Natural medicine was once the only medicine. It wasn’t considered “an alternative.” That only happened much later, after synthetically produced, patent drugs came onto the scene, and profit and not safety and efficacy became the ultimate priority.

For example, check out this amazing 1930’s pharmacist’s map of ‘herbal cures” recently released to the public. As you can see, most “drugs” in the United States were not too long ago extracted from botanicals.

Why Natural Medicine is NOT "Alternative"

So, given where we are today (natural substances are feared and synthetic drugs revered) how do we de-marginalize the most ancient, food, herb and mind-body based methods of healing? 

With the science. As you know, at we have spent many painstaking years sorting through, data-mining, and indexing thousands of studies proving our ancestors and many billions still in the less developed world were and are still right: Nature provides elegant solutions to virtually any problem the drug-based medical model says only it has the right treatment for.

The problem is not a lack of evidence. While clinical trial work is prohibitively expensive, there are still hundreds of thousands of studies that indicate science does in fact support natural healing. In fact, there is so much research that it can become extremely overwhelming.

This is why we came up with a solution called “Focused Research.” This toolset provides enables a laser like resolution in pulling out from the seemingly infinite field of data just the studies you want to focus on, as well the ability to create professional PDFs from them, making it easy to share  far and wide!


I am excited to show you what I mean in my new video on “Getting Focused” with Activism and Insight below…



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  1. Thank you very much, Edward Morgan, for presenting this article. I fully agree with what the title suggests.
    This momentarily stubborn hedge-witch Mary Poppin’s style, in the contramine too (please take my fierce and rather serious opinions with a grain of salt, I’m trying hard myself) has always known this beautiful NATUREal dress of planet Earth as our most valuable medicine box 🙂

  2. Interstig to see what I’m seeing published is what I tried to get across over the last 4 years
    I’m glad someone has taken over that role
    Happy to see credit is not what I’m after just glad its taken off my shoulders and I can slowly get back to having a life after I just lost everything and ended up in debt..only financial and still alive that I have to be thank full for


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