ALAJE THE PLEIADIAN – CONNECT TO NATURE SPIRITS – EPISODE 24 OF THE EDUCATIONAL WISDOM SERIES – COSMIC LOVE IS THE SOLUTION FOR EVERYTHING Get in tune with the energies of nature, fairies, animal spirits and spirits of the elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Eather.The connection with nature spirits can help earth humans to … Read more

Notes from COBRA Taipei Ascension Conference from November 30th to December 1st 2019

Below is a note being taken during The Taipei Ascension Conference which was held between November 30th and December 1st, 2019. The note was written by members of the We Love Mass Meditation Admin Team who attended the conference. Disclaimer: This note is a personal interpretation of what Cobra said at the conference, such interpretation … Read more

A message to the dark, from Commander Ahshtar Sheran of the New Jerusalem.

Special thanks to Terra Nova for sharing this message,   For those who continue to escape our grasp, it is simply a matter of time. Lower Earth Orbit battling has been continuous for years and your resources are wearing thin.   With your wrestling money from your Cabal resources, much of your funding has stopped. … Read more

Webinar Sunday June 23: Joe McNamara MD Talks Tachyons and Tachyon Chambers

A GREAT Webinar This Sunday June 23! Listen to it Sunday or Later! There will be a live webinar with Dr. Joe McNamara, M.D. on Sunday, June 23 at 12:00 noon – 1:30 pm, Pacific (California, USA) time. Dr. Joe McNamara was the first to offer a tachyon chamber available to the public a few … Read more

How Can You Become a True Friend to the Earth?

By Burton Smith “The Earth is in trouble.” “The Earth is dying”  “The Earth has only 30 years left” Have you ever encountered such statements? Something is going on that will have a large effect on all of us.. But the Earth? The Earth will be just fine. It’s been around for billions of year and … Read more

7th Seal Summit – Activating The Divine Within

Greetings Tribe and Fellow Followers: Many amazing things are happening! I am sure many of you have been experiencing the shifting and lifting. The alignments to higher grids of manifestations. This is showing up in a variety of ways. The Silver Gate was an incredible burst of energy and even more super synchronicity. We experienced … Read more

Cobra Situation Update 05/15/2019

Situation Update At the moment of the last Archon invasion in January 1996, the dark forces have created three main dark wormhole entry points to collapse the planetary Light grid. These three dark wormhole entry points were: Bukavu, Lake Kivu,Congo Ljubljana, Slovenia Santa Monica, California , USA Ljubljana and Santa Monica were two Ascension vortexes … Read more

Holographic Medical Pods (Med Beds) The End of Cancer, Illness, Disease

    The above picture is what the Holographic Medical Pods look like which the Secret Space Programs (SSP) utilize in their medical bays. Source: Ileana the Star Traveler, former Secret Space Program Asset on Mars. Written by Rev. Dennis Shipman    Writer’s Note: Med Bed technology has been “suppressed” and hidden from the public for … Read more

Personal Notes of Soul Family Cobra Conference, Budapest

By peterpansblog, Disclaimer: These notes are my own interpretation of what I heard Cobra present at the Soul Family Conference in Budapest, on March 16th and 17th. Some info may be missing due to slow hand writing and some info may not be totally accurate due to the tiredness of my mind. Both of the above … Read more

The Elohim – Mastering your Mastery via Adele Arini – 27 February 2019

Channeled by: Adele Arini.,   Greetings our beloved light-workers, It is time that we play a bigger part of your life from this moment onward. We are the Elohim. Our name is synonymous with God, Supreme Creator & Source of ALL. In this vast Kingdom of God, we are the Beings who get sent out … Read more