The following conference notes are an interpretation of the person who wrote these notes. Many details are omitted and some original meaning is lost. They are NOT exact words from Cobra and Isis. In an unedited form these notes were already published on PFC.

Notes taken by Antares during the conference, translation Pippa, edited by Nova Biscotti and Cobra

Cobra on Saturday, April 16th

Cobra welcomed us and emphasized that we all made this ascension conference a reality. He said this was a reflection of the showing progress. The drastically changing situation allows these conferences to take place and there will be another in due time.

Isis thanked us for coming and talked about the fact that we all together would create a big mandala of light with our hearts – a light vortex – to accelerate the awakening and support the planet. After the meditation that we used to get in the right mood and let go old energies, Cobra started with the first topic:

The Galactic Alignment and the Galactic Superwave

The purpose of the conference was to help provide the victory of light to leverage eventually. However, the Event is only the first step; it is only the beginning of the ascension process.

Not until the occupation of the earth is over, we will be able to start unfolding our real potential. Here we already want to reach beyond this goal. The New Era we are talking about is the time AFTER THE EVENT. Currently we are being in a cleansing phase. If we focused on the „here and now“, we would lose the perspective. Therefore the primary relevance is to pay attention to the time after the Event. The actual understanding of the master plan is of paramount importance.

Always the light forces have had a plan that was powerful from the beginning and have been adjusting it to the ever-changing situation. Therefore, the more we can conceptualize the plan the better we will understand the overall situation. If all of the 200 people in this room carried further their understanding about this, a chain reaction would arise which leading to greater global understanding and more awakening. There are numerous misunderstandings about what is right and what is wrong. We not only need mental understanding of the big picture, but to get facts straight concerning the situation. Our energies are the portal for transformation. Participation in the conference is triggering a first-hand transformation process, which will not last just two days, but may become a life-altering experience.
Yoda UnLearn

We Had To Unlearn What We Have Learned

Cobra briefly elaborates on the programming we have experienced since our birth. Our new alignment of the group also enables the new cycle for the earth. The first layer of the programming arose many thousand years (or even million years) ago when we went into quarantine to transform the earth from this point. We went into quarantine to both transform the situation here on this planet as well as the cosmos. The only way to reach this point was to enter into a contract with the controlling forces which included implantation at the time of incarnation – also by crystals. Its main effect was our separation from the source, between human and divine, up to the distinction between personality and spirit. The first layer of the programming was and still is the identity of separation. Every subsequent program is linked to it.

For each incarnation that followed, like the present, a new contract had to be agreed to, whereby the first consequence at birth is the implantation. Therefore the erasure of all reminders about former lives is associated and this is a very painful procedure, which is the reason why babies cry when they are born.

Because the remembrances are cut off the path is cleared to adopt all parental paradigms (beliefs imposed by our parents as children). Ambient emotions, which can be very conflicting, are fully absorbed. This programming is be completed firstly by kindergarten, then further indoctrination via the educational system, media, dominating trends and fashion. With this we are fully adapted to the slavery system. The whole (programming) cycle is reinforced in that way.

Once we start to awake, however, we will start asking questions. We will question the systems of beliefs and thereby deconstruct them step by step. In this context, Cobra mentioned the film Conspiracy Theory which amplifies the“right and wrong“ conspiracy theories that we are detecting in parts already.

Now it will be up to all of us to discover in what kind of energies and world we are living.

The Galactic Alignment

The members of this conference came from 22 countries (and all continents except Antarctica). Some maybe even from other planets, as Cobra remarked with a twinkle in his eye. Who knows?

Galaxy Visible Stars-450x449

All the stars, and actually all of those we can see at nighttime, are located in this small circle representing a branch of the Milky Way.

By this example the importance becomes obvious to see things from a different perspective. Here on Earth we see just a tiny fraction of reality because our eyes have the skill to only capture a small proportion of the electromagnetic range.

To express it bluntly: we see and feel “virtually nothing“. Within this small circle we see all the stars in the night sky. The Milky Way as a whole only appears as a milky cloud in which, except from the small selection, no other stars are recognizable. The overwhelming vast majority of the stars, as well as all the additional existing galaxies are invisible to us.

Again Cobra pointed out how important it is to expand our perception concerning the physical and non-physical horizons.

Cobra Beyond The Veil-225x300

Cobra showed a picture which was taken during his flight above the veil and he claimed to have learned a lot about the Chimera group as a result of this experience. The energies beyond the veil are very much better than on Earth. He felt like having taken a bath in tachyons which feels like being in a tachyon chamber except that the “chamber“ is literally everywhere. In this place one is able to feel and experience the galactic ocean of light and love. There is much more out there…

One part of the things that happen around us is part of the galactic plan and another part is caused by the controlling dark forces. We are instruments within the mission of the light forces, we are ambassadors of light. We have been trained for innumerable lifetimes to apply our abilities, interests and certain other things NOW in this appropriate way. Some things and activities may temporarily seem to be unrelated to this plan, but talents and abilities all of a sudden may become vitally necessary. Somebody who likes driving his or her car very fast may have the day come when the same ability is needed to navigate a spacecraft.

For this, specific reflex and coordination skills are required. The same applies to video games, for example. In the next phase after the first contact, demonstrating these skills are part of the divine plan; therefore we should cultivate and use these talents now. We will use them to a fuller extent after the first contact. In every one of us various talents and abilities are being awakened by the inrushing energies.

Currently these skills may still be latent (asleep), but they will be activated suddenly and then we will experience an intense phase of integration. We then will undergo a “relearning“ of these talents and we will re-experience them. The free will, however, is the greatest problem! Although numerous people have developed several talents they do not follow their inner guidance. In this way only slow-moving growth takes place.

If one hundred percent of the key persons had followed their inner guidance, we would have had experienced the Event in 1996! The people in this conference room follow their guidance at least up to fifty percent or more. Otherwise they would not be here. This is a good sign. The more people awaken to their guidance and gifts, the more the process will be accelerated. May this conference contribute to it (and pass on to all the readers around the world).

The awakening of the group will be accelerated by the Galactic Energy. Our energy consists of a double helix. In the center is the Galactic Central Sun, the heart of the galaxy, a stargate. The Central Sun is the source of light and love. At 25,000-year intervals it sends out a heart pulse. Now we are exactly in the middle of this heart pulse. This is not New Age mumbo-jumbo, but is founded on facts. The earth axis is currently aimed at Polaris. The precessional movement of the earth’s axis is related to this galactic pulse. The Galactic Central Sun sends a pulse that synchronizes the whole galaxy. As a consequence, also the tilt of earth’s axis will be adjusted. In doing so the solstices in summer and winter play an interesting role.

Galactic Equator Shifting-450x324

In 1975 the earth began to adjust with the galactic equator during the winter solstice. This will continue until 2020. So at every first moment of winter (approximately three days) a portal opens to the galactic equator (the galactic equator is the symmetry plane of the disk-shaped Milky Way). That is why there is direct access from the Galactic Central Sun via the suns to the earth every 25,000 years – currently always on the first day of winter.

This cosmic portal causes transformation. 25,000 years ago the earth happened to get in a quarantine status. In the middle of this time period, approximately 13.000 years ago, Atlantis fell and disappeared. There was a mass extinction of many species on this planet. It was the end of ice age and global cataclysms took place. This we will not experience, but a cooperative transformation of consciousness.

The Galactic Superwave that occurs every 25.000 years

Due to this heart pulse, energies and particles are sent into the whole galaxy. This is why our sun is getting more active and a change in the climate is taking place. Therefore we have been experiencing all the freak weather lately. Many of us have been recognizing that we feel a bit strange when we are exposed to direct sunlight. The sun now has got a different power, a different intensity. All the weather patterns are changing and this is influencing our consciousness. Everything that has been suppressed so far is being influenced and we experience a profound purification process. The Galactic Superwave is very powerful and cannot be stopped.

This inevitably leads to the Event. All changes we can see around us now are not simply unrelated local political alterations here and there, but the entire planetary situation will be changed totally. This will lead us into the Golden Age. The galactic source energy is transforming our planet.

Nasa Voyager2 GammaThe first important energy that plays a vital part are tachyons. They are the first particles in our universe and are directly connected with the source. They are not only responsible for balance, but also for transformation. The whole galaxy is full of tachyons. However, the veil and various technologies prevent them from reaching our planet.

The Pleiadians have given Cobra technical information to build tachyon chambers. Now there exists one sort of chambers for healing and another to energize several substances.

The Galactic Superwave is the basis for the whole transformation process. That’s why all this is happening here and is exactly the reason why we are here at this time. We were inspired and guided to be here. Just now it is of paramount importance for us all to connect with our spiritual guide.

Especially since April the power of the Galactic Superwave has been rising. NASA has recorded a gamma ray that came from the Central Sun.

In 1977 NASA started the probe Voyager 2 within their project. It travels through our solar system and is now located at its outermost region. This recorded gamma ray is the result of the galactic activities. Therefore the light forces have been very active and Cobra spoke about it in his last report.

Cobra illustrated that two interesting things are happening. Our sun is sending the particles in every direction and pushing them outside. They are colliding with the interstellar particles coming from the Galactic Central Sun and from everywhere. As a result there is a “crash” – the Termination Shock. This circumstance plays a vital role for our fate. The heliopause is located slightly outside the Termination Shock. This is the area where the light forces have been positioning their mother ships for some time past. These are regulating the flow of energies and beings in and out of the solar system. According to many of the predicted catastrophes we would have earthquakes and mankind would be wiped out already. Thanks to these mother ships we are here and protected. The people publishing those prophecies were/are not aware of the protective measures around our solar system. Due to the reason mentioned the predicted catastrophes will not happen. The mother ships are our safeguards.

Cobra showed a picture of Jupiter that was taken on March 17, 2016. It shows a light flashing at the bottom edge which was officially declared as a meteorite impact.

Jupiter Mothership UncloakingAccording to Cobra it was in fact a mother ship that exposed shortly. These ships have diameters ranging from 500 to 1000 kilometers, are well camouflaged and are located everywhere. This is part of the disclosure process that these ships show themselves for some seconds to not provoke exuberant reactions.

During a recent stroll Isis and Cobra felt an impulse to look in a certain direction and they saw such an exposed ship for a short time. Since March more and more exposures have been taken place and there are really mother ships of the Galactic Confederation among them.

The Cintamani stone plays a vital role in the process of disclosure. Million years ago a planet in the Sirius star system exploded. Fragments had been catapulted through the galaxy and hit earth at a certain point. Of all the stones on earth the Cintamani stone presently has the highest possible vibration. The Cintamani project stones have been placed in many key vortices around the world. Recently a Japanese-US-American team succeeded in bringing a Cintamani stone via South America into the Antarctica. “Randomly“ they could get the last flight before winter season which starts in April, 1. Cobra thanked everybody who put stones in place.

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Questions addressed to Cobra:

  • Why are the ships exposing now? – The ships are exposing to support the increase of consciousness of the people.
  • Till when we have to ascend? – Basically, there is no time frame for the ascension. However, the time frame for the begin of the process is determined between 1975 and 2025. This may speed up in groups, but everybody will have enough time to do so in their way. Once the ascension will have been started, everything will take place very fast.
  • When there are no parallel earths, what about parallel time lines? – Fundamentally, all parallel time lines are potential futures within the possibilities of quanta. Finally the consciousness of the group will decide what will be manifested. As most of the people do not practice their free will a small group of people has to decide – as is often the case in history of the earth – what will happen and what will be manifested. It is always the highest form of consciousness which decides what happens. A group exactly like this (at the conference) changes the time lines. Therefore the light forces ask for these specific group meditations because with this the time lines can be enhanced effectively.
  • What are these light balls on earth which are reported about? – These occur because of various beings; etheric beings that are also a bit physical. There are more inhabitants on earth than we can imagine.
  • What happens when I carry the Cintamani stone in my trouser pocket? – The Cintamani stone creates an energy field which has a transforming effect; it guides us.
  • What will the animals do during the ascension? – They experience their own transformation process. Especially during the last decades the animals have been suffering from many shocks that have to heal. However, some animals are a few steps ahead of us in their development.

Cosmic Planes

(Nova Biscotti comment:  “Physicists would describe plasma as ionized gas, whereas a skilled occultist would describe plasma as a hidden plane / dimension between the gaseous and the fourth etheric plane.”  This quote was taken from this post of Cobra’s in October 2014:

The Plasma Octopus

In this graphic the levels of dimensions (states of matter) are displayed. Cobra responded to the basics: There is the seemingly solid physical, the liquid and the gaseous level. If the gaseous decays (by energy input), when the electrons elope, so-to-speak and break away from the atom nuclei, plasma emerges. Plasma is strange to us; it has consciousness which can be positive or negative.

All the information about plasma has been suppressed, however, it is a crucial part in our liberation. A lot is said about the physical and the etheric part, but nothing about plasma. Plasma is actually everywhere and once we realize how plasma works, we will know how certain drive systems, overunity and free energy are put into operation. Free energy will then be available for free for everyone. In the treatment knowledge about plasma is required as illness is a distortion of the signature of the plasma body. The controlling authorities have techniques to influence the plasma field and keep us imprisoned. If we understand these dynamics we can escape from our prison.

Till now already methods of physical and etheric healing exist. The etheric medicine uses knowledge about vortexes and meridians, like in the Chinese medicine. The knowledge about energy bodies is used with several other alternative healing methods. Only the Western conventional medicine integrates just the physical part. Now the plasma medicine has started to develop which is a truly new area of healing.

Due to plasma we can feel the emotions in our body. We can feel the etheric field of the emotional body. We are strongly in contact with the astral plane, e.g. during a rock concert or rush hour in the city. Via the mental level we are in contact with thoughts and belief systems – our own as well as the one of the planet. Here we need to learn to decide what is included within the present natural human field, and to distinguish what leads us into artificial belief systems (like religions) that control us by means of advanced technologies.

Cobra said that the people really believe strange things without scrutinizing. As soon as one questions the belief systems one is able to pass through the clouds. Thanks to the internet which is an important tool of the light forces to liberate the planet, it is possible for us now to understand several (in)coherences. If we in connection with our higher self we can determine much better what is right and what is wrong.

Above and beyond the mental level there is the higher spiritual level, the source of our being and our guide. Stated in dimensions, the third one is the physical, the fourth one the astral or mental level beneath and the fifth one is the higher mental level. Everything else lies above.

Plasma is a living being, not a dead energy field:

Plasma Tubes Above Earth

In this picture, it looks like a huge vortex. This is an official fact and not the idea of Cobra. This living being, called the Octopus, had already been named by the Gnostics as Yaldabaoth. It was created and kept alive by the deep occult forces. It keeps the solar system imprisoned and the included (contained?) strangelet bombs slow the progress. The light forces are removing this now with greater speed.


Here we can see that these forces on earth have been very conscious about their actions.

Around 25,000 years ago the controlling forces decided to create the veil to establish quarantine and occupy the earth. At that time the earth was a heavenly planet they wanted for themselves. They brought the majority of their forces to this place. The scalar barrier regulated who should and should not enter and escape. Several (waves of) beings came to rescue the earth and they were not allowed to leave. Ultimately, they were kept imprisoned via the incarnation process.

The humankind was imposed with this severe programming because otherwise they simply could have kept moving freely.

Above all these bases on this picture each flight of „UFO’s“ is being detected and punished. The light forces are hindered to enter. Mother ships can only expose themselves shortly as they would be detected immediately. Cobra refers to Diego Garcia. It is a basis for the SSP’s that is located far out in the ocean, so that activities cannot be observed by unwanted spectators. This is also the place where the “disappeared” plane MH-370 was landed.

Currently the light forces are removing the strangelet and toplet bombs, more and more energy of light is getting to the planet and many light beings are arriving here. For example, arch angels are dissolving the veil as cosmic light beings. More and more light vortices are being established and activated. Wherever a Cintamani stone is placed, angels are coming to clear and create the vortex.


By Nova Biscotti

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