Science has recently shed light on the fact that what we used to perceive as ‘human’ aura is actually real. All of our bodies emit an electromagnetic field, and this fact plays a very important role far beyond what is commonly known when it comes to understanding our biology, and the interconnectedness we share with all life.

For example, did you know that the heart emits the largest electromagnetic field of all the body’s major organs? These fields and the information encoded into them can change based on how we are feeling, what we thinking, and different emotions we take on. The heart even sends signals to the brain through a system of neutrons that have both short-term and long-term memory, and these signals can affect our emotional experiences. The emotional information that’s modulated and coded into these fields changes their nature, and these fields can impact those around us. As Rollin McCraty, Ph.D, and director of research at The HeartMath institute tell us, “we are fundamentally and deeply connected with each other and the planet itself.”

Research findings have shown that as we practice heart coherence and radiate love and compassion, our heart generates a coherent electromagnetic wave into the local field environment that facilitates social coherence, whether in the home, workplace, classroom or sitting around a table. As more individuals radiate heart coherence, it builds an energetic field that makes it easier for others to connect with their heart. So, theoretically it is possible that enough people building individual and social coherence could actually contribute to an unfolding global coherence. (1)

The quote above comes from Dr. Deborah Rozman, the President of Quantum Intech.  We are living in exciting times when it comes to science, and although not emphasized and studied in the mainstream as much as we’d like, science is acknowledging that we are all part of a giant web of connections that, not only encompasses life on this planet, but our entire solar system and what lies beyond it.

So, what exactly is heart coherence? Well, it implies order, structure, and as Dr. Rozman puts it, “an alignment within and amongst systems – whether quantum particle, organisms, human beings, social groups, planets or galaxies. This harmonious order signifies a coherent system whose optimal functioning is directly related to the ease and flow in its processes.” Basically, feelings of love, gratitude, appreciation and other ‘positive’ emotions not only have an effect on our nervous system, but they have an affect on those around us, far beyond what we might have previously thought.

It’s similar to the studies that have been conducted regarding mass meditation and prayer. As far as their effects on physical systems, numerous publications have yielded statistically significant results. For a selected list of downloadable peer-reviewed journal articles reporting studies of this type of phenomena, mostly published in the 21st century, you can click here.

Another point that illustrates the importance of coherence is the fact that several organizations around the world have conducted synchronized meditations, prayers, intention experiments, and more. A number of studies have shown that collective meditations, prayer or focused intention directed toward a certain positive outcome can have measurable effects.

For example, one study was done during the Israel-Lebanon war in the 1980s. Two Harvard University professors organized groups of experienced meditators in Jerusalem, Yugoslavia, and the United states with the specific purpose of focusing attention on the area of conflict at various intervals over a 27-month period. During the course of the study, the levels of violence in Lebanon decreased between 40 and 80 percent each time a meditating group was in place. The average number of people killed during the war each day dropped from 12 to three, and war-related injuries fell by 70 percent. (1)

Another great example is a study that was conducted in 1993 in Washington, D.C., which showed a 25 percent drop in crime rates when 2,500 meditators meditated during a specific periods of time with that intention.

Every individual’s energy affects the collective field environment. The means each person’s emotions and intentions generate an energy that affects the field. A first step in diffusing societal stress in the global field is for each of us to take personal responsibility for our own energies. We can do this by increasing our personal coherence and raising our vibratory rate, which helps us become more conscious of the thoughts, feelings, and attitudes that we are feeding the field each day. We have a choice in every moment to take to heart the significance of intentionally managing our energies. This is the free will or local freedom that can create global cohesion. – Dr. Rozman (1)

The Global Coherence Initiative (GCI)

The GCI in an international cooperative effort to help activate the heart of humanity and facilitate a shift in global consciousness.  It’s primary focuses are to invite people to participate by actively adding more heart-coherent love, care, and compassion into the planetary field. The second is scientific research on how we are all energetically connected with each other and the planet, and how we can utilize this interconnectivity, which is very real, to raise our personal vibration to assist in creating a better world.

The hypotheses of the researchers and scientists behind this process are as follows:

  • The Earth’s magnetic fields are a carrier of biologically relevant information that connects all living systems
  • Every person affects this global information field. Large numbers of people creating heart-coherent states of love, appreciation, care, and compassion can generate a more coherent field environment that benefits others and helps off-set the current planetary discord and incoherence
  • There is a feedback loop between human beings and Earth’s energetic/magnetic systems
  • Earth has several sources of magnetic fields that affect us all. Two of them are the geomagnetic field that emanates from the core of the Earth, and the fields that exist between Earth and the ionosphere. These fields surround the entire planet and act as protective shields blocking out the harmful effects of solar radiation, cosmic rays, sand, and other forms of space weather. Without these fields, ice as we know it could not exist on Earth. They are part of the dynamic ecosystem of our planet

Think about the current state of our planet. We are definitely not in coherence, with all of the violence, war, hate, and greed that still plague our planet, we have a lot of work to do. We do not yet know how these thoughts, emotions, and feelings are affecting the entire planet, and what type of information these experiences are encoding into once electromagnetic fields, and how it is interacting with that of the Earth’s. Things are changing, however. There is definitely a shift within people who are desiring a better experience here on planet Earth.

These energetic fields are known to scientists, but there are still many unknowns. Solar activity and the rhythms taking place on Earth’s magnetic fields have an impact on health and behaviour. This is firmly established in scientific literature. (source)(source)

Scientific literature also firmly establishes that several physiological rhythms and global collective behaviours are not only synchronized with solar and geomagnetic activity, but that disruptions in these fields can create adverse effects on human health and behaviour. (source)(source)(source)

When the Earth’s magnetic field environment is distributed it can cause sleep problems, mental confusion, usual lack of energy or a feeling of being on edge or overwhelmed for no apparent reason. At other times, when the Earth’s fields are stable and certain measures of solar activity are increased, people report increased positive feelings and more creativity and inspiration. This is likely due to a coupling between the human brain, cardiovascular and nervous system with resonating geomagnetic frequencies. (1)

The Earth and ionosphere generate frequencies that range from 0.01 hertz to 300 hertz, some of which are in the exact same frequency range as the one happening in our brain, cardiovascular system, and autonomic nervous system. This fact is one way to explain how fluctuations in the Earth’s and Sun’s magnetic fields can influence us. Changes in these fields have also been shown to affect our brain waves, heart rhythms, memory, athletics performance, and overall health.

Changes in the Earth’s fields from extreme solar activity have been linked to some of humanity’s greatest creations of art, as well as some of its most tragic events. (source)

We know how these fields affect us, but what about how we affect these fields? That’s the real question here. GCI scientists believe that because brain wave and heart rhythm frequencies overlap the Earth’s field resonance, we are not just receivers of biologically relevant information, but also feed information into the global field, thus creating a feedback loop with the Earth’s magnetic fields.

Research is indicating that human emotions and consciousness encode information into the geomagnetic field and this encoded information is distributed globally. The Earth’s magnetic fields act as carrier waves for this information which influences all living systems and the collective consciousness.

This research, which is still in its infancy, has great ramifications. It will further push along the fact that our attitudes, emotions, and intentions actually matter, a lot, and that these factors within the realm of non-material science can affect all life on Earth. Coherent, cooperative intention could impact global events and improve the quality of life on Earth. Practicing love, gratitude, appreciation, and bettering ourselves as individuals is one out of many action steps towards changing our planet for the better.

So What Can You Do?

So, next time you are upset, angry, or frustrated, try observing yourself and how you react. It’s great practice to try and lose your buttons so they cannot be pushed, and work on your personal development. You have to do whatever you can to feel good, which could include exercise, eating healthy, minimizing electronics time, spending time with friends, animals, and more. You could practice being less judgemental, and work on your intentions by figuring out if they are coming from a  ‘good’ place. You could be more grateful, you could help others, and you can treat others how they want to be treated.

There are a number of tools you could use, like meditation, for example, to assist you with these action steps. Bottom line, if you are at peace with yourself, and have control over your emotions, you are helping the planet and others around you. If you are constantly angry, harming others or have negative intentions, you could be doing the exact opposite.

To further your research on this topic, an excellent place to start is the at the Institute of HeartMath. The Institute of HeartMath is an internationally recognized nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to helping people reduce stress, self-regulate emotions, and build energy and resilience for healthy, happy lives.



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  1. I am expressing and sharing the deepest love that comes from my heart and soul connection to all of you, the peace in my heart, with love, compassion and passion for all life in the Cosmos, that I had envisioned as a little boy growing up in the late 1950’s,when I realized I was born into a world that I did not fit, and did not represent what was in my heart and soul, as who I am,as the essence of pure love and spirit, born into physical humanoid form.

    I had envisioned at age 7, that I would one day witness this day of shared truth and love in the heart, with passion, for what billions of sentient living beings you all are feeling in this shared endeavor to unite all of humanity, with peace, love and harmony to bond together with our Mother Creator Goddess GAIA, as she has been working on our behalf to cast out the malevolent off-planet and Draco, Archon and Annunaki lower wave frequency vibration beings, who have held this planet in its grip running human slavery systems for many eons of time, where it is our responsibility to assist her in our own liberation through peace, love and harmony, as we are One with GAIA to return to our roots of this Creation construct we are all experiencing as loving sentient beings.

    It is the compassion and passion for what we can all share in a common bond of love and truth that comes through our heart,to bring abundance and change that seeks for all of us to live as One connected to a higher vibrational state of being, where no one suffers, and goes without the fundamental basic needs that support what love is when you have come to know and feel the highest vibrational state of true unconditional love when it is expressed, especially when you are willing t suffer in order to show that love to another, and forgiveness for the most heinous of acts, as the highest expression of unconditional love, we need to feel to move beyond those who have sought to harm us, out of their own negative state of being, that requires them to use methods to reduce ours they have to feed on to survive, that we must end.

    Unconditional love, especially when expressed through “forgiveness” for even the worst crimes of genocide and horrific Satanic ritual ceremonies to our helpless children, we must forgive them, instead of feeling rage, hatred and revenge, for that only serves to feed them more negative wave frequency energy, that is what allows for them to manifest in the first place.

    Unconditional Love is the self-acknowledged connection to knowing our true selves, and why I have always referred to it as being One with love and truth, in our heart, as the pure essence of ‘Love-Energy and Spirit” that defines where we come from, and we acknowledge through our heart, when we get our confirmation from GAIA, in the warm and overwhelming love that is returned to us fro her,what she gives back to us, when we express ourselves with unconditional love and forgiveness to others for their trespasses upon us.

    It is how we grow spiritually and raise our vibrational state upon which ultimately, these lower negative entities, cannot perceive us.spiritual our highest state of the pure essence of love and spirit,, and become One with our Creator, as it was intended, and thus ascend into the higher state of consciousness streams where our energy and wave harmonic of love can be used to unite other time and space streams to unite the entire omniverse, with love as the catalyst that holds the entire omniverse in peace love and harmony.

    Many of us who were the catalyst for bringing change with a message of peace, love and harmony to unite the world in love, compassion and passion for life with abundance in the 1960’s, to end wars and suffering for anyone, sought to change the paradigm of lies, deceit and human slavery systems, even though,not all of us are human, had long hoped that even though we were close in revolutionizing the state of humanity into a higher state of spiritual being, we are now the closest we have ever been in manifesting that love and truth into our new dimensionality of reality into fruition in my lifetime.


    Only 30% of the species on this planet are true organic DNA Humans created by GAIA and Eve, where GAIA placed a tamper proof device in our DNA who have RH+ positive factor in their blood, and the rest are ET hybrids, after It took the Annunaki 11,617 years to finally find and develop a work around of GAIA’s RH factor, and thus with RH negative, are hybrids.

    We have been at this now for over 50+ years that I am so happy and joyful this day has arrived, for it comes from within our heart as the soul connection that anchors us to the wave frequency harmonic resonance within our mind, body and soul-spirit with our Creator Goddess Gaia as the true-living embodiment of pure love, spirit and harmony for which all life on this planet is held in harmony and balance, that we are the stewards of, that GAIA gave to us, that we must act in accordance with the same love and peace with harmony, that holds the Creation together for us to enjoy with peace,love, happiness and harmony to experience it together, as the greatest gift we can share together.

    I thank you from my heart and love to you all of you in this Creation,for your due diligence, love and peace in your heart, with your sacrifices and determination that we will manifest our true selves as the pure essence of love and spirit as our Mother Goddess Creator GAIA to her I salute this exciting time we are now living in for our liberation to rise above what we have all had to suffer through.


    12. Genetics and an in-depth look at who we are.

    Pattie L. Brassard (Former NASA Astronaut via Skype) – Planet X, 2nd Sun, Mars and Moon Bases

    PROJECT INSENSCION – Truth overview of everything,the Intro.

    Second DEATH STAR Draco moon gets DESTROYED !

    48. Planet X, Space Wars and Battle Planets (NASA Whistleblower)


  2. It is interesting I received this post the same day as this one;

    More so, yesterday the post about physicist Michio Kaku announcement of physicists having developed a new theoretical physics super-math theory which shows through superstring theory that this reality resonates with vibrations, which in his opinion proves the mind of “God”.

    I have witnessed this in my own life, not only the powers of collective conciousness, but of collective prayer and as we see thru PFC collective meditation… Thought, does affect reality, period. The experts have now verified what many of us have known a long time, thought, creates reality. The vibrating “Strings” of energy which make up the universe, is affected by thought of living beings, which is what,, matter, converted to energy, and these strings resonate with, that energy.

    I don’t mean to preach any particular religion because this one, is not for everyone, but, when I was most discouraged in my own life in my early thirties, Eckankar found me and through that faith: The ‘Religion of the Light and Sound of God’, I developed a much greater understanding of these concepts (though I do not agree with everything, that they teach I am finding new truth to it all the time, and apparently they have been teaching this for 50 years, well before it was ‘discovered’ by science). It is an amazing time when physics, and religion, and mathematics, ALL point to the sane conclusion!! Something definitely worth paying attention to, because someone is trying to tell us something important here. Call that something a convergence of idealism, God, or whatever you like but, IT, is telling us something, which is critical, for humanity to understand.

    As many of you may know by my comments, this it is something I am personally still working on. However just coming to understand these concepts, dare I say: “Spiritual Laws” exist, which govern our reality, as much as gravity does, working in just as unseen but, just as strongly felt, a way, did help me immensely.

    The cabal – illuminati, have known this little trick of reality a very very long time, and they have used it, against,, the rest of us. Broadcasting negativity to us, through religion, media, and more, through which they create our reality, our thoughts. We must ‘switch off’ these negative inputs, and train our thoughts in a more positive way, not allowing the “little things” turn us negative. That means from the moment you awaken, seeing the positive, not letting road rage on the way to work bother us, remembering to just let the negativity wash past you, without engaging in it, without thinking – dwelling, on it, at least, as much as you possibly can. I have met a few truly amazing people in my life, these were folks whom always beamed happiness where ever they went, they always found the good in every situation, and you could feel the positive ‘radiated’ from them. These were truly ‘happy’ people, I strive and hope to be more like one day, and don’t we all, deserve that, happiness?

    I can tell you that meditation, and a state of conscious awareness of these spiritual laws, and the constant presence of God if you will, can help you to find this happiness. It’s not saying to hell with the world and going to live in an isolated treehouse somewhere (though that has a certain appeal). The biggest challenge is living in this negative reality but, not allowing it, not giving it permission to affect your reality, and thereby, you,, be one an anchor point in the universe of superstrings, and create a positive wave to all that surround you. Again, read the posts above, consider them constantly. This is real folks, this is,, a droplet of disclosure, albeit an all important one, and one which, one day, will be taught our youngest children at their earliest learning… Can you imagine the world which would result from entire generations of positive kids adding their positive attitudes to the superstrings -Wow- what an amazing world to live in, now there,, is “a thought” to take to heart…

    As I write, this being the day before the big American 2016 feast; May you all, on this day before ‘Thanksgiving’ (or at any future time), read these posts, and may you be blessed to find, in your own lives, these means of being more positive, creating a more positive reality, not just for your own life but, for our living consciousness, that,, would is something to indeed, be Thankful for.


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