With Host, The Ambassador of the Red Dragon family and Panel: Cobra, Randy Cramer and Rob Potter, and the GoldFish Report Team, Producer and Co-host’s Louisa and Steve

Louisa: Hi everyone! Welcome to The GoldFish Report. I am Louisa, your co-host, and this is a very special edition today. This is our ExoPolitics Round Table Part 2. We have a very special group of guests with us today. We have with us, Rob Potter, (Rob: How are you doing today. I want to say thank you have having me on. Its an honor to be here with the gang and we’ll look forward to some interesting revelations today) Indeed, thanks. And we also have Cobra joining us today as well, thanks for joining us Cobra ( Cobra: Yes, hello to everybody. It will be a very exciting interview). We have Randy Cramer joining us today, Hi Randy (Randy: Hello). And we also have our GoldFish Report Team member Steve (Steve: I can’t wait). And of course, we have our gracious host The Ambassador from the Red Dragon family, welcome Ambassador (Ambassador: Thank you very much and welcome everyone to the program. Louisa: Today’s focus is going to be on how humanity can adjust to the reality of disclosure and how our reality needs to change in order to accommodate disclosure and what it means. And I am going to play for a moment one minutes of video to set the tone here. But what’s important about this is that this is part of our psychological process of assimilating disclosure into our life. This is JFK’s 1961 speech about secret societies:

“Ladies and Gentlemen:The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment.”

Louisa: This speech was obviously, I think many can agree, was in part the reason Kenendy was assassinated. But that was the beginning of official disclosure back in 1961and its been like water droplets of official information ever since. We also have President Eisenhower’s warning to the American people about the Military Industrial Complex in his 1961 speech, and to a large extent that speech was ignored and as was Kennedy’s speech. More recently we have John Podesta, (former White House Advisor) upon leaving his position said, Finally, my biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the disclosure of the UFO files.” We had Hillary Clinton recently saying in her campaign for the white house that if she was elected she would tell the truth about UFO’s. We have the Pope coming out (now on an official level this is what we have had so far) and saying that he would baptize aliens. We have UNICEF, which is a United Nations program, who has come out with “Tolerance for Extra-terrestrial life” Public service campaign showing an extraterrestrial boy, mostly human looking but not human you can definitely see that. Again, the Pope saying he is: ”Willing to baptize Aliens if they came to the Vatican”. And then of course, we have more recently, we have the United Nations that opened the Office of Outer Space Affairs, and Of course, there is Space X which has just announced its new Red Dragon Rocket that will be launched in 2018 to begin colonizing Mars. So if people start connecting the dots we are having some disclosure to some extent. And finally, there is a new law now in the United States, which I wrote about in a research paper on Bill H.R. 1508 which was part of a larger bill, H.R. 2262, which become a law regarding Space Resource Exploration and Utilization Act of 2015”, which includes rights to mining asteroids and it also has to do with the slave labor colonies on Mars. And I think with that, we have a good place to start, because little by little all this is accumulating and the evidence is before us, and of course, there is a much bigger disclosure program that is on its way that our guests may or may not want to discuss. It is up to the guests if they want to discuss it.

Randy: Can I actually add two more to that list that I think are pretty significant and important?

(Louisa: Sure Randy, Go ahead.)

Randy: So, last year, officially, on a Friday, as far as we know Mars had no breathable atmosphere, no running water and no potential for life whatsoever. On a Monday following that all of a sudden it’s got running water and we have an official admission from Nasa administration saying that we may have to acknowledge that there may be livable atmosphere on Mars, right now. And then, in case you missed it, two weeks ago they came up with the mass spectrometer that said , Oh look we’ve actually found oxygen in the atmosphere, So that is a pretty important set of transitions where we’ve gone from nope, no way could there be life on it, to now we’ve got a total open door oh we’ve looked through these satellite pictures and we found the ones with trees on it how about that….any number of things could happen in terms of what could happen as far as what next we learn in that cycle of turning with Mars. The other thing that I think that is super important is that we started with a process of learning all kids of secretive things that the intelligence agencies were doing with the Snowden papers, in case you also haven’t heard two days ago Glen Greenwald and his associate decided that over the next few weeks they are going to release the rest of the Snowden papers. We expect there to be a disclosure bomb in there somewhere. SO these are two things that we think that are absolutely indicative of the turning of the volume knob on the, oh look were are starting on this and then over a period of months look where we are now, and that’s what’s going to continue to happen. We are going to continue to every few weeks and months continue to go ‘Oh, look where we are now..and then Oh, look where we are now and then before you know it we are going to be in a whole other place and its going to be quite an entertaining trip to be honest.

Louisa: It’s like an incremental process, is that right Cobra, is that how you see the disclosure process unfolding?

Cobra: It’s a gradual process, but this gradual process will increase, it will accelerate until the final breakthrough. And there are various factions, various interest groups that want to guide this process in their own way, but ultimately only full disclosure with all suppressed intel will be released to the mass population.

Steve: Who is releasing this at the moment, do you know Cobra?

Cobra: There are many forces releasing it. Number one the Cabal itself is releasing part of it because they want to spin it in their own direction. They want to spin it in a way that will appear as innocent onlookers on the process, that they were never involved in the process and that they were not signing any treaties with strange races in the past. This is their spin. Again, there are the light forces like the Eastern Alliance that would like to release more to prepare people to ease the shock, and of course there are the Secret Space Programs, there are the Agartha Network factions that want to release their own intel, and there are of course the positive extraterrestrial races that would like to create conditions for contact as soon as possible.

Steve: Are the extraterrestrial races, do they have permission or are they allowed to interfere in the disclosure program?

Cobra: If you allow them, of course they have permission and there are individuals on the surface of the planet that gave this permission to receive that intel and then those people on the surface of the planet who gave that permission can release that intel through alternative media or even through main stream media.

Louisa: Well, what about the Council of 12? Let’s talk about the council of 12.

Rob: There are many different councils of 12. Dr. Frank Stranges was a member of a Venusian contingent that had 6 extraterrestrials and 6 humans on board and they met twice per year. And there was a feedback from the human element was given a voice to this. I’d like to say some things about the Kennedy’s, the Kennedy’s were no choir boys, obviously. Pre=empting them was the warning of Dwight D. Einsenhower. Another disclosure aspect coming out now, they have a television commercial that aliens were defeated and called Space Defense which actually seems like a serious advertisement on the military site which I think Randy shared it with me. And there is various groups here, I am agreeing with Cobra completely that there’s all different elements that are trying to spin these things so its very confusing with information, partial information and of course this revelation that is going to come out for the people who are basically asleep, that there have been lots of lies presented to them and I don’t think that the Cabal can be able to do this. Randy thinks that it has to come slowly but in our conversations he has mentioned that a lot of people cannot handle the truth, but they better get ready really soon because the evidence is coming fast. We have lots of solar activity and earth based reaction activity that is going to cause an increase naturally in earthquakes. We are not looking at extinction events but I see some changes coming. So, people have to prepare themselves and that’s what we hope this interview will do, in my opinion.

Louisa: Right, So why did they say, why did they keep Roswell classified? Aside from the fact there’s the obvious self-serving role of keeping all the technology to themselves in exchange for the alien technology..Making the agreement that President Eisenhower made to have certain abductions or certain cattle taken in exchange for technology, what was it for …fiber optics, transistors, things of that nature, looking glass technology all this came from the Roswell crash…if I am not mistaken and if I have any facts wrong guys please feel free to correct me, but I do try to get my facts right. What is it about humanity that we can’t handle what is it that we can’t handle? Cobra?

Cobra: I would not agree that we cannot handle this and, this myth that we cannot handle this is actually disinformation tactic that is being spread by the Cabal so people would be afraid of disclosure. Actually People, I would say especially in undeveloped countries have much greater shocks every day that disclosure would bring. People in war zones are fighting for their own survival and disclosure process would be peanuts for them it would be very easy. Human beings can adapt to quite extreme situations and receiving intel about disclosure I would say would be a medium degree of shock which somebody can absorb in about a week or two. And the positive consequence of disclosure would be much greater than the initial shock. Because the light forces are pushing for full disclosure as soon as possible and the cabal is trying to delay and hold back the process as much as possible. There are certain interest groups that wanted to delay the process for 100 years but which is absolutely unacceptable and is not going to happen.

Louisa: I have to bring the Ambassador in because the Ambassador is a scholar in religious texts and knowing how people are in their belief systems, Ambassador what do you think that people need to do?

RD Ambassador: No you see, if you look at, for example, the Islamic belief system believes that God is always creating he doesn’t stop creating things on heavens and earth so its no contradictions that aliens could exist if you study Islamic scriptures, but I think that it would be more traumatic for many fundamentalist Christians and other faiths, especially faiths that are putting a lot of effort into that Jesus is going to return and save us and with this disclosure that is going to come from the Vatican very, very soon its going to be even more traumatizing that I think for both Muslims and Christians than the disclosure of aliens. I think everyone with a little bit of common sense knows that exists something else out there and that we are not alone in this universe but there are other truths that is going to be released, other disclosures that are going to be released that’s going to be traumatizing people and their belief systems far more than alien disclosure.

Louisa: Can you elaborate on that a little bit?

RD Ambassador: For example, we know that Jesus did not die on the cross and survived the crucifixion and died a natural death. That doesn’t change his words, that doesn’t change his mission, you know he can come back what ever he wants if God wants it. But for people that believe that Jesus died and woke up after 3 days he physically went to heaven and that’s the only thing that’s going to save your life, that your belief system is the only way to save you then you find out that the guys in the Vatican has his body, that will be more traumatizing

Rob: I would like to comment on the original question, the reason the secrecy is there is because its been engineered. The Zeta Reticulian group that was run by the Reptilian secretly behind the scene in another group called the Syndicate of the Omegans have done this on many worlds and they remain on the scene for hundreds of years manipulating humanity creating different systems as Cobra talked about the Archon invasion, so, secrecy has been a plan all along and the reason they won’t release it is because it puts them in a lesser position, their break-away civilizations. I’m going to disagree with the Ambassador, Christ was murdered on the cross, and however it was done, resurrection is a possibility, Randy has been resurrected so that technology is available. I believe he was part of the architectural mental universe that creates the physical plane, one of the highest incarnations in that he was overshadowed by a cosmic being.

Ambassador: You see Potter, this is exactly what I talk about. You couldn’t deal with this story that I told you so you had to go into your tantra on this topic. The problem is this, what ever you think is the truth doesn’t need to be what it is, and so basically the whole concept is to break down your belief system and that is what will happen.

Rob: Ok, you show me the Vatican’s body, that you claim that you know about and I don’t believe that.

Ambassador: Potter, I have myself personally, when researching, went to the place and studied the things for many years. I am not talking about speculation here. I have a very good friend who I consider as a brother, who also died and came back from death, and in this incident he met Jesus, and that changed his life, and now he is a Christian and he used to be a Buddhist. So as I said it doesn’t change the message, it doesn’t change the state of Jesus. But, this so called truth that they are sitting on [at the Vatican] which they will be releasing at some point in time very soon, will break down the belief system for the majority of Christians and Muslims, and even people like yourself feel traumatized of even hearing this because it doesn’t fit your belief system. And that is what the problem is.

Rob: My feeling very strongly is that I don’t buy the religion aspect and the twisting of the Christians and the Catholics, but the life of Christ stands, brother. That’s my opinion and you have your opinion and what you say doesn’t make it the truth either.

Louisa: Ok, guys let’s remain respectful. This is what is going to happen in society. This is a microcosm. This is why we are trying to come together today, to find a way to respectfully disagree. It is going to challenge people’s belief systems.

Rob: Right and throwing out the message that the office of the Christ on the planet is not going to serve the purpose we are not here to break down belief systems we are here to reveal the truth, and neither I, nor Cobra, nor Randy, nor You, nor the Ambassador, are qualified to reveal the true nature of truth.

Ambassador: You see Potter the problem that you have is that you don’t understand what we are trying to say. Its that the fact here is that we are talking about disclosure and we are talking about the effect on human beings. And you can’t handle this form of disclosure. It doesn’t matter if you believe in fairy tales or you believe in this or I believe in that religion. It doesn’t matter. We are talking here about disclosure and how disclosure will affect people. You have people who are Atheists who doesn’t care about anything about Christ or Mohammad or Buddah or whatever, but at the same time when that type of disclosure will come out, which will come, will cause a huge negative effect on human beings. And that is why I am bringing these things up because people need to be ready for everything. I do not care what your personal relationship with Jesus is that is between you and your spirit, but when we talk about disclosure, and you want to talk about real disclosure, or you want to talk about another form of disclosure, this type of disclosure will cause the greatest terror on the belief system of these people who believes in that concept.

Louisa: That is why from a psychological perspective I wanted to bring you all together because people are going to need help. Our belief system are the bricks that we build our life out of and what we build our reality out of hold our world together. This is the matrix, and if they are going to brick by brick take the matrix apart and we are going to see a completely different reality and its very hard for the human mind and randy and Cobra both know this also how difficult this is going to be for some people because its going to fracture, literally fracture their perspective of reality, as they know it. (Steve: Quite right) And so what we are trying to do today is figure out how can we help them. Let me go to Randy, because Randy you’ve done so much on yourself and on your healing and what you’ve had to do psychologically and emotionally from all of your experiences and then I am going to go to Cobra to get Cobra’s opinion too, about what do you think we need to be doing?

Randy: Well, it turns out that about none of my personal experience on that matters as it turns out, but it does turn out that we (United States Marine Corp special section) actually have a ton of demographic data on this. And because my brigadier general and a number of members of the command staff are in daily meetings at the UN and in DC on a daily basis talking to everybody about how this is happening, not whether or not it is happening, but how its happening and I can actually speak quite directly about this. What I can tell you is that we have set up a number of gradients of targeted demographics, all across the spectrum from right to center to left and to every other weird point in between so that all of this targeted information is going out to these gradients so that each group of people is receiving the psychological information that they are willing to digest this minute. And as that continues there is more and more truth that is coming with that its just happening, but not every gradient in that from left to right is getting all that information at once. They are getting different degrees of information and they are getting different kinds of information. They are getting information that tells them exactly what they needs to do in order to not panic and freak out and think that everything is ok . So if religious people need to be hearing, and believe me their propaganda is telling them this that everything is fine that Jesus is coming back its all being resolved like we think it is, that’s fine. You know that’s working for themam t the moment because its keeping them from freaking out and killing themselves and their families, which the percentage of people that that can happen to is not an if, it’s a how many, and that number is a number we ant ot make as small as possible and so targeted demographics and gfradient approach to this given those gradient demographic a bit of information at a time and so that eventually it will all swim together. Now there may be different events in there that are sort of big significant, ‘Oh my God this is the Event’ but you know what, its not going to effect every gradient. That’s just how it’s going to go. Somepeople are going to be really insulated in their world and they are not even going to pay attention to what’s going on, they are going to be hearing a whole other reality, and that’s what they are going to eb hearing until a time later when its just going to be ‘Oh, where have you been sincel last Tuesday Johnny come lately , and then they are going to be like Oh, I don’t want to look stupid so we better go ahead and find a reason to switch our belief system because this is what people do. They find a reason to switch their belief system because of what we can do is believe this now because of A, B, and C, happening..

Steve: Randy in your demographics was there time scales involved as well in your studies?

Randy: Absolutely.

Steve: What were they?

Randy: We are in the middle of an operation so there is no way that I can give time scales other than to say, we have it timed out, we have the rhythms of these social demographics stimulus and response timed to like the day and the week, so we know for example, lets say on April 1st we ping this social demographic in this wave, that going to cause a response wave that in 18 days we know we will be able to hit them with another ping that in another 18 days or depending on what time of year it is, maybe it’s the Spring it will be faster or maybe if it’s the winter it will be slower, but there is this whole set of rhythm of demographics and how they move and we’re watching all of that. We’ve got a lot of people who have just been observing that for years, decades even,

Steve: How is the response measured, in facebook, social media how it is measured?

Randy: Every kind of demographic polling response that you could think of so absolutely the data that is gleened from the social media , facebook ,twitter, all of that, polling data that comes from all of the media sources and not media sources that s taken from independent intelligent sources that’s even more accurate in some cases, key word searches….so lots of we are not looking for people to tell us what they are up to we are looking for identifying in those conversations what people are thinking and what their trends are so that has given a huge image of what the entire social psychology of the entire civilization is because they are all putting it out there electronically. So, we can literally know what people are thinking minute by minute, day by day and help them move in a direction that going to be ok I can do with this and then howeer many days wekks months down the road when we are all on the same page, when we all converge at the same point we get there but we are doing it this way to avoid conflict, to avoid panic, to avoid suicides, to avoid homicides, and to avoid people setting themselves on fire and running down the street. So, its just happening and we’re doing it and its going to work out pretty well, and I understand that everybody wants full disclosure but let me make an argument against full disclosure right this second, we’ve done the demographics that equals more fatalities than stringing this trough a spiral and having it come out 18 months later, lives will be saved.

Louisa: Ok, that sounds like an interesting plan. I want to ask Cobra, what do we need to do?

What’s going to be the hardest thing and what do we need to do?

Cobra: Ok, First there are a few things I need to say here. Number one is that everybody istrying to approach disclosure from the old paradigm. What we need to understand here is thatthe whole reality will shift. We are not having disclosure in the old duality based society. The disclosure process is part of a deeper galactic spiritual transformation process and people who are exposed to full disclosure will not be exposed to the same conditions we have right now because it is part of the galactic change. There is so much talk about fear and how the people will react and the panic. Again, I will reiterate, this is part of the old paradigm. People are able to go through their own psychological process, I would say the vast majority of people are able to go through their own psychological process facing disclosure (Randy: Over 85% are totally not going to want to kill themselves. The 15% that will go into possible chaos or psychotic or schizophrenic episodes that we are trying to cushion). Cobra: Ok I will explain, there is a small percentage of people that can have problems but there will be, the light forces have a plan and at the time of the Event, to give counseling and give guidance to the vast majority of those people. And I will put it this way, every day over 200,000 people die of hunger, every day. After the event nobody will die anymore because of hunger, so we will save 200,000 lives every day and disclosure is part of this process. Disclosure doesn’t mean just seeing strange aliens on TV, disclosure means remodeling of a human society on the financial aspect of it to the political aspect of it, the whole structure of society will go through a phase transition. The phase transition will have a positive net effect on human society, there will be individuals that will be having problems going through that process, but for the vast majority of those people it will be easier than most current psychological models expect because the energetic conditions at that moment will be different. People have their emotional bodies and their mental bodies that are now living in a certain environment. At the moment of full disclosure that energetic environment will be different. There will be much more assistance of the light forces at that point. Without putting too much focus on the fear aspect of this because we are creating our reality. I would put more focus on how can we solve this, how can we make this disclosure process safe and balanced for the vast majority of people.

Louisa: Exactly, so thank you for that Cobra. It seems that we are really looking at a healing process too aren’t we Cobra?

Cobra: Yes, exactly.

Steve: How would that counseling look? Is there a mentoring thing, is it a one to one thing, it is a general think, how does it look?

Cobra: There are many layers of this. There will be a general layer which will take care of maybe ninety percent of cases and there will be more individualized approach for those people who will need a more personal approach. There will be people who are now being trained for this, not openly, and there are people who have been guiding in their lives to learn how to assist people and will be contacted at the moment of the Event to give counseling to

people who will be in need, but there is something being planned for that occasion.

Louisa: So you are saying that there is a mentorship that’s really planned here, is that what you are saying, for humanity? Cobra: Yes, yes. It’s very interesting to see what happened here today and we all have very different backgrounds, very different experiences and I just want to remind you thought that I am the only female here and it’s my wish and love for humanity and this planet that I wnt you guys to tune into because its your vibration too its your frequency and lets just find that frequency and stay on that frequency and ride that frequency because that is what is going to heal us and that’s going to bring us through this. The divine female energy on this planet as Cobra is talking about this energetic shift as you know, the schumann frequency is already raising. Gaia is already trying to help us all with this third spiral. Make repairs to our third spiral of our DNA so we can increase our abilities, so is it also something that you are talking about Cobra?

Cobra: Yes, exactly, this is exactly what is going to help us. Then pure feminine aspect is an energy field that will emanate from the galactic center and will bring the balance. SO this balance is the lacking factor here in the psychological makeup of humanity and as we come closer to this compression breakthrough moment, the moment of the Event, the moment of full disclosure, there will be more and more of that energy present and it will get easier and easier and this is why the disclosure process will accelerate. The disclosure process is not guided by any of the factions on the surface of the planet, it is guided by much higher forces with much greater understanding of the situation.

Louisa: OK, Well, I hear also that the powers that be aren’t all on the same page. You guys just had an interview with Corey Goode and there has been reports that Corey has come out with info about there being so much disagreeing and arguing in meeting, and it’s really like if your that advanced how , you know as above so below, you can’t really criticize humanity too much when you can’t get you own act together and everybody is arguing and fighting and just the other day on the SOHO satellite there was some Anunakki looking type ship being taken out, there’s wars obviously going on above our head there are all kinds of things going on, but Rob you talked about this with Corey and Alex Collier who I also wanted to have come into this group, and I would hope at some pioint we could all sit down, and I’m going to represent humanity by the way. But anyway, I wanted us all to sit down and I wanted Alfred Lambremeont Weber to be here because we have to have this dialogue we can’t stay behind the curtain , we can’t stay in the shadow, we have to come out and have this dialogue because we have a need to understand and a right to know first of all.

Rob: Alright will everyone has their own opinion here so there’s lots of different things I’m going to respectfully say I strongly disagree with the Ambassador’s opinion on that one thing, we’ll let that go we don’t have to go into that but I strongly disagree on that part. Now I will say that we are going to have part of this takeover of our childish games, stop, it’s a time out period for earth, its going to be interposed is basically a divine enforcement as Cobra says a galactic codex a law that requires an aggressive groups are the ones that are not agreeing. The positive groups are all on the same page more or less, to allow us to reconcile various DNA influences and to bring us into healing and there’s a process for that and its been done on other worlds, on the Vagan system, and many other worlds have gone through this process of healing the what we call the Luciferian and the rebellion and so that type of thing has all happened before so there’s going to be not only a media but there’s also an energetic principle and Cobra can speak to this, I’m not sure about Randy but when the light forces come in with their ships they can actually invisibly penetrate a building, you can be sitting inside a spaceship in a higher plane and the vibration of love and healing is so all encompassing that all differences disappear as Alex Collier describes it, so that type of energy at the time of the event and I am not exactly sure, Cobra is probably more up on the technological aspect of this, when the cleansing of the, Corey says the parasites and the frequencies that pushes things out and the earth is cleared of the plasma anomaly accretion vortex consciousness AI, when that is cleansed there is no general human understanding of that vibrational change , so I have to agree with Cobra I think people can handle the truth . I think that the loss of crazy people versus saving people from wars, destruction and death in my opinion. Randy’s group obviously is extremely well intended in their military mind and dealing with it from their perspective and I think all of these are going to be unified in the quantum level and from a holographic level everything will take place. And Corey is not very clear on what’s going on and that’s one of the things that I like to bring to all of the things is the spiritual consciousness aspect of the soul and a lot of this is all on the lower material level, and so we have to connect with our divine presence individually and however people do that is in their own relationship with life and that that process will become much easier when the parasitic hostile lower personality physical body attack agenda is removed. SO I think people can handle the truth and I don’t think that there is as much disagreement as is played out with Corey and that’s been one of my issues with him is to articulate the benevolence as opposed to the hostiles.

Resultado de imagem para galactic codex

Louisa: Ok, thanks Rob and again, like you did in Part 1 and Rob’s joining us again in Part 2, you have brought out where we ultimately left off in Part 1 of this Round Table is the subject of love. Because there is really no way we are going to move forward without this unconditional love that surrounds us because at some point the discord, the differences, the conflict has to disappear, we have to either make a choice and Cobra is saying that vibrationally this is going to begin to just happen. And everybody here has been doing things to try to make this process to bring about a good change, and so the Ambassador has his Global Mission of Peace and the Global Mission of Peace TV right now and you are featuring on there the humanitarian projects , the things you are trying to do to make better changes, do you want to explain that a little and then I want to ask Cobra about Operation Dreamland and what that’s about, and then I am going to go over to Randy for another question so Ambassador would you like to explain that because I think that ultimately we have to embrace people with love and it’s about helping each other and doing things differently.

Ambassador: I believe that the problem that we are facing on this planet is that we are living in Disneyland and we do not have a normal media that we can trust. They are playing games with us and lying to us and sometime they tell the truth and sometime they don’t. And then we have alternative media which is sometime seven worse. And people are talking about disclosure, they are talking about events, they are talking about President Obama being arrested and the next day he is with the Swedish Prime Minister and the next second he is supposed to be executed and then now he is fine. You now all these different stories lies and deception and games being played by different intelligent services on the planet and their stooges that is pushing a form of disclosure and this is what we are trying to explain here is that when you attack people’s belief systems or what they hold closest they become traumatized they become aggressive they become emotional like what’s happened here without friend like when I tried to explain for him what is the plan and what you will see in the future and this is what will come. And how that will affect people that’s sad and maybe it will be good for some people too but at the same time its going to cause a lot of problems. Now with the Global Mission of Peace TV basically the focus is to bring people together and to see the people together doing the projects we are doing right now and in different locations, we were sponsoring different events in these last seminars in Europe here and we are building up the platforms for the special meetings that is taking place so right now there are a lot of things that is happening, but to engage people with knowledge and engage people that has something to contribute to humanity and then push that forward into different arenas I think that is very important. I believe we need to focus on what’s real and needy for the person in everyday life right new. We are coming into a time with so much fear and hate andthere is so much negative energy in United States and in Europe and we are just feeding this and its getting worse. And then we are sitting and worrying about other situations I think it is very important that we come together as humanity and yes, we have different belief system we have different understandings of realities and truths based on our own journey’s and some people have done their journey and some people have done another journey but it doesn’t mean that just because you don’t know or doesn’t understand doesn’t mean he may not be right. For example, I hear some stories that I hear people telling about the alien agenda and I can’t grasp it because this is not a part of my knowledge but we have to listen to what people have to say and see how can that knowledge help humanity in any shape or form. And I think that’s very, very important that that’s where we need to keep out focus and as I have said that when we cannot even understand our neighbors or when we can not even agree with each other even to disagree then basically we have an issue. And now we are talking on a level which is far above the head of many and most people are going to listen to it and they are going to think that those people are insane and some other people with another consciousness will be very excited and will feel that this is a very interesting discussion that we are having that will benefit them in some shape or form but I think still with all the knowledge that we have here on the panel I think we should try to keep focus on how we should be able to help humanity right now and I think that is the most important thing.

Louisa: Well, you are right Ambassador. Thank you so much. Because that is what the point is for us meeting today. And I just want you all to know that I know each of you personally, I don’t know Cobra well yet, but I will, and I just want you to known that I love each and every one of you unconditionally and that’s how I am, and that’s the frequency I resonate and I am trying to project this to you because the feminine energy has to heal the masculine on this planet. The masculine energy is wounded. Has the masculine energy victimized this planet, yes, but, it has to be healed. And men, especially our warriors have to know that they are worthy of love, they are worthy of healing regardless of what their acts were because it was imposed on them, going to war, battling doing acts that were unkind and unloving was imposed on them and that doesn’t mean that they are not worthy of being loved and can be healed and can embrace the feminine energy that is coming into this planet. Because it’s the women at this point, in my opinion, that are going to heal the men on this planet and heal the masculine as well, because women have to learn how to love unconditionally, they have to learn how to love in a way that empowers a man not disempowers a man. And also men have to learn to love the feminine and to embrace their feminine energy and not feel that they have compromised their masculinity in the process. So, the feminine energy I think is going to heal these wounds and we have to come together today in this vibration because they are watching us above and if we can do this and put our differences aside, and heal each other and be In unconditional love in the moment right now and forget about our differences then we can do this. And we can show them that we can do this, and maybe we can do it better than they can, because for those of us who are human, we can do this. We love and we love intensely, we don’t only love other humans but we love animals, we love other species, we can love Reptilians, we can love Zeta’s, we can love Mantids, we can love Annunakki , we can love, Pleaidians humans have no limitations. There’s no boundaries there’s no boarders. Its oneness, its true oneness. If we could just find that here we can bring it here and anchor it here. So, Steve you had a question for one of the guests?

Steve: From the human perspective, I’d like to throw question to Cobra Randy and Rob, from your perspective, which races are working for or against us. Everybody has got their own agenda and maybe you are in disagreement with each other about certain races, but could you give the listeners a brief three or four race break down of who’s for and against us. Maybe start with Cobra.

Cobra: OK, Pleaidians, Sirians, positive Andromedeans and Arcturians are working for the light and they don’t have a so called bad agenda behind their back. They are just wanting us to heal and experience the same love and paradise like existence they are experiencing. And then we have on the negative side the Draco’s and we have the Reptilians, the two main races which who went a little bit off the track.

Louisa: What about Solipsi Rai, do we know about the Solipsi Rai? Cobra?

Cobra: I don’t know about this.

Randy: Spell it out for me?

Louisa: I don’t know how to spell it but they are called Solipsi Rai. There is another group that just moved into town helping President Putin right now?

Steve: Would you be in agreement with what Cobra said Randy?

Randy: Yeah, that is a fair list of goods and bads and I would add to the bad list that at the comment we are still trying to rouse out the Aldaberons, we are also trying to roust out the plasmid freelancers who are essentially made of, they look like they are made of neon, they are essentially sort of made up of different colored plasmas, its pretty tricky looking but they are kind of pretty but also scary if you have never seen one at first and they are not nice they operate mostly as independent contractors , they are bag men and hit men , they are unsavory characters for the most part and so we don’t care for them. And we have been routing them out for a while, So I just wanted to add the Aldaberons and the plasmid contractors to that list.

Steve: Rob?

Rob: Yeah, I would agree generally with Cobra. There are many, many genetic racial pheontypes some stemming from what we would call , some are from our animal kingdom that we would look at like Ales Collier talks about the lion people and there are many different ones, Louie Martines, the guy I am working with from Bolivia is working with a group from Alpha Centauri and they call themselves the Ahphu . They are extremely strong, muscular, they range from nine to twelve feet tall. Harold Wilcox worked with a group from the Barnard star system who were quite tall as well, so, the different groups I think all of them have a certain type of agenda even if tis to try and heal us but I think generally speaking for us postulating on these things that happen out there, we don’t really have clarity, there’s a lot of things that need to come to the table as in an open, transparent communication, without the controlled media as the Ambassador said so, a lot of these positions will be revealed to us at the time of the event when everyone is calm with this new energy. There is talk, Alex Collier says that the bad guys are not as weak as they say they are and also there seems to be more evidence that they have very high technology, there were some meteors on the earth at the Bermuda Triangle that the Chinese were trying to keep off of the planet for some time, so maybe they could hold off this dwarf star if its real. We don’t know yet it’s still a postulation and NASA made an announcement, maybe the Cabal is running into their things because they are looking for some sort of large possibly meteor event, there’s so many things going on and I think that we just have to remain calm and open to what’s coming forth. Let the future and the truth be revealed as it comes on a level at this point in time there is too much disinformation, but generally speaking, my intelligence from the persons that I have spoken to and from my experience from the benovelents its that its 99.0 percent benevolence in the universe and that we are kind of a focal point for something going on here that’s a little different and there is a material level world and a superluminal beings that aren’t really involved they don’t have the negative duality that we have.

Louisa: So, whose parked outside of Cern right now with the long cigar shaped ships? And quite honestly from some satellite images that were published online, it looks like the town is pretty much dead. I don’t know if you guys can confirm this but it looks like there is a morgue on top of the parking deck . It looks like the town is dead and in these satellite images, the card don’t move for months . So , whatever is going on, what ever Cern is tied into is extremely bad for us and nobody has really talked about that yet, although ti wasn’t really part of the discussion, but these things have to stop. I mean , I don’t know what is taking the council so long , because there are still people in Dulce whose souls are still sitting in boxes on shelves from what I understand and I could be wrong, but if this is true, this is unreasonable and unacceptable, that humanity has to be free. We can’t keep humanity enslaved, manipulated, controlled, drugged, poisoned, enough is enough. And we really need to start kicking butt, we really need to get serious and mankind doesn’t have access to the technology to overcome the technology used against us, although some people, major manifestors I know of would argue that it’s not the case, that we don’t really need to have those plasma technologies that we don’t need to have all those sophisticated weaponry, and it seems like what Cobra is saying is that through your weekly mediation to raise the frequency and try to bring the event quicker, but you also have something called Operation Dreamland, do you want to explain what that is Cobra?

Cobra: Operation Dreamland is operation of the light forces that would like to anchor on the physical plane the new society, the new reality and its targeting the light warriors and the light workers and try to assist them in their missions as much as possible to prepare them for the event and for the time after the event. Because most of the light workers and light warriors were incarnated many lifetimes ago, thousands of years ago just for this time, to assist in this break through, to assist in this transformation. And Operation Dreamland is here to assist those who are making the break through on the surface of the planet.

Louisa: Ok, so in what ways, I now you have creative arts in there could you be a little more specific? And I am going to include at the bottom of this transcript links for everybody and if they are interested in participating , I’m going to have links to Randy’s site, Rob’s site,Cobra’s site and the Ambassador’s Global Mission of Peace. I know Rob you have a conference coming up and I am going to ask you about that in a minute. We are going to put links to everything everybody is involved in here because I do want to promote your work as much as possible. As much as facebook will let us, because it seems the more interesting information I post on our facebook page, the more facebook censors the posts, that’s a little bit of a problem but we try to work around that stuff . But is it just through creative arts or can you be a little more specific about how you are doing that Cobra?

Cobra: We have weekly meditations, from time to time we have global planetary activations that we do to assist in the activations of the planetary light grid, we have conferences around the world, we are developing new technologies and we are having — groups, some of them are public and some of them are not, for various projects so there is a lot happening, a lot is going on and if you go to my blog you can later include the link you will have different links to many different sites and many different projects we are involved with.

Louisa: Ok, so what about the music. I know Randy and I have had a chat about this, and Steve is a singer, I’m a composer and musician as well. And Steve and I know pretty much, we understand music and its healing effects and its communication effects , in a way that musicians do, but Randy and I have had a conversation about this about the frequency and about the healing and Randy, Did you want to make a comment on this because you are out in the public , you are giving your story , you are teaching psionics, you have workshops about psionics because you have listened to my music, actually, a few of you on this panel have , although I am not talking about my music specifically, Did you want to comment on that Randy, because I know we have talked about that?

Randy: What was the question?

Louisa: The question had to do with the psionics, the frequencies, meditation, increasing our abilities and music in one way, but I think there is a relationship between them. What is the relationship between these things?

Randy: Yes, physics. So I will be clear, back in the mid 1960’s when a lot of the smaller programs in the covert military space program were laying down their bets on what they thought their long term investments should be, so people were looking at the technology, asking do we really want to spend the next 30 years making sure we’ve got the best most powerful space ships that we rule the skies or do we want to spend the next 30 years developing the most advanced computer technology so we rule information , or do we want to spend the next 30-40 years on super soldier technologies that we rule and murder machine assasins or do we want to focus on psionic development? And we decided that we were going to put our bets down on long term investment of psionic development, and so more than any other commander system we have used psionics at the very core of what we do and operate as the only fully functional psionic command within the covert military space program meaning that every single member of the United States Marine Corp Special Section, is psionically trained, psionically conditioned , psionically genetically enhanced, given implants and then connected up to a psionic computer which essentially routes everyone together so it gives a simulated hive mind so we all actually get to participate as a military intelligence pseudo-collective way and that is one of the reasons we are very, very effective at what we do is because we absolutely operate as the only fully psionic command in the covert military space program. Being that’s the case, we fully understand that mental evolution and psionic development are absolutely critical important, but we also understand that the only way that really develops is in a society that is stable. So as we continue to sure up the infrastructure and clean up the trash and stabilize society so that psionic development can happen in a stable peaceful atmosphere we absolutely think that it’s a critical thing to happen, we don’t think that it is wise or safe to just have a psionic awakening in an unstable atmosphere in which the water doesn’t run and the toilets don’t flush and the streets aren’t safe so we think it’s absolutely critical to work on our infrastructure while we prepare and tech people psionic development because we don’t think that one with the other is smart. We think that you have to have them both to be smart.

Steve: Randy, everything in the universe is a double edged sword as you know, what are the positive and dangers of this technology in your opinion?

Randy: The positive aspects of it I think I pointed out that when people reach a certain level of psionic development that all of a sudden you enter into a world where nobody can ever lie again, because everyone can tell when people are lying and telling the truth, so that if you don’t think that a world where people can’t lie doesn’t change everything like fundamentally the world we live in is totally different , you know think about that a little bit further if people can know what people are thinking, know what people at feeling. I am not saying people having the ability to read peoples private thoughts out of their minds, but no you are BS-ing me or oh I hurt your feelings because I can feel that I hurt your feelings. Or I can hear in your head that I hurt your feelings that creates a level of understanding and truthfulness between communication and affairs that could just change everything. SO we think those are the fundamental changes that are the most important in that kind of development. And the danger aspects really just come into people who become very strong and very powerful and don’t behave responsibly. And then those people just have to be regulated by other people who are strong and powerful and say no and tell them not to do that.

Steve: SO it could be used for mind control basically?

Randy: The more psionically developed you become the harder it is to have your mind controlled. SO that’s the other aspect of that is that we are much more controllable society right now because we are not psionically developed. If we got everyone up to sort of kindergarten, first grade psionic level, then we wouldn’t really be able to be mind controlled because everyone would just say “hey you are just trying to mind control me”, it would just be obvious that people aware trying to do it because you would be aware of it, it would be one of the first sensory awarenesses that you would have. Rob: I’d like to make a comment on that if I may?

Louisa: Yes, Rob go ahead.

Rob: I feel that one of the problems that’s happened here is in the past has been a contention in the historical relationship between the extraterrestrial races and earth has been the desire for earth people technology without spiritual moral understanding of universal laws and principals and I think that, no disrespect to Randy but the Secret Space Program and the development of this under military guises and under the guidance of under some of the more hostile groups that wanted to utilize our bellicose nature and our ability for technology has been one of the problems that we face here and I think Cobra would possibly agree with me on this that there will be what we call mystery schools based on spiritual moral principles of universal laws of intelligence, that will develop these naturally and not artificially push people with this technology, a lot of this technology if you understand Cobra is used to inculcate fear , a psionic plasma scalar field, radionics, scalar wave, actually infra-sound technology that can disrupt but it can also be used to heal and these will be brought forward in the future. Cobra can you talk about the positive evolution of spiritual consciousness and what we would call the city type of technologies and how that can be developed responsibly?

Cobra: Yes, of course. Spiritual development is a natural inner force that is actually present in very sentient being everywhere in the universe including planet earth, and this impulse, this drive for spiritual development has been artificially suppressed by scalar technologies by the negative military. I know that there are positive military programs to develop spiritual psychic powers and from that perspective and they are doing some good progress and this will be included in the overall plan for the Event but there is a larger picture. Every being on the planet has and will have that inner drive for evolution and this will be accelerated and the stability of human society will be maintained because if we have more awareness on the planet it is easier to maintain stability . The only reason human society is so unstable is because there is such a great force used to suppressed human spiritual development and so much energy is put into that suppression, and this creates psychological instability in human beings. And when this pressure is removed human nature naturally seeks stability and finds that equilibrium in harmony with natural laws of the universe.

Louisa: Ok, thank you Cobra. We are getting down to our last segment of our interview. We covered a lot of ground today and we are getting down to our last 20 minutes and I think what’s happened is, like I said, an example of what conversations are going to happen when disclosure happens and the other parts of disclosure [of hidden truths, history and technology etc… ] because , I talked to people near New York City and, I could just imagine walking down Columbus Avenue with UFO’s overhead and the people would be like” Oh , look at that” and we just go about our business , you know New Yorkers are like that “Oh how do you like that?” You know, its not a big deal for New Yorkers to be honest with you, they take it in stride. But its not going to be that way in the Bible Belt of the country and other parts of the country, but I want to thank Rob for bringing that up , I want to thank Randy for bringing that up . we are all talking I think what the Ambassador is saying is that we need to rise to a new level of wareness. That’s ultimately where we are going to go and how we are going to help ourselves though this, rising to a higher level of awareness, consciousness, a higher vibration, a higher frequency and we can go about doing it in different ways and that’s what we are bringing to this Round Table today is the fact that we have different ways that we are going to go about doing this, as diverse as humanity is, there is not just one solution for everybody . What I see happening here today is that there are various ways to go about achieving this but that the ultimate goal is the, same regardless of how we get there. The ultimate goal is the same, to raise awareness, to raise frequency, to raise consciousness ultimately and I love how this is really what everybody has been saying today. We have been saying it in different ways. Steve, did you have a question for our guests?

Steve: Yes, the scalar technologies that Cobra mentioned for you Cobra. I have noticed, as I know Louisa has, that they are building new antennaes around major cities around the world and these appear to be a different technology, can you comment on that?

Cobra: Actually there are various versions of the scalar technology, and there are layers upon layers of this technology, but the purpose of that technology is the same, to create scalar standing waves in the plasma to suppress human consciousness and its more and more difficult for them to do that because there is this, as I said before, natural evolution taking place and there is more and more power needed to have the same effect and this is why there are more and more harmful plasma scalar fields of radiation around the planet, and this is why people have those strange —symptoms right now, because the plasma field is polluted by those scalar fields and the . at a certain point there will be a breaking point where those plasma fields will being to disintegrate and this will be close to the moment of the breakthrough.

Steve: how can we accelerate that?

Cobra: You can accelerate it by connecting with your own higher self, invoking divine feminine and divine masculine aspects of by connecting with force which is dimensionally greater than the plasma field that they are trying to create.

Louisa: So what you are saying is that, the Schumann frequency of the planet is raising and so the powers that be understand this, and if I understand this correctly, and anybody can comment on this who wants to, that to compensate for that and keep us in a lower frequency they are imploring these scalar weapons to lower our vibration and I say this because I personally know of some special indigo and crystal children who talk to fairies and they tell them what is going on all the time and I get confirmation of this and its amazing. But they are in fact using these towers to lower these frequencies. So Gaia is trying to give us these codes to heal our third spiral of our DNA so we can raise our abilities and frequencies and yet this plasma technology, this scalar technology is trying to suppress that. Is that what I understand, Cobra or Randy or whoever wants to comment. Cobra if you want to go first?

Cobra: Yes, of course, this is exactly what is happening. The plasma scalar field tries to suppress that natural process of evolution, the planetary breakthrough. I would like to comment here that Schuman frequency is not increasing there are actually many multiple harmonic Schumann frequencies that describe what is going on in earth ionosphere and a what is actually happening is not a change of that frequency, what is happening is a change of a higher dimensional vibrational frequency of the planet and the plasma scalar field that they are trying to create, the cabal or the dark forces are trying to keep humanity suppressed as long as possible and they know its going to end. They are just trying to delay this as long as possible with as much power s possible and its getting increasingly difficult for them.

Rob: I would like to say that eventually at some point they can be dismantled. I know people that go and place scalar devices at some of these towers and they do actually work suppressing the negative ones and they had them removed tehn they bury them in the round, they sit by and watrch and then there is some sort of secret government agency that comes up and tried to figure out where the source is and eventually they find it, and dig it up and remove it so there are counter technologies , a lot of tachyon type technologies and there is pendents and there are various things that can help stabilize the body’s field cant completely negate the frequencies but can have the strength in the body’s center to ignore or to maintain its harmonics and that’s a junior version of the light healing technology that will come forward , that will eventually will be extremely powerful stuff that Randy is probably more familiar with will take place but its all run on electricity and if the electricity stops for a little bit then all that comes down so tie will reveal the truth on that one.

Louisa: Well randy you would probably know about this too , that when a person’s frequency, their own individual frequency starts to increase to a certain level they begin getting headaches and I think what’s happening is this technology triggers at a certain frequency and then it starts to give people shoes frewuencies are rising. SO Steve, this is why you’re having trouble when youa re singing and youa re projecting those beautiful frequencies that you so beautifully project and it possible Steve has experienced something like this. But Randy, what’s going one, what technology are they using that when someone’s frequency raise to a certain point and then the start to get a headache, what’s happening?

Randy: Well, in some cases that’s actually part of the process, you’re neuropathways are literally rearranging, your brain is making new neurons and building new neural pathways to be able to sustain higher levels of brain function , because you can’t sustain higher levels of consciousness without higher levels of brain function so there is a literal neurobiological process and change that has to occur and that can cause headaches. And you also become more sensitive to the electromagnetic fields around you. I can remember when I could start to hear the buzz in the plugs in the walls because the wiring essentially makes a high pitch sound that you can’t usually hear. Dogs can sometimes hear it and as your brain starts to evolve at some point you might tune into something like that, and I would literally follow the sound and end up by the wall with my ear next to a plug and thught Oh my God that’s the wiring buzz of this tiny, tiny sound and I wondered how could I hear that. And it’s a number of different things like that that you just end up with this hypersensitivity and your senses are perceiving different things because you are super, super more electromagnetically sensitive and your neurobiology is shifting and changing. Some of it is just you and some of it is becoming more sensitive to the stuff that is around you so its kind of like waking up and realizing you are in a pool of garbage and you didn’t realize you were there because you were deaf and blind the day before , and you couldn’t smell apparently either. SO some of that is also that there is stuff around me that I don’t like and you are starting to be able to sense that there are these negative things around you. Some of it is not on purpose, so just radio frequency, television frequency waves, we are just clogged with what would call electromagnetic frequency pollution because of every single thing that is pushing out waves, then you add the high frequency cell phone , and the high frequency emergency communications and then you start adding in any and all things that may be used to create distortion or dampening field, that’s just more and more background noise basically. What we understand is that we are approaching things externally and there are plans to dismantle and take down some of that stuff and there are other people and us and other beings using counter technology to counteract some of that. The most important thing that counteracts that is the personal psionic field. When we teach the basic form of creating the bubble around your head and the bubble forms around your body these things essentially filter out or can bounce back or repel all of those waves when it’s developed. So, people are concerned that these things are bad but these things are only bad until you develop your own psionic ability for it to not be a three to you anymore, and then you can just ignore it like its not even there. SO those are the things that I say yes they are there but they are the things that we can fix personally and then just thumb our noses at it and build a shield around you so that you are protected. Steve: So Randy what you are saying is the classic psychic protection of visualization of creating a bubble of protection round yourself is basically the same thing?

Randy: Essentially that is what we call the intergalactic protocol, yes, and so the intergalactic protocol are just the basic physics and the basic fundamentals of how your psionics and how your energy body works, so, yes, it’s the basic intergalactic protocol that we would recommend that is the difference between having some control over what’s coming in and out of your universe and your world as far as the energy, or the opposite of that being a cork bobbing up and down on the ocean waves having no control what so ever and just being pushed left , right, down in all directions because you have no stability . So that’s basically the difference you create the energy and you create that stability for yourself and all that other stuff that is meant to be the ocean wave around you that stops being effecting.

Louisa: So Randy, what an interesting comment that you made about our ability to increase our consciousness is a function of our ability to increase our brain functions so, are you talking about going into Theta waves, going into higher states of brain wave function. When you say higher or more brain function you are also talking about higher states isn’t it the same thing or no?

Randy: We are really talking about the mind, the brain, and inputs and outputs you are really talking about a half a dozen or so individual components that all work together to form one thing. SO its kind of like when you are talking about your engine in your car , you may have to talk about how your fuel pump works and how your air filter works and how your carbonator works and how your pistons work but really the engine doesn’t function without everything working together. So when we are talking about the mind and the brain we are really talking about how all of that works together like an engine and not just about the fuel pump and the air filter, so to speak.

Rob: I’d like to interject here and say that there is an aspect of the physical pane that obviously is exercising a muscle and has neuro-hormonal complexities and there are technologies that can subtly influence and open up from a higher dimensional planes. The explanation or definition of ascension is to achieve, we have various subtle bodies and various planes of consciousness within us and as we ascend on then physical plane our corporeal physical body will achieve more and more sub atomic and quantum elements from the higher physical plane until the physical plane experience is kind of completed and we exist in a different constantly never ending ascension process of growth and change. And this is not just a material thing, a lot of this has to do with connection with the soul, its intent and purpose and to a certain extent on our world we must have faith, faith in a positive thing because not everything can be known by the intellect, this is not getting the most steps on the ladder of intellectual achievement, this is a connection to the soul and the ‘I Am’ presence and a reconnection to all time and all space and even beyond time to the eternal present of now and that is a process that this fractured world is needing all of these tiers of benevolent forces to balance and not only for us but those forces that are in control with that. Again, Cobra might resonate with me on that aspect of separating the gross material aspect of development versus consciousness and the intent and how that development takes place.

Randy: Well sure there is quantum development and this whole energetic metaphysical aspect but as long as we have physical bodies that operate with cells and fluids that has to be a connection point where our phsyical bodies are able to handle the energetic component or they don’t work. It’s like trying to run jet fuel in a go cart that can’t handle it, it would blow up the engine it won’t work. So you are trying to ascend someone who is not biologically prepared, if you try and ascend a gorilla and you are going to blow up its brains. We know that from the laboratory research if you overwhelm a biological source with more metaphysical energy than it can handle and it brain hemorrhages, it bleeds internally and it dies. So we know that the physical aspect of how people grow, evolve and become physically pure untoxic, how their brains develop how their cells continue to develop to handle the higher voltages that are required for that evolution, those things have to connect. You can never have an evolutionary process without connecting that biological process or s we know from the laboratory research the biological animal will hemmorage, bleed internally and die.

Rob: Absolutely, I agree with Randy there I just don’t think that killing other animals to experiment with that is the way to go, its an artificial push.

Randy: Oh I am not saying that that is, Im saying though, that we know that it’s a scientific fact that we have to connect those things and that’s why the ET’s for centuries and that’s why we are continuing to work on this on a meticulous level that connectes the material, the psionic and the metaphysical or it won’t work. You justy can’t be metaphysical without connecting your physical, psionic and your social engineering and your social political economical and we are working on it all , Its like a twelve tier system and we are doing it all at the same time.

Louisa: I am interjecting at this time. This conversation is incredible really ultimately this is where it is all leading. And of course we have to talk about our metagene which is our manifesting gene which is what makes humans so incredible its what makes all ET’s weant to be us, I am sorry but that is my human opinion, But the Ambassador I want to say that we hjave another 10 minutes left and I am going to start asking everybody to do their closing comments on what happened today, whether we think we accomplished something , whether we hope we gave the public our viewers something to help them to understand I a different way that we haven’t done before and if we haven’t, this is your closing comments to have any other additional comments you want to make on that topic so let me just start with the Ambassador . Ambassador thank you for being such a gracious host and being so patient because I know we were all listening to our wonderful guests and the wonderful things they had to say, thank you for hosting this because it is so important to humanity that we come together. We don’t have to agree, we obviously don’t always agree but we are trying, we are here, nobody has left the conversation yet, so that’s a good start, ok. We don’t always agree, and we can agree to disagree, but we can also agree to agree on some things. So thank you for being such a gracious host to provide this platform.

Ambassador: No problem. I want to thank everyone that came to the program it is always interesting to listen to all the stories. I hope that people will be able to grasp something out of this from what we have been talking about and grasp exactly what we have been talking about. I fear that these discussions are far beyond the understanding of most people. Many people are skeptical towards anything that is outside of their own level of understanding. Even people who believe they are very involved and very knowledgeable are sometimes still very stuck in their own dogmatic understanding of whatever they think is right. I also say as Randy was saying that many things that are checked, researched, and verified, you know it is not only animals that are tested on, humans are too on a daily basis and I think that is what we need to put our focus upon. With the coming knowledge that we all have around this table we need to come together, work together and basically try to save and help the people from this mess we find ourselves in today. I think that if someone comes and saves us that would be great, but putting all my eggs within the basket of escapism is not really, you know, my level of doing things. Basically I would do my best to prepare myself for the coming traumas that are on the way. I know that some of the alien, or whatever they are, Jinn or whatever characters are pushing certain agendas in relation to (so-called) “animal souls” (i.e. derogatory term for human souls) and the “extension removal” of people from the planet type of scenarios. These are being pushed very hard right now in this world. There have already been agreements and signed treaties also by humans. I think this is where we need to put focus and try to find solutions to save humanity. I hope that we can save ourselves and in the worst-case-scenario I hope that someone else will come to assist us to save ourselves. That is what I wanted to end my statement with and I want to thank everyone that came to the Goldfish Report and again it is always interesting to listen to you. God bless you all.

Louisa: Thanks Mr. Ambassador. I’d just like to go around and wrap up with a final reflection as to what we have discussed today. I think we have made progress. We have disparate experiences and opinions. I always try to listen with an open mind and everybody should have an equal say at the table, especially humans. I think humans need to have a say in our own destiny. I know they are listening up there and they need to know that we need to have a say in what happens to our fate so it is not taken out of our hands. So let’s start with Rob. What are your closing comments?

Rob: The listeners are going to have to make their own decision on what their understanding (is) and process their own development. I have always felt that my job is to bring in a, not a gross materialist aspect and understanding, and as far what Randy said I absolutely agree, it’s a physiological fact that you cannot overload a body with higher energies. There are other processes that are more natural to do this other than through technologies. Technology can be involved and on many extraterrestrial worlds it is used at a very sacred understanding with millions of years of super-cultural development. So we have to realize that we are little babies here and we’re coming out of the womb into our own awareness. We are going to have a lot of misconceptions about many things and the Ambassador and I may be completely wrong on our ideas and views of Christ or Master Jesus and I am willing to accept that my understandings, feelings and views are mine and his are his. We have to allow ourselves to disagree on things and we can have our different viewpoints. If people will look inside themselves and also learn as much as they can on the internet. But you have to process this intellectual and materialist understanding through your heart and through your feeling nature. There is a lot of purging going on with these plasmic fields and these entities that run through us are all subjecting us to these intense emotional feelings where the moment seems so important. I the grand scheme of the universe with billions, and billions, and billions of galaxies without end this is a small aspect and we all have to play our part. So, focussing on love and acceptance at the same time as being wise in our relationship. Yeah, people can go to my website. I have two great conferences coming up and you can check these out there. Thanks everyone for their time and for being here.

Louisa: Thanks Rob, you have the Mt. Shasta conference coming up and you can go to So Cobra, what would you like to leave our viewers with today?

Cobra: I would like to say that this interview today was quite successful, we have managed to bring different people with different perspectives together sitting at a table negotiating our future. I would say this is the first of many interviews that will happen around the world with many different people and groups discussing disclosure together. It is not just the cabal, or the secret space programs the Plaedians or the Sirians, it is us. Everyone that has a will to participate in the disclosure process can participate in this disclosure process. You can create your blogs, your facebook groups, you can start spreading your understanding of the disclosure process and contribute actively. This why you were born at this time. So I would invite everybody listening to this to start thinking about what you can do to make the disclosure process more efficient, more harmonious and also faster.

Randy: Well I have certainly had the privilege, since my Brigadier General asked me to speak publicly, to see an arc of development on what has been occurring both publicly and internally and that the internal view has certainly changed over time. I can say that the attitude of myself and my Brigadier General three years ago was optimistic but less optimistic than what it is today because of all the things that have happened and changed. My opinions and statements about what I think is about to happen and where I think we are going have changed over time- if anybody cares and has followed. I am a Marine and my job is to tactically assess things…so where things turned ugly a number of years ago they have been turning better and better and where we are right now lets me know that so much is being handled. I know some people don’t like that it is being handled. It is being handled with what we think will be the minimum amount of negative impacts and what we think allows us to get to the closest, soonest place of full disclosure in the shortest amount of time. We think that that conversation is a non-starter. At the diplomacy table when you are sitting down with a bunch of people and you say “Full Disclosure”. That’s a non-starter for some people. So to start that conversation it has to be OK here’s the reason why you want some disclosure and you get them to agree with you, you get enough people to agree with you, you get your foot in the door etc. and that is all that matters right now. That is all because once that happens all the other conversations that we want to have about how we exactly want that to go and where we want that to go can then happen. I just want to be practical here and we are going to have to wait but I don’t think it is going to be a long time. I think that we have a real opportunity to see some significant and fundamental change in the political system in this country. I am not going to get into it but I can tell you that by the numbers, mathematically speaking, why Bernie Sanders is going to be the next president of the United States. The numbers show that he is the most poised person to win. He’s most poised to take it at the convention. Obama has given the super-delegates permission to change their vote which they are going to done at the convention, mark my words. The Supreme Court just made a decision on the gerrymandering case. Gerrymandering is now illegal. So the next two years we are going to see more of these cases and we are going to fix some of these locked up seats in congress. I’m all for the metaphysical, energetic change that we’re going through, but I want to point out that on a very fundamental social, political and economic level those of us who are getting down in the mud and doing the work are making progress and stuff’s happening. So, watch it happen, watch it unfold and be a positive part of the process of it and do whatever you think is the best thing to do but most importantly it’s just going to happen so just enjoy the show.

ROB: Right on Randy I support your passion. I have passion for my stuff , I love what you’re doing bro’.

RANDY: Thank-you.

STEVE: I’d just like to add that it has been a pleasure to be in the presence of a group vibration is so for moving humanity forward. There is so much negativity that everyone experiences every day and this gives me hope to sense this. I do firmly believe in humanity’s inner strength and in the future of humanity. On a personal level I cannot wait for the consciousness of humanity to rise and may it rise as quickly as possible. It continues to disturb me that we cannot possibly decide as a race about our future when all the cards are still not on the table. I pray that they will be revealed soon. Thank-you all.

LOUISA: I just want to thank each and every one of you. I agree with Cobra in that more of these types of conversations need to be happening on different levels with different people. I think there needs to be a woman at the center of that who is impartial who possesses and anchors Goddess energy and unconditional love and I hope I am doing that. I hope I did that today because one of my personal goals is to help the men on this planet to assist their own transformations in an energetic way when you don’t have judgements. Like I said earlier, we need to empower the men on this planet as they have been disempowered. I think we could overcome a lot of the things that have happened to us, the manipulation, a lot of the technology.

If men would just embrace their feminine nature and allow women, not to dominate them, but to love and empower them. We have so much programming to overcome. There are so many

expectations that society has imposed on men and likewise on women, none of which we have been able to fulfill and to accomplish. The fulfillment or non-fulfillment of these expectations puts us that this disadvantage that we buy into the whole control aspect of religion and it’s a very hard mental paradigm of mental programming to get out of. As everyone on this panel talked about today really we have to get out of duality, we have to go to higher consciousness levels and that’s where we are going to save ourselves. Randy has the workshops on Psionics, Cobra has the meditations and the blog. I love how you have the citations there now! We have all agreed on the same thing, in such different ways from different angles. That’s what has to happen, I hope that message was loud and clear for those above, on the side, below wherever, the here, that we can to this. We can come together and find ultimately that if we want to survive as a species- this is the answer. We have to realize that this is the answer.

COBRA: Thanks for this interview it was great. I hope everybody will enjoy this and goodbye everybody.

STEVE: Just a last message to everyone reading this please talk to strangers on the street, your neighbor, your family, just tell them your story, tell them about disclosure it will help.

LOUISA: Folks we appreciate you subscribing to our global mission of peace YouTube channel which will be duplicated on The GoldFish Report YouTube channel as well. Please visit our website at and and Please follow Cobra at and Randy Cramer’s website and workshop information is at . And Rob Potter’s website and conference information is located at And you can find more information about the Ambassador’s mission at and Bye for now.




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  1. I’m without any negative feeling about what’s been discussed here, nor am I negative about the endeavor, with Cobra as “spokesman” so to speak, or about creating and allowing The Event or any other form of Event that will bring us to our truth, freedom and creatorship.

    I’m following my personal and intuitive directions more and more and I feel, for myself, increasingly more welcomed, to leave the virtual world for most of its content. I feel that it’s time to let go of any form of authority outside of me, or forms of info, giving instructions, suggested plans of action, be it on internet or in the world… out there. I’m stepping into a change of attitude.

    I’m going to stop visiting this place and begin a journey within, living through my days and nights, feeling my way through, finding my inner guidance more and more, aware of signs and vibrations that try to wake me up or inform me about the steps that I need to take, on the dancefloor of life.

    I’m an eager student of life, preferably present in the physical world with others of all sorts of lifestyles.
    I’m enjoying the dawn of a new world, looking at its marvels, while being the creator myself.
    It’s great fun and it’s enough to keep me going and welcome all guidance that is offered to me. I’ve learned something here. Forgive my snow-queen fierceness at the start, it’s your response to it that helped me to let go of it. I’m a warrior for truth, learing about compassion.
    Blessings to all of you and safe journeys!


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