We live in a world where our television “programming” these days literally counts people down into the broadcast with flickering lights and fast spinning graphics so intricate, there’s no way someone’s conscious mind is taking it all in. The information then gets imparted and the viewing audience is swirled back out again… a lot like a hypnosis session.

Now, all we’re hearing about these days is the concept of “trigger words”… from blockbusters like Captain America: Civil War to the so-called hypersensitive Millennial snowflake phenomenon, the system is really pushing the idea that words can trigger anyone at any time (provided they are the right words…)

But the idea of “trigger words” is yet another concept that has always traditionally been related to hypnosis, brainwashing and Manchurian Candidates… and spoken about as if its a hokey, debunked, pseudoscientific joke if anything.

That is, up until recently.

Is there a concerted effort to make sure everyone knows how easily triggered they are?

Because it sure seems like it.


Source: http://truthstreammedia.com/2017/05/11/triggered-mass-hypnosis-trigger-words/

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  1. And yet, despite it all, the world is still healing, we are expanding and growing beyond measure. No one can ever take away our free will, the music that plays in our heart and mind. Keep on going- inward- affecting that growth and expansion from our hearts, our inner world, and the outer world responds. Being aligned with Source, trumps anything. Let’s do just that, get stay aligned. No amount of tv, music, msm, programming,….”baddies” can reach a person in line with spirit.
    Reach, keep coming back to and stay in (the state of) love.

  2. once you eliminate these triggers from your world there is another level
    negative aspects of people you run into during the day will be programmed to trigger you

    we all have negative aspects to ourselves (left side light right side night)
    people will say or do things specific to your triggers – one of mine is driving

    I noticed it and meditate in the morning now to remove negative triggers from my day


  3. Ja, and not just about writing. The music you hear in the streets, supermarkets, is all about nothing. Still always on.
    Thank yu Edward.

  4. So true, but it gets much worse, ALL the television programming is Extremely Dangerous, violence beyond anything in previous history. The programming is geared towards war, deceit, killing and death, gone are the days of Happy Days and Father Knows Best. Programming is about fame and fights, lost are the times of good writing. If any talented writer’s remain their work is processed to the waste basket while the viewing public absorbs the cabals agenda. Free thinking belongs to the chosen few who spend their time enjoining the outdoors exploring the beauty of nature.


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