An Autumn Full of Disinformation

Recently on the Goldfish Report Roundtable discussion (1) https://prepareforchange.net/2016/08/13/cobra-on-goldfish-report-august-9-2016/ the Red Dragon Ambassador provided some warnings from a recent briefing that he had been given.  He personally believes that Full Disclosure is “coming closer and closer but at the same time the world is getting more and more insane”. He warned that after September we will be seeing a big escalation of disinformation through mainstream media. He also warned about the alternative free media where there are some “insane people, compulsive liars and some disinformation agents”. I have warned readers in several articles over the past few years to be aware of the fact that the Jesuits have their agents of disinformation and manipulation planted literally everywhere. They are the wolves in sheep’s clothing making sure that the Jesuits have a foot in every place where they can see change occurring. I agree entirely with the Red Dragon Ambassadors warning when he says “it is very important in these days when all things are going to be escalated and when all these traps are going to be put out to the population that they will be aware and use their discernment so that they don’t get hurt”.

Please remember these warnings in the coming weeks and months. You need to be fully aware that the false ‘light’ community will use every trick in the book to try to make you feel doubt in those working in the true light community. They would just love you to lose faith in what you believe in, increase fear and confusion and create disunity among true light workers if possible. Readers sometimes provide me with links and question confusing ideas often conveyed through so called channeled information from within the ‘light’ community. These fake channelers whose main goal is creating disunity often display their ignorance of the light by saying derogatory things about true light workers. They also display a lot of ego like for example adding their own names as a prefix to Love Energy from Source.

Through a channel I trust implicitly Archangel Michael has recently warned about false channeled information. Indeed, some of these channels are working for the Light and have good intentions but according to Michael “It is not that these channels are voices of darkness or plants or anything of that nature. It is simply that they are allowing their own internal understandings or scripts to be brought forth as universal truth.
So this means we will be exposed to the fake ‘light community’ along with well-meaning but less mature true Lightworkers.
So the big word this Autumn on the internet will be discernment and discernment and discernment.

Mass Waking Up

As the madness continues to become more visible on this planet people are waking up en masse. This waking up process is like humanity emerging from a dream like state where our innate abilities and free will have been hijacked by archons and their allied minions by a multitude of covert nefarious means. However, Cobra reminded us of the following (1)

“but the initial decision of everybody on this planet to join this reality was free will choice, we signed the contract. We need to cancel that contract and use our free will again.

LOUISA- And how do we cancel that contract?

COBRA- Simply by using free will to say no to this. We don’t want this anymore we want a different world; we want a different reality. It’s very simple. And that’s why people are awakening, that’s why we have all the blogs and why we have all the activities and reactions that is taking place right now throughout the world to say no to this. We don’t need to agree to this, we can change this.”

Hold on Tight to Your Vision


We really need right now and in the coming months to hold on tightly to what we know in our heart to be the truth. Cobra is always reminding us that we can reach the truth inside of ourselves. We stick to the highest of aspirations and the highest of ideals. We humanity deserve the very best and if we are sincere in holding onto the brightest of visions then we shall no doubt reach our goal. Remember that those cabal families have succeeded in controlling us within the matrix because they had agreed upon their vision. Their time is now over because so so many of us in much greater numbers have united our vision of a Nova Gaia where everyone is taken care of. In December of 2012 Cobra reminded us that from that point on there would only be a positive timeline ahead of us on Gaia. In recent days we have seen messages for the RM operatives on The Portal and the latest one from August 24th says “timeline integration complete”. So you can know for sure that there is absolutely no chance that any negative timeline can ever again take hold of this planet and what we are seeing now is the END of the cabal’s reign.

Remember no matter how crazy things might seem (and we all know that the majority of the crazy events are staged) on the surface in these final months on the road to liberation our position is one of sovereignty. Following our inner guidance will help us to remain in balance. We must listen to that still voice within at all times.
Our goal of peace on earth and abundance for all of mankind does for many seem highly ambitious. However, we KNOW that it’s completely feasible and that nothing will stop us from reaching it. There are way too many of us awake right now and our strength and numbers grow with each passing hour. The Master Plan for The Event has been in place now for over 4 decades and it will manifest at the perfect moment. (see link below)

The Miracle of Our Changing

We are not the same people we were four years ago. Many dreamed of an Ascension process that would take place in Dec 2012. Since then we have been exposed continually to wave after wave of Divine Love Energy from Source and this energy is changing us in every sense of the word. We know that we are different. We feel different. We are different yet the same! Our true selves have been hidden somewhat behind unresolved emotional trauma of one kind or another and so our personalities have been colored by negative emotional reactions such as anger, frustration or over reactions of some kind and many times these reactions have masked our true loving selves. As the Tsunami of Love increasingly penetrates every molecule of our many bodies physical and light these ragged edges are smoothed down and evened out and in the end only Love remains. This process leaves no-one unaffected. Each and every human being is developing and transforming on some level. We are in a process of Ascension and this process will speed up enormously when the veil is finally lifted. That will be the time of the true Ascension process of mankind which will evolve while we maintain our physical bodies.

Sipping Martinis around the Pool

Someone in LA asked the following question in Nov 2012. “If people’s basic economy is provided for after The Event then won’t people stop working and how would that work” (or something to the effect of this question). Cobra said approx. that you could only sit around the pool sipping martinis for a certain amount of time before that became extremely boring. Now I wouldn’t mind at all having to sit around the pool for a couple of months after this is all over. A) my favorite renewal of energy is sunbathing (and there’s not an awful long time that you can do that in Sweden every year). B) I love to swim even if a lake or the sea is preferable to a pool. And C) it wouldn’t quite matter what the content of those martini glasses were because I believe that we will all be ‘flying high’ with or without intoxicants then.

Recently Steve Beckow told his readers that it would not be for a while after the ‘Reval’ (what we on PFC call The Event as Cobra has pointed out on numerous occasions that the one will not take place without the other) that he would be ready to start up the ‘Lightworkers Congress’ ( a forum for the discussion of global projects to end hunger – poverty etc. ) He said that “firstly he needed to take a well needed holiday, get set up personally and start the Michelangelo Fund.” I think that’s a good idea and I believe that many other/new Lightworkers will at that time be ready to take on leadership roles for many varied humanitarian projects. I applaud Steve’s unending daily work to affect positive change. Now I may be naïve and overly optimistic but my interpretation of what Cobra has been telling us over these past 4 years is that there are already far reaching plans in place to more or less immediately address the needs of those people who are suffering most worldwide. Humanitarian projects will be the number one focus of the Resistance Movement who will be backing and supporting these projects (mainly from behind the scenes) that are right now ready to go as soon as the funding is available which it will be very soon after The Event. Remember the RM have mind reading abilities and there is no risk that money or resources will ever again get into the wrong hands. Of course when people like Steve have had time to take those necessary breaks and get themselves organized there will still be need of /appreciation for their efforts in the building of a new Golden Age of Gaia.

Surrounded by a Bubble of Protection

We are aware that the cabal have by various and many means spent trillions on trying to poison us. I won’t even bother to list any of these ways as you no doubt have a list of your own. How do we support ourselves to survive these attacks at this time? We eat as well as possible as clean (if you can afford it organic) as possible. We drink a lot of clean – if necessary – filtered water. There are cheaper jugs available with filters to change about every six weeks if you wish to increase the quality of your water. We connect to Source daily. Me I ask Archangel Michael to surround me with a protective bubble of Light that completely prevents the entry of anything negative into my aura – be it physical or energetic. You can also do this if you like asking a favorite Archangel or Spiritual Being of Light like Gaia (She is also an Archangelic Being) to provide this protection for you.

Stay Awake

You have been duly warned dear friends and it’s now up to you to hold steadfast to your vision, to hold on to what you know to be true from deep inside yourself. Do not allow these internet trolls with many different faces, some very beguiling indeed, to lure you with their intelligence. Remember they are experts at pretending to be part of a group while their true desire and role is to break up that group from within. Jesuits have always controlled by pretend roles in two seeming opposite groups (political parties, religions etc.) where they openly pretend to attack one another with the aim of benefitting the Jesuit plan for domination.

I will end today with some recent quotes from Cobra that underline our position right now.

COBRA (1) – We are going through a complete paradigm shift. It’s not just a small change we are going into. It is not just the arrest of the cabal, it’s not just disclosure, it’s not just a release of intel, and it’s a complete change of life on this planet as we know it. It’s an entrance into a new reality system without money, without struggle, without suffering and without duality. And it’s a cosmic change, it’s not just a little clean-up operation on the surface of the planet. It’s much more than that.


LOUISA- From what Max is saying this event seems to be on our doorstep Cobra is that what you are saying. Because I think from your recent conference notes you were saying that we are in the next phase that will be accelerating to The Event. Could you explain what you mean by that?

COBRA- I cannot go into much detail but I would say that certain important cycles were completed in July and we just started a new one, and there was a strong breakthrough on the non-physical planes of the veil. It was not a complete break through but it was a first strong indicator which has triggered a new phase which will be completed at the moment of the Event. So we are basically speaking – we are having cracks in the matrix of the veil. This technology is not one hundred percent waterproof anymore. And it will begin to disintegrate slowly and when this begins to disintegrate we are very near.

LOUISA- Are we going to have a sense that something is imminent? Or is it really going to kind of take us by surprise?

COBRA- In a way it will take us by surprise because when things start happening they will accelerate very, very fast. People will not be able to make plans when things start to happen. It will be very, very fast. But there will be signs before and there are already signs before but if we speak of the actual breakthrough it’s going to be a surprise because when the final breakthrough happens it will be removing all of the obstacles at once. It will not be a gradual process.

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Therese Zumi


26th August 2016 at 1544 PM CEST

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  1. I too anxiously await, ready for the next meditation. I think if people realized that Jesus was very much real and that source, God is the universal consciousness, the “one” that is in all of us. I always thought the concept of sin was controlling, shaming, creating fear and anxiety in all us Christians, which is just what the cabal does on a daily basis to keep our vibration low and make us afraid. Interesting how both organized religion and organized govts achieve a similar outcome. I still love the Lord, all the angels and Saints, I just have a fresh perspective on how it all works and why we are here. How old is Earth and how long have humans like us or similar been on earth, 250,000 years or so? I now think dinosauers were intentionally removed and the asteroid story is false. Anyhow, victory to the light of Christ. Much has been hidden from all of mankind, the great awakening is coming.

  2. Here’s an example of someone holding the vision, one of many videos created by newearth, a team of Russian explorers report about the position of Agartha’s entrances and underground tunnels, artifacts that refer at ancient civilisations, illustrated with the most beautiful visionary artwork. Enjoy a Q&A conversation with imagery of a very refined design.


  3. Yes, many thanks to all (including commenters) for this enlightening information. As I agree with Marian’s comment, I too am a weary and worn out warrior, however, I will hold steadfast by holding the love and light for all. Hopefully I can hang in there to participate in the Event and if so, I will be joining those around the pool for some R & R sipping on my yummy drink creating wonderful ideas and ways I can contribute to helping our world be the place of peace and harmony! Sending much Love and Light to ALL!

  4. Beautiful Therese, thank you! This made me laugh “Now I wouldn’t mind at all having to sit around the pool for a couple of months after this is all over”. I’d be happy to join in the circle of tired and worn out warriors 🙂

  5. Thank you Therese, that was very informative and assuring of a new reality a new life for all of us.
    Much love and gratitude to Cobra for all he is doing and the RM as well.
    Victory is already in our grasp!
    Victory of the light!


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