9 thoughts on “PFC-China and Cobra Interview – Jan 11, 2017”

  1. Hi,

    Person, who hesitates to send Cobra reports (burying chintamani stones, or offering land for the contact zone), use following templates.

    “Burying chintamani stones / DT tachyon clystals”

    1. If you buried one…
    (Add four pictures, of course!)

    Title: Burying a chintamani stone / a DT tachyon crystal


    I buried a chintamani stone / a DT tachyon crystal. The location is 00.00000 N, 000.00000 W. (Using google earth, determine latitude and longitude, you buried)

    Your Name (If you don’t mind)

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    2. If you buried two or more…

    Title: Burying chintamani stones / DT tachyon crystals


    I buried chintamani stones / DT tachyon crystals. The locations are 00.00000 N, 000.00000 W, and 00.00000 N, 000.00000 W, and …

    Your Name

    “Land for the contact zone”

    Title: Land for the contact zone


    I can offer you land for the contact zone. The location is 00.00000 N, 000.00000 W.

    Your name

    Cobra send you back a message around a week, whether your land has been accepted or not. (NOT within 24 hours!)

    It seems that he doesn’t care about who you are. (That means, you probably DON’T have to tell him your real name.)

    To authorities,
    If above template is useful, please fix terrible grammar and typos (…) , and share it with non-English speaking countries. (Russia, Brazil, Japan, etc; countries you fell guided)

  2. my computer told me the site was malware and I went anyways – no problems encountered
    I feel this is an especially good interview, the Chinese asked some very good and very direct questions

  3. When I try the link…it states the site has been suspended……I’m starting to think there is a war on access to truthful info online…..Just my opinion and guess….because this site is not the first to say to me I cannot access…..

  4. English transcript also available here in the Japan PFC website:

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