Another level has been breeched by the CIA and their crazed agenda to undermine all human freedom and decency.


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  1. To my former comment, above, I’d like to add that Max Igan is often right about many things, nevertheless. No mistake about that. It’s how those truths are handled is what I’m addressing. There are many “old hippies” walking around with much suppressed agression and frustration, for whatever personal reasons.

    Often it’s for feeling alienated or wandering in the desert alone, without being heard. They’ve lived so long in expectations for peace, but that word is written in the air with smoke. It’s all stuck in virtual clouds and dreaming, with two fingers raised. Peace… brother V 😉

  2. I’m not sure if my former comment hasn’t been improved or that it’s still “in the making”, but Max Igan isn’t a person to rely on when the hour strikes zero. I’ve known many messengers living on an almost constant high and they’re intolerant, angry, opinionated and flakey, due to not taking responsibility. The last is blown away thoroughly.

  3. The presenter of this video is mainly vomiting facts of dark content, with bits of wisdom that is pretty much common knowledge to most of us, by now, swearing often and sticking his middle finger up in front of his audience. The people of his audience are often provocative, skinheads, punks and rebels that serve rebellion for the sake of rebellion, sniggering and applauding him, during his lectures. This presenter has his own devotees, all in sync with the vibes of his homemade mind-control, quite monotonous and very very cynical.

    There’s no conversation or any exchange in working through issues together. The presenter is continuously on a high of cannabis and has been for a long long time, attracting quite a few astral entities who love to throw more fuel on his fire without any warmth. The heart has closed, for lack of warmth, he’s out of his body most of the time and not connected to the world of every day practice. Too angry and out of touch with the practical world of physicality, unable to create a meaningful gathering or a joyful life, too irritated to be with others. He’s being played by forces serving unbalance and anger, as I perceive this man.

  4. Why do the people in charge of world gov’ts always seem to have one main common denominator that they all share… being psychopaths!!

    • Steve

      I hate trying to simplify this complex issue, because it is one that very intelligent people have a very hard time wrapping their heads around. Only an understanding of the secret agendas in play can make it clear, but of course they are secret. Today we heard from a man named Peter Thompkins on Cosmic Disclosure and he confirmed Cory Goodes reports that the Germans were known by Naval Intelligence to have made a deal with the Reptilians to help them operate wars of conquest in the galaxy, the Dark Fleet. What kind of secret agenda is that? These same Germans made a deal with the US in the Fifties to use our industrial base to build out a space manufacturing empire in our solar system at hundreds of locations, on planets, moons and asteroids. This type os secret agenda has thrown the entire management of Earth into a loony bin of distortion and confusion as those in the know felt schizoid to explain why anything was happening to those not in the know. I mention this because it is the latest piece of the crazy puzzle we are all working to make sense of.

      One simple way to understand why psychopaths rule is they can be manipulated to do what the sociopaths want.

  5. I sort of enjoy your video but I’m not in a position to do anything. Other than to send out God’s messages to everyone I can that does not consist of violence
    even though most people would say that violence is not the way but these people have gone too far that even killing anyone would not be the answer but killing seems to be the only solution. I f I were not in such a position just barely to help myself. But even in my feeble way if I had the resources thy will be done and no one would be none the wiser.. But if the agenda ever changed and the people we are relying on were to be disposed I would be a decuple of the devil and send a lot of people to hell and I am talking about world leaders, even ifr I had to walk on water.


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