2 thoughts on “Empaths be like . . . .”

  1. Yes, I agree with all this. At the same time, it’s the stillness in my innermost center, that discerns what’s present on the other side, where “the other” begins and where I end. So that I’m not mistaken in acting as if I’m “the other” or in acting coming from assumptions made about “the other”, by merging with “the other” for whatever reason I may have. Overcoming being an empath and tumbleweed at the same time is very beneficial, I think. It’s all about “know thyself” when being an empath needs to be managed wisely and a balance needs to be found. It’s a vast territory where confusion, misinterpretation, projection and even…. abuse may manifest itself. All depending on our standing on our own 2 feet, our motives and intention. In our 3D reality, telepathic abilities and being an empath, is a challenge, due to the presence of polarity, the presence of judgment. When in peace with oneself, there’s no need to hide, to need for shame and blame. We’re approaching that state slowly but surely. In the meantime, I find it takes huge vigilance, while being an empath myself pretty much. Fortunately, the silent observer is coming closer, supporting me. When I’m paying attention 😉

  2. exacly….:) …….and to can feel emotions other humans,alliens,whole Universe…..I also cant say in words….

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