Obama gives $38 billion to Israel as Americans struggle


On Wednesday I spoke with Jaisal Noor of The Real News about the Obama administration signing a $38 billion military aid pact with Israel. It is the largest military aid package for any country in US history.

I was joined by Phyllis Bennis, director of the Institute for Policy Studies, who noted that the aid deal has nothing to do with Israel’s security needs, as government officials say, but rather enables Israel’s ongoing theft of Palestinian land and prolongs military occupation.

And as I wrote in an article earlier this week, Obama’s bloated giveaway prioritizes arming Israel above meeting the basic needs of millions of poor and working Americans who are struggling to feed their families.


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4 thoughts on “Obama gives $38 billion to Israel as Americans struggle”

  1. When the chips are down, the old saying of ‘eaten bread is soon forgotten’. Do you really think the Israeli’s have any regard for America? Not a bit of it. They care only for their own and are as evil as the people in power in America right now.

    • not to mention they are behind the white genocide agenda and speak of it openly right here in America. pushing the white guilt and white privilege rhetoric in colleges across the nation. one of those psycho zionist professors told the white male students in his class they should commit suicide so they can’t produce anymore racist white babies. and yet if we speak out about this we’re the racists? these zionists are destroying American society. it’s disgusting. I refuse to fund my own genocide. they can suck a big fat one. no aid if no tax dollars. it’s that simple.

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