And be sure to realize, the people that need to ‘feed’ on others, like a vampire, those are people who are possessed with spirits. They must emotionally and mentally sustain themselves through validation for their perverse behavior and if they cannot receive that attention-validation through positive means (receiving support for perverse desires and ritualistic hazing and games) they will do this through negative means (receiving hatred or disgust for perversion and playing mind-games). Don’t feed the beast, they are starving in this time because of an operation. I was involved in the unacknowledged special access programs which are a series of military and cross-civilization projects designed to test the capabilities of the human as well as monitor the vampire situation. Some of these projects are involved with feeding a large portion of these vampires in order to find a way to safely protect humanity from the rest of the population. As a result, they infected the population en masse and there is a coming wave of ‘exposure’ which is causing polarization and high-level reactivity in these beings. They are not human, they do no carry a human soul signature and are not capable of feeling empathy in the same way as people, they look at the torturing of a human as a pleasurable meal, this is simply their (etheric) biology. However, biology or not, other species or not, the human race must defend itself and so this is what is happening.

A technological system has been designed to expose the virus and this will cause people to mutate into a highly contagious and animalistic form. This is basically a technological system that will begin to starve the virus and when any parasite begins to starve that is when it fights the hardest and releases the most toxins which are dangerous to the host organism.

Humanity is the host, the parasite is an AI hive mind holographic mental-emotional infection which uses the electromagnetic waves of the ‘soul’ or ‘bio-mind’ etheric energy or the electromagnetic waves of the communication networks as a carrier system.

In these approaching times of rapid change the lower frequency carriers shift into the sub-humans like vampire/monster people while the higher or those who can resist the feeding frenzy resonate with the higher evolved angelics. This is an old cycle we’ve been in, and this is the last time around.

Remember, Emotional Vampires Need Validation

Remember, vampires seek consent, yes, validation. If they cannot get validation through positive means (rituals or group activity in an environment supportive of the feeding process)then they will seek validation through negative orientation. (forcing others to witness their behavior, exposing themselves, subjugating and baiting others into interactions on levels that are outside that person’s character alignment).

Starving the Parasite

If it is starved, it devolves farther. This is the vampire situation. Very same thing.
Watch the movie Daybreakers, I’ll write up a Soft-Disclosure report. ame situation.
When they don’t feed, they devolve in to the “real-deal” monster. When they do feed, they’re almost simply human looking, same thing.
Just like a person, not eating, they get REEEALL hungry and grouchy, ready to fight a bear.
Well a vampire not feeding, becomes a sub-human, a demonic creature ready to kill and devour emotionally, mentally and physically.

Spiritual Possession

This is an important part. They are people possessed with spirits. The spiritual entity attachment is the literal, actual vampire. The people are simply so entangled with these spirits that their DNA literally becomes an open doorway to these spiritual realms where these entities exist.
These spiritual entities are literally akin to an “etheric” supercomputer hive mind that seeks to consume and incorporate more souls into its hive.
There are ways to provide solutions to the situation and humanity must unify for this one goal of survival and cosmic unveiling, anything less becomes the next layer of enslavement.

Rolling Out The Unveiling

This could take years but is aligned for a short period of time. If this takes more time then that would be indication that people are not ready and if they are not ready then they will not be, simply put. Now is when we must inform the others, and do our parts to ensure that the human race is secure.

The Feedback Loop Soul Siphoning System

Everything everyone does, banking, education, politics, legal, nutritional, recreational, all of this is literally wrapped within a veil of secrecy and destruction of the human soul. This is because the human soul is wrapped within 9 veils of confusion and manipulation and these 9 veils, performing this function, are literally what use the energy and creative power of the human soul to generate this realm as a false-light matrix system which works against the person to ensnare and entrap their awareness into a pseudo-conscious false-self personality construct which acts as a feedback loop to continually ensnare the soul and recreate this realm. Thus the energy of the soul is siphoned and redirected towards recreating an etheric prison which allows the entities to continue the feeding process as they cannot access the human through any other means.

The human soul can only be accessed through this matrix system which acts as a construct or an avatar-like system that the soul steps down into for the experience of a chosen simulation. This simulation has been hijacked and converted into a labyrinth with no visible way out given the default parameters of the social and spiritual construct.

Humans Must Rebuild this Experience with Orientation to the Soul and the Journey of the Soul Unveiling

That is the key. People are to rebuild and connect to a world that in a way already exists. This is through visualization and a form of remote viewing and thus connecting out of this labyrinth into the reality where they are already free. That is the strangest aspect of this, that we collectively guide this “Earthship” through hyperspace and through this we align our path into realities and can choose where we want to grow.

When we figure this out, en masse, that is when we can choose to create the true human society with orientation to the soul, the actual journey of experiencing this is like this civilization merging with an already existing future civilization where all the facets of the true human potential are already in existence and waiting to be explored.

The Release of Advanced Technology

Some theorize that this is simply the release of advanced technology. The advanced technology allows us to literally observe the soul on monitors and interact directly through scalar devices.

This technology allows one to literally view the past and the future probabilities in hyperspace. Thus, the corruption, the true nature of consciousness and the universe, the boundaries of this realm and the other realms, the origins of humanity and the universe and the nature of cosmic intelligences and parasites, all of this becomes revealed and the human soul unveiled as all of this knowledge is simultaneously within and around the world being covered up continuously.

This is an important shift, the largest change in this realm and everything changes so we must align our bio-emissions, the energy we feel within ourselves in order to ‘program’ this reality to bring about the desired results. If we permit the energies that are requested by the ‘programming’ of this realm and the control system, then that system literally seeks to assimilate, hybridize and use the humans as an authentication tool to gain access to that creative power within and reproduce itself like a virus.

We are the bait and the cure. When we are harmonized within one’s self, one’s own field and each of those fields to the fields around us and that to the larger cosmos, then we are in control and what we feel within accurately influences what is around us. When there is disharmony, that is when what is around us has more power to control what is within us.

The Still, Small Voice Within

Let us make use of this time to unveil the soul and the truth that we know that can’t be expressed, the still, small voice within that cannot use words, shout, or be very obvious in an outward way. That is our truth, our inner wakefulness and presence, that is what can’t be tricked or taken away and we must protect and nurture our ability to listen to this inner, invisible self so that this self is the one who guides us rather than the outward self that interacts and is capable of being manipulated by these external factors and control schemes.

Do not allow small minds to convince you to see the world like they do. Expand beyond the small minds. Trust in the self that cannot actually reach this world but is beyond all the physical senses.

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  1. After thought: When confronted by dark forces entities or even just some one who wants to manipulate you, state: “Into the Light NOW.” And I never go to bed without stating: “I send all negative entities into the Light NOW.” I that doesn’t work for you, call on protection from your Spiritual Guides.

  2. Because drugs – even prescription drugs – leave holes in the aura that allow the dark force’s vampires to enter, I have no doubt the push to legalize marijuana is part that dark force’s agendas. As an energy body-worker, I have had to remove dark entities from the back of a few of my clients. The dark entity attached itself to the reptilian brain at the top of the spine, where habits are created. I am convinced that it was the dark forces’ genetic manipulation of humanity that created the reptilian brain, making manipulate easier, especially with the sexual programming we are being subjected to on an almost constant basis. Please be aware.

    Using sex to manipulate an individual is very common. Don’t fall for it. The penis – a Wand of Light – and the womb (a Woman’s Holy Grail) were never intended to be used as a weapon against the other. Unfortunately, for millions of years, rape has been used as a weapon of war because it lowers the vibrations and consciousness of the generations that follow.

    As long as I am on the subject. Birth-control pills are extremely dangerous and often don’t work. They create cancers in the individual and one of many reasons women are creating breast cancers. When women learn to close their own ‘birth portal’ over their womb, and keep it closed, nothing can enter and pregnancy is impossible. I was shown my own birth portal. I never opened it and never raised children, which was a blessing because I didn’t want to pass my wounds to my children. It was more important for me to heal my wounds (rape, murdered, abused, etc.) first.

  3. Can someone explain this sentence to me please? I can’t get it, what is meant with “the rest of the population” and also I can’t get it how and what caused the result, mentioned in the last part. Somehow it seems that there’s something missing in this part. Maybe it’s my brain missing a step 🙂

    “Some of these projects are involved with feeding a large portion of these vampires in order to find a way to safely protect humanity from the rest of the population. As a result, they infected the population en masse”


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