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  1. Thank you for a clear and beautiful video! I knew that all of our Solar System was affected by the alignment with Galactic Center, but this video shows images and facts that are also true to the regular scientific world, if I’m right that this is known by astronomers of Nasa too.

    I wonder if there’s info present about the reversal of planet Earth’s poles, that you know of, Danell. It seems that this has happened “unnoticed”, in a way, so that no mainstream mass disturbance and devastating effects had to be experienced by us. (This is my own idea about it, I could be wrong).

    I’ve got a feeling that “HOME” is being prepared for Earth’s wanderers, in our Solar System.

    According to Prime Creator, channeled by Susie Beiler, such a poleshift has occurred, without Nasa telling us about it, deliberately. This info is present in video 33 of her YouTube channel, published about the 15th of May 2016. I’m curious enough to see if I can find more sources of info about that.

    Of course I still don’t know if this event happened on an energetic level or on the physical plane.
    I guess it didn’t happen materially, for that would’ve caused our world to turn upside down, with the
    sun rising in the West 😉

  2. This is definitely nothing to fear. I see it as exciting and positive.
    There is a Divine Plan! Feels like we will become more etheric in nature as our Light Bodies come in as this increase in energy/vibration transforms our density!

    • Thank you Sun Gene for sharing your thoughts. I feel most people don’t quite understand what it means to become more Etheric in nature and to raise our vibration so we can ultimately heal our beautiful planet. We are conduits for the Divine healing energy. We have come here for a purpose and at this time, anything we can do to raise our vibration and to become more loving beings will truly transform all of life, not just here but throughout the whole universe.


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