PS: We on PFC highly recommend these videos to everyone wanting to understand more about the liberation process. They are beautifully done!

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  1. Exciting…but this process is taking too long for me to believe it anymore. We are alone in this mess I think. Besides…terrible spelling and grammar; how can I take this seriously.

  2. I find it very hard to accept your messages of hope, light and universal togetherness, when all the images you show are of persons who have the appearance of Earthly, European people. I see little diversity whatsoever and would feel that persons of African or Asian ancestry would be unwelcome in this great “Federation.” The KKK and Aryan Nations would be very approving of all the persons you portray in this presentation; Where is all this diversity of which you speak?

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this!! It´s so beautiful. I love the pics. 🙂 Seeing those videos makes me realize how huge the whole thing actually is. And how much work is already done.

  4. Thank you, beautiful videos! I’m noticing more openness in the people I meet on my new address, to hear about the Event in general, like explaining to them about the alignment with Galactic Center and the apparent changes happening in politics and other areas of our present life. It’s as if the time is approaching when people begin to feel more open also to acknowledging our inner earth helpers of the Resistence Movement.

    Though I haven’t suggested ET beings to people yet, for that’s risky in the countryside of the UK, at least when I’m with people who believe in the mainstream media and clearly show difficulty with weaning off it.
    Just like when they say at some point “Oh, but of course we don’t hear the real truth” and one minute later “You know, on tv last night they showed how… so and so.. did this or this…, isn’t it awful” It’s an on and off
    mindprogramming at present, very interesting to witness, for I’m always looking for clues how to break this sort of “news” to people around me and not trespass their ability to take it in without being upset or angry.

    I’ve seen a friend of mine, going very upset about the idea that the EU could be an evil concept, for she so believes in a future unitied world, with the EU as a strong anchor to achieve what she expects to be harmony.
    English people are masters in acknowledging the truth and not act on it, it’s hilarious, I’ve never seen it that much present here. Practice what you preach? Hmmm, that’s uncharted territory, hence the drama 😉


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