Human nature is not what we have been told.

I couldn’t contain my excitement while watching this video because this is what I have always felt to be true. Not to mention it is now backed by a legitimate study!

world. It is believed that we are inherently greedy and that money is our primary source of motivation, whether it is to do good or not so good stuff. Yet my intuition always told me that modern society has nothing to do with human nature but instead with human CONDITIONING.

Think about it: it takes on average 20 years, starting from a very early age, to shape us into so-called “functional members of society” at school. And why not add a daily dose of “television programming” into the mix? Our education and media both train us to believe that making money and consuming is our reason for being alive. But just how natural is it to value pieces of paper more than the health of the planet we live on? How natural is it to spend a lifetime working at repetitive jobs we don’t like simply to make money to survive? Is there more to life than this? I absolutely believe so.

Enjoy this awesome RSA Animate adapted from a Dan Pink’s talk.

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  1. Great video with these fast drawings illustrating our acrobatics and juggling with money or as a volunteer, earning an income and/or finding satisfaction. My friends who’re starting a new bank in Holland will be very happy with this, for they’re organising a system called United People, where members can buy certificates and the money is invested in co-operations that work for the wellbeing of people who are part of this co-operation and those who buy the product. This bank is going to work without the concept of interest.

    The investments are, for example, in farmer’s co-operatives with members working the land and taking a part of the harvest home, selling it on farmer-markets and in the farmshop or other village shops. Serving the local thriving of economy, enjoying a sense of belonging and community, partly working also with volunteers who are retired or free from work due to sickness or disability, still capable of working with their hands or by being of service in some form. Planting seeds is a simple task and very rewarding to people in emotional turmoil.

    Barter and trade, the closer it is to the basics of life and our senses, our physicality and that of planet Earth, also joining the elements, the easier it becomes. Look at nomadic tribes, they travel, create, barter and trade.
    This is what wakes me up and lights my fire and it’s what I work for in Britain, in the countryside, with so much farmland around and beauty of nature, rivers and the sea, in Devon.

  2. Thank you, Edward Morgan!
    I’ve lived without money for a while, it’s a liberating feeling, also to have some, at times, depending on the situation lol But it’s truly amazing how relative the value of money is and the cosmic humour in our present time is, that the banking system has stopped lying about it. They’ve begun to tell it as it is: 97% of the money on our planet is digital, based on debt-contracts and 3 % is notes and coins, real money in our real world of… things for sale.

    In the 45th minute of this video, with Simon Parkes and Kerry Cassidy, money and the nature of our money system is discussed. It’s a very informative interview from begin to end, a worthwhile listening:


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