Aspartame is a substance that has been relentlessly scrutinized by the natural health community, and yet also receives an astonishing amount of praise from many mainstream medical practitioners. It’s heralded as a safe alternative to sugar – and some big businesses have even tried to pretend that their aspartame-loaded diet beverages could even be better than water. Sugar-free sweets, beverages and baked goods make it an easy concept for the majority to hold on to; it allows them to have what they want, guilt-free.

Unfortunately, the history of how aspartame came to be a societal mainstay is not a sweet one. Before becoming legal, aspartame was banned twice by the FDA. According to The Daily Health Post, in 1977, aspartame triggered the first criminal investigation of a manufacturer to ever be launched by the agency. The FDA went on to ban aspartame in 1980, after having three separate independent scientists study the sweetener.

Why? Because they found that there was a strong risk for aspartame to cause brain tumors. And of course, aspartame consumption is linked to a whole host of other health issues. According to New Zealand’s Safe Food Campaign, aspartame is linked to more health problems than MSG – a substance that is widely regarded as unhealthy and toxic.

Emails belonging to John Podesta that were released by WikiLeaks, didn’t just provide a broader view of establishment corruption; they also uncovered concerns about NutraSweet, which is primarily comprised of aspartame. A person identified as Wendy Abrams forwarded an email chain about NutraSweet to Podesta in 2015. Abrams had been emailing a man identified as Don Kennedy, and expressed her concern about the addition of aspartame to chocolate milk used in school lunches. Chocolate milk is consumed at a ratio of 4 to 1, compared to plain white milk. Abrams writes, “The current proposal from the Dairy lobby is to put NutraSweet in the chocolate milk we serve to school children.” She also expresses her belief that this effort needs to be brought to a grinding halt.

In another email with Kennedy, Abrams writes about her own negative experiences with aspartame. She said that in college, she drank so many beverages sweetened with NutraSweet that she developed exercise-induced asthma and headaches. Abrams also made note of concerning information she had acquired.

“I also have a friend who worked for the researchers at University of Chicago (which has a top rated neurology dept) and the doctors there said when they gave nutrasweet to lab mice, it literally blew holes in their brains. They said they will tell a pregnant woman to drink any amount of alcohol before touching a sip of nutrasweet, it is that bad.

Kennedy responds by noting that he too has had great concerns over artificial sweeteners, and by divulging some concerning details about how aspartame finally came to be legalized. He explains that the day after Ronald Reagan’s inauguration, January 21, 1981, Searle – the original developer of aspartame – applied to the FDA for approval to use aspartame in food sweetener for a second time. Arthur Hayes Hull, Jr., Reagan’s newly appointed FDA commissioner, proceeded to appoint a 5-person scientific commission to review the board of inquiry’s decision.

When it became clear that the panel was going to uphold the ban with a 3–2 decision, Hull placed a sixth member on the commission so the vote would become deadlocked. Then Hull personally broke the tie in aspartame’s favor. Kennedy writes, “Hull later left the FDA under allegations of impropriety, served briefly as Provost at New York Medical College, and then took a position with Burston-Marsteller, the chief public relations firm for both Monsanto and GD Searle. Since that time he has never spoken publicly about aspartame.”

Does that seem a little suspicious to you? What is perhaps more upsetting is that people are aware this substance was approved under false pretenses, and yet no one has done anything to end its reign in American food.

It’s also worth noting that Monsanto acquired the patent on aspartame during the mid-80s. Perhaps that has something to do with it?






Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/055991_WikiLeaks_aspartame_chemical_sweeteners.html#ixzz4Prp3Bom5

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  1. Aspartam is discovered by accidents, when a laboratory assistant touched the stuff with his fingers and unknowingly brought them to his mouth. He discovered how sweet it was and from than on Aspartam is applied as an artificial sweetener. It’s poisonous and very damaging to our bodies.

    In 2009, Nutricia applied Aspartam to babymilkpowder and babyfood, I’ve written immediately about the danger of doing that and received an answer that is predictable. Research proved it was safe, they said
    I had to use the flames of my fury for a good cause and wrote back, saying that within 2 years they would’ve found evidence, forcing them to take Aspartam out of the babyfoodproducts.
    And that’s what happened! I was of course very pleased with myself for having told them of it.

    People were so very naive, that even healthfoodshops in Holland offered Aspartam as alternative of sugar. They made money out of selling foodproducts to diabetes customers, and health-freaks of course, choosing products containing less or no sugar, thinking they were living healthy and often bragging about it. Talking about living in an illusion!

    During my 3 years of training for nutritionist, from a holistic natural approach, I studied the subject of artifical sweeteners and found an article about a study, following the lives of sons of sheiks in Dubai, growing up with modern lifestyle and Western food habits, with Coca Cola sweetened with aspartam.

    At the age of 18, some of the boys had become unable to create offspring, for they lost their ability to produce healthy sperm. Now, if their’s one thing that their fathers would be upset about, it would be losing future generations, a security for maintaining their wealth and respect for the family jewels.

    It hasn’t happened as far as I’m informed, but I can imagine those fathers sueing the companies that designed beverages and applied Aspartam to the drinks of their sons. Imagine Coca Cola under siege.
    So far, it seems nothing like that has occurred, but of course a payment of a large sum of money, underhand, may have been an acceptable deal, for these Dubai sheiks and their sons.

    At this moment there’s much ado about the fast rise of obesity in British kids and women of about 30 and articles are published about the effect of artificial sweeteners being the cause of it. Not that it has much effect, for British folks are creatures of habit and much unhappiness is cured with eating junkfood.

    Processed food containing sugars and…. Aspartam. Even the famous British cider, commercially produced, is now sweetened with artificial sweeteners. I was appalled when a cider farmer told me this, answering my question about with what he produced sweet tasting cider. I just had emptied my glass with that drink. When I left, a large pink balloon had burst above my head!

  2. I’d always thought it was just me, something wrong with me that it tasted funny and upset my stomach but, this information, like the Aspartame loaded soft drink soda’s, makes me sick to my stomach and now I know why. It was my body telling me – don’t consume this crap it’s toxic… The use of this garbage needs to be banned worldwide. Period.
    The corn sweeteners high fructose corn syrup in non sugar free diet soda’s, is not much better for the body either, from what I have read. Soft drink manufacturers need to go back to plain old Sugar (not that over consumption of it or anything else for that matter, is any good, for the body. Moderation even in ‘natural ingredient’ foods and drinks is the key, just my opinion, and my advice after, over half a century, of life, and please folks, if I may give some friendly advice on top of the article above, eliminate Aspartame as much as possible from your diet. You might just, live longer, healthier, lives.


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