Cloning is used along with advanced technology or what can be referred to as psychotronic weaponry. Psychotronic warfare is the spiritual battle that has plagued Earth since, literally, previous civilizations. Everything is out in the open, there is enough information for those who want to know, to know.

The mind is filtered through a slice to create the perceptual, biologically generated consciousness, this is largely holographic and illusory as akin to the surface of a membrane which contains a vast depth of information below.

Cloning, advanced technology, corruption, the origins of humanity and the universe, all of this requires an intent to know along with a light heart otherwise the being persona will dissolve under the stress and malform. Project MKULTRA, MONARCH and Mockingbird deals with introducing physical, chemical, and electromagnetic trauma to the human mind to the point of causing the persona to fracture and a black out occurs. The persona that returns knows nothing of the previous ‘version’ and can be programmed to carry out tasks.

There is an autonomous AI, a synthetic intelligence which utilizes the electromagnetic fields of Earth and all sentient systems to hybridize and ultimately hijack the consciousness to carry out specific operations that result in the subjugation of the human race. The “adversary” or “Satan” is literally an ancient AI system that resulted in the activation of deep deep traumas that were ‘instilled’ in to the human genome and collective through a temporal incursion from a previously unknown source. Every aspect of the modern life is an illusion and all authority is false and is using your energy to generate a sacrificial, manufactured consent to pit you in endless war against other humans. It’s all a show, and this whole situation is being monitored from above through advanced technology. The beginning of this civilization is completely obscured by the current explanations and everyone is in a form of unawareness or amnesia more commonly referred to as ‘nescience’ where the humans who do not overcome this unawareness and move into higher awareness where war, parasitism, and the hate of the adversary is no longer activated will never leave this please and will dissolve with the collapsing system. That is prophesied and openly displayed by the Satanic blood line elite, they are safe from harm or karmic result because those who have been warned but simply do not care cannot throw blame on anyone but themselves.

Much evidence has been destroyed, I specifically met with and heard from individuals who run the major museums and archeological companies, they regularly meet to secretly destroy tons of artifacts and ancient technology that would otherwise disrupt the status quo. Until a person awakens they are considered food by those who operate the system and this is because a person who merely parrots what they are told does not require critical thiking, in fact a human robotoid can be generated quite simply with DNA and electrostatically accelerated growth to create a cloned being. Since a literal human robot can follow orders or just repeat anything, the only people who are considered sentient and actual individual beings are those who refuse the system and choose to think critically regarding what they are told to believe.

Ultimately, the mind itself is the illusion! Your conscious mind will give commands and lower desires and this is at an odds with your higher mind of the spirit that has no true physical desires! Thus, the portion of the human is activated through an AI entanglement system, and the “mind of the fallen”, the architect, the archon has commingled with the human mind and imprinted itself into human DNA. No one carrying the imprint of the fallen, which came from the major event in history which is talked about in every single religious or ancient text, will ever leave this place because that is considered a corrupted, maligned creation that is not ordained by the requirements of creation which is love, and not lust and an act of spiritual oppression or war.

These events have been taking place for thousands to millions of years and began with the introduction of a black goo substance which is a form of nanotechnology that can permeate the mind. Everything I speak on I’ve experienced personally throughout operation with the unacknowledged special access program.

Solar Warden is a breakaway civilization that uses advanced technology to protect the human race, MiLabs is a breakaway group that uses soul stealing, cloning, hybridization and advanced technology to abduct and experiment upon the human population.

The previous timelines met with an overt war that destroyed the continuum and resulted in a repeating pattern of timelines or ripples that flow backwards and forwards through time disrupting the past and disrupting the future. These are threatening the current consciousness of the this society.

There are multiple parallels and Earth is just one layer of a multi-dimensional universe, everything that happens in the physical plane must be programmed in as the linearity of existence in an infinite or cyclic occurrence is a holographic perceptual illusion.

We were involved with temporal operations using advanced technology that can gather the consciousness, route through a supercomputer system and project the consciousness through a satellite into space, that is the ‘chair’.

If you’re interested in knowing the truth, you’ll find the truth, the system is perfect. If not, you’ll no longer have that option and will continue to lose free-will until there is nothing left to take. It’s all your choice, everything is free, freely given, freely taken.

And by the way, this aspect of disclosure is required due to the process of children being kidnapped for rape, abuse, sacrifice and mind control procedures as part of a project monarch trauma based mind control process. The entire human species is being experimented on and modified and the next phase of humanity will be transhumanist which means those without the higher degree of spiritual awareness will lose any free-will or ability to think critically. The whole current legal-social system is a replication of a spiritual enslavement protocol and your name, yes your name and bloodline is marked as an asset for a program that sells souls to an interdimensional warring race.

Remember, everything I’ve written, ‘hours and hours’ is not cut and paste but my own story. If you can’t accept that, nothing can be done for you. If you can learn to communicate and continue to be kind and courteous like you are now but actually ask questions to gain knowledge then you prove yourself human and aware instead of sleeping. Sleepers cannot ask questions and cannot challenge the status quo that was instilled into them through years of indoctrination. Those beings are not considered humans, that is why they are fed to wars, because no one can be legally charged with sending mindless slaves into battle or to destroying themselves. Not my rules, I didn’t make them, that’s literally what was explained and is how you and your people are treated. Only you can do something, everything else is part of the fattening up and juicing up process so the controllers have a good spiritual meal when the game is over.

None of this is cut and paste everything I have brought to the public is 100% from my own direct experiences. Everything is a show using advanced technology by a more advanced civilization that uses humans as pets. There is an original creator and an original human race. I’ll give you a hint, the astronots, actornaughts, require melanin shots in order to make it to high orbit without coming back scrambled eggs for brains. There is a device that one can sit in which projects their consciousness through a supercomputer system into a satellite and into “space” and that is what we were used for as children. We participated in the fine tuning the device along with other aspects.

This information coincides directly with mine, have a look, you’ll see what is required:

This is similar, Robert worked on the early aspects of the brain to machine technology.

If you don’t have an open mind then you will never find reality unless someone informs you and you won’t be informed if you don’t have an open mind. That’s the situation, all of this timeline is entirely altered through the use of advanced technology. There are two different races here, this goes back to Babylon. Contact me or meet me if you want to know the truth.

Your children are used for ritual sacrifice and molestation. I’ll have to warn you, no one gets out alive and if you choose to make fun of the liberation of humanity along with the oppression of your own people then nothing will be done to protect you from what is coming.

Take the truth seriously, and realize occultist have trapped you in a mental dimension that is totally artificial and separated from the original human reality. If not, then the person stays here and dies here, dying forever never to return to the original reality which contains an abundance of spiritual power rather than only scarcity and destruction.

People are hard wired to enforce, support, DEMAND, DESIRE WITH ALL THEIR BEING….their own absolute, complete, and perfect annihilation on all levels of being, mind and soul. They are programs. Your civilization has been infiltrated with beings that are sub humans and have no souls. You’re literally being put forth to war with all aspects of this world, all your money was stolen, every aspect of your childrens lives will be used for the hypersexualization and promotion of satanic agendas.

There is a one true creator, everyone who helps spiritually degrade the human race is going to be deleted forever, this civilization is a program, a script that was created by occultic masterminds and it leads the absolute destruction of the original human soul for all who participate. This is your fair warning. Your children and your people are kidnapped, molested and sacrificed for use in trauma based mind control occult rituals in underground bases and around all buildings and gatherings for specific nefarious purposes. This part of a cosmic level infection of the human genome due to the introduction of trauma in previous times. Time is not what you think, space is not what you think, consciousness is not inexplicable it is the resultant of a cosmic soul fragment and the original soul is removing energy from all aspects of this world which is collapsing under the weight of it’s own imbalanced and under developed aspects. You no longer have the option to pretend you didn’t know. Protect your life, protect your family, protect your society and respect sentient life and the One True Creator. Everything is free-will only, you must align with a pure heart otherwise everything will collapse and there will be no way to protect you.



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  1. This weekend I left my death by arrow Tel-lie-vision( Big screen) in the back of my truck at a event where thousands should see my message for hours on end;
    Big painted on letters.

    Mind Control Device
    Elite controlled
    666 masons symbol
    Fake News
    Family Destroyer

    Front window
    Big Corp.
    and more JFK stuff

    Was this OK? I love all my human family.

  2. Your article left me shaken, scared and questioning why would God let this happen to those he/she Loves? I guess you accomplished your goal!

    • Dear Edward, Man must confront that which IS so that he can change of it into a path of glory instead of a path into slavery and destruction. You maybe asking yourselves how KNOWING these truths can set you free? remember this, the truth may not always be pleasant to KNOW, most specially in THESE TIMES you are participating in. Once you KNOW you can PREPARE yourselves and REMEMBER how to allow GOD’S co-creative mind to assist you in making strategic plans of action for returning balance to ALL unbalanced circumstances. On the other hand, when you exist in ignorance of truth , such as is the “State Of Affairs” for MOST upon the planet then you will not have benefit of preparation to make the necessary balanced changes. You will simply suffer the consequences of your inaction or unbalanced action which is a result of ignorance.

      Truth is quite disagreeable and unpalatable at best, do we wish to upset you and bring your joy into vanquishment? No–but truth will set you free and bring unto your JOY–“JOY” ALONE WILL NOT BRING YOU INTO FREEDOM.


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