“Dream Dean” at UNCG Making a Big Impact on Student Lives


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University of North Carolina at Greenboro’s  Bill Johnson – known by many as the “Dream Dean” – was recently featured in a Huffington Post article written by UNCG alumna Zithobile “Zitty” Nxumalo ’11 MA.

Johnson, who serves as student success navigator in the UNCG School of Health and Human Sciences, teaches life coaching and personal development courses as part of the “Life Design” program.

“He calls it ‘life design work’ and got the name Dream Dean because of his belief in nurturing the deep-seated, whimsical, and massive dreams that many of us have forgotten existed,” writes Nxumalo in the Huffington Post article. “He eats, breathes, and lives purpose-driven work, and he teaches his students to do the same.”

To read the full article, click here.

To explore Bill Johnson’s programs, use this link to one of his seminars called “Life Design Catalyst”.

Also try this article for a good overview “What’s Your Major? 5 Questions All College Students Should Ask Themselves Before Selecting a Major”

6 thoughts on ““Dream Dean” at UNCG Making a Big Impact on Student Lives”

  1. The “Dream Dean,” and others like him have a special mission and know very well the forces arrayed against the students. Never think they don’t know how to walk between the raindrops and teach you to do the same!

  2. Will Bill Johnson ever become aware of the fact, that MK Ultra Mind Control Programs are being used on college students?

    At least I’m grateful, that I didn’t attend college and never will because of that reason and more.

    • Here’s the link for those it may concern: http://www.metatech.org/wp/mind-control/mk-ultra-used-college-students/

  3. You’re greater for all’s the members students of science and others I’m quite internet helped me more 0And event now I don’t know nothing in the browser but I’m also following thank you so much.

  4. At PFC we want all our members and Volunteers to connect with thier soul purpose and fulfill their dreams. It is nice to find others who have embraced this high spiritual goal, even if it is not spoken of in those terms.

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