The main body of the Resistance Movement came to Earth from Planet X with the aid of teleportation chambers in  December 1999. They have settled down in underground bases that were emptied before in severe battles between the Dark Forces and the remnants of Agartha Kingdom and the so called Organization. The Organization was a forerunner for the Resistance Movement and was a leading resisting force against the dark ones throughout the human history. Between 1975 and 1999 they had their main command center about one thousand feet below the underground railway system of New York. When the weakened forces of the Organization were refreshed with members of the Resistance Movement they renewed together many underground dwellings and moved their main command center to a new location.

Now the Resistance Movement has most of its locations under bigger surface cities between 100 feet and 8.6 miles underground. Most locations are between 150 and 1500 feet underground. All their locations are sealed hermetically and isolated from surface influences, such as viruses, dust, polluted air, micro/nanochips… The dwellings are constructed in a specific way to avoid undeground structures which were built by the surface civillization for its needs, such as electric installations, water supply systems, underground railway, mining tunnels, military installations, drinking water reservoirs, oil pipelines and drillings, scientific laboratories, installations and drillings…Some most important Resistance Movement centres are located under following cities: New York, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, London, Munich and Ljubljana (in Slovenia). Locations that are close to the surface are sometimes lit by sunlight which is directed there with a special mirroring system. Locations that are in greater depths are lit with a soft dispersed light being emitted from free energy light chambers. Those dwellings are thermally insulated since surrounding rock has a pretty high temperature when more than few miles underground.

The Randes_enig_hermesistance Movement consists of three concentric circles. The inner circle has few dozen members which are leaders of the Resistance Movement. Only those with extraordinary skills and talents and those that are willing to accept great responsibilities can qualify for those positions.  The middle circle consists of hundreds thousands of members with special gifts for planning, organization, technology research and development, psychology, medicine, healing, spirituality, creativity, art, music…The outer circle are army forces. They are not soldiers as we know them on the surface but experienced interplanetary fighters who do not fight only with blind force but have reached a high level of spiritual development also. Their purpose is to liberate the surface of Earth from the Dark Forces and to assist humanity in building a new civilization.

Dark Forces are still blocking almost all activity of the Resistance Movement on the surface with their military superiority. The Resistance Movement has means to remove all disease and poverty of humanity and they will use them when military victory over the Dark Forces be achieved. The Resistance Movement also has vast financial resources of over 100,000 billion dollars. This monetary mass is now blocked but will be used for benefit of humanity with the victory of the Resistance Movement. Money is not needed inside the Resistance Movement since they have technology that brings them everything they need in life. They use smaller amounts of money for their surface activities, which are not yet very frequent. Everybody inside the Resistance Movement does the work he is most talented for. Nobody is forced to work. Every work is done from an inner need for creation. Talents are encouraged and not suppressed as it is the case on the surface. Artists can create new music or excel in painting or sculpture. There are special museums in middle circle of the Resistance Movement with objects of art from Atlantis and other high cultures, especially Graeco–Roman culture, that serve as a source of inspiration. Everybody from the Resistance Movement has access to important pieces of information which are transmitted from the Pleiadian information network. The basic cell of society is not family as is the case on the surface, but soul family, where people meet and mingle according to soul connections they have. Their relationships are much more open,theexpression of emotional and sexual energies is allowed. Despite all their relationships are not completely harmonious since the Resistance Movement has not yet completely emotionally recovered from severe battles with the Dark Forces a few years ago.

Science and technology are very developed inside the Resistance Movement. The Resistance Movement is actively cooperating with the Galactic Confederation which has its strongholds throughout the solar system. They use teleportation chambers for long distance transportation, especially for journeys towards the asteroid belt and Planet X. The Resistance Movement uses materialization chambers to materialize whatever they need from the etheric substance. They use those chambers to make machines, equipment, objects for daily use and food. Some people prefer to prepare food in a traditional way —by growing vegetables and cooking. Free energy chambers are the main source of energy inside the Resistance Movement and they produce physical energy out of the etheric substance. This technology is recently being replaced with tachyon energy which is not based upon electromagnetic radiation and is a clear source of energy of light. With tachyon receivers it is possible to permeate the physical matter with tachyons so that it becomes an emitter of pure light. This process is called tachyonization. By using this process they make wonderful refreshment drinks and change them into an elixir of life, which rejuvenates cells of their bodies. Cloning technology is developed to its perfection and with its aid everyone can choose a physical body according to his taste. People have no health problems except for occasional symptoms that have emotional origin. Eventual problems with inner organs are not removed with operations but with special materialization chambers. Their biotechnologists have developed so called bioskin that can heal up any physical wound in a few moments. With the use of nanotechnology they have developed miniature robots for removal of viruses and harmful biochips. Their computer programmers have broken into the mainframe computer of the Dark Forces. This computer has a program that controls thinking processes of humanity with a network of microbiochips that are implanted in the brain of every living human on the surface of the planet. A good example of  this program is shown in The Matrix movie. When the program in the mainframe computer be completely broken, the biochip network will begin falling apart and people will realize in astonishment that they have lived psychologically for years in a virtual world without any real contact with themselves, with each other or with nature and the universe. When was the last time that you have been watching the sunset?

Spiritual guidance of the Resistance Movement is the Atlantean Network. The Atlantean Network also consists of three circles. The inner circle are few dozens of priests from Atlantis that have retreated from the surface 25 thousand years ago. They still have the same physical bodies since they have reached immortality. They were completely isolated for all this time without any contact with the surface in order to preserve the purity of their consciousness. They are the last unchanged remnant from Atlantis. They live together on a specific energy point inside the Himalayas and are connected in a special way with the Great White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters and with the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara. Their purpose is to be an intermediary between the world of Ascended Masters and the world of unascended human beings.


The middle circle of the Atlantean Network consists of few hundreds beings that have contact only with the inner circle and the Galactic Confederation. Their purpose is to preserve the legacy of Atlantis. The outer circle consists of few thousand members that have physical contacts with the Resistance Movement and offer them spiritual guidance in the form of a mystery school which is a direct successor of mystery schools of old Atlantis. Sometimes they also influence the surface of the planet by sending spiritual impressions to those humans that are receptive for spiritual gudance from the higher mental plane. In the past some highly developed individuals from the surface were accepted in the middle and outer circle of the Atlantean Network. Some of them have already reached their Ascension, some have left the Earth, some are still part of the Atlantean Network. Underground palaces of the Atlantean Network are wonderful, adorned with crystals, surrounded with waterfalls and running water. In crystal temples of Atlantean Network the legacy of Atlantis is waiting for a time when on the surface been established a just world of the New Atlantis…



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    • Many operatives are now working on the surface and some have been working undercover in almost every major organisation on this planet for some years now. Most of them have the ability to read minds and the cabals dealings etc can be easily monitored by them. They are now ~ since about 4-5 months ~ intervening in various ways on the surface of the planet to avert cabal plans etc. The reason their below surface dwellings are hermetically sealed is to prevent any outside bacteria etc. from affecting their health. Hope this helps TZ

  1. Very interesting to say the least. curious about many things,,,, firstly why this blog from november has so few comments or questions. It seems that the RM and Atlantean network are powerful forces. Is their effectiveness to liberate the planet governed by what Cobra talks about the hostage situation with the toplet and stranglet bombs? Is this what is referred to as the dark’s military superiority? Is the RM able to work on this aspect to free the planet?

    • Answer to question one re effectiveness to liberate = Yes. and yes to the following one too, there is ongoing collaboration between the RM and the Galactic Confederation along with the Co of Heaven – Spiritually advanced Beings like the Archangels and Ascended Ones like Yeshua and Saint Germain etc. to free this planet. When the toplet/ Yaldabaoth situation is resolved there will be no delay. See Cobra’s last update 7-8 days ago. The two new videos posted by Cobra yesterday give some very good details about the RM. If you would like to know more about the many different groups collaborating for the liberation then I suggest this page on my website might be of help if you have not seen it. It gives a summary of the many groups involved including ‘us’ and the victories of the Light so far ( will shortly be updated ) Here is the link to that page ‘Victory Now’
      warm wishes TZ

      • thanks Therese for answering. i have read alot of the cobra material and interviews over the years and appreciate your synopsis of events and intel that you create. A lot of my questions or comments have never been addressed on the cobra sites… however. One question i asked was that if the RM are “experts in liberation operations” (stated in the video) and have already done this on planet x, how is it taking 17 years to get to where we are now, which i hopefully assume is on the verge (2017 !!!) of the event happening and liberation of planet earth.?

        • The hostage situation is making things take so long. Most people are asleep… and the various treaties signed thousands of years ago ensure that any efforts at liberations would result in retaliation which could result in the deaths of millions… or even everyone on the planet.

  2. Do people of the resistance believe in God and Jesus Christ? I see the resistance as a spiritual people and wonder who they pray to. I know praying and meditation are very important. I just came upon this website/blog &transcripts from Cobra. Wanting to understand more and interested in these insights. I always like to hear about moving to a peaceful and positive world. So much ugliness in the world right now. Thank you 🙂

    • Therese Zumi here: I will add some links here to my website where you can read about The Event {same link that Cobra provides on The Portal} and also a link to a page called Victory Now which is a recap of the Victories on this journey since about 2012. On this latter page you will find first an overview of the different Light Forces involved in this liberation and that I believe will no doubt answer your question here.
      The Event and Victory Now;
      PS: All 5th dimensional beings {many of our Galactic Family are at this level ~ and many humans are also now reaching this level of consciousness} are always aware of and in touch with Source. After The Event humanity will also come to know that we as individuals can always have our own direct contact with Source ~ Mother/Father One ~ and will no longer be dependent on churches, hierarchies, teachers, masters, etc. Mentors of various kinds ~ we might /can choose to have as Guides at different levels. Hope this helps.

  3. Do really ANY of you actually believe in all this BS??! If so, you are VERY delusionnal indeed! Countless “New Age” web-sites like this one have announced this “change” or “event” since 10 or 15 years…and absolutely NOTHING happened!!… I wish so much that REAL, RATIONNAL and scientific Ufology, as it existed in the 60s and 70s, would come back…

  4. Life is one great ginormous puzzle, every bit fits some where. One puzzle at at time, then you won’t mix the pieces up. Thanks for a great read. <3

    • Maybe it’s a frequency that is activated as soon as all of the 144.000 are in sync or in resonance?
      Here’s a view on what this number means or who represent it:

      “Are the 144,000 volunteers part of the twelve tribes?

      We see in the “I Will to Be God II” the story of the Suernis and how they were given the opportunity to embody as the seed of Abraham to atone for the karma they had made, because some of them had betrayed Jesus during his Golden Age on Atlantis and others by descending into a downward spiral of evolution on Suern. It was for these karmas that the children of Israel were put into captivity in Egypt. These very same souls can be said to be laggards, lagging behind those who reached their ascensions and moved on. They also lived in parts of the present day Middle East during their past ages, and thus their karma would draw them to reincarnate in the same area.

      We see yet another example of a rebellious people and their history revealed in Saint Germain On Prophecy.” (18) Saint Germain tells us that he ruled a Golden Age civilization fifty thousand years ago that was where the Sahara Desert is now. In that civilization the people again turned away from the great God Self and turned to personal pleasures. The Light was withdrawn and the people were left to the forces of this world to learn the lesson of their karma.

      Embodied among these twelve tribes is said to be 12,000 remnants in each tribe from the 144,000, there to raise the whole, to be the wayshowers to the Mighty I AM. And the sons and daughters, chelas of the Will of God, Sanat Kumara tells us, are positioned on the twelve gates of consciousness guarding the holy city, judging the twelve tribes of Israel, separating by the Word the light and darkness of the children of Israel (of God-Reality) on the west gate, who are entering in by the twelve paths of initiation. (14)

      The twelve tribes are scattered across the planet today as well as the seed of Abraham. We are at a cross-roads for not only our planet, but as a pivotal point in the galaxy. What happens here on earth not only affects our planetary home, but many other worlds. We are the recipient of many evolutions who have and are contributing to the downfall of other systems of worlds.

      Some of us are of the 144,000, some embodied angels, others sons and daughters risen up from the root races or have come from the ascended realms to assist in this mighty work of the ages. But as you have read, we are not alone. The Father is here with us, through Lord Maitreya, through Sanat Kumara and through Abraham, our beloved El Morya. And Jesus has appeared as the great Light again and again throughout history reconnecting us to the Christ. And so we know that the most important thing we, as individual Christed Beings, can do for our dear planet earth, for our brothers and sisters, for those who are trapped in the plots and schemes of the dark ones which spans the cosmos, is to manifest our Christhood here and now.”


  5. Someone of the PFC community posted the article that is in the link below and I’ve found it helpful in clarifying the meaning of the 144.000. Some commenters seem to feel excluded or as if there’s a selection procedure at the door of Heaven wtih Petrus, ticking off boxes and saying “No, not you” and “Yes, come in” turning away those unworthy of Heaven. It’s not at all about selection and judgment, that’s part of the religious programming humanity has suffered by and holds grudges against.
    I bet we all have our history book regarding experiences with religious institutes and some of us
    seem to hold on to the anger and frustration, leftovers of that past. We need to come clean of that,
    to offer our service of love and compassion, entering higher vibrations that are expressions of love and compassion. Tough love is tough for those who are in the process of casting off shackles and veils.
    Enraged by finding the truth of having lived in such a conditiion. Healing from the role of victim and….. the other side of the mirror… predator. In that experience, I hardly believe that anyone is an exception.
    Part of the healing process is the surfacing of rage and we need to be responsible for that and not project it on others. We need to stop the wheel of karma if we want to find our bliss.

    Message from Elohim: Emergence of Christ Consciousness by channeler Tiara Kumara

    “It’s been confirmed by the Council of Elohim that we now have more than 144,000 people upon the Earth that are at least 5th level initiates and who are living in the frequency of Christ Consciousness. The 144,000 was the number needed to trigger the mass advancement of the race including the great domino effect among all other Planetary Light Servers, which now number in the several million across the globe. This 144,000 Christ Harmonic is able to strengthen and raise the rest of us (and Humanity) into direct experiences of Christ Consciousness as we continue advancing in our remaining initiations.

    It is important to understand that our final initiations into Christ Consciousness, initiations #4-5 cannot be taken until initiations #1-3 are completed and there is unwavering mastery over the personality body and our free will is completely surrendered. Again, this is for our own safety in the planetary acceleration and also prevents any potential misuse of revealing power.

    I hope all this information was helpful and did not create more confusion. Please do some research of your own and good luck. May Love, Peace and the Mighty Angels be with you at all times!”


  6. sorry to hear that the Dark Forces are still blocking activities of the Resistance Movement. I thought we were much more advanced and on our way to liberation of the planet.


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