• The sleeper population of surface-level Earth will be “activated” through electromagnetic remote impulse systems which will cause mass rioting and civil unrest.
  • Economic disruptions and the associated disruption of local and international trade and resource will both lead to and amplify this unrest. All of this is planned and has been planned for millennia. This is simply a small scale of control by corporate rule (developed in the previous civilizations ago). in a much larger and longer scale.
  • There will be a total break-down of control systems.
  • There will be Earth changes, catastrophes that will renovate the surface of the Earth, the water level, the atmosphere and the access to resources.
  • There will be false flag ‘alien’ attacks enacted upon the Earthly population.
  • These attacks will be used within a ‘good cop-bad cop’ scenario to motivate the population to accept the control of these ‘alien’ invaders.
  • The population will begin to reduce. Those survivors will be ushered into “safe-zones” which will be holding facilities designed to modify and groom the population for their new “leaders”.
    • These “safe-zones” will be similar to interment camps but will be disguised under the necessity of safety and basic survival needs such as food, shelter, water and even companionship or simply the facilitation of deception to coerce the population into these highly controlled areas where they will automatically be under the guardianship of those controllers and thus under agreement (contract) whether conscious or unwitting. In other words, they will be their test subjects for experimentation, similar to the wartime systems that were uncovered in Japan, Germany and later in the United States. All nations under social-system rule are corporate entities and the people are their assets.
  • The quantum control methods, advanced technology, consciousness entrainment, reality altering and mind-control systems are literally here to design artificial timelines which can be technologically, electromagnetically inserted into the collective mind and used to connect one world without this overt domination by genetically modified hybrid soul-less entities to one in which this control system exists.
    • When such a complete transition begins, these systems will wreak havoc on the environment and the minds of the people and thus these “safe-guards” (good-cop, bad-cop) will be enacted to operate on the people and enable total control by the outside deceptive forces.
    • There is a central universe and a mirror universe. This can be likened to an ‘anti-verse’ which is operated through an inverted mental spectrum. This is the home-realm of the invader races and the home realm of Humanity is the ‘higher-plane’ which is an eternal plane of pure-awareness.
    • We are within a simulation-artificial matrix in this reality and when one system is transitioned to the other, only those who maintain a connection to the ultimate source reality will have any memory and all others will simply continue on as if this is how things always was.
      • This took place last around 6000 years ago and dropped the entire civilization into a relative “Hell”, that is this realm. The alternate beings come from the lowest, the Humans come from the highest. They seek to dominate and falsify the One True Creator in a 1,000,000,000 year enactment of Spiritual War against “Heaven”. Or in other words, they wish to fully separate the entire Human race from their Home-Reality of pure-awareness and create an autonomous, soulless, hybrid organism that can be used to host the spirits of the fallen throughout various ages where they desire to reign as immortals.
      • This immortality has already been completed as they have been using host bodies of humans for the past 6000 years. This was the infiltration known as the ‘fall of man’ and this has disrupted the genetic congruity of Humanity to the point where a “Mind-Virus” has formed which causes loss of memory and enables the accessing of the Humans by discarnate entities that are the Lost Spirits that have reduced in frequency of mind so that they can no longer be born into a body but most parasite a host body and take-over the consciousness of the original. They have been among you for 6000 years or more. Around 20,000 years is often given as a more accurate figure however 1 day, 100,000 years is similar depending on what angle you are perceiving. From the highest-plane, 33 days will pass for the entirety of this process within this universe from start to finish.
  • As these changes take place, a possibility of “neuroplasticity” on a mental-energetic level is accelerating. This will lead to a detrimental degradation for those who are seeking autonomy and domination and this will act as a gateway to liberation for those seeking and embodying (bringing to others and themselves) Truth, Compassion, Harmony, Knowledge, Free-Will, Self-Awareness, and Creativity
  • Around 2009 there was a major quantum shift which was a time just before this acceleration period where an enactment of a major insertion of artificial timelines in an effort to seal the Human population into the false-reality. As a result of major disturbances, a quantum collapse was experienced and those who have connection to source remember, there as a catastrophic meltdown of this reality and Earth was cast into darkness.
  • (WARNING: THIS INFORMATION CAN BE OVERWHELMING) This system can be described as a ‘simulcra’ system. This is powered by quantum computers that control from a parallel dimension outside of what is actually a projected space-time (similar to an online multiplayer). The server crashed momentarily and was reset. Many were lost and those who are here now are the survivors.
    • This system is unstable and will continue to develop errors which are perceived as memory glitches or timeline artifacts from previous versions. This is continued collapse, as the collapse cannot be avoided so we are in a temporary delayed “meltdown” of this space-time matrix. This is the end of the Maya.
  • The False-Reality that the “others” are designing are using to mimic the One True Creator to disguise themselves as forces of a Higher-Power of Creation. The false-reality they desire is a dead-end of consciousness and leads to dissolution of the human.
  • The true Reality of the Human leads to the dissolution of their false-reality.


  • Advanced technology exists to entirely replicate events in this plane
  • Our true history (an oxymoron) consists of multiple resets whereby the civilization is began again around the middle-ages which are not actual but are planned obsolesce resets in time
  • Cloning, Mind Wiping and Programming Technology, Directed Energy Weapons
  • There are nefarious factions that utilize the human population to act as an advanced military force for various operations.
  • People are drafted into operation through technology which enables the replication of the human body and thus the entrainment or temporary capturing the human soul or identity.
  • There are also contracts whereby people are drafted either through coercion or temptation into operating with underground groups.
  • The conditioning process begins before birth and is intertwined with part of the selection process.
  • There are hybridization projects whereby the human genome is spliced with animals and other genetics.
  • There is an ability to merge DNA with technology to enable a cybernetic organism that can alter frequencies and matter down to the molecular level.
  • Early civilizations such as Sumeria and Egypt knew how to transfer consciousness, clone human life, and create hybrid organisms.
  • The physical body and the brain can be programmed like a computer system. The mind, when in the realm of the body and brain, can be programmed like software.
  • Christ is the anointing of the worldly consciousness with the higher or Heavenly self .
  • This is the marriage between Heaven and Earth, through the body.
  • The body has been tainted and poisoned by the adversary groups to increase the  difficulty of critical thinking and the activation of refined truth and harmonious self frequencies.
  • The soul is the combined choices and memories of the spirit throughout the body and all other instances in the physical illusion. The soul is a part of the matrix and will not exist when the spirit separates from the illusion. This is the veil, the soul itself as a web connecting one to the trap system as a fractal, prism like expression of multiple fragmentations of the true higher awareness entangled in the physical realm.
  • The marriage is literally simply through harmonization of the individual fields in a way that they are sustainable throughout eternity rather than leading into chaos or disruption of the natural balance that enables life and experience.
  • The true liberation is about self-responsibility.
  • The spiritual forces that feed on humanity do so because they do not have access to physical forms and thus require a secondary host.
  • There are followings and teachings that are the distorted versions of the original truth and mix truth with lies to engage people and entangle their minds into submission to the deceptive practices which then uses their beliefs and energy as fuel for the creation of 4th dimensional constructs which are portions of the entire matrix
  • The entire system may literally be the overall coalescence of these internal-external dynamo consciousness constructs that are created by mixing truth with lies and selling that to people to ensnare them and cause them to create their own illusory afterlife which creates a perpetual motion machine that is fueled by souls and suffering!


  • To shift is to rise above the suffering, the illusion, the victim character that one is required to accept in order to fit into the control system.
  • All acts of inner harmony and truth conserve one’s energy and disable the etheric ties that are an energetic mechanical aspect of utilizing humans as energy sources
  • Your thoughts are alive, they create the higher realm and an entire universe which one’s mind lives within.
  • The targeting systems have been designed to work on the energy systems and entrain the weak points in one’s mind whether through sexual vulnerability, desire of materialism, shame, guilt, fear, or other aspects of the illusion of self.
  • The power of the human is to create what they think. This power is lacked by those who have used advanced technology to exist for hundreds of thousands of years as parasites and they have lost their auto-regeneration process.
  • Manufactured Consent is required to carry out such an operation and thus without that consent this would be seen as an act of war against the species and thus the “game” is shut-down.
  • Truth, Self-Awareness, Harmony, Wholeness, Compassion, Free-Will, Creativity and Knowledge marks the path towards liberation.
  • The game is to control humanity through the initiation of self-destructive practices. That is the basis for this system.
  • Source:


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  1. I agree with some of this information, mostly the final paragraph, some resonates with me, but I agree with Omnipulse wrote and I agree that the time is probably near. I do notice that our thoughts are creating reality, in a very scary way, because the fear based mind trauma we all suffering from is causing us to manifest our fears… This is the definition of an insane reality, a sick species of inter dimensional beings pretending to be god, creating hell… I feel this uptick in energy and it does not always feel good, changes in personality and physical symptoms, and many of my friends have similar experiences, stomach cramps, bowel troubles, many colds and viruses attacking… The world is in a total dance of extreme energy polarities, love and hate, war and peace, greed and generosity, sharks attacking people just about every day in the waters of the world, war, famine, disease, unbridled wealth, unprecedented suicides, drug overdoses, everything is times ten to what it was just 10 years ago, and times 20 from when I was a young one… In fact the world is not even the same place, the sun looks different, the weather patterns are different, people are aging very rapidly…WTF… We are long over due for this energetic shift to be completed. Nobody that I have heard from or read about knows what is exactly going to happen, but we all know something is long overdue to happen, and if there is a positive source field out there, some call it creation, others call it God, whatever it is, it needs to bring forth it’s true ambassadors now….

  2. If you all want real clarity on the entire, in depth situation that our souls have endured, read this scholars new book. Its a total mind blower and most people will have to read it three times. Like most of you I have been listening and searching for years and usually never get a full answer, anywhere. This man gave that to me in one book. But then I went back as he suggests and read his first book and now I have total clarity. But understand, this books info and how it’s put together is not for the weak of heart or mind. Here is his Amazon page >

  3. I do not resonate with this article. For me it is seen as a kind of spiritual stress and Doomsday /Apocalypse out of some relation that is truth, but wrongly composed and put together. It is a chaotic composition of old time lines, dark plans/wishes there are foiled deleted/erased and maybe some still in try to do. And it don’t resonates with the writings and interviews of Cobra, his work and descriptions. It’s not given anything for the population, but is extremely confusing, stressed and black looking, because of the chaotic composition of truth and insanity of hell nonsense. Overall it seams more like an ‘attack’ on truth itself.
    Just my opinion..

    • Agreed. I am on the fence with Cobra’s info, I feel that things are going to take a very long time, but I must agree that it isn’t going to be all doom and gloom, and the vision of a positive timeline must be maintained. I have talked to some people who have had very real visions of a positive future.

      • SaranacZen, you now, officially, no longer have the opportunity to pretend you didn’t know and continue paying and loosh hunting for the charades.

  4. For years, I have been following this on-going story of consciousness and humanity and have experienced the mimicking of sacred spaces, soul attacks and attempts at hypnosis/mind control or the insertion and control of the subconscious effecting mind/ego ‘realities’. While many are awakening and attempting to shift, the problem of discernment is front and center for most including this Self. It slows the process exponentially and limits’ Awareness and Attention’ until some type of realization is experienced within the soul/spirit complex. Where to go from here? Has Creation a secret plan to Trigger a shift in Mass Consciousness that dispenses with the mind and ego and reveals our divine nature to act and be the I Am. The truest way( that I am aware of) of consciously becoming a Divine Actor in the “Collective” is the ‘Consciousness of Love’ and understanding that the Trust and Surrender required is in the Now-Moment and negates the circular trap of Mind/Ego that is offered to the Masses. I have been searching for a more effective means of bringing this type information (that you present here) to folks willing to look and listen and act but I find few. If you you have a way of presenting more in depth conversation to souls committed to this cause….. please consider the Santa Fe / Taos area.
    I don’t often make comments but what you have presented here … a perspective not largely held. I am a Vietnam Veteran (M.O.S…..97B) and have been following the ‘trail’ consciously since 1970. I applaud your efforts to bring out the TRUTH to as many as possible. I am interested in collaborating to the extent possible. Time is close. Thank you for your Service.


    • There is always a plan, one must continue to persevere and refine their awareness moving into the center and refusing engagement with the vampire loosh harvesting system. Things will get worse before they get better, there is much more to Unveil, the soul is under a 9 layer veil system which blocks out the original experience of the universe. The contracts between the predatory parasitic bloodlines are over and so humanity has the chance to awaken. So many are addicted to the loosh game they will attempt to drown you out when you realize what’s going on. These are the challenges, those individuals must be overcome. They will not side with you, they will attempt to assimilate you into the system. More on the blog, true self-awareness must be achieved in the population and this will bring about a conscious collective mind. This awareness functions through intelligence and capacity to know rather than emotional bias and preprogrammed fight or flight responses like those involved in the sports arena. They converted our enslavement into a reality TV show, we must overcome the illusion to reach liberation.


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