Our meditation on Sunday was the turning point in the decisive battle for the energy grid of planet Earth that is taking place between January and April 2017, and one of the biggest victories of the Light. It is estimated that our meditation has cut the remaining waiting time towards the Event by half.

The critical mass has been more than reached. Somewhere between 1 and 2 million people were informed about the meditation with around 150,000 to 200,000 people actually participating. There were so many people meditating that the server for one of the main websites for the meditation crashed because too many people tried to connect and join the meditation.

I first noticed that something extraordinary is happening around 2 hours before the activation when I began to receive certain intel of a critically important nature, parts of which I will be able to release in the following weeks and months. Then less than one hour before the activation it became obvious that we will reach the critical mass and I was instructed to communicate that through my blog just before the activation started.

At the moment of the activation, a huge wave of positive plasma swept throughout the solar system and then through the ionosphere, causing the Schumann resonances to explode.

This wave was detected by Space Observing System in Tomsk in Russia, where the activation happened at 9:55 pm local time. You can clearly see drastic increase of plasma activity starting around one hour after the activation and lasting for about 36 hours, if you click on the picture below:


This wave has effectively cleared most negative plasma from the Solar System and the Resistance has communicated that „they can not detect any plasma anomaly beyond the Moon orbit“. Also, all plasma toplet bombs beyond the Moon orbit have been removed.

It means that the „tentacles“ of the Yaldabaoth entity are gone forever and now only the „head“ remains.

Since our activation, healing of the „head“ of the Yaldabaoth entity is proceeding faster than expected.

Since our activation, Galactic Confederation forces have become very active inside the Moon orbit towards the Earth surface. It is not a coincidence that the next day Elon musk announced that he will send two people to the moon and back in 2018:


Galactic Confederation forces have taken absolute passive control over all communication satellites in geostationary orbit and relative passive control over communication satellites in Molniya orbit:


Passive control means that the Light forces can take over the satellite broadcast but will not do so because the Cabal would then retaliate to the hostage surface population. After the Event they will take active control, meaning they will actually use these satellites for TV broadcasts similar to this one.


The rift in the auric energy field above Congo has been sealed. This has triggered a positive chain reaction in the energy grid around the planet, causing the etheric and plasma Archons to start losing control fast, liberating all other important energy vortexes around the planet. This will finally bring world peace because all wars have their occult reason in negative etheric and plasma entities engineering war and possessing war leaders:


The leadership of Daesh is now confused and in shock, suddenly feeling lost without strategic military guidance of negative entities that possessed them before.

They are losing Mosul, the location of a very important Nineveh Goddess vortex.


The liberated Nineveh vortex has already yielded some important archeological discoveries:


They are also losing their remaining strongholds of the Syria pentagram.

They are losing Raqqa:


And Palmyra:



Although big victories have been achieved, the battle for planet Earth is not over yet and we need to keep pushing until the final liberation.

If you feel so guided, you can still join our Ascension Conference on March 11th and 12th in Taiwan:


Victory of the Light!

Source: http://2012portal.blogspot.ch/2017/03/etheric-liberation-report.html

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  1. A good way with dealing a confrontation is i give up trying to explain

    Their so confused

    Lets share something



    Yup decision is made

  2. I’m very pleased to read this update, I was very concerned when my tablet read only #100 people participated, evidently that was a technical snafoo. Let’s all just pray and focus on the Event, that it occurs soon. I have like many, put my thoughts heart prayers and soul into this effort for a long time, I can’t wait to see the fruits of our efforts unfold.
    Its maybe also worth noting a friend in Oklahoma US, having a ‘feeling’ to go outside that afternoon with his camera, video’ed what he described as “energies” shooting through the atmosphere, using a technique of polarized light filtration and of course digital technology. In the video, it looks like snow blowing in the wind but, sunny 60 degrees this was not snow…and he says he could not visibly see it. I don’t know what he caught but, it is an interesting side note.

  3. Thank you, DaNell for sharing. This is so beautiful; a welcomed relief. Let’s do it again, only even BIGGER!

  4. Oups I didn’t understand that we had to connect to the server to show we were meditating with you all. I meditate everyday and every time it is asked for but never went on the server for these occasions. I will do it next time.

    • Chris, if I may suggest, please use your own discernment what feels good for you. It’s never about the technical aspects to connect to the server, it’s not supposed to be an instruction as in “If you don’t you miss out”. If you intend to connect in spirit with all PFC members that are meditating, on the same hour and in the same manner, you’ll be part of this joined effort as well. To me, it’s not right to think that we’re doing okay only when we show up in the www as is suggested. Not that it’s bad, but to me it’s a false perception of connectedness as spirit knows no manuals, nor does it have a need for them.

    • I’ve left a comment for you, Chris, about your right to use discernment in freedom and to choose “to connect to the server to show we were meditating with you all” or not. To be clear, I know why it’s recommended, that’s not the point.

      But for the sake of your sovereignty and all that are present in this joined effort, here or elsewhere, bringing Heaven on Earth it shouldn’t be an obligation. It shouldn’t be about the technical details or digital gadgets, when it’s about making efforts to connect and co-create, as I perceive it.

      Your style of participation in the PFC meditations should be a free choice and participation in them as well, if that’s what feels good to you. It’s never the form, it’s your heart and intention that is key in your choice.

      When this or my former comment is chosen as not suitable by the moderators, I will immediately leave this place and detach myself from all that involves the work and presence of PFC and all its members, moderators, contributors and Cobra himself.

      I may be too hasty, thinking that this is what’s going to happen and I sincerely hope to be wrong in my somewhat rebellious stance of this day.

      • Yes you are too hasty. We appreciate you following PFC so closely and bringing a broad spectrum of additional information in your comments. Thank you for being part of PFC.

        • Thank you, Danell Glade, I sort of half felt I was. It’s a touchy subject for women, to be free in speaking up and let our voice be heard. It’s why I was hasty. My Higher Self is sparring with my Inner Child much and they rub shoulders about who’s going to stand up and speak first 🙂

  5. This sounds like the sweet music our ears have been longing to hear. Great post Danell !!! 🙂

    Much love and peace and …… Thank you all.

    Victory to the Light ….

  6. Shashwat pranam dear Cobra, we are guided indeed and as the Congo vortex has been healed its an unexplained feeling of extreme love and joy is going on now , even the physical body is somewhat confused but the I am inside is celebrating and will join the ascension meditation in Tiawan , if not physically present but our heart and soul will be there with all light workers for the meditations to finally free Mother Gaia to be in her true form , the New Mother Gaia, the New Sophia, Nova Earth, New Mahamaya, New Mahashakti and all in love, thus the physicality of all inhabitants will be new ,as transformed in the light of the enlightenment. JAI MATA KI . thank you. Victory of the light love and peace forever more. Namastey

  7. Therese Zumi here;
    My God! – dear readers we could not have better news than this! Now I understand why Cobra used the word EPIC in his short report about the etheric meditation. Enjoy this message in all of its amazing details and know that you will clearly start to see signs whether small or great all over Gaia that we are on the road to liberation and total Victory of the Light. Cobra mentioned that this epic meditation has cut the remaining waiting time before The Event in half. The Resistance Movement have ways of estimating ~ depending on the current situation ~ when The Event is most likely to take place. This type of estimation is of course classified for safety for the surface human population. SO the Resistance Movement are no doubt themselves amazed at the influence this meditation has had. This should encourage us all to continue every effort to affect a strong positive return of Light and Love ~ we can take note of Yeshua’s reminder yesterday that when we change our behavior the whole world changes. The weekly meditation on Sunday shall no doubt continue as long as necessary ~ we now have enormous evidence that meditation and etheric work generally moves mountains. Things are developing at an amazing speed now and NO-ONE person knows the Day or the Hour that Goddess/Mother will give the signal for The Master Plan (see Most Important Cobra articles on PFC or The Portal) to begin. Our greatest goal right now should be to connect with our I AM / Higher Self Presence and lovingly follow advice given as to how we best can move forward in Love for ourselves and others. In Love and Light to everyone TZ

  8. Thank-you from the depth of my soul for this information, Cobra, and to everyone who took part in this vital meditation – a clearly significant step towards the cherished vision of our planetary freedom.


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