Police Execution - Murder

In response to my request for information on US police training, readers have sent in a variety of information that seems to fit together.

I am going to assemble it as best I can as a working hypothesis or provisional account.

Perhaps a former or current police officer concerned about the change in the behavior of US police, or an expert on police training and practices, will come forward and verify or correct this provisional account.

First, we know that the police have been, or are being, militarized. They are armed with weapons of war that hitherto have been used only on battlefields.

We don’t know why police are armed in this way, as such weapons are not necessary for policing the American public and are not used in police work anywhere except in Israeli-occupied Palestine.

There is an undeclared agenda behind these weapons, and neither Congress nor the presstitute media have any apparent interest in discovering the hidden agenda.

Nevertheless, the militarization of the police fits in with what we know about police training.

There are sourced reports that US police are receiving training from Israel, both from traveling to Israel and in the US from Israeli training firms or from US firms using Israeli methods.

See this example.

The training of American police by Israeli occupation forces is not an Internet rumor or “conspiracy theory.” It is a fact acknowledged by the Israeli press.

Israeli police practices arose from decades of occupying a hostile Palestinian population while stealing the Palestinians’ land and isolating the population in ghetto enclaves.

Essentially, Israeli police practices consist of intimidation and violence.

We know from innumerable news reports over many years the behavior of the occupying Israeli Army toward the Palestinian population. In four short words: it is extremely brutal.

For a soldier, especially a female soldier, to execute a child and his mother in the streets of Palestine or in the family’s home requires that soldier to have been desensitized to human life that is not Israeli.

This requires Palestinians to have been dehumanized, as the native inhabitants of what is today the United States and Australia were dehumanized by the European immigrants who stole their land.

On the basis of this information, we can infer that the Israeli training of US police teaches the police to see only police lives as valuable and the lives of the public as potential threats to police lives.

This is why American police often murder a wrongly suspected person and almost always an unarmed one. The examples are numerous.

You can spend much of your life just watching on YouTube the existing videos of wanton murders of US citizens by police.

The American police are being taught at public expense that only their lives are valuable, not our lives.

Therefore, in any encounter with a citizen, the automatic assumption is that the citizen intends harm to the police and must be immediately forcefully subdued and handcuffed or, alternatively, shot dead.

The police are trained that the safest thing for the police to do is to terminate the suspect even if it is a soccer mom who forgot to signal a turn while driving her kids to a practice.

In other words, the American police have no more obligation to respect the lives and rights of US citizens than the Israeli occupying forces have to respect the lives and rights of Palestinians.

This does appear to be an accurate description of the situation. Even the New York Times has blown the whistle on William J. Lewinski, who trains US police to shoot first and he will answer the questions for them in court, on the rare occasion that the wanton murder they committed lands them there.

What about racism? Racism is the answer put forward by liberals, progressives, the putative leftwing, and by blacks themselves.

There are problems with the racist explanation. One obvious problem is that the American police wantonly murder and brutalize white people also.

Just the other day the police murdered a 19 year old white American while he lay on the ground. And the TSA abuses far more whites than it does blacks. See my website for recent examples of both.

A former black police officer provides revealing insight into the real situation. He says that about 15% of a police department consists of people who are there for the right reasons and represent a culture of public service. Another 15% are psychopaths who routinely abuse their power.

The remaining 70% of the department goes with whichever of the two cultures prevails.

Unfortunately, “the bad officers corrupt the department” and the Chicago police under former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge proves the case.

The former black police officer assigns blame to “institutional racism.” However, based on what we have learned about Israeli police training, the police bias against black Americans might not be racist or totally racist. Blacks in America have a history of dehumanization.

In the eyes of police trainers, American blacks fit the mold of Palestinians. It is easier to begin the training process by making American police indifferent to the lives of an already dehumanized element of the US population.

Once the police are indoctrinated to see themselves not as servants of the people but as “exceptional, indispensable people” whose lives must never be at risk, it is a simple matter to generalize the feeling of police superiority over the white population as well.

I have always been suspicious of the racist explanation. This is an explanation fed to the public in order to break the public into waring factions that cannot unite against their real oppressors.

Indoctrinated as we are to hate and fear one another, those who rule and abuse us can do as they will.

It is as clear as a clear day that only a tiny percentage of white Americans belong to the One Percent.

The rest of us are of no more consequence to those who rule than are blacks. Yet, we are divided, fearful of and opposed to one another.

What a success for the One Percent!

Let me be clear. Just as we oppose the mentality of violence that is being inculcated into the police who live on our earnings, numerous Jews and Israelis themselves oppose the settler mentality that the Israeli government has come to represent.

Jews are among the most ardent defenders of human rights of our time. Think of Norman Finkelstein, Noam Chomsky Ilan Pappe, and the American Civil Liberties Union. Think of the brave Israeli organizations that oppose the theft of Palestinian lands and villages.

We cannot damn an entire people for the sins of their political masters. If so, then after Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama, all Americans are damned.

The two greatest threats to the world are American and Israeli exceptionalism. It is the success of the indoctrination of this Nazi doctrine of exceptionalism that is the source of the violence in the world today.

The problem of American police violence is that the police are now defined as exceptional and unaccountable.

They can kill the rest of us without accountability, just as Washington slaughters untold numbers of peoples in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and Pakistan. Unexceptional peoples are dispensable.

It is paradoxical that training US police in the violent methods of the Israeli occupying forces is justified with the argument that it is necessary to save American lives from terrorists when the actual result is far more Americans killed by police than by terrorists.

Clearly the police training is counterproductive.

It would seem that the families of those murdered and abused by police have good grounds for suing mayors, city councils, county commissioners, governors and state legislators for negligence in police oversight. The evidence is in.

The police are taking lives, not saving them. The training is a total failure. Yet it persists. This is a high order of negligence and failure by public authorities.

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (his books are available on Amazon)


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  1. Nearly a million police in America for the most part doing a great job. I don’t cotton to the police in cars all day instead of walking a beat like the “good old days” where every knew each other and there was respect! Now, the police look at us like the enemy and we are now fearful of the police. Oh, not so much afraid but when the siren and “bubble” are flashing behind you there is a moment when we think of a $300.00 ticket and hope we didn’t get pulled over by a cop with an attitude.

    We hear about the 1/100 of 1% of the police who are sociopaths and have acted rightfully or wrongfully in dealing with a potential criminal. The entire police population cannot and should not be tainted by these very few. We need the police, now more than ever. We should support them to the fullest.

    By the way I am a white convicted felon who served 4 years at the SuperMax in Florence, Colorado on a charge that violated by basic right of having an “unauthorized” firearm! The 2nd Amendment is a joke! If you read Title 18 of the Criminal Code you can see read that there are so many restrictions regarding firearms as to be 2nd Amendment at all! It all depends of the ATF&E, FBI, DEA or any other of the alphabet soup organizations want to make an example out of you! Take that from the horses mouth!

  2. Pure bull droppings! Because shooting a criminal pointing a gun at you or otherwise about to attack you (the officer) is not MURDER but self-defense! A reality our Liberal Idiots are determined to pretend does not exist.

    • We are not arguing self defense but cops being train to be trigger happy robocops: https://prepareforchange.net/2016/08/04/norway-police-havent-killed-in-a-decade-what-the-u-s-needs-to-learn/ It did not used to be this way nor it needs to remain this way if we change the way they are being trained: https://prepareforchange.net/2016/08/13/israels-export-of-occupation-police-tactics/ Ignoring this problem or blaming it on the people is only going to make things much worst and will end in disastrous consequences for everyone…which will only serve the NWO purpose of control by divide & conquer and martial law!

  3. When Richard Nixon was elected President in 1968, he campaigned on the basis of waging a “war on crime”. This rhetoric was then used to militarize the local police after the subsequent congress passed the War on Crime legislative package. SWAT Teams (strategic weapons and tactics) originate from this legislation, which included funding for extensive training in tactics and a generous supply of military weapons and equipment for the local police to play with. The kicker in this was that if the local government accepted this generous aid offer, they would then lose control of the training of police officers in that work in their jurisdiction.

    So the local police are not local anymore. In fact, under the National Emergency Act ALL law enforcement officers, including campus cops and park rangers working for local governments are trained as Federal Law Enforcement Officers, who in times of a declared national emergency will become just that, people who can tell you what to do and if you do not, or even hesitate, can use deadly force and justify it with “I thought he had a gun and was going for it”. Not only are the law enforcement employees of governments extended this largess with the use of deadly force, but also private security personnel employed by “critical infrastructure”, such as water facilities, power plants, manufacturing complexes involved with “defense industries”, on down to mall cops in many areas.

    Since this started with Nixon in 1968, we are almost at a half century of indoctrination in the use of deadly force without any accountability in the USA. For most people in law enforcement, it has ALWAYS been this way.

    Police reform must begin with local funding and control of police forces. New tests emphasizing intelligence, social skills and empathy must be given to existing police and those who fail removed with prejudice, never to work in law enforcement again. Today sociopathic tendencies are desired, intelligence and empathy are undesirable, and previous employment terminated due to excess violence does not bar them from getting a job in another jurisdiction.

    Programs training officers are openly totalitarian in attitude and disrespect the constitution as a matter of routine. YouTube videos have surfaced showing these trainers calling the founding fathers of the US “terrorists” and “insurgents”, clearly expressing disdain for human rights and teaching that the population has NO RIGHT to self government or self determination.

    After the Event, it will be up to each community to cleanse their local law enforcement of this pernicious attitude and return justice to its rightful place in their society.

    Until then, be very careful when you encounter police.

  4. I am white and grew up in an all white neighborhood in the 50s. My brother is a racist he always takes the side of the police. I on the other hand have no problem seeing that in many cases the police are out of control. I just could not stand the hate coming from my brother and totally kicked him out of my life. I tried to get him to see what was happening but he refuses to have empathy for the people who are preyed upon by the police. His rational for the police behavior is ridiculous. We need to realize although most of the victims are black Americans non of us are safe when this situation is allowed to continue.


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