Ask not how it could happen; ask why it doesn’t happen more often. I have heard eyewitness accounts of NAZI concentration camps just after liberation in 1945.

I have seen haunting photos of bulldozers piling-up mountains of naked human corpses. In NAZI Germany, this was all legal.

The NAZIs simply passed laws that legalized murder and nobody challenged them because dissent was impossible.

California now legalizes murder under Senate Bill 277 – and too few challenge it because dissent is nearly impossible.


You’ll know it’s a Holocaust once you realize how powerless you are to challenge it.

Holocaust is not a German phenomenon; it’s a human phenomenon. Last century, it happened in the land of Schiller, Goethe and Beethoven, and today, it happens in the land of football, beer, and gambling.

Humanity has made no progress since 1945. In the name of unbridled capitalism, we Americans have kept the world at war since 1945, which means there’s been no progress in the understanding of one’s fellow man.

And fascism now comes home to roost.

But our American brand of fascism differs from German-style fascism; theirs grew out of poverty and desperation, while ours, curiously enough, emerges from corporate prosperity.

But in the final analysis, all totalitarian regimes are based on the same thing – the raw power of the state to kill with impunity.

The State of California now asserts the raw power to inject your children – with whichever chemicals, bacteria, and viruses they deem necessary – and you have no right to “informed consent,” which means (1) no right to be apprised of the risk and (2) no ability to opt-out.

And despite the obvious fact that all vaccines carry an appreciable degree of risk, the state refuses to apprise you of those risks precisely because you have no right to opt-out. That’s why they call it “mandatory” vaccination.

The doctrine of “informed consent” pertains only to elective medical procedures; but where the procedure is mandatory, as with SB 277, “informed consent” goes out the window.

Mandatory vaccination is much like “selective service” – your child is drafted, against your will, and forced to join the Army and carry a rifle to fight the War on Measles – and you must accept the risk that your child may get shot down in the defense of the nation.

And when they begin with mandatory childhood anti-cancer vaccination, don’t be surprised to see Congress issuing gold stars to parents whose children have fallen in the War on Cancer.

SB277 offers no “informed consent” to children for the same reason that selective service offers no “informed consent” to soldiers drafted into the military, i.e., in both instances, everybody knows that death or great bodily harm is a distinct possibility.

But when America fights ideological wars, e.g., War on Terrur, War on Measles, etc., “informed consent” is abolished in the name of the greater good whose right to security and comfort are paramount to an individual’s right to life.

Today’s doctors don’t care whether you consent to mandatory medical procedures any more than NAZI doctors cared about whether the Jews consented to mandatory medical procedures – because in both instances, “forcible” means they force it upon the individual – against the individual’s will – regardless of whether he or she consents.

When they gassed people in the concentration camps, NAZI law required that only medical doctors could pull the lever releasing the deadly Zyklon-B gas.

NAZI law assigned to doctors the actual task of killing because, under NAZI law, the act of mass murder in the gas chamber was conveniently deemed to be a “medical procedure.”

More curious still, in America, we purposely avoid calling vaccination a “medical procedure” specifically because, in order to achieve high vaccination rates, we allow any Tom, Dick or Harry to administer vaccines.

And don’t forget, in America, you have no right to sue for vaccination-gone-wrong, so there’s really no need to bother having a trained medical professional administer the vaccines.

If an unskilled vaccinator pierces the wrong portion of your deltoid muscle, (upper arm), and paralysis ensues, then – oh well! You cannot sue for “negligent needle placement” any more than you can sue for ASD or GBS.

SB277 is for us the proverbial “handwriting on the wall” that too many Jews missed back in NAZI Germany. And sadly, for the keenly aware among us – who see that handwriting on the wall – where are they to go?

To which nation shall they emigrate? The sad truth is, there’s nowhere to go because Obama’s vaccine mandate has gone global.

And when they start herding anti-vaxxers into FEMA Camps, there will be no Gen. George S. Patton and no Third Army to come to our rescue…

Remember, it didn’t begin with gas chambers in NAZI Germany; it began when people grew desensitized, intolerant of opposing views, mindlessly obedient to authority, and totally willing to follow orders instead of their own conscience.

It begins when folks willingly turn a blind eye to injustice – so long as their own paycheck continues uninterrupted.

Fascism lay not around the corner – it’s here. Right now. The American Holocaust has begun.

No, you won’t see any swastikas. We don’t need to build Dachaus and Auschwitzes because the mass media builds concentration camps in the mind – which are far more effective for controlling humans and getting them to march in lockstep.

No, we won’t wake-up one morning and suddenly find ourselves in gray, wool uniforms, goose-stepping off to work; but this is not the point.

The point is:  what happens to the individual who dissents? In Nazi Germany, he or she was physically destroyed, like Sophie Scholl, a 22-year old college student, brutally beheaded by NAZIs. (“Denken Sie daran, die weiße Rose.”)

Today in America, the process is more subtle; but the end always justify their means.

We all know it’s true – this is no longer the dreamland America in which we were born or in which we once believed. And to make matters worse, there’s a population explosion, which serves only to lessen our commitment to the sanctity of individual liberties and human life.

Add to that, a perpetual gov’t budget crisis, with far less resources for individual rights, and the feedback loop begins in earnest. Fascism only encourages more fascists.

Nowadays, our lawmakers deceive the public as if it were the natural prerogative of their office.

Today, we live in a brave, new Orwellian world where the individual exists for the state and the well-being of the greater good justifies each and every immoral act the state hurls towards the individual.

Aldous Huxley Brave New World and George Orwell’s 1984 are available on

We have reached a time in our country – similar to what life must have been like in 1930s NAZI Germany – except we don’t realize it because American Fascism wears the smiling disguise of liberal democracy.

The state makes you believe that you live in the best of all possible worlds – so long as the state remains in total control over every aspect of your life.

The state dispenses life, liberty, and happiness – so long as everyone accepts that the state is paramount to the individual, that the greater good is paramount to human conscience, and that the state has the raw power to kill with impunity.

Too few young people today remember the Holocaust. Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. But those of us who DO remember it are condemned to sit by helplessly and watch everyone else repeat it.

Ignorance is not strength – it’s just sad. War is not peace – war is over if you want it. And freedom is not slavery – unless you go along with it. Live vaccine free! #ResistNow

Attorney T. Matthew Phillips and are now suing to stop mandatory vaccination in California.  Note: any mention of this lawsuit is forbidden in the lame-stream media – because their ad revenue comes from drug companies – who forbid news outlets from mentioning this lawsuit!  Just say “No!” to censorship – tell others about this lawsuit!




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  1. Holocaust denial is illegal by law in Germany. The truth needs no law. It tolerates all objection and stands all inquiry. In marked contrast to the lie. Only 15% of all of my tax money paid for “Jewish suffering” ended up in the victims pocket (read Holocaust Industry by Jewish Norman Finkelstein, who was after publishing never again hired as a professor). The rest was cashed in by “Jewish Claims Conference”.
    While Dresden attack on German civilians up until this day is not recognized as a war crime, even by our own government. We have an oppressive Government in Germany, installed by the parasites, you know who I mean. International Jews, read Churchill:

    Let me repeat that, in a Christian country, I am allowed to deny / denounce Christ but not the Holocaust. If you think this is in order, you need to get your head checked. An understanding of Germany or German, requires both. Thus critique without being in command of the language is invalid, because it is dependent on secondary material produced by the winner, who happens to write history. So in the future, it is wise to understand, that WHAT you understand as history, is simple Main Stream Media in time-lapse. They lied back then as much as today. As for the press of the news, and the press of money. Two presses, one owner. The same is btw true for all media, Hollywood, Bolshevism (communism = 100 mio death), immigration to US and EU (see 1965 nationality and immigration act by jews). Fed and all banks, google, facebook, amazon, wikipedia, etc. all in Jewish hands. Same is true for all founding father of the Frankfurt school who sneaked in communism through the back door of minority politics. The idea of the “impossible equality” can be found in all of his offspring: social justice (equality between rich and poor), multiculturalism (equality between black and white in destruction of the white), feminism (equality between man and women, effectively birth control primarily for white women and to make mens’ lifes miserable), gender mainstreaming (equality between normal and degenerates), degenerate arts which is pretty much all media today (equality between art and filfth).

    You will need to face reality if you want to change it. And you can be sure, that they will have installed strong emotional barriers in you to resist this information, through ideas they have planted in your mind, through music, news, movies, press, porn, etc. Thus it is not really your rational mind that will produce resistance against what I say, but your emotions, are then followed by “rationalisation”: making rational arguments out of emotions. Quite wicked.

  2. i say it is brilliant by design, we are here to find out who would stand and who would not, i am sorry to say 9 1/2 out of 10 will not stand, but they will help hold you down and place it in you themselves. which was the purpose of earth, you see we found ourselves at a fork in the road in heaven, too many people were willing to follow the wrong guy, so the only will fix was to first prove you in fact were one that would hold another down and force anything ask on them if the price was right. earth had just the price tag we needed and reasons and all. the fact no one is sure there is life after death, fear forces them to hold on to life and the same fool want it as plush as possible.
    for me, give me death over any such rule even if i stand at the top of it!!! well folks we know who is who, meaning what you will do when your turn comes or if you are ask. everyone has been run through earth over the past 6ooo years and the ending is a grand finale! i will make you this promise, any of you will to trust me. there is life after death, but only for those not willing to force you rule onto another. the single rule in the kingdom to come is love one another. we have come to the end of this road, a few move on but the number is terrible low. YOU HAVE A SAY IN WHERE YOU GO, THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS. CHOSE TO DIE INSTEAD OF KILLING ANOTHER AT ANY PRICE and i shall see you there, in paradise, half of paradise is the people who live there. and no i don’t care if you believe me! what your fixing to do mattered and is being seen and you will stand in account for it. it don’t matter if you believe me, it does not make it untrue.

  3. Despite the assertion that “Obama’s vaccine mandate has gone global”, there is no mandatory vaccination in the UK. Doctors put pressure on parents to vaccinate, but we have the right to refuse. I’m in the fortunate position that my children haven’t been vaccinated against anything, and yes, they are,amongst the fittest and healthiest kids in their school.

  4. Thank you for the courage, the lucidity of expression, and for being honorable human being who cares about the well being of his fellowmen/women.
    In this day and age one must never take for granted such qualities when observed in others. And I am NOT being sarcastic. Just honest and glad.
    Ayelet H. Zimmerman.


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