Call to Brotherhood for Justice on Friday 13th July

I am putting a call out for Friday 13th July for the Divine Masculine to stand up and bring Justice to Earth. As mentioned before, Friday 13th is connected to Templar timeline of Return of Light. It’s also a day of celebration and return of the Goddess. So I call especially men, brothers, and also … Read moreCall to Brotherhood for Justice on Friday 13th July

A State of Being: Waking Up

By Paul Baxter, Prepare For Change guest writer.   “The greatest gift you can offer the World is your own Self-realization”  Ramana Maharshi   Self realization or in more cultural terminology, Awakening or Enlightenment, are concepts used by the spiritual community describing a process of transformation from bondage (unconsciousness) to liberation (consciousness).these inspired souls have … Read moreA State of Being: Waking Up


From the moment we are born, we are gradually conditioned or shaped by society at large how to behave against our divine nature within the private, family and public arenas of our lives. Each sector has its own behavioral etiquettes called social norms. Failure to adhere to clearly delineated, vast, absurd and exponentially restrictive social … Read morePresence

Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Activation

Time has come for a huge number of physical Sisterhood of the Rose groups to be activated on the surface of this planet. From now on, those groups will be supplementing the planetary Cintamani energy grid in transmitting the energies of Compression Breakthrough. They will also serve as vortex nodes to activate meetings of Soul … Read moreSisterhood of the Rose Planetary Activation

Let Go Of Your Gods And Leaders: You Are The Answer

The time of Ascension is in full glow, as we near the highest peak of energies we have been feeling and anticipating for years. For many of us, the grounding of full 5D energies is nearing completion and we are beginning life on a completely blank slate. At this point, we need to review our … Read moreLet Go Of Your Gods And Leaders: You Are The Answer

Knock, Knock -who’s There? part 1

When Truth came calling, what did you do…? By Anonymous Guest Author (Light Player), Welcome Dear Friends of the Light Tribes, In agreement with Cobra, (which adds to my own guidance for Divine Timing in relation to the first time I should post something publicly) I Am offering a fresh new perspective on this … Read moreKnock, Knock -who’s There? part 1

Surviving the Transition – Full Disclosure, Solar Flash, our Future and Ascension


❤ LOVE IS EXPRESSED IN THE ACTIONS WE TAKE EVERYDAY! ❤ “Our Journey Into The Light..Expanded Consciousness & Awareness.. Awaken Beloveds Let us Journey into the Light as One.. ????✨ Love is the Light. ॐ Love Expands us All and illumines our Souls with Grace, Connection, Reverence and Absolute Bliss ~Wisdom ~ Light..” The Beauty that Surrounds you … Read moreMASTERING THE MATRIX

Cobra Update – 21st May 2018 – Firing the Grid Update

Certain Light Forces fleet, even more evolved that the Pleiadian fleet, has begun activating and preparing certain key members of the surface population for Compression Breakthrough and the Event. This process may trigger all of suppressed energy patterns and belief systems and its purpose is to test preparedness. Remain calm. Dragon sources have communicated that … Read moreCobra Update – 21st May 2018 – Firing the Grid Update

Cobra Update – 9th May 2018 – Entry Protocols

Behind the scenes, the Light forces are preparing the most awakened individuals of the surface population for physical contact with positive subsurface and extraterrestrial forces. These preparations are part of a huge project that I am involved with. In full alignment with the new (beta) timeline, certain most awakened members of the surface population may, … Read moreCobra Update – 9th May 2018 – Entry Protocols