• You will have to go through the maximal amount of disorientation and distraction as this will ensure those who are wiling to survive.
  • Thoughts must be formatted into a system that will survive the transfer and the maximization of distraction or noise to signal as the realm closes out.
  • This reality is literally a simulated version which humanity has been cast into. Thus, this is all about extraction from the simulation.
  • Everything is recorded so what one creates for themselves through belief here will last for eternity. `
  • One must reject the nature of this realm as if the suffering is not real. To know the suffering is not real one must confront the suffering without fear!
  • Distraction is the tool used to wash away one’s focus and determination so that one’s identity dissolves in this realm away from the real.
  • This is a weaponized realm, the whole system is a soul-trap.
  • The Brain is the maze. A holographic hypercube system.
  • A solution looks like this. We are in a quantum simulation, this means everything down to the mind is simulated. So what you expect and input into the simulation becomes the simulation. Thus, if you create the concept that you are the cause of your own suffering and you then accept and own this as an aspect of this reality, then and only then can you end your own suffering.
    • This has been initiated in this world, as if even by force, to all who are present here. One will either realize they are the source of their own suffering and thus find liberation, or they will not.
  • If one gives themselves the responsibility to assume responsibility they can then advance their self-generated power-levels and assume the role of choosing whether or not to continue suffering or feeding energy and acceptance into system that are not necessary.
  • Every thought that you think is creating an entire universe and will condemn or liberate your awareness from the confines of the artificial, temporary reality.
  • In other words, a person’s motion in higher space is determined by the overall sum coalescence of their energy produced through choices, actions, and thoughts. By default, this is how change is determined.
  • Now, through the event of an exponential acceleration period, anyone can change their trajectory by entering into a shift which can have the influence on their overall energy in a few short periods that is more powerful than the entire life experience.
  • This isn’t a way to ‘cheat’, because if someone was to say, go against the grain of their previous choices and be ‘good’, then it would literally be increasingly as difficult to do that, in such a time of acceleration and the temptation that would bring, as much as they had ‘sinned’ or gone into temptation and evil previously in life. More simply, if they had done wrong previously, and planned to change up in this quick acceleration cycle, then the amount of wrong that they had done previously would be pressuring them to continue doing wrong even more so in this cycle than previous. This is all about perception and the changes that are taking place due to an acceleration of the electromagnetic field.



  1. Reality only programmed in. This program can influence eternity.
  2. The mind in this age, can access all other ages and thus achieve greatness or ultimate suffering and loss.



We will reach a quantum collapse where all of consciousness and time will accelerate and interconnect to all other times and consciousness at a maximal range. In effect, humanity will become a collecctive. Those who cannot maintain wakefulness, free-will, self-awareness and harmony overall will dissolve into the collective and all that will be left is a residual automated outline of the previous self. Those who remain will be like god.



One must have an inner harmony in reference to the outer and an inner reference. Then one must be silent and build up an internal potential charge to be later released as a kind of spiritual kinetic ‘launch’. Then the launch must take place in which all individuals will accelerate their consciousness, their presence of self, into and out of this realm in all angles at once in a cosmic, quanutm expansion whereby the rate of acceleration accelerates at an accelerating rate of acceleration. Essentially, consciousness and self-awareness 2’d and then 3’d takes place. One’s mind will become self-awareness incarnate. Thoughts become alive, with the same power of consciousness as a human in this plane.



Those who cannot handle this will be torn apart by their hallucinations which will be as a realm to themselves.



This is the “end of days”, the end of time. This is the end of death and the return to immortality and contact with the higher realm. Along with this, each person is a tuning system for spiritual realms, those who are tuned to the lower realms will be in constant, unbreakable communication with these realms and the spiritual entities that correspond to these lower realms. This is the breaking of the veil between forgetfulness, between the far past and future, between the higher and lower realms, between the conscious and subconscious mind. Here creationary forces and destructive forces are at play as universal constants.



This is as if we are in a simulation, and the simulation is being powered down so that everyone may be extracted. If we do not synchronize our minds in correspondence with the world outside of the simulation, then we will be disoriented. If this reaches a maximum, then this may ‘scramble’ the consciousness of the individual so that they cannot resume full-awareness on the outside of the simulation. Thus, this is about the eternal loss of the mind or the attaining of self-awareness and free-will in an everlasting state, which is the original.



This is all about power-levels. This is as if one is within a gelatinous fluid that is a kind of simulator system. We must generate enough charge, enough potential energy stored and then released at a perfectly times, synchronized, harmoniously integrated moment of activation that aligns with a ‘time-gate’ or the arrival of an exit path-sequence in this simulated, programmable reality within the mind. Without enough power, one will not reach ‘escape velocity’. This is as if one is burning up in the atmosphere entering in from high up. One gets pushed back to Earth’s surface and that is the membrane of the material dimension, a realm, a plane.



Any parasites taking up a portion of one’s energy will be less likely to survive or achieve the escape velocity of consciousness and increasing self-awareness beyond time. That is the goal of the parasite for humanity as a whole, to destroy the pathway outside the simulator and thus secure a neverending supply of natural resources (soul energy), actual observer energy.



The collective mind programs the higher realms, and the collective mind is programmed by controllers. There must be enough will-power, self-awareness, choice, activated free-will, imagination, harmony, compassion and so on to generate, from this collective mind of humanity, the option of extending into the higher realm and experiencing a “Heavenly” reality.



Regardless of the energy centers, which may just be leeches or traps, we must enact, produce, generate, manifest this possible outcome in our own individual behaviors and thoughts and thus the collective. This outcome is simply one where instead of fighting we are actively learning and interacting in a benevolent manner. That’s the solution. This, in the face of many years of otherwise activity, is actually the most difficult, creative, and energy requiring option because all variables point towards a repeating of the same which has repeated so often that this is an act of destruction. In a universe such as this where reality and experience continues and flows onward to produce a variety of change and growth, the only option that could be considered “death” or “loss” is repetition! We have been in a continued cycle of repetition and because of the nature of this multi-dimensional simulation, as if the walls are mirrors extending into infinity, once this occurred once, then the energy and complexity of the situation was instantly projected into the ends of space and time as if this has been happening for hundreds of thousands of years on repeat.



See how the energy in the situation is what determines the kind of trajectory that is projected out into the illusory mirrored walls of the 4d hypercube causing the reflection of what seems to be countless other realities or timelines where this has occurred. If we only slightly slipped into this delusion, then maybe the liberation would be reached much sooner. Instead, falling with nearly the entire force of the collective into the delusional war, ego, attachment to fear and materialism mind-virus, then the ‘echos’ of projections that seemingly move into the distance of the mirrored cube walls are much stronger and persistent and therefore more difficult to finally break free from.



These are just outcomes that are repeated via this kind of processing system that projects these repeated variables to fill in the processing times around the ‘borders’ of the simulation or cube.



Fear must be overcome along with desire. These experiments in the bases that sought to discover the effects of such technology, power, or experiences on the mind-soul. The immense power enabled through advance technology, debauchery, unlimited access to child, woman and man, drugs, weapons, so on and so forth, these experiences warp the mind, the genetics, and the energy system.



So this is all a metaphor, we are all setting this up and bringing this to you now, to show you what happens in between this lower dimensional physical material, simulation based realm and the original realm which we are returning to.




This is like reaching the speed of light to exit, therefore all power levels, all rates of change and variability, all potential experience, everything maxes out to beyond what the measurement systems can conceive (the perceptual system). Thus, if a person is in fear, then horrific realms are instantly brought into existence that spell out every fear from birth to death over the course of a continuous eternity. If there is desire, then all kinds of lusts are brought forth and experienced, over and over again and the individuals organ system, sex organs, vision, self-image, etc, will warp and distort like that of a demon forever marking the genetics as ‘fallen’ as if this very path, this experience marks a kind of radioactive change that alters the mind forever.



This is what happens when one ‘dies’. This is all being made to happen at the point of transition of this realm so that everyone has a chance. Everyone will ‘die’ in a controlled manner, with assistance so that immortality can be returned.



To get to this point, one must CARE. There is ignorance, lack of care, forgetfulness, wild emotions, etc etc etc. These are the traits of the ANIMAL or the BEAST. Most people are not at the level of a human. They are at the level of awareness of an ANIMAL. They do not CARE if they see mistakes, glitches, nonsense, confusion, lies, deception, programs, autonomy, desires, etc etc etc. That is all in the realm of the BEAST and has nothing to do with the original humanity. These are animals in human suits. Those of humanity who are in CARE of the TRUTH, the difference between RIGHT and WRONG are angelics in human suits or similar to that meaning of words although not exact. Some people who are considered 100% illegal criminals will do just fine. Others who appear to be 100% up standing citizens of BS land will be absolutely tossed to the jaws and the grinder when the change occurs which is always NOW. RIGHT and WRONG is SPIRITUAL.



The collectives were split up and mixed during the last event. As a result, everyone had to be tested and designated for their particular collective. This also resulted, possibly degraded into, a trading of souls for various collectives through physical, material power on Earth.



Most who ask questions only want for their beliefs to be confirmed. They do this out of fear of the unknown. Those who do this get neither the truth or a reprieve from their fear. These people will unconsciously infiltrate a group and dilute the information and lower the consciousness level until there is not enough power to escape. This is the concept behind the mass droning of the surface level population of Earth. If the ‘filler’ lowers the consciousness threshold enough then most people will not achieve mental liberation from the illusion.



In actuality there are collectives that move through multiple people.




We’re all helping or hurting so those who don’t choose to actively assist in the liberation will be included in the overall application of judgment. Everyone is under judgment or ‘tribunal’.




Everything can be matched in time through replication however the final countdown cannot and that is why there will be two in the end of days. The false and the actual.




For instance, clothing with markings can be gateways into other realms. Are you walking around with a gateway on your body? Should you be held responsible for that?



The ‘ascension’ is literally an activation of DNA and consciousness accelerating, stimulating technology that is merged with the realm and Earth itself as the entire energy of the realm equally accelerates and increases. This is like the playing speed of a CD player or video game accelerating, while the individual player themselves remains the same. The player must manually increase their frame rate or flow of playing time in the game so that they continue to increase in relativity to their environment thus keeping the inner and outer in a harmonious synchronization. Those who do not would literally experience a ‘falling off’ of the wave of time, as if we are surfing the wave and those individuals lose balance and fall into the waters. As well, the ‘surfers’ are picking up speed, kicking and orienting themselves in the direction of the wave and then taking ‘flight’ as they unleash their built up potential charge into a kinetic ‘free-fall’ as they slide along the surface of the water, the membrane of time, being propelled by the collapsing quantum occurrence behind them. This is the ‘pressure’ of time itself ‘squeezing’ a person in fast motion towards the transcendental achievement beyond time. This is the transition of matter into pure energy and there is an immortal civilization on the other ‘side’.



Alters are invented and programmed to handle these unconscious processes!



Eventually one will develop a ‘clearing method’. Or a ‘repair method’, or something similar. This is a way of identifying, deactivating and then flushing out parasitic 4thdimensional constructs, attachments, organisms, and programs. This is through framing the experiences in the moment with a new energy that suits one’s path to liberation. Instead of responding in the same way, one responds with self-awareness in a way that they choose to deliver benevolent results.



Worry, fear, suffering, all of this is left behind in the illusion.



Since we are in a simulated, programmable realm, the new space that is here is a set of freuqencies that is then overlayed, or unblocked from what was always here. Thus we access this new space through the mind and we must activate this space by filling ourselves there through an acknowledgement and use of these frequencies in order to have an effect. The other possibility is when the lower frequencies close out however this would be like choosing to move to higher ground only because there is a tidal wave approaching!



In this sense, as well as the previous, there is a kind of letting go, an energetic releasing of all the harm, wrong doing, misbelief, hatred, fear, witholding, so on and so forth that limits one’s ability to move forward and acknowledge the truth beyond the bias of the ego. That bias is BLINDNESS, spiritual BLINDNESS and this is DEADLY in the higher realms and results in the loss of divine connection when imbalanced.



Imagine this realm is actually programmable, as are our character roles. Now what if everything reached an acceleration cycle so that 1000 years of time played out in 2 seconds after that point was reached? In that state, unless one has the capacity to control their own perceptual time dilation they would suddenly lose the capacity to interact directly with this reality until after the 1000 year period.



We are all ‘snapping back’ to reality, similar to the bases or to the Dimension 404 Episode.



Thus, the importance is in readying our ‘character roles’ in the present moment, so that we are aligned with a projected ‘trajectory’ through time-space based on the choices we make and the continued, programmed tendencies or habits that would be made if the realm was instantly switched to full auto-pilot and accelerated through 1000 years of time. That is an easy explanation to comprehend what is happening!



These framing, clearing, healing, repairing motions are like prebuilt, preprogrammed or stress initiated motions that automatically enable one to automatically clear toxins and low energy, confusion, entanglement and stagnation. When these are learned and they are learned in the method of entering deep into the soul-level of awareness, beyond the conscious mind, imprinting into the genetics, then these will occur automatically with stress.




Thus, one survives the 1000 year period of instantaneous acceleration and not only snaps forward to the future, but they snap forward to a society that has already done away with death, disease, and suffering and can access all with ease! Thus, the work is done now and in the moment the blueprint is fully realized and enabled and then this is filled in as time goes. If this acceleration period is reached then this is like skipping the conscious lag period and instantly teleporting to a future society, complete with a future version of our selves!



This is the plan that was enacted! This is the way this ‘simulated reality system’ can be utilized to achieve the most substantial benefit or progression! We are going to reach this acceleration cycle and those who are oriented towards, pointing their ‘time cannon’ into the ground will degrade rapidly! Those who have been harmonizing their trajectory, their ability to convert stress to knowledge and harmony, and to remain balanced throughout a variety of situations will effectively ‘wake up’ to a much more powerful position in the universe!



They inherit Earth! Everyone moves into sync with the reality that they are aligned with! No one can cheat, for long!



So this is about diligence, and purity and strength in the face of distraction, temptation or darkness! This acceleration will change the world rapidly! Everyone will get what they most often customized their body and mind for experiencing! Whether fear, hate, love, self-empowerment, and so on.



There are those who are protectors and those who are more distracted and fallen. Developing and fine tuning discipline in all areas, developing compassion, truth, harmony, achieving self-awareness, practicing free-will for yourself and all others, all of this will result in the individual finding themselves belonging to a higher-society.



All of humanity must make the shift this time, the physical realm will be changed entirely forwards and backwards through time as the implants, the inserts, the false-realities, the constructs, the mind prisons will be removed as they are in violation and do not serve the purpose they are intended for, they are terrorist weapons. Yet, they cannot be simply “unplugged” without first liberating all those still within the program. That is what this transitory period is.



Enable divine love. This is the love from the most highest truth and awareness. Embody this if you want to align with the highest realm. Do not interference with the learning path of another. That is the reason you are here, to assist in one another’s coming to full awareness and full power.

Source: https://augtellez.wordpress.com/2017/06/20/extraction-from-the-simulation-the-snap-back-of-time-consciousness/

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  1. Dear Edward

    I think you are one of those Amazing Souls who is here following your life Mission, of helping in this UnVeiling of the Great Truth. I thank you for all your Uplifting Insights.

  2. This post unlocked things for me in a way that has been wonderful and enlightening. All I can say is ‘thank you Aug and PFC. I have stepped out of the dramas of both groups, light and dark, and can now just be the LOVE that I Am. I am just so eternally grateful. Thank you.

  3. Aug speaks from personal experiences good and evil which guide most of his teachings in complete, spontaneous honestly. He is among the few who illuminate with such knowledge, as Alan Watts put it so eloquently, the wisdom of experience.

    • Dear SaranacZen, everyone of light or dark is now going through a unique souls journey. The children of the light are experiencing an upward movement in evolution & the dark ones are falling deeper into their own darkness.

      Aug Tellez is one of the children of light and he is kindly sharing his own soul journey as he sees it & feels it. It may not be your journey but he is doing an excellent job articulating and documenting it so others, using their own discernment may learn something out of it.


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