Jimmy: I would like to welcome back to Fade to Black our friend Corey Goode. Corey, good evening.

Corey: Good evening to you.

Jimmy: How are you, man?Everything good in your world? How was your Thanksgiving?

Corey: Thanksgiving was very good. Yeah, I had some good time with family.

Jimmy: That’s what it’s all about, man. Just look around and be thankful. Right? That’s it! That’s the day! And if you get out of it without a really good fight with your sister, it’s all good. Well maybe you need the good fight your sister to make it a complete Thanksgiving. That’s always the way I kind of look at it. Tonight, Corey, I want to break things down in three or four sections: First, the history of the start of the SSP; second, what went on in the 1980s in the expansion of the SSP; third, you and your first contact with it, and then fourth, what is going on today, who was involved, what is your latest contact or news that you want to have us hear, and of course the rest of the world, and so that’s kind of the structure today. But first after announcing the show this week I have gotten a ton of email about Steven Greer, and that we should have… the email was very consistent, Corey. It was that we should have Steven on the show tonight. You guys need to discuss things and talk things through, whatever, and I did reach out to Steven today, OK? I did, but he didn’t reply. I have watched the recent video that was posted concerning not only you but he went off on Tom DeLong as well, and so I kinda want to start off the show with this and give you a chance to reply to what is going on out there, if you have anything to say at all, in response to his comments about you.

Corey: Well, you know, I do respect the work that he’s done, in his disclosure project that he did in 2001. He brought this topic, you know, to the forefront. And you know we just have a extremely polarizing different view of what is going on out there. And you know he, you know, he feels that it’s irresponsible for anyone to talk about negative extraterrestrials. So you know and from my point of view, I experienced the good with the bad, so I have to go off of my experiences.

Jimmy: Right, right. I’m gonna let things go right there. I’m gonna let those rest where they are. I’ll give him a chance to respond back. The one thing, and I agree with you, on the awareness that he started back then has brought things up to another level. There’s no question about that, and with my own experiences out there with my sightings and a couple of very strange CE5 kind of moments, one of which you were there too, we saw these things together, that there is something going on out there. And I thank him for that, but there’s an open-mindedness that has closed, when it comes to Greer that I’m not completely comfortable with, and we’ll tackle that on another day, but thank you for handling the question. I think that the way that he said the things that he did in the video was a little bit too strong, and I think that it may have been in response because he was in front of an audience. I don’t think that he would maybe share that privately. I don’t know. I don’t want to speak for him, but I thought that it was a bit strong.

Corey: yeah, we can expand on this, on the topic later on. That he didn’t respond, it’s fine.

Jimmy: Exactly, let’s go man, I’m excited. Now that this very strange year has gotten behind you, only strange that you’re out in the public now, that’s what I mean by that. It started back at the Conscious Life Expo. You came on Fade to Black that night and you were a little bit, I mean you have thousands of people that are following you around (laughs), and so you went from that and then you did your presentation later on that night with David Wilcock. And then this year is unfolding in front of you. You’ve gone out and you’ve done some presentations. You’ve done a lot of Gaia stuff; you’ve done a lot of public speaking and videos. And so here we are today, and I think that your feet are beneath you now, OK? That’s my opinion; I think you’re a little bit more comfortable. So what I wanted to do tonight was really go deep. All right? and try to ask the questions that I’ve never asked of you before. And in doing that for the audience that is here for the first time I know this is a long intro to the show, but it needs to be said, that there are people here tonight that have heard you speak before, and they’re here for something new, so for them we have that. For the others who have never heard you speak before, they’ve heard about you and they’re here for the first time, we do need to address those folks as well, and get those questions answered. So I want to do a kind of a linear chronological presentation and then we will conclude at the end of the night with a bunch of questions that have been sent in to us. All right? Are you ready to go?

Corey: Let’s go.

Jimmy: How long, I’m gonna start right here, how long has the official version of the SSP, the Secret Space Program, been around?

Corey: The official version, OK, well there are a number of programs that are considered secret space programs. Some of them date as far back as the Germans during the 1930s and 40s. Later on we started to make deals with different shadow groups and started to get our hands on some of this hand-me-down technology, and also crash retrievals, and we started to engineer our own secret space program, and we started to really work on that in the in the late 50s and through the 60s in the American centers.

Jimmy: Now the information that you are going to be giving us from here on out, after that answer, is this information that you were given, like you know, from the glass pad or from somebody off-world, or is this stuff that you have read over time?

Corey: Well, the structure of the space program I had a kind of experience it over time to understand it. No one really sat down, everything was so compartmentalized. No one sat down and said, you know, this group has this mandate, you know, etc. Now there was a lot of information that I was given. There was a lot of down time and I was allowed to browse through these smart glass pads quite a bit. So I did gain a lot of my information from those smart glass pads.

Jimmy: was there information like, when did the Nazis first start traveling into space?

Corey: Well, they first started developing their technology to where they could do, I guess, exploratory visits back in the 30s.

Jimmy: And that piece of information right there, was that glass pad information, were you able to access Nazi information through that research?

Corey: Yes, this was mainly glass pad information, and every once in a while, if I was in a lab that we had set up, we would call the scientist-eggheads, or engineers, we were working with engineers. Sometimes we would kick back and be looking at the information and discuss it a little bit.


Jimmy: For the audience out there that doesn’t know what we’re talking about, what is the glass pad?

Corey: Yeah, the smart glass pad was this uh, it looked like a piece of just plexiglass when it wasn’t activated. And you would put it on the tips of all five of your fingers and activate it consciously, with your consciousness, and the see-through plastic would go opaque on you, and then you start to see either letters in whatever your root language is, or you could see video images that would be shown to you, that would be, like, kind of turning around and looking like they were three dimensionally coming off of the page, and it would display a lot of information in a summary-type way, and then below, there were always footnotes you could go into, for the more scientific stuff.

Jimmy: Man, I’m so jealous. That is exactly what I like to do and especially with this kind of information. Well, OK, so the Nazis started in the 1930s, and was this a deal with the Draco at that time, or did the Vril actually kick this off?

Corey: Well, they had made some of the strides on their own. Some of their scientists had made some pretty good connections in electro-gravidic propulsion. So they were already on their way, but they were having a combination of telepathic assistance, outright assistance to where they had contact with them, and also telepathic manipulation, guiding them and manipulating them remotely throughout their space program process.

Jimmy: Did they have a deal with the Draco? You know what I mean?

Corey: Eventually yes, eventually they did. For a while they were searching all through areas like Tibet, looking for ancient manuscripts that had actual technical schematics in them, that they were also using to try to build these new wonder weapons.

Jimmy: And with the ability to travel to space, did they at that time have the ability to go to the moon?

Corey: Yes, they made expeditions to the moon and to Mars and one attempt to a local star system, that didn’t go too well. None of these really went too well for them in the beginning. They were having crashes and failures and losing people.

Jimmy: And how much of this did Hitler know about? I’m asking because the societies and the research that was going on and with the Draco, was this something that was kept away from Hitler?

Corey: It appears that he knew quite a bit. But there was a lot that some of his henchmen started to take control of, and they started running it, a lot of it, beyond what he was privy to. He definitely knew all about the bases in Antarctica and South America and these cavern systems that they were building. He was very aware of that. Some of these were joint bases, and actually we were told where we could build bases by the Draco. Not we, the Germans.

Jimmy: Right, right. Was there a reason, because if he would’ve had, to me, a direct knowledge of the ability to have flying saucers over Washington, DC, with offensive weapons, it would’ve played out that way. But it didn’t! And was that because of the Draco? Was there a reason why, or did he not know about it?

Corey: No, he knew about the weapons. Weaponizing the disks was a little bit more difficult than they expected. Using kinetic weapons, they would get fired, get shot off, but then they had issues with it re-stabilizing. They needed directed-energy weapons, and that was something that they had under development as well at the time when the Axis, I guess, fell.

Jimmy: Oh I get you, like, putting a cannon, right? when you say kinetic, like putting a cannon or something big on one of these ships, and it fired, it would become unstable.

Corey: Right.

Jimmy: Ah. I get you. That makes a lot of sense, OK. When did the Nazis build the moon base? I don’t want to get to Mars just yet. When did they build the moon base, and how big was it?

Corey: It was built in stages. It was not as large as it has been depicted in certain movies. The part that was above ground was a little bit larger than these shipping containers that go on these barges.

Jimmy: OK.

Corey: And they were connected together and did form somewhat of a swastika.

Jimmy: So it was really shaped like a swastika.

Corey: Yes. In the beginning what they were doing was they were traveling in these larger disk craft they had and were scouting out places to build. They were finding out how unfriendly different parts of the moon can be, if you don’t have permission to be there. So they were making all these types of discoveries and mistakes, and in the beginning they found some ancient buildings, that they actually ended up pressurizing and using for a short period of time, while they were building their bases.

Jimmy: So it was basically a swastika built out of shipping containers. Am I picturing this correctly?

Corey: Similar. Yeah, right.

Jimmy: OK, I get you. And then when did they make it to Mars? And is this 1940? You know, was this during World War II?

Corey: Yes, this was late 39 through the early 40s that they were really striking out and starting to do these expeditions. And they tried to make a trip to a certain star system and ended up, I believe, losing their crew.

Jimmy: Interesting. With the Mars base you describe, I think this occurred on the moon too, as well. You describe them taking the local dirt, right?, the local soil, and putting that in bags, right? Like sand bags, building up walls, and then spraying stuff over it. That’s that’s how they got it done?

Corey: The small little base type things they would build on the surface was done this way. Most of it was built underground, but if you had to have a security outpost with 30 or 60 operators, then they would have these huge 6-foot-long sandbags filled with the local martian dirt.

Jimmy: Right.

Corey: And build up the walls, and then they would come through and spray them down with this stuff that looked like truckbed lining.

Jimmy: Right.

Corey: They would do this on the inside and on the outside. And on the inside they would start to build it out with walls and pipes, you know. Like you would have an RV almost. And electrical systems.

Jimmy: It seems like Elon Musk has got it all wrong, doesn’t he?(Laughs). It only makes sense if you think about it.

Corey: (laughs) Yeah.

Jimmy: It’s a very, very interesting way to look at it.

Corey: That’s something that, you know, they will live in tin cans for a little while, but after that they will learn how to mold things out of the ground. They will probably start bringing strange things there like bamboo to try to grow, and start to use that material. There’s a lot that can be done and has already been experimented with.

Jimmy: Yeah, totally. And what do you think he knows about Mars? Obviously he thinks he knows a lot. But, you know, whereever he starts to build, is it going to be away from existing stuff that is there? I mean, to keep him compartmentalized?

Corey: I would be shocked if he was not, uh, if he did not have to submit for pre-approval, areas that he would like to set up these little colonies.

Jimmy: Yeah, yeah. It’s gonna be interesting. I’m very excited about the privatization of space, you know what I mean? The keeping the players out of it, and we’ll just see how plays out.

Corey: Yeah, it’s been heavily interfered with so far. (Laughs)

Jimmy: (laughs) Exactly, exactly.

Well, and then following World War II we have Operation High Jump. And what was discovered, and what actually happened in High Jump?

Corey: Well, they had a lot of intel, and a lot of it was very hard to believe, part of the intel having to do with… William Tomkins has come forward recently with his book, with his information, that has me convinced that a lot of the information I was looking at on the smart glass pad came from briefings that he sat through, back in the 40s.

Jimmy: Right.

Corey: I mean it’s uncanny.

Jimmy: And the discovery down there, because we have the Draco, and did the Draco show the Nazis their base in Antarctica? How did that play out? The Draco were there first obviously.

Corey: Yes, the Draco ended up bringing the Nazis down to Antarctica at the time and showed them an area of underground caverns, that they could easily with their current technology and fabrication abilities build out a pretty extensive base system.

Jimmy: Do you know how these caverns were formed?

Corey: Well, a lot of them were formed just from vulcanism and the plate tectonics. Some of these are giant rift systems from plates that have pulled apart, and filled with water, or some of them have not filled with water. A lot of them are lava tube systems that go deep under the Earth. You know, the Earth is more of a honeycomb than people realize. We have caverns and tunnel systems. Some of them never connected naturally, but were opened up by ancient beings, that we have no idea who they were.

Jimmy: How big are they? What did you see, when you were there under the ice?

Corey: When I was under the ice, I saw the above-ground. It looked like, if you were to fly over an area where, I guess, a lot of ships come in. It was a shipyard, this largest area. And there were these huge electromagnetically-propelled submarines, that had these shelves opened on them, and these cranes had rolled out on this train track and were unloading them, and they were huge. And I saw after we went down below the surface of the water and the craft I was in, we did get to see these submarines traveling underwater and traveling through this rift system that travels all the way from the northwest corner of Antarctica through South America up through Central America and up through the west coast of the United States.

Jimmy: Why did the Dracos take the Nazis down there? Didn’t they see the bad side to the Nazis? Why did they have that kind of alliance?

Corey: Well, they basically had the same type of ideology and goals. The had world conquest on their agenda, and both groups, the Draco and the Nazis, were very occult. So they were, you know, very similar.

Jimmy: Was it because there were certain elements of, certainly with the Vril maybe, that, there were good Germans that they were OK with? Did they understand the German, the Nazi agenda from World War II, and do you think the Dracos would have backed off if they knew?

Corey: Well, the Draco were already negative, so they didn’t care if the Nazis were positive or negative. There were other non-terrestrials that we were, as humans, we were beginning to interface with, and this included some of these Nordic-looking groups, and they were also in contact with the Nazis, but they were making contact with a little bit more positively-oriented Germans as well, such as Maria Orsic and her group.

Jimmy: Right, right. Now we’re going to head towards a break here in 60 seconds, so II want to ask this question, because when we come back, we’re gonna deal with “Paperclip” and then jump into current events. Did the Draco control the Germans, or was it the other way around: Did the Germans control the Draco?

Corey: Basically it was an alliance. They were working together. The goal was to eventually produce a whole lot of, uh, I guess, spaceships that they could use to go out and conquer other star systems, along the Draco width. So this looked like a partnership on the surface, but the Draco most likely had something in the vise.

Jimmy: Right, right. So it wasn’t exactly a mutually-beneficial relationship in other words.

Corey: Right.

Jimmy: Yeah, interesting. OK, let’s take a break right here. When we come back, we’re gonna get to Paperclip. We’ve got to go to Paperclip, because that is the next stage in the development of the SSP. This is Fade to Black, and I’m your host Jimmy Church. Our guest tonight Corey Goode. We’re going to do a full history of the SSP, the interstellar war, and what is going on today, along with all of your questions. (59:47)

Fade to Black (63:52-167:22)


Jimmy: We’ve been talking about the German scientists and the Draco. Corey, we need to get into the Paperclip. Did the German scientists who were here with Paperclip, did they introduce us to the Draco and their technology, or did the United States already have some type of knowledge about what was the Draco and what they were here doing?

Corey: Yeah, the United States already had a good idea about three or four different species on the planet, when it came around the time of Paperclip. What the United States really didn’t understand was how dedicated these Paperclip scientists still were, many of them still were, to the Nazi party, which had now relocated down to Argentina and Antarctica.

Jimmy: Right.

Corey: So these people were in contact through spies, that were in place already since World War II, in contact with their spy network, with their superiors in Antarctica and Argentina. So they were getting orders, and they were passing information back-and-forth. They were interfering in technological developments of the United States when needed. They would cause experiments not to work out right, or technology would fail. So they were against us in the beginning, but all of that changed in the early 50s, around 1952, when after, I guess, High Jump, and we had gone down there and realized that we could not handle them technologically or militarily any longer. We then had the Nazis fly over Washington DC to basically use that as brinksmanship to force the Americans to come to the table to negotiate with them.

Jimmy: Did the Draco share weapon technology? Obviously they shared antigravity and flying saucer and spaceship technology and off-world technology, but what about weapons?

Corey: They shared technology with the Germans. But you have to understand that handing over to the Germans research and development technology, to where, they have to take the technology that’s beyond their understanding, find a way to marry their technology to that technology, and then produce a result consistently that they like, and then bring it to a point where they can manufacture it and put it in the field.

Jimmy: When World War II ended, and they didn’t have a chance to develop the technology that they were exposed to?

Corey: Right.

Jimmy: It would have been a different story. With your guess, with your research and what you have been able to find out, how close were they to really causing a lot of trouble?

Corey: They were close. They were ready with the help of some of the subterrestrial groups down in Antarctica, to repel a battle group, that was basically coming down to invade Antarctica. So they were very close.

Jimmy: Yeah. And what did countries know about the Draco? Did they have contact with them? At this time was it just the United States and Germany, or were there other countries too?

Corey: Their people had known about the Draco, under different names, for a long time, through their occult practices. A lot of these Germans were doing these ancient German occult practices, that were causing these beings to manifest.

And these beings happened to be, you know. Reptilians. They were accessing them through magic and ritual for some time, before they made the technological leap. These were technologically-based and not just spiritually-based.

Jimmy: I have three questions and then we’re gonna move on. First, did the United States know about the bases on the moon and Mars? Second, were the Nordics involved, or was it just the Draco at this time? And third, were the Nordics involved in the negotiations of the Alliance that we’re going down with the Draco and the rest of the world?

Corey: OK, let’s take those one at a time.

Jimmy: Yeah, right. First, were the Nordics aware, and around, about that relationship between the Draco and the rest of the world?

Corey: Yes the Nordics tried to warn the United States about making deals with this Draco group, but of course the humans didn’t listen; they were wanting the Nordics to provide us with a lot of advanced weaponry, that they weren’t willing to provide us with, because we weren’t spiritually in equilibrium with our technological state already. So they knew what was going on. They were interacting with us at the same time. When people think about the Draco, or think about these different groups, they try to put it in these little time chunks, that this group got in contact with us, and then this group got in contact with us. We had multiple groups in contact with us at the same time.

Jimmy: And did we have, along with all of this conversation that was going on, and the knowledge that was being shared, did the United States know about the moon base and what was going on, on Mars?

Corey: Well, they had intelligence about, I guess, the fledgeling base system that had developed. They were not getting, until after the late 50s, when we really started working with the breakaway Nazi group from South America, we really didn’t have all of that intelligence yet.

Jimmy: Which says to me, and I really need your confirmation on this, that the Paperclip group was holding back, and we thought that we had something good going on there. They certainly knew about what was going on, on the moon and Mars, but didn’t tell us about it.

Corey: Right. They were part of a plan all along.The Nazis had this technology, that they would like to develop, and they wanted to co-opt the United States and the industrial might that had beat them. We had produced five or ten tanks for the every one that they had. So they wanted to use our infrastructure to build out a wider infrastructure in outer space,and to do so, they had to infiltrate us. In the beginning, when we were making deals with these Nazi breakaway groups, we had planned all along to infiltrate them and take them over. But they were already several steps ahead of us in that process.

Jimmy: is there a reason why von Braun didn’t–allegedly didn’t, I should say–put us on the moon until 1969 when, and obviously there was already a moon base there, was there a deliberate attempt to sabotage the public version of the space program?

Corey: Well, all of this was compartmentalized. Who knows what von Braun knew about the space program that we were developing, you know, we were already going to the moon, you know, before the time of Apollo.

Jimmy: Right.

Corey: So all of this is so compartmentalized, as I’ve stated.

Some of these military-industrial complex space programs, that are made up of the NSA, DIA, Air Force intelligence that have a couple of space stations in about 400 or 500 miles orbit of the earth, and have a number of these exotic craft, like these triangle-shaped craft that service them. So a lot of these people, they’ve been given briefings, and they don’t know anything about any bases on the moon or Mars, and they’ve been told that they are the top of the totem pole security-wise, and they would just not accept anything you would say, that does not fit into their programmed reality.

Jimmy: Were the Draco freely leaving earth at that time too, as well? Were they coming and going?

Corey: At one time. At one time.

Jimmy: In the 50s?

Corey: Yes. Yeah, they were coming and going from Earth and our solar system.

Jimmy: Gotcha. OK. Now let’s jump forward a little bit in the timeline, and let’s go to the “brain drain.” What was the brain drain?

Corey: Well, once the Nazis had infiltrated the West sufficiently, to where they were able to start, actually start building out this infrastructure, they needed the people to do it, and they wanted the best minds, the best engineers, the best that they could get to do this. So they had approached these people, told them that an asteroid or something was on its way to hit the earth, that they were the best of the best, that they were special and they were chosen as a continuity-of-species project, to take humans to Mars, let’s say, and set up colonies there and industrial sites there, to make it more likely that our species would survive.

Jimmy: And when the brain drain was active, did the participants that volunteered, once they were told, did they have a chance to back out? Or was that it, you were kidnapped virtually, right? Almost enslaved is the word I want to use.

Corey: Right. Once you were in, you were in, and they did deceive a lot of these people. They showed them brochures, that were actually images of some of our deep military bases, that are for the elite to keep them safe here on Earth. And they would tell them, this is on Mars, and they would see these great big glass elevators going up, real futuristic-looking, and they were told, this is like the Jetsons. You are going to live like the Jetsons. And they, you know, would take their family with them and would arrive on Mars, and they would get a very quick reality check and would find out that, indeed, they and their family are now slaves.

Jimmy: How many were involved? And a large chunk came from South America too, right?

Corey: Yeah, South America, the United States, Europe. They pulled them out of Asia. They pulled them out of everywhere.

Jimmy: And what’s your best knowledge of how many people were involved?

Corey: The number of people has gone into the millions over decades. This is a thing that was ongoing. There was a real big drive in the beginning, to get, you know, we need 50,000 people immediately. And then after that, they just needed to sustain the numbers, along with bringing fresh people in that they needed, to sustain the numbers, because these people were procreating on the bases.

Jimmy: And it indeed was a one-way ticket.

Corey: Yes.

Jimmy: You didn’t come back.

Corey: No.

Jimmy: OK. Now, and with that, as sensational as that sounds, we could probably go back and look at numbers and find a lot of missing people, right? There’s that part of it. The other part is, how could they keep something like this so secret?

And how come we don’t know about it, and how come we can’t account for it? How do you keep a project like this, that is so large with 50 million people missing or enslaved, how did they keep this secret?

Corey: Well, you know, if the people don’t come back, they can’t tell their secrets. But they would, I think David Wilcock has had people talk about this in the past, they would fill out a bunch of postcards, tell their family they are taking a job at an exotic location, and, you know, the postcards get fewer and fewer until they don’t hear from them anymore. And people are gone from their lives and that’s it. Forgotten.

Jimmy: OK, so let’s move on to 1980. Solar Warden was formed. Take us there. What happened in 1980?

Corey: yeah, Solar Warden was formed. They were building the first vessels which were very large glorified submarines basically, that had electromagnetic torsion drives. The power plants in the beginning were just your run-of-the-mill nuclear power plants. Then later on they moved to these thorium reactors, and then much later, in the late 90s, around that time, they moved to the zero point module that they had. It took up very little space in the module that once kept or held these very large reactors.

Jimmy: These ships were obviously huge. Where did they build them?

Corey: I was told that they built them in Utah, and that they were modular. They were built in pieces.

The outer hull of the one I was in was built in two pieces. And then the inside, they could build modules that would slide in and out of the inside hull, uh, if that makes sense.

Jimmy: Yeah. You have described them like submarines, and you have asked me to go look at a video, which I did, and you said if you can understand this, you can understand what the ships were like basically, only they were much larger. You made another comment that I found really really interesting. You said that the guys who built these ships, they built one originally?

Corey: Yeah, well they built a group. They build carriers. They had the smaller craft that were to service these ships out in space, but these are the larger cigar shaped vessels that I was describing.

Jimmy: And the crews that built the ships lived on the ships as they built them.

Corey: The engineering group mainly lived onboard the craft as they were finishing building it, so they could learn the systems in and out.

Jimmy: And how did they leave the Earth? Because we are going to get to the LOC now. I mean, that’s the next stage in this timeline. How could they leave Earth without being seen?

Corey: A lot of, sometimes they are seen.

Jimmy: Right.

Corey: Yes, but they take off at a given time, when they are supposedly going to be less likely to be seen. They lift off from the surface of the earth, go into outer orbit, get in contact with the lunar operation command, which is basically flight control for the area around here, and then they’re told where they’re assigned.

Jimmy: Right. Right. And did the Russians or the Chinese, or even the Australians who had pretty extensive radar and The British, were they able to track? Did they know that these crafts were going between the moon and Earth at that time?

Corey: They became aware, as their space programs began to develop. The Russians started to develop these spherical-shaped craft that were fairly maneuverable and reliable. Eventually they started working closer with the United States during the time of the Cold War. A lot of the Cold War stuff was, I guess, theater.

Jimmy: Yeah. We are get going to get to Ronald Reagan here in just a bit, but I want to address: The original German base was turned into the LOC. Why? Why not build something new?

Corey: Well, to get real estate up on the moon, to have any real estate that you’re able to build on is a very positive thing. It’s kind of split up between many non-terrestrials into these zones. It’s like they separated Antarctica into zones that the United States controls, that Russia controls, you know, and the moon is kind of that way too. The groups are very segmented from each other, and they do not allow trespassers.

Jimmy: The original German base was in a zone that we had access to, is what you’re saying?

Corey: Yeah, the Germans were given an area that they could build on, by the Draco, on the Dracos’ claim.

Jimmy: In 1986 there was the “20 and back” program that involved you. So the LOC was already in place, right?

Corey: Right.

Jimmy: which was around 1981-82. 1986 was the “20 and back” program. What was that?

Corey: yeah, the “20 and back” program was the program that they normally, it was an offer that they normally made to military personnel. But they needed I guess civilian specialists as well. And it’s a program to where you would sign off on going out into space for 20 years, and at the end of that 20 years, be brought back to Earth after being first blank-slated, or having your mind messed with to where you had no memories of it. And then they, and this is where you lose people, (laughs) they age-regress you through some pharmaceutical type of method. And then they “stitch you back” in the timeframe that they took you out.

Jimmy: And why not, this is the question that you probably get most often, and I’ll just address it right now. Why not just leave you at the same age? What was the necessity for the regression?

Corey, They had, there was some sort of deal in place, that if they were going to pull assets in this manner, that these assets had to be, when they were done using them, these assets, being people like myself, had to be returned to the point in time and mentally and age-wise, that they were when they were taken. (Note: At 85:12 on spreaker version=1:23:54 on full show version). Why this was done, I don’t know, but I think it has to do with a technology exchange between the Nordic groups and some of these syndicate groups that ended up forming some of these secret space programs.

Jimmy: And how many people were involved at that time that you knew of, in the “20 and back” program, and were they all regressed?

Corey: Well, yes, everyone was regressed, even the military people. They had people that were, you know, obviously military in the space program, and they had been pulled out to do this 20 and back program while they were serving in the regular military. So they were kind of recruited out of the regular military. When they are done, they are going to be returned back to the same time period from where they were taken as well, and also have their memories wiped.

Jimmy: Now was it at this point that you were exposed to the Germans and the Dark Fleet?

Corey: yeah, throughout the time in the space program you would see these people. There would be people in different uniforms, different energies about them, and you would assume they were all part of your same program; you just don’t know anything about them. But as time progressed you would hear people talking about that group, they didn’t like their attitude, so you started hearing and gaining information about the other groups over time like that.

Jimmy: And so what was the Dark Fleet?

Corey: It was a group of very, they looked like Nazis, Nazi-type people, that for a long time we had no idea what they were doing in Solar Warden. But they obviously had craft that were more offensive than the ones that we were flying, and they were very secretive and had an air about them like they were more important or knew something we didn’t. And eventually we found out that they are out flying alongside the Draco and controlling territories and, uh, conquests as well.

Jimmy: Why? What was it used for? When you say it like that, it sounds almost offensive. Was it offensive and defensive?

Corey: The Dark Fleet? It was purely an offensive force. They were armed to the teeth, and they were flying outside of our solar system almost exclusively, alongside Draco.

Jimmy: So they continued to develop that technology that they were exposed to, and those weapons in World War II, and now we’re in the mid-80s, and they are armed to the teeth, and they have a completely offensive fleet, for war.

Corey: Yeah, and at a certain point, when we developed a certain understanding of these anti-gravity and scalar technologies, our engineers started to building this stuff like crazy, the military industrial complex, and we started building it very well, and we caught up very quickly in being able to fabricate a lot of what was given to us.

Jimmy: So we had the LOC, right? The LOC was us? Right? That was ours.

Corey: Yeah.

Jimmy: But the Germans and the Draco had a joint base up there that was off-limits. What do you know about that?

Corey: Very little. The, what I found out is they are doing a lot of genetic type of testing. A large part of it are laboratories, and they also have part of the area that deals in this human slave trade that is going on.

Jimmy: Ok. I don’t want to jump into the slave trade just yet, because there is also the ICC that comes into play here, the interplanetary corporate conglomerate that is there.

Corey: Right.

(Note: Minute 1:28:19)

Jimmy: And they are involved in trade. And part of that is this interstellar slave trade. But first, what is the ICC? And is it just a money machine?

Corey: Basically it’s a conglomeration. The interplanetary corporate conglomerate, basically who heads it, it’s a super board, like a board you would have in a company.

Jimmy: Right.

Corey: And a lot of these companies like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, you have someone who’s on the board, who’s been on the board, he’s been on the board for 20 years, he’s getting ready to retire. If they have the right stuff, I guess, they’ll be offered: you know, listen, why don’t you go ahead and retire, and then come to work for us on the Super Board, to where you’ll have a lot more access to these technologies that you’ve been developing. They will go on a super board, where they will be a member from all these different military industrial complex.

(1:29:36–go to break–to 1:33:17)

Jimmy: All right, welcome back Fade to Black. All right, Corey, we were just talking about the inter-stellar slave trade and the ICC. This is one of the scariest and most daunting parts about all of this, that freaks us out. And when we’re talking about an interstellar slave trade, well first off, let’s back up. There are many routes, that are going on throughout the solar system in our star cluster that involve trade, minerals, whatever, technology. There are trade routes, just like we have here on earth, going across with the interstate system or the oceans. That’s what we do, we trade. Well, that same stuff is going on out there, throughout the universe and our star cluster. So with that, and you start to combine that normal trade of goods, and you throw in interstellar slave trade into the mix, that freaks people out. What are we talking about here? And is it just a slave trade?

Corey: Yeah, it’s a slave trade that is not much different than the human trafficking we have going on, on Earth. And a lot of the humans that are taken, are taken because, and this sounds strange, we are good engineers. We are good problem-solvers, when put in the right environment. So they use us for all different types of reasons. And yes this slave trade is something that has been going on for a long time. This interplanetary corporate conglomerate decided that, once we developed the technology to be able to police the Earth, we were going to prevent these groups from coming in and abducting humans and stealing them. And we would use these people as a commodity, we being the elite or the humans controlling everything. They saw supply and demand. There was a demand for what these entities would call biologicals, and we would trade it for technology or other biologicals.

Jimmy: Now, and with that, with the slave, you have labor, I get that part of it. You have the intellectual side and the brains. But the darker side of it, were we cattle? Were we meat? Were we being eaten?

Corey: Yes, unfortunately, to some of these beings, they would use the humans, or portions of humans for sustenance, yeah.

Jimmy: Did you ever see evidence of this yourself, directly?

Corey: Yes.

Jimmy: And what did you see? And how did you know that, that was what was going on, that there was something that tells you what’s going on? What happened?

Corey: I mean, I knew there was something going on during the first six years or so. We were doing, every once in a while, when we were en route to go out to a certain area of the solar system, we were being loaded up with these very large cases, that looked like they were made for carrying technical equipment or some sort of weaponry. And they had a technological component to the actual cases. And it was some time before I found out, through the urging of this girl that I had a thing for, in the program, she had me and another guy go into an area where we had some of these stored for transport. And she ended up opening them, and we ended up seeing what was inside. And it was not what I expected. I did not expect there to be human beings crated up and being shipped around.

Jimmy: Wow, were they full bodies, or was it, like, meat? I mean, I don’t want to be gross here.

Corey: Yeah, I couldn’t really talk more about it without being graphic. But there were people in some form of stasis, and there were other people that had already been butchered like cattle.

Jimmy: Right. Right. Ok, wow, that’s heavy, but then again, we have cattle and pigs and chickens here, and to another species, another being, that’s how they would look at us. They wouldn’t look at us any different. And we kind of have to be open to that possibility. One question that takes me to this next step is why build up this offensive and defensive space fleet, not only Dark Fleet but Solar Warden as well? Have we been threatened? Is there a reason to have offensive and defensive space fleets? (1:38:54)

Corey: Well, yeah, absolutely. And Solar Warden had both. They had some of the research vessels, and some of the support vessels that were not heavily armed. One of the reasons Solar Warden was built was to be a warden for our solar system, to help prevent a lot of these interloper species that would stop by real quick, do a quick scoop-in, to a Third World country, grab 10, 30, a hundred or more people, sometimes an entire small village, and then take off, out of our solar system, and never be seen again. You know there were a lot of different scenarios going on, and we were finding out how big the galactic civilizations, I mean, how big it really is. We were learning that, and unfortunately they are not all angelic beings. Some of them are here to take advantage of us, and some of them are just amoral: they don’t see what they are doing to us as being good or evil.

Jimmy: Well, with you and anyone else who was inside the program, yourself included, were any of you told or believed or were you misled into thoughts of maybe there would be a disclosure of the programs you were working on, and of ET contact?

Corey: Oh yeah, you were told all throughout it, that someday this is going to be disclosed, and you guys are going to be like the Wright Brothers or the early astronauts.

Jimmy: Right, right. And was that almost like a carrot, that you guys were actually doing good, and everybody would find out about this eventually, so just sit tight?

Corey: Yeah, I mean, the people that are doing this, that are working inside these programs, they think that they are doing things for a positive agenda. They think that they are doing the right thing.

Jimmy: Let’s talk about the arrival of the giant spheres. And in particular, let’s talk about the Seeker. What was the Seeker, and when did this happen?

Corey: Well, this information I had heard a little bit about. David had heard this from one of his sources as well, that during the 80s, this very large metallic-type sphere came into our solar system and started flying around the planets, doing lookie-loos around the planets, and our secret space program confronted them. They stated they were just on a cruise basically, an exploration cruise, and the human secret space program told them to leave the solar system immediately, and they did.

Jimmy: He said they were doing a drive-by.

Corey: Yeah.

Jimmy: (Laughs) Interesting. And we said you’re not welcome. Was it because we were afraid? Right? Was that part of it?

Corey: Yeah, but by the 80s, a protocol had already been developed. Beacons were being put outside our solar system, basically transmitting protocols, that when you fly into our solar system, you have to stop within this certain quadrant, send a “friend or foe” signal, then be given air traffic control information, basically.

Jimmy: Interesting. And then later on, weren’t more spheres arriving and positioning themselves throughout the solar system? They were kind of, almost like just appearing and disappearing?

Corey: Yeah, they were coming in clusters. They started arriving from the outer solar system and basically portaling in through the Sun. And as they would come into our solar system, they would immediately cloak, go transparent.

And the secret space program, the people in the military industrial complex programs, were excited because they thought, all right, this is the return of the Sumerian gods. But these spheres, after they went transparent, they also refused to answer the hails of any of the humans trying to make contact with them. So they knew that something wasn’t right at that point.

Jimmy: Right. When we say sphere, of course we have this sphere being alliance, and we have the spheres that have appeared in your living room. Are we talking about the same, not the same thing, but the same technology? Are we talking about the same thing?

Corey: Well, the spheres that have been coming in, they are energetic. They are not a manufactured sphere or ship.

Jimmy: (not) solid, metallic

Corey: Right. And the blue orbs that I see that come in the room, they are the exact same being, they are beings, they are the exact same thing as these giant spheres flying around in space. They are indistinguishable.

Jimmy: OK. Now is that sphere tech the same thing that I’ve witnessed with you, when we were at Joshua Tree, when we saw those spheres in the sky? Is that the same tech?

Corey: Well, it’s not technology. These are actual beings. These giant spheres are actual higher density beings.

Jimmy: Right. That’s what I’m trying to suggest here. When you and I were together at Joshua Tree, we had a large group of people together. And you and David had walked up to us, and we were having our sightings in the sky at that moment. You didn’t really react. (Laughs) Your reaction to me was like yeah, so? Is that because you knew exactly what was going on?

Corey: Well, I’ve seen that sort of thing so much. It’s hard to feign excitement, you know? I tell everybody, if you hang out with me, eventually you are going to see some weird stuff. I have had people see UFOs with me plenty of times.

Jimmy: it was a pretty extraordinary evening, that evening and of course the evening before. And we spent a lot of time talking about it. But do you think that the appearance that was going on over at Joshua Tree, that you witnessed, and everybody else, do you think it’s because we were there?

Corey: Yes, yes, a group together with that consciousness vibration is going to attract attention for sure.

Jimmy: Yeah, absolutely. Now, we talk about this benevolent-malevolent situation that is out there in the stars right now, and also on this planet. And of course we talked about Greer earlier and his take on this. When you talk about the interstellar conflicts and those rebellions and/or wars that are going on, who is fighting? And why do we get involved?

Corey: Well, we’ve got involved the same way that other beings got involved with the Draco. There is one group that works alongside the Draco just like our Dark Fleet does. And it is postulated that they are a conquered race (1:47:18), like we are supposedly. They are about 8 foot tall; they got blonde hair. A lot of people call them Nordics, except that they have six fingers. Some of them have reptilian looking eyes because they are hybrids between the two, between the reptilians and this six fingered Nordic group. And they basically were serving alongside the Reptilians, for conquest, for the same reasons that the Dark Fleet people were.

Jimmy: How much of our local star system that we keep talking about, or star cluster, does the Draco control today?

Corey: Not very much. It sounds like they’re down to two star systems, including our own. But at different points, their control over the local 51 or 52 stars has ebbed and flowed. Their power comes and goes. They get chased out of different star systems. They have to come back and reassert their control. That’s what’s been going on for eons.

Jimmy: Why do the Draco live here? Why do they keep coming back to our solar system and Earth? I mean, it’s a nice place to live, I get that too, but is there another reason?

Corey: Yeah, there’s a group of them that communicated that Earth was really theirs, that they had their genetic experient going on here, that these different races came in, basically 65 million years ago–that’s a big ringer of a timeframe for you–and wiped out the life that was here on Earth, which was the Reptilians’ genetic experiment. And this new group decided to do this human experiment in place of the reptilian experiment. And they claim that what happened here on Earth and some other planets in our local star cluster, where they had similar dinosaur type things going on, that they had three lost races, that they were upset about. They are here because they feel that they originated here, or they have some sort of claim here.

Jimmy: And also, along the same lines, we keep talking about the 900 different groups that are trading in our star cluster, and of course the Dracos are part of that. How many of those 900 know about Earth? And know what’s going on here, or do any of them know about us?

Corey: You know, that’s unclear to me. A lot of these groups are kinda amoral anyway. A lot of them have agreements when they are traveling through this cosmic web between stars that when they arrive at a star system, while they are waiting to portal to another star system, that they do not interfere in local, uh, what’s going on locally in that star system, that they do their business and go.

Jimmy: After you started hanging out in a couple of forums, Avalon and Tod, you decided to come forward. Why did you decide, instead of staying in the background?

Corey: Well, to be honest, I had planned to just provide information to researchers and stay anonymous. I had a job as a cloud engineer, where I was getting paid very good money and I didn’t want to rock that boat. Unfortunately a certain researcher decided to go ahead and “out” my name anyway.

And when that occurred, I really had no choice at that point.

Jimmy: How is your wife dealing with this today? And has she witnessed anything?

Corey: Yes, there’s been a few things that she’s seen. I try to let my family speak for themselves. I don’t want to force them into a narrative, without them entering it with their own free will. But she’s had a lot of issues, a lot of depression. It has not been easy for her. So it’s been rough in certain ways, for sure.

Jimmy: And what about your kids?

You know, I talk to you a lot on the phone. I know that you are a family guy. You’ve always got your kids hanging out with you. I feel like I’ve met them indirectly a few times. How are they dealing with this? Or do they know much?

Corey: Yeah, well my son, not so much. He’s only 5 at the moment.

But my daughter’s 13. She has a good idea of a lot of what’s been going on around here for sure, but I started telling them less and less, when I started seeing them reacting to the information. They were kind of freaked out. Or my daughter was kind of freaked out in the beginning. She was having some weird experiences. She had to acclimate to it, to the information.

Jimmy: Before we hit this break, let’s get a couple of critical questions out of the way. What is the outer barrier?

Corey: The outer barrier is actually one of these giant blue sphere beings that set itself up and basically encompasses our entire solar system and is preventing human and nonhuman groups from leaving or coming into the solar system, until we’ve gone through whatever this “event” is going to be.

Jimmy: Which, we’re going to get to this in a second, but that also includes the Draco?

Corey: Yes.

Jimmy: Is there life on Proxima B?

Corey: There is life on Proxima B, Proxima Centauri. They are in our local star cluster, and most of the stars that are similar to ours have civilizations on them.

Jimmy: Who is our Proxima B?

Corey: I don’t know.

Jimmy: Who is Gonzales?

Corey: Gonzales has actually gone by several different names. He’s a person I met for the first time when this Mayan type group had assisted me, and he sort of became like a liaison between me and the secret space program, and he led me to believe that he was Air Force, but he actually was a, is a, lieutenant commander in the Navy. Yeah, he’s an interesting character. I have had kind of a love-hate relationship with him at times.

Jimmy: When was the last time you spoke to him?

Corey: The last time I spoke to him was probably two weeks ago.

Jimmy: And he is still in the SSP?

Corey: No, he’s no longer able to return to the work he was doing previously, with the secret space program.

Jimmy: And why is that?

Corey: The secret space program alliance is a group of people that have broken away and are no longer working directly with the group they were assigned to. And they are doing it surreptitiously. And he got outed through an interrogation of me, and he was no longer able to return and do what he was doing before.

Jimmy: At one point was he your commanding officer?

Corey: I guess you could equate it more like a handler, I guess, since I was not in the military. I was a civilian asset.

Jimmy: Because, you had been exposed to him back in 2013, and then you were off planet and you bumped into him again and recognized him. What was that like?

Corey: Well, I recognized him when I was brought up to the LOC to meet with this SSP alliance. And I wasn’t given a whole lot of information about what was going to occur at this meeting. He was the one who greeted me, was saying you need to stand there, you need to come over here. And I recognized him from a previous encounter I had with this Mayan type breakaway group, that he was working with, and that he’s working with now.

Jimmy: Everybody wants to know, is Gonzalez Cobra?

Corey: No.( laughs) No.

(1:58:16–going to break–to 2:02:36)

Jimmy: What is the Dodge Dart?

Corey: Yeah, it’s a small transport craft that was used in the beginning, when I was being picked up by the secret space program. It was a five seater. It had two seats in the front for the pilot and copilot or navigator. There were three seats in the back for, I guess, people like myself. And it was sort of a triangular shaped small craft, kind of stacked-up like a pyramid. And it could travel between here and the LOC in a very short period of time.

Jimmy: Was it invisible? Did your neighbors see this? Did it attract attention? I mean, I would think it would.

Corey: It did begin to attract attention. There actually was, I believe, a MUFON report regarding it at some point. So they stopped using that method of pickup.

Jimmy: I gotcha. All right, I want you to tell us the story of the white royal Draco. How did that happen? Lead us up to it and tell us the story, because that was pretty dramatic.

Corey: Yeah it is. I was told that I was going to have to meet with this group, and I was not looking forward to it. The night of the meeting I was picked up and taken in this larger shuttlecraft that they have, that could probably fit up to 18 people. The doors opened on the side very similar to helicopters. They slid open. And I was brought to the roof of what turned out to be a hotel, that has been shut down a long time ago. One of those garden type hotels to where everything was on the inside, and when you ride the elevator down you see a large area. Then you immediately see balcony areas, and you can look down at the bottom and see what would be the restaurant area.

Jimmy: Yeah, like an atrium.

Corey: Yeah, yeah, right. We were brought down to the first floor, to where we were greeted by some of these human groups, the Committee of 200. It’s a secret society that runs a lot of the financial and judicial systems in the West. And they ended up introducing me to this tall white reptilian, that was, like, 14 feet tall. Huge. And this being was extremely psychic. I had never experienced any kind of interface like this before. It pretty much reached out and grabbed my mind, to a point where I didn’t perceive anybody or anything else around me. It was just me and that being in communication. And it could manipulate what I was seeing. It was a very upsetting experience. Basically the meeting was a meeting that they wanted to deliver a message to the sphere being alliance. They wanted to be allowed to leave the solar system, to get past the outer barrier. To negotiate being able to do this, they offered to hand over all of their lower caste reptilian servants, as well as their human servants.

Jimmy: Did he speak, or was this done telepathically?

Corey: It was done telepathically.

Jimmy: Help me understand here. If he’s 14 feet tall and you’re 6 feet, then you’re looking at his kneecap, virtually, right?

Corey: (laughs) It wasn’t his kneecap I was looking at.

Jimmy: Right, right. (Laughs) Ok, you’re looking up at him, what was his face like? His eyes? What did he smell like? What was this experience like?

Corey: Well, we are programmed. We have this deep programming, and I don’t care how many times we run into reptilians, there’s a genetic programming that humans have, that make us scared or leery of them. As many times as you run into them, you still have this visceral reaction like the first time.

And the smell. They have this pungent, musky, urine-y, horrid smell to them. It’s just thick. It stays on you.

Jimmy: I’m just imagining an albino 14 foot alien staring down at you. Did he put you into a trance? Is that the word I’m trying to find here?

Corey: You know, I don’t know if I would call it a trance, but he took over my conscious state.

Jimmy: Right. He took control of you. And that was the message that he hit you with. He was trying to work a deal.

Corey: Right.

Jimmy: And what did he offer up?

Corey: That the royal caste would offer up all of the castes below them to, would hand them over to, whatever benevolent ETs were here, or the human space programs. They would hand over these lower castes, if they would be allowed to leave the solar system.

Jimmy: And when you say lower castes, are you insinuating that he had slaves? Human slaves? Earthlings?

Corey: Well, yes, human slaves, but they have a caste system. They have multiple ET groups that they work with. And within each group they have social castes.

Jimmy: Did he have a harem?

Corey: Yeah, he had some young blonde women that were obviously his slaves.

Jimmy: Wow. Wow. Did you see them? Were they there?

Corey: Yeah, they were standing a little bit behind him, and behind his legs. They had been sprayed with whatever this musky stuff is, and they smelled horrible as well. But as we were leaving, we were able to communicate with him: as a good faith gesture, please hand over the humans you have with you. And we were able to take them with us.

Jimmy: Ok, so now, obviously, you’ve been given a deal, an offer. Did you immediately leave? What did you do with the information? And what was his answer?

Corey: Very soon after I was brought back, I was picked up by one of these blue spheres and was taken before the blue avians. It was obvious from the very beginning that they were not going to accept this deal. But fortunately they, uh, I refused to ever meet any of those beings again after that encounter. And fortunately I was not the one to be sent to deliver that bad news.

Jimmy: This guy was not a good dude. You were given his name. But you never want to say this out loud again. Why is that?

Corey: When it comes to some of these negative groups like the Reptilians, the more you put them in your consciousness, the more it put you in theirs. And they are very psychic beings. If I give the name out, some people are going to start calling the name out, or start praying to it or conjure up things with the name, you know, it’s just a better idea not to put the name out there. There’s a lot of speculation that it is Enlil or Enke. It’s not that. It’s really a very middle eastern sounding kind of name.

Jimmy: Whatever happened to the dude who had to go back with the bad news?

Corey: I do not know how that news was delivered.

Jimmy: Do you know how the news was TAKEN? Because obviously he was denied, right? So he’s still here.

Corey: Well, I think it was denied without their being told it was denied, but at the same time this news got out among the lower ranks of the Draco, the human group, the Committee of 200 group and so forth. And it was causing them to freak out quite a bit. So after there was not an immediate acceptance of the Draco offer, and the Draco saw that they had a big mess to clean up amongst the people that served them, it just became a sort of non-issue, I suppose.

Jimmy: I’ve got literally 100 questions that have come in during the show. Let’s get to these as quick as possible. So let’s start here: Does Corey know anything about the alien/US battles in Greenland in the 1950s?

Corey: The ET battles in Greenland in the 1950s? No, I don’t have anything specific about a battle going on between the US and non-terrestrials during that time period, no.

Jimmy: OK, fair enough. Comment on the plan now to introduce humanity to a benevolent ET group.

Corey: The intelligence up until the late 90s was that they were going to use this blue beam technology to fake an alien invasion, end it was indeed a plan at one time. Display holograms, and then put up actual secret spacecraft, to cause a ruse. Well that was exposed to a degree, to where it was no longer a viable operation. But they had used this technology in smaller theaters of war, such as Iraq and others to where they had convinced people that their deities or religious figures were up in the clouds, communicating with them, that they should surrender or whatever. It was very effective in the smaller theaters. The plan that was developed well after the late 1990s was that they were going to introduce to us one of these human looking nonterrestrials, that has been interacting with the government for some time. This nonterrestrial group would be introduced to humanity, and this nonterrestrial group would introduce us to their belief system, which is kinda going to be kind of a cosmic esoteric world religion that humanity would flock to. And we’re going to be convinced that all the ETs out there are positive, and that we have nothing to fear from them, so we are willing to give our sovereignty away and also to worship them and their belief system, which is what we’ve been socially and genetically programmed to do from the beginning.

Jimmy: Does Corey know the limits of the SSP time travel capabilities?

Corey: No, I do not. It turns out that from this “20 and back” program that they have been doing, they were traveling in time and getting different individuals, and putting them in the “20 and back” and then shipping them back in time to earlier time periods than we would think possible.

Jimmy: OK here we go. We need a deep-earth update. Any new information on that front? Anshar, etc.

Corey: Other then a few short meetings with them, no, there’s not a whole lot of new information from the inner earth, but I hope to give a lot more information about the encounters I had through this video graphic novel that I’m producing with a lot of people right now.

Jimmy: Ok, very cool. On a scale of 1 to 10, how urgent and important does Corey think it is, to stock up on food and water and prep?

Corey: I think that it’s a very good idea to have that as soon as possible, if you are financially able to do that, of course. There are a lot of different Earth changes, a lot of different things that are going to occur, some civil unrest here and there, a lot of it manipulated. Some of it has to do with the energetic changes we are going through. And when it comes to having those types of supplies, it’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

Jimmy: Has Corey ever encountered information about the “second coming” and how might it relate to ascension?

Corey: I have not received information through the space programs about that. A lot of this stuff also I have to postulate like everyone else. So, I wish I had all the answers.

Jimmy: Have you ever heard of the Hillen Cotter or the Lemay? Yes you have, you’ve seen the illustrations.

Corey: Yes I’ve seen the illustrations.

Jimmy: Ask Corey if Micca’s people are third or fourth density?

Corey: They are fourth density. And basically they’re still in transition. Just like we’re third-fourth density transition right now.

Jimmy: Will there be a major ET event, not a sighting, but an event in the next 24 months?

Corey: I do not know. I know that the powers-that-be are trying to do a fast track on unrolling this partial disclosure for us, to where they’re going to let us know about the secret space program that I told you about, with the two space stations. And part of the narrative is that they’re going to introduce us to a very human looking nonterrestrial group. But at what time stamp in this plan they’re going to do that, I have no idea.

Jimmy: Have you been in contact with other members of the SSP like Tony Rodriguez of the Dark Fleet and Randy Cramer?

Corey: No, I’ve not worked with either of those two individuals.

Jimmy: Could Corey comment on the latest WikiLeaks scandal involving emails. Oh, this is about Pizzagate. I’m going to skip that. No Pizzagate on this show. I want people to know I’m reading everything. I’m not censoring anything, unless it says Pizzagate.

Are the blue spheres that visit, the same as the blue avians?

Corey: Are the blue avians and the blue spheres the same thing? No, they’re not the same thing. Blue avians are a sixth density group, and blue spheres are actually what they say are ninth density beings. And they are all working together.

Jimmy: Raw Tear Eir contacted you in a sphere, right? When he grabbed you, were you riding with him when you left your livingroom? You meet with the blue avians inside of the blue sphere?

Corey: The sphere is a different being, and we appear inside of it to have communication, as if it were a spacecraft, I guess you would say, or a dwelling. When I arrived in one of these giant blue spheres, there is this type of porcelain floor that appears and then I’m walking on a floor that is not attached to anything, that is floating in the middle of the sphere, walking around on this crystalline like floor.

And I have meetings with other beings and people that have been brought there as well, including the blue avians.

Jimmy: When I see the name Raw Tear Eir, I immediately think of Egypt, and I think of Ra. Have you asked him? Is he one and the same?

Corey: Yes, they were very heavily involved with several of our civilizations in the past and they came down to deliver messages, and each time they delivered a message, we turned it into a religion, distorted it. But yes they made contact with us, including the Sumerians and Egyptians.

Jimmy: So is there a connection? Raw and Ra.

Corey: There appears to be, yes.

Jimmy: Was the Star Wars program in the 1980s partial disclosure of the SSP?

Corey: It was more a partial disclosure of a cosmic awareness and a, I guess, cosmic mindset, and how things sort of have occurred over thousands of years.

So in a way, yes, other than the fact that the big carrier ships looked a lot like the Dark Fleets, most of the disclosure was just letting us in on their belief systems and what is kind of going on out there in the cosmos.

Jimmy: Could you comment on honeycomb Earth?

Corey: Yes, The Honeycomb Earth. The Earth is a lot more porous than what we’ve been told. Various groups, over the millennia, have retreated into this porous part of the Earth, where they are shielded from all the catastrophes and changes that occur on Earth. But also they are shielded from the Sun and the cosmic rays.

Jimmy: Is there anything positive you can say about ET? What is your plan for the future with disclosure, and what would the aftermath be like?

Corey: Yes, there’s a lot to say positive about nonterrestrials.

For the most part, most of them are good. Most of them would love to interact with us and assist us through a lot of our challenges that we have ahead of us. And for the future of disclosure, I hope to be amongst everyone else pushing for a full disclosure narrative, while they are unrolling this partial disclosure as we speak. They are already starting to show a lot of their SSP craft in the skies, Mainly what you’re going to see during the day are these big white orbs, that are just giant coronas that are surrounding the craft.

Jimmy: Is the Mayan breakaway group here to assist humanity? And if so, how? Are they in contact with us now?

Corey, They are not, per se, in contact with us now. Their stance is that once we take care of all these problems ourselves, they are ready and willing to come in and help us with the healing aspect.

Which is, it turned out, they help a lot of people with the emotional healing.

(2:26:48–go to break to 2:30:17)

Jimmy: OK welcome back to Fade to Black. Now Corey, I’m going to get through the rest of these really quick. I’m reading these as they are coming in. Please ask Corey if the earth is flat.

Corey: The earth is absolutely not flat. When I’ve been out there, all I’ve seen is spherical geometry. I’ve not seen any of these domes that are being talked about. That was a thought experiment that was put out a while ago, and it’s just taken on a life of its own.

Jimmy: It just won’t go away. It’s so funny. What does Corey know about Halcyon? Are there any ET’s there, and are they compatible with Draco?

Corey: I don’t have that specific of information on any one star system, about who is inhibiting it and what their relationship is with the Draco.

Jimmy: Is there any racism that goes on in the Federation?

Corey: Well, it’s all perspective. What we see as racism, they see as keeping their genetic experiments pure and separate from one another. You know they come in and develop a lot of spiritual or social type of control mechanisms, to where you’re not allowed to date outside of your race. You hear Biblical tales where people are told to go in and kill every other person of that race and don’t take any as their wife. These things all helped spring the roots of racism amongst us, of course, but it’s a part of an experiment for them, and from their perspective, they don’t see that as anything negative.

Jimmy: Does Corey have any intel about fires burning at cabal bases in the eastern part of the United States?

Corey: There are a number of bases that have been under attack all over the world. There was one I was told recently in Nigeria, deep under Nigeria, that was destroyed. I have not heard of any that have open flames coming from them. I have not been briefed that that is occurring.

Jimmy: Do aliens and ETs keep black agendas from one another?

Corey: Absolutely. A lot of these groups work loosely together but they have their own agendas, their own intelligence, and they do not share it with each other.

Jimmy: Does Trump know about ET contact? Do you think he’s been exposed at this point?

Corey: I think he knows that it exists. I don’t think he’s had firsthand exposure yet, but he most likely will.

Jimmy: Do you think he’s part of the cabal? And if he is not, do you think he will do anything to prosecute the cabal?

Corey: He is not, absolutely not.

He has been backed by this earth alliance and the military factions within the US government that have been fighting the cabal. So he is a very interesting individual, not someone that, I guess, is huggy kissy kind of thing that we would like. He is by nature uncontrollable by the powers that be, and the alliance can’t really control him either.

Jimmy: when you met with the tall royal white Draco, was there anybody else there that you recognized, any politicians?

Corey: When Gonzales had a meeting with the same being later on, yes, there was a very prominent person that specially spoke to him.

Jimmy: Was it Henry Kissinger?

Corey: It very well could be, from the description. That’s as close as I’m going to get.

Jimmy: Wow! Wow! You know what, I’m reading these questions on my cards and I’m, like, come on. OK. Let’s see… when we are talking about the Draco, we’ve seen a lot of artists’ representations and renderings, from you and others, but what do these beings actually look like, the skin texture, the eyes? Can you describe that for us?

Corey: They look like snakes. I mean they look like reptiles. There’s really no better way to sum it up. Their eyes they’ll be yellow with spots of other colors in them, including red. Vertical slits. Their skin: Some of them have a larger scales. Some of them have real tight scales like snakes do. And there are different types of Reptilians.

Jimmy: Has any member of your family seen the blue orb that you travel in?

Corey: No.

Jimmy: OK. What does Corey think about Cobra’s recent update about the end of artificial intelligence?

Corey: I actually have not heard it or looked at it. I have no idea what it entails. All I know is the artificial intelligence, from my intelligence, the AI threat is going to be taken care of in this solar flash, as I reported some month’s ago. (2:37:25)

Jimmy: Do you know anything about the black knight satellite?

Corey: Well, there have been a number of satellites, that have been labeled the black knight. They’ve had satellites that have come into our solar system, orbiting the earth for a while and left and then returned. They’ve had some that have changed position, their orbit around the earth, moved it to more of a polar orbit, geo-stational orbit, that is much further away from the surface of the earth, but there are a number of different nonterrestrial satellites that have been observing us over the years.

Jimmy: If we have an astral experience, are we of similar appearance and other dimensions to them of higher density?

Corey: I don’t quite understand the question, but a lot of people, when it comes to densities and dimensions, they really have a hard time wrapping their minds around it. Higher density beings are not invisible. We don’t reach through them. They’re not completely of a different frequency, to where their matter does not interact with our matter. Just like we have first and second density beings on this planet, you know: animals, viruses, worms, whatever, we can physically interact with those, and it works the same, as you go up the different levels of density. The higher density being basically has a higher vibratory consciousness state. And because they have this consciousness state, they are able to control matter, including the matter of their own bodies.

Jimmy: So they could pass through, pass through us, pass through walls, that’s all a science fiction way of looking at it.

Corey: They have a consciousness type technology, most of these fourth density beings do.They have technology that’s consciousness-based. But if they are in the room with us, you’re going to be able to see them and touch them. It’s not some sort of, where you’re going to magically walk through each other and they’re on a different frequency: That’s not really how it works.


Jimmy: What do you think about this year 2016? What do we have to look forward to next year? What have you been told about both?

Corey: Well, I’m happy to see 2016 go. The election process was just horrible. But you know, for the future, it is what we make of it. We are a collective consciousness that has forgotten that we’re one being, and the little fragmented pieces of this being, that are our individual selves, are co-creating our future together. And so our future is up to us. It’s what we want. If we put it out into the universe that we want a positive experience, we’re going to co-create that together.

Jimmy: I want to thank you my brother. Thank you for coming forward and hanging out with us.

Corey: Thank you.

Source: https://sitsshow.blogspot.ch/2016/12/transcript-fade-to-black-jimmy-church-with-corey-goode-the-ssp-and-interstellar-war-november-29th-2016.html#more

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  1. Thank you for this interview, I believe Corey Goode is a genuine guy. I’m a bit amazed that Jimmy Church isn’t informed about what’s been brought out about the history of SSP, by Robert Dean and those of “the old boys” interviewed by Project Camelot since 2008. All of these “veterans” present the same story, about the SSP starting around the early forties, in America. With the WW2 preparation in Germany in the background. Also dr. Steven Greer is in the know about this. He knows about evil intentions in certain areas related to the ET subject. I believe he chooses to focus on positive encounters with ET races and forgot to make that clear. That may be a naive statement of mine, I am aware of that. Anno 2016 the history of SSP and many locations on planet Earth, seem to be almost present out in the open, on the public stage, for those who like to explore and study deeper.

    Of course, I don’t expect everybody to know of all info that is present these days, but Project Camelot and Avalon are the main alternative media who have delivered tons of info about this subject, by publishing interviews with those that are in the know, by their position as super soldiers or military personel with high ranks. At least, for comparence, regarding the history of SSP, for those of you wanting to dive deeper, there’s a library of goodies in the Project Camelot and – Avalon – archives.


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