TZ here; Recently Divine Mother encouraged us to become one with our divine authority and get going in playing our part in the Unfoldment of Her divine plan for this beautiful planet Gaia.

Today I am providing links to the following In-Light radio show where Archangel Michael discusses using our divine authority correctly and gives several examples of what the abuse / misuse of power can look like.
He discusses how use of our free will and divine authority work hand in hand. Michael discusses the essence of true power which is always Love.

He says; “Power. With that process, what I suggest and say to you is there is only one source of power. In the true sense, yes, like Yeshua speaks of true love, now let us speak of true power. Now what is the essence of power? What is the creative force, of source, of Mother, Father, One?

Well, if you have not heard us then you have not been listening. Because repeatedly and infinitely and eternally we will always say it is love………So it is with genuine power. This word as we have spoken of before, has been greatly abused, misused and certainly misunderstood until it has degenerated, in your language and many languages in the collective consciousness of humans, to almost a negative connotation. So, we want to resurrect this term of power because each of you, my beloved friends, are being invited to fully assume your power.”

For those readers that may wish to listen to this channeled message here is the link to the show:

For those who prefer to read the transcript of the show here is that link;

PS: As this is channeled material I am advised to ask for reader discretion.

Therese Zumi

Re-Post PFC 21st March 2017 at 1042 AM CET

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  1. Thank you, Therese Zumi, I’m happy to find this view on love, offered by Archangel Michael, as the most transformational force in all of creation. At least, to me it’s the only force available that has proven to truly work in my life experiences and on my life’s path. On the other side of the veil there maybe other forces, but here on planet Earth? Definitely LOVE.

    I’m often reminded by a little voice inside, telling me when I’m trying my wings, assuming my power while stumbling on old props. At times, presenting the Mother Superior or Brave Hero role I’ve acquired through many of my lives. Or the role of apprentice, Micky Mouse, in Fantasia, outsmarting the master
    and failing dramatically, due to not yet having mastered the laws of magic.

    It reminds me of moments in the Dutch part of my life, chatting with friends in after dinner banter, or the winding down after a workshop, sharing our achievements, experiences, in our spiritual growth.

    In high spirits we jokingly began to climb on our chairs to show our greatness and make grand gestures, bragging in jest. Others attempted to enlarge their victory with a humurous form of competition and it was great fun to show ourselves in this way to others, who we knew to be trustworthy, while climbing on each others shoulders and falling down on the floor in a heap of laughter and giggles.

    I think we’re not at all used to feeling the freedom and a sense of our own grandeur in a true and honest way and let it be true to ourselves and to the outside world. I’m not naive, thinking that assuming one’s power needs the company of technicolour, Bollywood and Oscars. Although I’m sure that some actors found themselves to become heroes in Disney world as a role model for children.

    That’s an inspirational side effect of our world of entertainment in neon light, grime and glamour.
    We can use anything to empower ourselves, as long as it works for us and respects all living beings.

  2. I watched this channeling the other day, and took what was said to heart. I recommend reading this or watching the video of the textural translation into audio below.

    The following was my reply after hearing this for the first time…

    Interesting, I have taken this seriously and i am adapting my perspective…

    I have been going through my day today in this state of contemplation, the scars of a history of observations, may not be the path of best “connection” to source, perhaps now is the time of personal transformation on my part… Wartorn, stepping off of a battleground, holds a field of ridigarity, as if the war may never end. My observations may be lower density because of it, although nous is within, there is also a paradigm of my life path attached…

    Love perhaps will show me, the proper connection. no longer in ego, but still in joy and care for others who share this journey with me…

    – Fates De Whynot


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