TZ here; No doubt everyone agrees with Cobra’s wish for 2017. We Lightworkers are the light and it may be good to remind ourselves that we have chosen to be Light / Love holders at this time and how that entails our continued effort to leave our old programming / patterns / traumas etc. behind us and actually BE more the light that we truly are at our core.

Never has this been more important than now.

Focus on our balance is paramount at this time. Cobra has shown us through his unwavering ongoing effort for soon to be 5 years that the way forward does not come through arguing or speaking derogatorily of another but through patient, calm communication with others. Cobra is the voice of the RM whose goal is the liberation of this planet from the dark forces.

We would all do well to emulate Cobra’s never ending trust in that Victory of the Light is a given and it will take place at the perfect moment in time. All the signs are pointing towards great progress being made now and no doubt there are amazing things taking place every single day behind the scenes, that we cannot be informed about for obvious reasons. Let us live in hope and trust that “the fulfillment of the Mothers (Goddess) Plan” will finally take place in 2017.

Each of us has the same goal in mind i.e. full disclosure, the removal of the cabal and their corrupt financial system, liberation from slavery and abundance for all of mankind with the arrival of that final tsunami Wave of Love energy that will completely wipe away the remnants of the Net/Web/Veil and bring us to the dawn of a New True Renaissance time on Gaia. All of this and more are part and parcel of The Event and the way to speed up the arrival of that goal is by agreeing to synchronize and align in spirit with one another in the spirit of the Resistance Movement. When we hold that focus in unity we simply cannot fail.

Victory of the Light!

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  1. Thank you, Therese. Cobra’s wish for Jan. 1st, my birthday, was timely.
    I had to chew on a challenging situation and found light, to “clear the sky”.
    This was a strong reminder of my favorite motto, learned by experience:

    “There’s not much that is so liberating, as a change of attitude and to see the world with changed eyes”

    I wish you and Cobra a beautiful new year 2017, filled with light and blessings.
    Thank you so much for all the work you do and your continuing support and trailblazing.


  2. I feel deep gratitude for the work of the resistance movement, thank you friends, thank you cobra, thanks to all, which made that possible, where we stand today. From my current viewpoint, 2017 will be THE MOST SPREADING IN HUMAN HISTORY SO FAR UP TO THIS TIME! When we will start to say: “I was not think, that better will be possible, and then “this better” went to become even more, because now we are becoming more complete then ever. We learn creating from a whole new perspective. From the UNITY inside of us. Self and Human united!

  3. BTW You don’t have to wait for a large wave of love energy, because I have been connected to the love energy that comes through GAIA everyday, because I have lived on a magnetic volcanic rock or a mountain forest all my life, and know precisely what that divine feminine love energy is, that I coined within my own state of being back in 1973.

    It is in a very real sense, the heart of how energy in the pure essence of unconditional love and spirit, allows us to live in peace, love, harmony and balance, in mutual collaboration and benefit, for all life in the Cosmos.

    Particularly when we are living in a natural living system in which you can connect directly with Goddess GAIA’s harmonic wave frequency of love, that I have felt my whole life.

    It is the artificially created environment that man creates, along with a saturation of being hammered with WIFI, and Smart-Phone, HAARP and other antennae arrays of signals, that try and drown out the natural harmonic of GAIA.

    Living in a large population center is by far the most contaminated wave frequency environment we can live in, and why so many people are having so much illness and disease.
    We have 50% of all children and adolescents in America now, who have chronic disease and illness.
    That’s a crime against humanity.

    What pray-tell can you think of, that facilitates more human joy, happiness and fulfillment, when we cultivate meaningful relationships, that foster our ability to self-actualize into our reality, our intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual enlightenment and maturity, that allows us to be welcome into higher spiritual domains in which other living beings, live in harmony, balance and nirvana, that we are capable of realizing.

    Energy will always seek the path of least resistance.

    My cohorts and I during the first modern wave of resistance(resistor in the field of electrical and magnetic energy circuits) in 1963 that was born out of the “Freedom of Speech” movement at UC Berkeley, that eventually morphed into Anarchist, agrarian and egalitarian communities.

    We started the first wave of unplugging ourselves from the field of human-energy, that we could feel was having an effect on us by lowering our own vibration, and the insanity of a pathway of genocide and ecocide, and why every living natural systems, is in a rapid state of decline.

    And why massive global resistance at this point is critical, if we honestly expect to leave our children and future generations of children with a world worth living in, let alone survive in at this point.

  4. The fulfillment will be in this year 2017, I don’t have any doubt. Cobra I thank you for all the work you have done and continue to do and wish you strength and joy !

  5. All heart and soul in the spirit of the Resistance Movement movement.Thank you so much very dear Cobra. A happy new era. Victory of the light , love and peace forever more.Namastey

  6. As I say, many times every day, “We didn’t come this far to only come this far.” Your message gives me hope to press on, forward and upward; to continue to hold the Light and to do my best to infect all of those around me with a high frequency Love wherever I might engender or manifest it. Thank you for the words of encouragement TZ, and thank you, Cobra, for your Love, Light, and so many patient and unwavering efforts to guide, direct and advance us all; Namastè. Victory to the Light; indeed.

  7. The liberation of Gaia from the cabal is indeed imminent to succeed,raising the vibrations of love will effect this great transition.The remnants of the cabal is but laid bare for the conscious to celebrate their annihilation once and for all.Thanks Cobra.
    Victory of the light.


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