda and mechanisms of the control-matrix reject anything of a spiritual nature. This is unfortunate because there is so much to be learned from exploring the consciousness of reality and its deep interconnection on an ecological, quantum physical and symbolic level.

It adds magic to the madness, which speaks volumes of good vibrations to the heart and mind.

The same goes for those who have tapped into some of the bigger philosophical realities. Many have completely lost their sense of direction when it comes to navigating their way through the monetary, medicinal, political, educational and other social structures which have been hijacked by the corporatocracy that has long established the core control of how human affairs are organised on a global scale.

Unfortunately, some prefer to keep their head in the sand and just ‘secretly’ hope that everything will work out okay without them needing to activate their inner activist and contribute to the many growing grass-roots movements which have sprung up all over our world.

This is not only imbalanced, but hypocritical too.fake-guru-347x233

Of course there are many deceptions which are either purposely or mistakenly created within both areas, too. For example, the new age movement is plagued with false ideology that steers people off track. In all fairness though, there are many essential ‘truths’ woven within it, so it’s an amateur mistake to throw the baby out with the bath water once we see through the haze.

This also applies to the orchestrated infiltration of our social systems. One example is that there are differences in opinion for who the men behind the curtain actually are, as well as what is the ‘right’ way to move forward in terms of an economic and social model. Regardless of the truth about these issues – which really is impossible to definitively ascertain – its important that we all unite under the simple agreement that the money supply and the matrix-media are the two primary control mechanismsthat we need to educate people on and address first.

We also need to be active in building self-sustaining systems on a local and community level too, which unfortunately very few people have stepped up to actualise.

Another example is the infighting over the US presidential race, as well as whether the political system can be used to our advantage or not. One thing that is indisputable among all this noise is that this circus has been beneficial to the cause because many people are becoming more conscious through the commentary provided by Trump and Sanders. This stands, even if the political duopoly has always been an effective divide and conquer strategy employed by the powers-that-will-no-longer-be.

Let’s not get too lost in the details about the candidates either; let’s just accept that Hillary is a puppet of the establishment and that it’s a good thing that Trump and Sanders have had the opportunity to tell their stories.

It is in this sense that the political arena has been conclusively shown to be an effective vehicle to wake up the sleepwalking masses. In this light, one day it might even be able to be used to solidify the real change we need for real freedom and justice. We’re obviously not there yet, but we very well might be if we capitalised on the power we have as a collective.

Of course we are all anarchists at heart; we all covertly or overtly desire the freedom from being ruled (which for those who don’t know is the true definition of anarchy). Excessive government and dictatorships are not and never will be the answer to anything positive and productive. Yet the logic of using politics as a mechanism at the very least to educate the masses, as well as one day re-instituting our natural and sovereign rights, is crystal clear.

Plus, the nuclear and other weaponry that exists these days needs to be kept in check; without some sort of management system the psychopathy of unmonitored collectives of people will inevitably kill us all. Simply, there has always been tyrannical structures and monopolies which have manifested all throughout human history, so once again we need a platform to ensure that we undermine the powers-at-be-now, as well as guarantee it doesn’t happen into the future.

In summary, the struggle for freedom is an ancient journey so we shouldn’t overlook the fact that the political framework has actually brought some positive results. We should capitalise on it to continue this agenda, instead of completely condemning it just because it’s not working perfectly in this moment. If we recognise that a balanced approach is always the right approach, then we can recognise the value in working within the system to achieve our goals, as well as building on the outside too.

how-to-wake-people-up-without-being-an-asshole-1-1-330x284In any case, that’s my personal view, and hey, I accept that I might be wrong. And even if I am, that doesn’t mean that I deserve to be abused over it. I used this example because regardless if we’re talking about as something as complex as this issue, or something more mundane, we definitely need to take a more respectful approach towards each other. 

Unfortunately, this is not a common reality online. If we look at any forum which discusses politics, the failed war-on-drugs, conspiratorial information or many other divisive topics, then we’ll see a plethora of ignorance and abuse that really is an embarrassment to the fight for truth and freedom.

For example, even if we are aggressively approached by a highly indoctrinated mindset that is still in the fantasy land of the mainstream mentality, then meeting abuse with abuse gets no-one anywhere fast. If we’re direct and real, but still show a bit of compassion for their delusion, then we might actually be able to help them understand the illusory predicament they’re in. 

This also goes for those who have a lot of intellectual capacity, but still have their head in the sand about the way the world really is; if we can subtly help them to understand that the brainwashed-expert quota has already been filled, then everybody wins.

And of course the same goes for those we meet who are on the same team of truth and freedom; it might be us or it might be them who needs to evolve our view, so if we’re each open to the developmental path, then we’re all likely to learn and grow from the experience.

Simply, we don’t need to be an asshole about it. We all had to begin the waking up experience at one stage so its hypocritical if we are. Plus, it just doesn’t work anyway, so let’s put our pride to the side and engage our fellow truth-seekers (even if they don’t know it yet) in a way that’s going to maximise their chance of emancipating themselves from their psychological prison.

Ultimately, bullying and abusive behaviour is a disgrace to those who consider themselves as ‘waking up’. We should always be real, direct and assertive – that should never change – but we should also take a serious chill pill and be sympathetic to the ignorance of others, as well as our own.

After all, nobody has all the answers.

Phillip J. Watt Contributor,


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Disclaimer: We at Prepare for Change (PFC) bring you information that is not offered by the mainstream news, and therefore may seem controversial. The opinions, views, statements, and/or information we present are not necessarily promoted, endorsed, espoused, or agreed to by Prepare for Change, its leadership Council, members, those who work with PFC, or those who read its content. However, they are hopefully provocative. Please use discernment! Use logical thinking, your own intuition and your own connection with Source, Spirit and Natural Laws to help you determine what is true and what is not. By sharing information and seeding dialogue, it is our goal to raise consciousness and awareness of higher truths to free us from enslavement of the matrix in this material realm.


  1. Edmond Burke- “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
    Exactly true! Raising one’s voice isn’t necessarily wrong, it all depends on one’s truth and intention to know oneself and knowing the source where the words come from. As I said before, I’m deliberately playing a role here, to stir the pot that might be emptied, filling stomachs that find themselves upset later. Let’s say I’m the voice of the 11th force: clearing and to do away with debri and veils of illusion.

    Some people here may think I’m all for distraction or disturbance, posting my comments. I can assure you that I’m not aiming towards that. Truth is in the eye of the beholder. In my eyes, the only way that
    truth reveals itself is by looking within. To start with. That’s my truth, not necessarily yours.

    Many start at the wrong end, looking for thrills that look and sound nice, programmed to surrender to a higher authority out there, that old….old…. paradigm. For whom the bell tolls…. can you see that It’s the means and end, the effect of the virtual world, presented to us for that sole purpose?
    The purpose to turn us into residents of Animal Farm? For those who are a bit older, this 1981 story was created by George Orwell. He was a true wayshower. I’m a messenger who accepts to be present in a desert, calling out to emptiness. Specially when comments are heavily censored 😉

  2. Great article here are my ideas that are instantly and directly practical.

    EVERYONE! Support a positive chain reaction Copy/Paste this everywhere because Until we UNITE in action & stand up for ourselves, & give a damn about ourselves, we will never defeat the evil elite intentionally poisoning & killing us. Talk to strangers about chem trails, fluoride or at least GMO’s, learn enough to have conviction, wake them up, stand up for yourself, join us who care about our kids and selves. Stop being quiet!!!!! That is how they win & it gets worse daily. So here is how inform without scaring people away etc: If you don’t talk to people about this, i have no sympathy for you from what they are doing to you & all of us! Edmond Burke- “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” So don’t be apathetic be better than that. Apathy to evil’s destruction of our world & other people’s lives has already affected your’s & mine. PLEASE Cut/Paste this on 🙂

    1st of all, acknowledge that no matter how much logic, info & conviction you have or how interesting the info is, they may still never agree with you or wake up to the truth of what is being done to the populations, beit chem trails, fluoride etc. Some people are impossible to get through to. They are just not ready, and or just have very low belief system intelligence. So expect to get very frustrated, but DON’T let it bother you, i repeat, you will find it extremely challenging 80% of the time, but DONT let it get to you. You are trying to plant seeds and develop your ability to reply to what people say, not be convincing right away. It takes time and its a long term, TEAM effort. So we are helping each other united in teaching people so they can awaken. The more they learn and hear the easier it will be for them to see how the elite manipulate humanity. Some people need to learn quite alot to really understand clearly the big picture.

    Stay calm, and that is difficult, so restrain yourself, control your emotions, because once you raise your voice, they will raise there’s. Then its an argument and a setback. You can’t talk to them more later because they will not want to, because its just negative and combative debate and because they are insecure and can’t stand losing an argument and especially having their paradigms cracked any further. People go into denial to protect their paradigms and you will then have a problem differentiating between their stubbornness and extreme stupidity. Stay confident looking by calmness,they will notice you are secure about it all.

    No matter how high iq’d they are they may not be belief smart. Belief system intelligence almost never equells IQ, or 90% of religious people would have about a 70 iq. Most people are belief tards, that’s what they are called. That is why after most conspiracy theorists heard so little of the argument for 911 being an inside job, they already had enough info to conclude it was true.

    Where as, a far less philosophical, less intuitive, less right brained people will need 20 hours of YouTube videos to clue in. So expect even smart people to be belief tards, in fact belief tards are the MAJORITY. But at the same time do not think you are so smart either, most people are not as smart as they think.
    Expect to run into belief tards. Who is taught critical thinking in school? Nobody! So Just plant seeds, while learning how to reply to people’s replies better and better. Oh and the seeds will grow. They will hear enough, and learn enough and be forced to clue in, even after years. Mention how you thought the same thing as them on the subject but did research and realized there was alot more too it.

    Trigger words. Trigger words close people’s mind really fast and hard. Preconceived notions of conspiracy theorists are, we are full of crap, gullible, crazy, or stupid. So trigger words like, inside job, spirituality, new age, 1984 etc will set you back in terms of your credibility and reaching people.

    Timing is important. Don’t bring up heavy subjects at the table during jolly conversation its just negative. In fact try to move the conversation around to the subject gently. Sometimes others will just step in and say something almost directly related to the subject your trying to smoothly get onto. Capitalize on that. You can also team up with a friend to talk about stuff around others and just conversate with each other while the rest listen. That method has power and you will also have more confidence in talking about a subject you both know about. Don’t be too negative and depressing but bring up the solution is there is one. If you talk about fluoride, talk about its awful effects from scientific studies and then mention fluoride filters. As for Monsanto, the destruction and pain they spread as a vicious cold calculating corporation, Monsanto has been banned by over 25 countries and counting etc. Its a great way to get lots of info across while they just stand there listening and learning. One great method is to say things that makes them ask questions.

    Remember if we don’t get off to a good start when we 1st start talking about these things with people, be it friends, co-workers, or family, – they will not want to talk about the subject half as much the next time. Same with strangers, don’t make it harder for the next person to talk to them.
    We must think like a united team effort and help people wake up, not force them. The truth of what is happening is depressing, so we should be awakening people in a way that is interesting, amazing, but not too frightening at the same time. We have been wrongly given a reputation as crazy conspiracy theorists and so we don’t want to exacerbate that B S reputation. Besides you can’t judge sanity by beliefs or every Religious person is insane. For example children are not insane yet often believe anything, they are just belief tards.

    Start off with questions on an interesting subject you have studied up on lots. Learn scientific facts, sound like you really know what you are talking about. Its does not take long. Also you may think you have good knowledge on a subject but you will soon realize that when you put yourself on the spot talking to another how easily it leaves you like you never really learned it. So learn a few thought provoking, surprising facts off heart, and lots of general knowledge on the subject or subjects. Have very interesting points. Scientific points, make it interesting, make them interested. ——————————————————————

    If they want to go to a fast food place mention that the GMO’s are so nasty and you don’t feel as good afterwards compared to non GMO’s.

    Do not speak like there is proof for who by exact name is behind chem trails 911 etc because its too hard to know 100%. We know from information some absolute facts, like the news was lying alot and the official story is full of obvious lies etc and so it was obviously an inside job, but not who it was. Chem trails well such chemicals are made by people who probably don’t even know what they are really for! Compartmentalization its known as. So don’t say what your not sure of, don’t just go on conjecture and theory, but rather state what you know not what you think.
    Also you can let them win a few rounds of any debate now and then so they will stay interested in talking further. I do that with my roommates with chess. I let them win half the time because otherwise they will be a poor sport and not play. People are exactly the same with their pride in their opinions. If you make them feel ignorant/less than intelligent about the world and all they have learned, they will usually not appreciate it. Sad but true. Personally i love it when someone proves me wrong. I don’t want to hold false beliefs, so i can admit im wrong. So that’s another thing admit it when you are wrong in so many words like ‘oh ya i see what you mean’ or ‘oh really, hmm never knew about that’ and act like its nothing and you are glad to know. Say “huh, i see what you mean, you got me thinking there.” Let them air themselves out too, listen and don’t interupt unless you really feel the need to. Don’t push your opinion on them like some pushy religious person, people sense a preachy mindset right away. Ask more questions to see what they like talking about.

    What i do is ask them if they know the truth about Mercury fillings, and if they know they are horrible for health, then i move onto brain damaging neurotoxins like NUTRASWEET AND FLUORIDE. If they are anti fluoride i mention they are not so ignorant like most people, and ask them so how awakened are you? What do you think of Monster Monsanto corporation? If they know about that i move on to chem trails. Then i can see if they have progressed far or not. Mention cancer is everywhere compared to 30 years ago and now the % of family members dying of cancer is alarming. But stay positive remember, say its cured by Rick Simpson’s Cannabis oil and simply lowering acidic body levels and raising alkaline levels.

    A few subjects are: mercury fillings. ———
    -fluoride in water, teflon, etc.———-
    -flu shots——–
    -chem trails———
    -Government, do we need it? Was it ever needed?——–
    -911 write google building 7 on your bills —– even a stamper would be great. Or just customize a stamper to instantly write funny put down jokes on the money about the Rothchild scum.
    -Education system ———
    -UFO’s and how all but 3 Governments even formally admit they exist.——–
    -Monster Monsanto.———
    -Cancer sky rocketing———

    Important point: If you are concerned about the person thinking you are just gullible or crazy because its someone in your circle who can talk about you behind your back, keep the subject matter easy. For example an easy subject to have conviction on is mercury fillings. Most removed them but ask anyway. Then tell them what you learned. Or play a true or false game with them about a bunch of facts that are very hard to believe but true. While playing this game throw in a conspiracy fact about every 5th question. This is great for when you have at least a few people listening, like in a car etc. But not where there are strangers around too, or else your friends might feel self conscious during the few conspiracy questions. But it depends on how comfortable you feel and how much you have learned on the subjects to sound convincing. Anyway here are the main questions to the game. Yes or no does the sun have fire? No, there is no air. Coffee stunts a child’s growth or not? No, no evidence.

    You don’t have to try and make them enraged at the Governments for it or anything. Don’t mention uncle Sam unless you think its ok to because they are responding so well to what you are saying. Unless you want to sound like a typical paranoid hate the system conspiracy theorist. If you pick a hard subject you need far more knowledge, and hard hitting conviction points. So GMO foods are easy to talk to people about, and health is so important to people these days, study that well and learn the most hard hitting points.

    Tough subjects demand more conviction because people’s preset opinions and or ignorance get in the way, so they take more conviction and knowledge. So don’t go up on top of some police station speaking from a loud phone about Saturn generating a false reality matrix and our moon is hollow and designed for broadcasting that to us on our hollow Earth to support the mentally Illuminati doing rituals at Earth’s acupuncture points where pure psychopathic reptilian shape shifters open portholes allowing demons to come through into black magic child sacrifice rituals to dump dark dense fear & torture vibes into Gaia’s veins, to control everyone’s minds, leading to downward spiraling chain reactions of evil, monstrous madness, mayhem making men minced meat.

    For shy people here are ways to start conversation with anyone. Use a funny picture on your phone and say hey check this out. Could be a great political picture. Like i said, learn the subject matter, your goal is to convince and plant seeds. Or send them to, just make sure you watched it a few times and know it well so you can capitalize on the conversation with interesting things to say. Download the video and give it to them. If they ask what it is about, have something good to say prepared. ————————– The more people learn, the more they can awaken from denial they don’t even know they are in.

    0. Determine how much they already know about the subject you already know lots about. It could be or the Rothchilds or Monster Monsanto or. Once you know how asleep they are you can start at their level.
    1. Make it an enjoyable subject.
    2. Don’t let it become an argument. Don’t be stubborn if they have a good point. Like their point right away so they will want to keep talking.
    3. Let them think they are more informative and/or more convincing than you. This will make it more enjoyable for them, to keep them interested in talking about it more.
    4. Do not unload a ton of information on people, make it easy to remember. Our goal is to educate not terrify them away. Its hard to remember info. Take it slow and repeat it but from a different angle if you can. Stick to the subject.

    Present the Thrive what on Earth will it take video to a friend or. That way you can learn the info better and be on your way to making a difference and being part of the solution, and not the problem. This is what it takes people, make a stand, have pride in defying the evils making life hard for us billions of innocent men women and children! We have been reincarnating on this hell hole so many many times and most lives have been hard and miserable! We will continue being born into painful lives until that get worse each time. Life is getting worse for ALL, life on this planet, and if you don’t want to be a tortured KCF chicken over and over getting boiled to death etc you must join in telling people to unite with you in defying evil. This world is headed towards becoming like North Korea, where it is completely hopeless because its a perfected Orson wells 1984 Dictatorship. Over 20 million people starving, ignorant, depressed and hopeless. Resistance through action is needed for change. Meditating and putting white light around the world is borderline useless against the enemy people, so buy an anti monsanto t-shirt as a conversation starter or something, get talking to people, because educating and uniting with others is our best, hope, for freedom.

    For people who are still working their way up to becoming a true, activitst and talking to people in person and still an arm chair General here are some things you can do. No I’m not giving people any excuses to not talk to people in person. Nothing, is better than 1 to 1 communication but if you are still building your knowledge here are things you can do in the meantime.

    -Write Google building 7 on money, or something.
    -Another method is get some double sided tape and mass pint out in black and white a message and when people are not looking just post it in places. But don’t post anywhere, have discretion. The back of cop cars is not a good choice. Put it somewhere it will not easily be taken down because it too high up to jump up and grab. On the ceiling of places is good like under a bridge or well use your imagination. Just make it long with lots to read on it. The longer the better depending on your message and how much you are enraged by this evil system of control freaks.

    At the top of this comment use it, copy and paste it -Pasting on Fb pages gets many upvotes and likes. People are more receptive because its a topic related to the page your posting on. Conspiracy pages are great to join and i joined many to do this. I post once every 2 weeks on each page for those the majority who may have missed it the 1st time and or as an encouraging reminder.

    Its a little hard hitting a message but believe me many people will love it and be happy to pass it on.
    If you are hardcore with copy pasting then you will want to download a cut and paste program because it will be a hassle without it. Its called m8 freeclip here is the link for you to add to your description. Its 100% free This is something an armchair General will no do without because the mouse only holds one thing in its memory at a time and its a hassle to go back and cut one thing after already cutting another and your always switching one thing for another on the clipboard on your computer’s mouse. So this way you just click on the short cut on your desk top or start up menu and it saves tons of time. You can use it for many cut past messages as well. Super practical and convenient.


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