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Re-Post Prepare for Change 16th June 2016 at 0900 AM CET

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  1. You are a hundred percent right. It’s a shame we can not get all the humans to get off their asses to take these f^%(** criminals in the government down once and for all.

  2. It’s a hard call to put yourself in the midst where in this world there are infinite probabilities to what might be the outcome to even more countless results.
    Standing up for yourself/others, declaring one’s sovereignty in a world where we have unconscionably sold our soul to the devil and other minions, or maintaining a ‘cool of thought and action,’ because within each inoculation given to us throughout the years is laden with unknown and alien implants to further that which started thousands of years ago to keep tabs on humanity and maliciously manipulate us into subduing to their feeble attempts to stay in power? Back then I can honestly say that Those Malevolent Creatures won but now I say, NO MORE!!!
    I must now side with those that declare war where there is ONE and has been raging behind the scenes ever since. “The war in heaven,” hit us hard putting Mother Earth in a position where for Her it was Justice to endure all the negativity represented in each one of us as we chose to incarnate throughout the ages and live to EXIST because Spiritual Evolution had failed. But only for a time, and that time is over and we Are To Be Free Again but this time Live in that Freedom instead of Existing in the one we are now!

  3. “Somehow we are in the midst of a war between good and evil and maybe it’s better that this gets expressed in as many ways as possible but I agree we can and should use a different vocabulary and express ourselves as lovingly as possible.”

    I 100% agree.
    It stresses me out when I read articles in alternative news and even some Spiritual articles that use foul language to emphasize a point.
    I find it absolutely unnecessary to do that.

    How can we condition our society to communicate in a Loving way if we keep using foul language unabated?

    We need to get the message out to the authors and re-posters of all articles to clean up the foul language before posting.
    I don’t agree with some re-posters claiming to keep the article authentic by paraphrasing every single foul word without omitting it, replacing it with a more appropriate word or censoring the word and let the viewer choose to see it or not.
    Instead every reader is forced to read those foul words when researching news and Spiritual info.

    I guess we will just have to live with it until the Event happens and we finally have our Mass Consciousness Awakening.


  4. What kind of war are you talking about. USA, Inc. has had martial law since 1871. If it is WWIII, then humanity can kiss their ass goodbye, like in the song “Kiss This” by Struts.

    • If you can welcome my reply, Robert Kimble, I think the answer to your question is:
      any conflict/warlike feeling, inside or outside is a warsign. When we deny our humanness and emotions to be present with a right to exist, we’re at war with ourselves.

      I’ts one of the most energy-draining conditions to be in, when we resist feeling how we feel.
      As soon as we choose to have a good look at what our emotions are telling us, or showing us,
      we’re beginning to create our reality.

      This may sound like a very strange concept to you, in your present state of mind, if I’m right in how I perceive it. Take from this view of mine what’s useful for you, it’s you who need to do the work, see?

  5. I appreciate the stance to give voice to fury and disgust, about the strategy of those that are discussed and the actions they choose, in this video. I don’t appreciate the title of this article, taken from the video’s title. For as I perceive it, the declaration of any war is the perpetuation of it.
    Those of us present here should know that.
    Specially now, when many of us are anxious about the outcome of negotiations in circles of power.
    Look at the latest report by Benjamin Fulford, I’ve posted it in the page “There’s something good in this world…..” etc. as a comment. I was immediately alarmed as soon as I saw this title. To me it’s misleading.

    • I would have to agree with you here Marian even if I posted this. Somehow we are in the midst of a war between good and evil and maybe it’s better that this gets expressed in as many ways as possible but I agree we can and should use a different vocabulary and express ourselves as lovingly as possible. There are many battles raging now on this planet. Today I heard from a friend how a Psychiatrist shouted and pointed his finger when telling her ( a social worker helping a woman who was in need of support ) how she should act to support this woman getting better treatment in her situation. My friend felt that he was a light warrior and was frustrated at the chaos in society which allowed these unjust situations to happen and he felt that my friend could stand up for this woman.
      Yes emotions are running high as more and more people are awakening to the truth of the madness and corruption in all of our societies. I did have ‘second thoughts’ about posting this and I have a saying “when in doubt leave it out” which maybe I should have followed in this case. Sincerely Therese Z

      • Thank you, Therese, you’re a diplomat and I mean that in a positive sense. Of course I understand the fury of frustration. It’s palpable also in the man who’s presenting this video.
        I’ve been confronted by a cookie of my own dough, I guess. Not so long ago I was raging
        with fury of frustration, making my mark as snow-queen here 😉

        If I’m welcome to offer my view on that battle of good and evil. Apart from being in the line of arrows sometimes and on hearing distance of the clatter of weapons, it’s when we look at the battleground, observing with feeling without a charge, that we enter a state of compassion.
        I’m practicing without forcing myself to NOT have a charge. That turns into a battle sometimes. Ignore this quacking duck, better stop now 😉

    • Hello dear Marian…I never hear that name except for you and my beautiful sister who carries the same name…I love the Marian in you as I see in my sister! We are all brothers and sisters though in humanity! It’s a wonderful sentiment to have now for many years ago I had neither the desire or comprehension of such a manner of emotion but now, It Is SO CLEAR to me this all encompassing power we are now learning more about…Loving one another…Best wishes and Be Well!

      • Thank you for your kind words, I’m often shouting my love into the Universe so loud, that others need to cover their ears…. or something of that nature. It’s not very different from whistling in the dark, I believe 😉

        • The discovery is that you are rooted in joy and bliss noted in your expressions of love. Those choosing to cover their ears may not be. A no fear attitude to that which when in darkness brings trepidation when the Happy Whistler comes along celebrating Life wherever she goes and whenever it may be, is the desire to awaken into The World you have created defined in positive excellence compared to those knowing theirs to still embrace the Reality where negative is still normal and their sovereignty lacks the selfmastery coming from Divine knowledge. This is where you can be of service, for others to see, declaring Love, Peace, Bliss, and Light!

    • Yes, it´s like we let someelse to make the decisions for us. But the truth is, WE are in power, at least as long as we know that we are. And it´s OUR choice wether we want a war or not. Personally I think there`s too much positive action going on, so those who try to force us into something evil have not a single chance. I do not give them my attention anymore. Let`s Spread the love, kindness and light as much as we can. 🙂


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