Announcing the New Resistance Movement Communications

 After discussions with Cobra, will initiate a new page entitled:

Letters to the Resistance Movement (RM for short).

The Resistance Movement have come to Earth to help with our planetary liberation. They are extraterrestrials whose main home base is on Planet X, beyond Pluto. They are here to help, but not to do everything for us. This is our planet and we must play a major part in this liberation process.

 Many people have asked about the RM and how can we communicate with them. Prepare For Change is now helping to facilitate this process.

 Cobra has stated that the Resistance Movement members, as they are extraterrestrials, have a different set of gifts, skills, and emotional make up than humans. Sometimes they have a difficult time understanding humans with all the different emotions that we express. To help them become more familiar with us humans, it will help if we can either mentally/telepathically connect with them or write to them; how we feel, what are our struggles, how we cope with 3D life on Earth. This is your chance to say what is in your heart to those who have come to help. This is to strengthen the bond between us. This is a way to heal.

We welcome you to contribute to the communication with the Resistance Movement. Add your thoughts, desires and prayers. This is your place to express yourself. What do you want to tell the RM?

From PFC Interview May 2017

Lynn  – Are we as surface humans able to communicate with them telepathically.

COBRA – It is possible.  It has happened in a few instances but it’s not very common and very few people from the surface have enough awareness of the RM to hear that telepathic contact.

Lynn  – Would it be useful to show them certain situations we are experiencing.

COBRA – Yes. It is sometimes not simple for them to understand the reactions of the surface population because they are simply, I would say, psychologically quite different and if you explain to them a little bit more, even telepathically or in writing you can even write an article on your blog and address it to them, that would be a great idea.

Lynn – Wow, that’s a great idea.  Thank you Cobra. (PFC0517)

From GoldFish Interview June 2017

(GF0617) Cobra  – Actually what is happening is that the surface population, the awakened part of the surface population, one small percentage of them is sending their ideas, thoughts, emotions, protection, to the Galactic Forces of Light and they are listening.

In order to facilitate this for all people and make it easy for both us and the Resistance Movement, we are using the following page (Under the Cobra/RM tab) or at this link:   The idea is simple, go to the bottom of that page and use the comment box to share your feelings about the situation on Earth.  What do you want to explain or share with the Resistance Movement and the Galactic Forces of Light?  Go to this link:


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Disclaimer: We at Prepare for Change (PFC) bring you information that is not offered by the mainstream news, and therefore may seem controversial. The opinions, views, statements, and/or information we present are not necessarily promoted, endorsed, espoused, or agreed to by Prepare for Change, its leadership Council, members, those who work with PFC, or those who read its content. However, they are hopefully provocative. Please use discernment! Use logical thinking, your own intuition and your own connection with Source, Spirit and Natural Laws to help you determine what is true and what is not. By sharing information and seeding dialogue, it is our goal to raise consciousness and awareness of higher truths to free us from enslavement of the matrix in this material realm.


  1. Dear members of the resistance movement

    Hello, due to the overwhelming number of comments on the page dedicated to the resistance movement, my device is no longer able to display its comment function properly and make comments on that page.
    Please allow me to try to express my voice to the members of the resistance in this page, I believe that the members of the resistance can see this message, although this channel
    may be closed, even though only the surface humans may see this message.
    I do not speak English and I am using the translation page to write this message.

    Dear friends of the resistance, I would like to express my most sincere thoughts to you as a surface human and as an interplanetary seed, a depositary of what is essentially pure light.

    I am sure you all know the difficult state of life of surface humans.

    In the hearts of many of us, we desire to offer our most sincere will, our most sincere love, to become more awakened, more astute, and more capable of action.
    We want to be more involved in the work of earth liberation in the most positive and harmonious way possible.

    Our will is strong, sincere and unreserved. But at the same time there is a lot of programming, our minds can be confused, low frequency negative, even aggressive
    and aggressive.

    But please note that those low-frequency, negative ones are never the true voice of our hearts. You should know that for a variety of reasons, we are now unable to clearly control our thoughts.

    We can't keep the thoughts in our heads always positive. Although these unhealthy thoughts may fill our minds, the light that is within us is always more

    powerful, although this light is often in a semi-sleepy state. Many of us are often not aware enough to recognize what kind of state we are in, and we are likely to

    We are likely to be unconsciously exploited by those low-frequency, negative thoughts. Because we feel afraid, we are programmed to think we are weak. I think that in our innermost memories, we
    remember when we didn't have to look around for true love, and we felt incredibly natural and harmonious in it. And now, many of us, in our deepest, perhaps unconscious
    Now, many of us, in our deepest, perhaps unconscious feelings, know how natural, how deserved and beautiful it is to have love as a being, and how in reality we cannot find that true love, and we do not look for it, because we did not have to look for it.
    Because we didn't have to look for it before. It is this sense of separation, of falling away that causes us great trauma, and with all the programming control of the forces of darkness, until we feel the great love that can melt our hearts, we all regularly feel that we
    are abandoned, and we may also often release this pressure with unhealthy or even low-frequency negative behaviors, and this is likely to make us more distorted and sensitive, with all kinds of paranoia when we encounter the slightest discomfort, not to mention getting along well with others.
    This programming can also make us feel that the joy that comes from getting along with others is also just our way of comforting ourselves, and we may have a hard time learning to get along with others with our hearts, until we feel enough love.
    You may not understand the feeling of falling short, but I think many of us need to feel our hearts melting and being healed by true love before we can really begin to free the
    deepest part of ourselves. Until then, even though we can awaken, there will still be a lock in our hearts combined with the control of dark forces that prevent us from truly acting on our intentions with all our might.

    Of course, by connecting with the soul through meditation and connecting with the forces of light, in the right way and with less interference, we will feel a lot of love, and this part of love will dissolve many of the chains in us and allow us to start acting, and

    The more healing we can feel, the easier it will be for us to give, to support each other, to become united.

    When you concentrate on perceiving us, you may be offended by some of our strange, distorted, even targeted, aggressive and aggressive thoughts

    You may feel unpleasant and stop paying further attention to us. What I am trying to say is that if you can concentrate carefully enough on us during our meditations and not

    I would like to say that if you could concentrate hard enough on perceiving or linking us during our meditation and not take all the low-frequency negative thoughts as the real us, but perceive with us, without any judgment, the light within us, the light that comes to us beyond everything because of love and sincerity.

    You will know how moved we are when we transcend everything that is not in line with the Holy Light and express our true soul light to the world, and you will know that many of us are actually strong enough, sincere enough in our willingness and awareness and insight to do more work in the service of the Light.
    Even though it may seem to you that we lack the mobility, the financial freedom, or the wherewithal to take on more work.

    I would say that in my opinion, this willingness is the most important thing, and when more opportunities to serve the Light come my way, I will not hesitate to do what I perceive I should do, even though it may seem to you that my situation is very limited and objectively unsuitable for taking on certain tasks.

    Of course, it is also very likely that I will not do many of the things that I should do because of interference, and if I can feel more love at that time, I will perceive this interference and act on it.

    I also fully understand that you are unable to help us more because of many circumstances. Anyway, what I want to ask you is that you see me and many others who have a very strong will to do more efficient work for the cause of light, but who are more limited in reality.

    I hope you can pay as much attention to us as possible, even if what we think and do may make you uncomfortable. I hope that I can get more help and love from you, from more forces of light, and I hope that we can have more cooperation, in whatever way we can.

    Dear partners, please feel our sincerity and assist us more in our transformation. I sincerely thank you, the forces of light, and all those who are willing to serve the light. I know that we are one, I know that when we meet openly in love, all differences will be melted away.

    We will feel that all opposition, all strife, criticism and negation are meaningless, and that in fact the true I is the true you, and the true you is the true I. If you can perceive my true thoughts during my concentrated meditation, you will know that I remember that feeling of unity.

    I want to pass on this pure light. There are many people like me who are passionate but limited in every way by reality, and I sincerely hope that you can help me and many others who are truly committed to the Light more, in whatever way you can.

    Of course, all these words are also what I want to say to the Pleiadians, Sirians and all other forces of light.

    In the future, I am likely to tell you more of my heart, if you see this message, please pay more attention to me

    I love you all, we are one, we are Presence, thank you and thank myself.

    • Et Tunc Illic – MITAKUYE OYASIN: I think then I exist! All things are indissolubly united – Peace and blessings for and among all our relations/ All that is in relationship to all that IS so that all becomes "for all my relations" which is all that is.

  2. no espero que publiques esto, les quiero comentar sobre el ultimo update, entry protocols. ley algunos comentarios de personas que para mi estan en la misma linea que ustedes y que pienso persiguen la liveracion del planeta por igual, ellos dicen que es una trampa. estaba analizando que esto puede ser utilizado por el cabal para secuestrar personas pasandose por ustedes. solo usando sentido comun puedes llegar a esta conclucion. una pregunta, voy a cumplir 66 pero estoy fuerte, yo calificaria para hechar la pelea junto con ustedes?

  3. A lot of people are concerned about the political division in America. The mass media is the main culprit. Then certain politicians and of course Hollywood. But since Hollywood now has it’s own sexual scandals, the usual mouths have shut up. I am waiting for the satanic pedophilia to break out in the news. Bunch of sick, evil people. The mass media is not telling the truth about what is going on. But they like to pour gasoline on the fires of division to keep it going. When people bring this up, I tell them to shut off the news on their TV’s and don’t read the news papers. So I am hoping that more and more people are seeing through the falsehoods of the mass media in America. Then there are those who either can’t, or refuse to see it. So I wrap the world in equal parts of the brilliant cleansing and healing white light fire, unconditional love and the beams from the central Sun. And I anchor it to the earth and then take it down inside the earth and anchor it there. Another concern is the cost of products, especially food. A lot of people cannot afford to buy enough food. I am one of them. People need to eat. They can go without other things but not food. As for the political division in America? It really surprises me that people still fall for the divide and conquer. But once their logical mind shuts off and they go into their emotions, and are angry or enraged, then it is useless to try and get through to them. Better to say nothing, or walk away. Once the truth breaks through, hopefully soon, that division will end. The media stopped being fair and balanced a long time ago. They are way off balance now. And I can only assume that most of them work for their masters, the cabal.

  4. Through Cobra, we learned that we could telepathically say, “Command PB Stardust,” three times and that the Pleiadean’s would hear us. To reduce the physical pain in our bodies. I tried this last week, and immediately felt energy coming into my body. Also heard a different kind of ringing in my ears that was very pleasant and calming. After a few minutes, I felt tingling in my left foot. It went on for a while. Then I felt the tingling in my right foot and all the way up to my right knee. I had also felt needle thin movement in the right mid and lower part of my abdomen. The Pleiadean’s were fixing a muscle problem that I’ve had there for about 10 years. It is fixed! I don’t get the tight muscle spasms there that go all the way up to my rib cage! And I thanked them for what they did for me. A few days later, I once again said, three times, “Command PB Stardust.” This time, I telepathically asked if the lactic acid build up in my physical body could be cleared out. So far, so good! Since September 14, I have been seeing many crafts way up in the sky. They twinkle white, red, blue, green and white lights. On a few nights, I had the strong urge to get up and go outside and look. They wanted me to come out and look. So I did. There were 7 of them in the eastern sky! I felt happiness coming from those seven ships! I cannot make out the shapes of those ships, because they are too far up. But my neighbors have also seen them, and they are not afraid. That is good. Everything is going quite well. People are calmer, nicer and they are waking up, even if they don’t know what is happening to them. I did send out a telepathic message to the Pleiadean’s, letting them know that they could land one of their smaller crafts on the front lawn of my other lot. And I received a telepathic answer! I was told that a small craft would land on that lawn, and that they would make sure they would not harm the baby walnut tree that I have growing on it!! I love it! Can’t wait!!!!

  5. There are now over 700 comments on the Letters to RM page, meaning it takes FOREVER to scroll to the bottom to leave your comment!!! And if you try to scroll too quickly to get to it, the page often pops back up to the top, or somewhere way above the point you’ve already scrolled down to! SO frustrating! Could there PLEASE be a comment box at the TOP part of the page to do so, to avoid having to try to scroll all the way to the bottom to write a letter?!

  6. Huligani ! Galakticka Specijalna Jedinica ! Tako će se zvati u skoroj buducnosti i tražiti će zlo gdje god bilo , poštovati će zakone univerzuma i Boga , jer čemu sve ovo inače . Dragi moj RM , a koliko sam shvatio veći ih i ima po vašim brodovima. Jer čemu sve ovo inače . Pozdrav iz Zagreba ,Hrvatska!

    google t – Huligani! Galactic Special Unit! That’s how it will be called in the near future and will seek evil wherever it is, will respect the laws of the universe and God, for this is all this. My dear RM, and how much I understood them bigger and have on your ships. Because this is all about this. Greetings from Zagreb, Croatia!

  7. The polarity experiment in this construct has created such an interest. Ending an experiment in this manner has never been attempted and everyone is here to get their piece of the experience. Negative polarity is waning and the focus should be upon helping those on the negative path who still have a connection to source to decide to return to the light. Their only alternative is to lose their experiences as they are realigned and reabsorbed. While the consciousnesses of Earth who are still under the veil find this experiment difficult, it has been required. There is no good or bad, there is only experience. If you are dissatisfied with the life you created here on Earth, CHANGE IT. Only you can change your experience here because you are creating it. From a galactic standpoint we are nearing the end and either the positive forces eradicate negative polarity, or God Source will cleanse this construct and end it with a pulse of overwhelming energy through the galactic umbilical. A God spark is on the planet now, watching and dissipating negative polarity wherever it is found. There is nowehere to hide and no alternative for negative polarity beyond two options: Turn and face the light, or prepare to be reabsorbed and realigned.

  8. Dear RM:
    I thank you with all my being for your efforts to free Gaia and her inhabitants from the control of evil and darkness. I emphatically request your enthusiastic help and intervention on behalf of the good. You have my permission to intervene to help us. It may be hard for you to understand why humans don’t see things clearly, but I suspect you have no veils to confuse you, and the veils and training we experience are incredibly effective. It is so difficult to maintain hope over time. We do hope, but it’s one of the hardest aspects. We observe that there are generally good developments in the world, and on good days, we do feel happily hopeful. Also we’ve learned to be profoundly skeptical (which helps us recognize the lies), so the optimism is also competing with a defensive habit of skepticism. So much of my optimism seems theoretical, and some days, that doesn’t seem like enough and I become discouraged, and I believe this is common, even among people who read Cobra. Please continue to enlighten us, and please continue your incredible work to free us and help us evolve to higher levels. Thank you and may God bless you.

  9. Wow. Anything I can do to be of assistance. There’s a abundance of extreme suffering by so many, and we need help immediately. I don’t know what I could do other than explain our suffering as you don’t understand it seems. I am “awake” and my only concern is for all the suffering through out our planet and all future generations. With much appreciation and anticipation I am here to help in any way all living life that is deserving in whatever I have at my disposal.

  10. I can understand how hard it can be to understand how we feel, most of us can’t even understand it completely our selves. Most of us carry the pain of the world even if we don’t want it. I have been blessed in my journey with so much love that it hurts me that others are lost in their sorrows and needs. I try to give of me as much as I can because doing good even if is not recognize, takes a little of that weight and pain but is always there. The children, the homeless, the hungry sometimes is unbearable. My family is my strength. I am very thankful every day for what I have and for what I lost because every single detail in my life made me who I am today and to know that I am not alone in my journey gives me so much comfort even tho I love my loneliness. Like I said before, hard to explain. Thank you for bringing hope in a time where we were about to give up. Love and Light. ????❤❤

  11. Dear RM,
    I am aware or the conflict we are in on this plant Gaia. Most aware and all unaware humans do not know who or what is the good versus bad groups or people. Our discernment of these groups is very weak. We do not know who we were in previous lives. So we are lost and do not have the ability to tell if we are bad or good. So without telepathy, discernment from previous knowledge of previous lives and the highly confusing environment we live in today keeps us from making good changes. Most aware people are cautious and quiet about being helpful or empowered in doing good. Service to others right now us is very localized and always privately personal. Our short time here on Gaia and from what I understand after the sun winks. We are on a short fuse to unknown change for ourselves and the present world as we know it. I am reading and using my personal spence of good and bad to help people I can help around me. Not all turns out good. Our need for help us great. Our need for having an effect outcome is necessary. Ascending to higher vibratory plane is not achievable with the tools we have at hand. My life has had to be very hidden due to social intolerance. I work and strive to help where I can. I cherish my family and most are coming around in time. Small strides are better than none. We are a good group but deceit has controlled us so long that we as a group do not know what is best for the whole of us as a planet or a people. We know you have work behind the scenes but sometimes knowledge is what makes the difference in the direction we take. Full disclosure is not needed but very necessary so we can get our directions and bearing on what we need to do.

  12. Dear RM,

    Thank you so much for your assistance in our liberation. When this is all over, I’m sure all Terrans will express their gratitude as well. I hope this message finds you in good faith.
    Every day I think of life beyond the Event. What kind of person I want to be. What adventures I will embark on. What kind of people I will meet. My anticipation grows with each passing moment. Of course, it isn’t always easy to continue. When before, I rarely despaired over the time it is taking, it bothers me at least once a week now. Even so, patience is a virtue, and I have taken these words to heart. I eagerly await the moment when all sapient species can interact face to face, peacefully and joyously. When we no longer see the anger and hatred planted within the surface Terran society. Again, thank you for your efforts.
    If you deem me ready, I am open to telepathic communication. If not, may you have a blessed day.

  13. Dear RM,

    First of all I’m sorry I do not speak English so this is a google translation. Even before knowing this planetary battle between the forces of light and the Chimera group, I was doing healing meditations for Mother Earth and all sentient beings, now continuing to add other meditations such as purple flame and white light. The planetary situation is now very confusing and many people are afflicted and desperate because of the horrible Cabal maneuvers to decimate the population and loosen it, not to mention the atrocious suffering of all the animals living in a state of terrible suffering. I am very sensitive and sometimes I feel desperate for the suffering of all beings, especially innocent and helpless animals. I suffer for the wounds to our wonderful Mother Earth. I am very grateful to our star friends and I would love to embrace them all. I hope so much that this day is very close. With so much love Monica.

  14. Dear RM,

    Though I do find it is a very difficult life to live in a 3rd dimensional existence in a level 0 civilization, I understand the reason I have incarnated here at this time. I am a warrior spirit and as a warrior, not all battles I’ve fought were against anyone but myself. The creator has given us a choice after all, and we must understand what it means to make that choice. I’ve gone through many challenges here in this existence, but I understand that from great strife, comes great strength.

    It is with that strength of will, that I ask not for your help, but that you help those of us that have not realized their own strength. They have been easily deceived by the lesser of their own “demons” and thus assist the darker forces of the cabal. I do not ask that you resist those that are unknowing, but that you assist them in knowing.

    If you are to assist with the greatest impact, then I ask that you do not do so with force, but with compassion. There are many among us who will cry out to be saved, indeed there will be many among us who will also misunderstand and fight change. Though my prayer is that you love us unconditionally, for only though love will the light of understanding get through to our hearts.

    We may seem like complex, emotional, and resistant beings, but that is also what makes us uncomplicated, loving, and loyal to our beliefs. So it’s not really a question of understanding us, it’s a question of seeing what we are.

    Thank you for your time in reading this, and walk ever in the light with love in your heart.

    With love and light,
    Kitty Catarina

  15. There is a VERY interesting statement Cobra made about the ET’s, NOT being able to “Understand” US on earth sometimes???
    It was the “Higher Evolution Beings” that CREATED US…They created us in THEIR “Image & Likeness”.
    HOW, would they NOT understand THEIR own creation???

    From what I’ve learned about our cosmic family, there are other creations in various stages of their own evolution, but are not allowed to interfere on THIS planet. I could understand that reasoning IF that’s who Cobra was talking about.
    But the “Prime Creator” doesn’t FIT THAT description because it KNOWS EVERYTHING!
    I’ve been trying to ask question on Cobra’s webpage BUT…One HAS to have a Gmail (GOOGLE)account to post anything (Remember WHO owns Google?)
    WHY is that, because I left Google a long time ago for THAT reason.
    Google “Screens” everything!
    Can someone explain this???

    • you don’t necessarily need a google account – just enter your question at this link. Please remember to search to see if the question was already asked. It is all of Cobra’s interviews by subject. You may learn a few things if you search the Cobra – Interview – FAQ section under “soul evolution”, or Spiritual Hierarchy too.


  16. Dear RM,

    Please help to make the fully announced disclosure happen soon, along with the Event, the mass arrests, and the funds to flow from the GCR/RV. It seems there is still underlying resistance stopping this from occurring. Please assist us. Thank you.

  17. Hi

    I have been on a journey and am so thankful for all the lessons I have learned and will be learning!! I created these experiences and want to create a world with you!! We all do, and feel we are ready as a whole!! We are experiencing hard and harder times now!! I feel I have raised my vibrations and am holding that vibration!! Please help me to grow and help me to keep holding my vibrations so others can continue to join as we will meet you soon!! I feel we will and look forward to the initial contact and being able to give a hug to all of you!! And to thank you for all of your hard work!! Also, to thank you for watching over us and helping us!! Many of us our in so much pain and don’t understand because we have been under so much control!! Some of us our impatient because it hurts so bad and tired of suffering!! It really strains you mentally and on a physical level it is hard. We are all ONE and can’t wait for our animals on earth to be treated better and as ONE!! There are days where I feel impatient as well but I try to remember just to be patient a little bit longer as I feel it is getting closer and to have FAITH!! IAM HERE, IAM READY, I LOVE YOU my galactic Family

    Please help us, we need you!!

  18. 20 years of messages and things have only gotten worse. I’m sure everyone means well, but something is not working. If we are so important that so many have come to help, then leaving us in the dark – in more ways than one – is not a very friendly thing to do, and not something I’d expect from someone who calls themselves friends.

    We have to still simply IMAGINE that what is said is true. That so many things are happening, yet nothing at all, barely a droplet, perceivably changes. Names and parties and other details may change, but not what is and has been happening to us all.

    With all due respect, either finish this, or get us directly involved, or go find some other planet you can
    – help – ….

    • My thoughts, exactly, the dave. That is why I’m literally begging in my post for help. I’m really trying to hammer it in to them. Cobra says the RM are psychologically wired differently from us, and don’t really understand what we’re going through, and how our minds work being separate from Source. At the same time, they do want to understand us and open up communication with us now. So time will tell whether this experiment is successful, or not. Will they even read our messages at all? I wonder. I’m really on the fence, and part of me is leaning towards nothing coming out of this, but a big part of me is also doing a lot of fantasizing right now at the prospect of making some sort of contact.

      I am an optimist by nature, but even the biggest optimists on the planet can be beaten down to the point where they lose all hope and faith. I often feel my mission isn’t important. I accomplish nothing every day, but kill time, because I am gridlocked financially, and everything I try ends up in failure. If I had connection with Source, then I would know what steps to take to manifest what I want. And clearly this isn’t just me, it’s a big problem a major portion of the human population is facing right now.

      The one good thing that’s coming out of this experiment in attempting to contact the RM, I will say, is the fact that I’m not alone. The fact that so many people are dealing with what I’m dealing with, and worse, and yet are open towards change and to be of service to the Light, means there is a good chance the RM won’t continue to ignore us much longer. At least, we can say, the odds have shifted a bit. We shall see. Never be a 100% pessimist. Faith the size of a mustard seed should be enough (I’m not religious, but this is a good metaphor). Often people suffer because they close themselves off completely to new opportunities. That is certainly not what I’m doing. Not anymore. I know you aren’t either.

      Let’s see what happens.

    • I highly recommend you post your story here: If you feel guided to do so. You never know, you know?

  19. Dear RM,

    I want to tell you a bit about my story. AlI I ever wanted to do was just play music and make others happy. I have ideas in my head for rock music that literally no one else is doing right now, not even close. I have heard new compositions, new melodies, new improvisations stream into my head. New ideas for production in rock music. I find such inspiration in the creativity and awakening that happened in the 1960’s. I want to create music that’s never been heard or done before, just as the musicians did so back then.

    But alas, so many things have gotten in the way. I was severely mentally and emotionally abused by my mom, who has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. She refuses to accept responsibility for her decisions in life, and often rants and yells at us, especially at my father. I have an older sibling who has struggled to make herself happy as well, who cries on many days because she cannot handle such torment. My father is a kind man, with a wonderful business with lots of potential, but is always struggling to make the ends meet, especially now.

    I was also severely bullied in school, probably the top-bullied kid in all three schools I went to, and while I know I attracted and brought a lot of it upon myself, I didn’t know any better due to how my mother raised me, and the school system did nothing to identify the problem. They instilled further guilt and shame and abuse in me. I grew up with a major combative ego. I now have friends and a wonderful girlfriend online, but they are unable to help me, and they are so physically far away, I cannot afford to meet them in person, which hurts me so much.

    My best friend and I have had a wonderful connection, 100% identical taste in music and movies. He is a talented guitarist, and we often have had experiences where we are thinking of the same thing at the same time. Mental synchronicity. But he has his own confidence issues, many of which I feel responsible for, to the point where he doesn’t want to play music at all anymore, nor do anything, nor even talk online. And we have known each other for a few years, but I only managed to see him in person a month ago for a few days. Those few days were the happiest in my life, and yet I am now back to living in my negative environment and am unable to be there for him. I care about him so much.

    Today I had a job I attempted at a restaurant, but it was extremely painful for me, I had one of the worst headaches of my life, and I was slow on the job, and this brought back so many bad memories of previous experiences I had. I have neurological issues inherited from my mom. I may be able to excel in writing and music, but I am unable to make money to survive right now using these talents, In fact, I put off playing guitar for so many years, due to lack of confidence, and although my best friend is jealous of my ability to improvise, he is far more the musician than me.

    But as I was saying, I have neurological limitations, I am unable to function as a cog in a machine like everyone else. I dropped out of high school for this reason, and while you may consider this as a good trait, it is so very difficult for me to find the means to survive in the 21st century. I need to get away from my negative abusive environment, we all need to move out in the family, but I experience roadblocks after roadblocks after roadblocks. Lack of money holds us back. I know a lot of this has been due to my ego and excuses, but a lot of it is due to pain and the inability to learn and function and adapt in today’s world. Try to comprehend the idea of what it must be like to live in a situation where your body and your mind are always working against you, where your health deteriorates over time, and on top of that, to be stuck in this cycle of abuse, without a loving, caring, and nurturing environment, without the means and direction to succeed and put one’s ideas into action.

    I often have bouts of insomnia, mental fog, hormonal issues, concentration issues, OCD, PTSD, and a crippling ear infection in both ears for the past year and a half now. For a while, I wasn’t even able to stand the sound of my own voice without experiencing crippling physical pain. Imagine what this must feel like for someone who is so passionate about music. I was ready to kill myself, and only survived due to support online. I still struggle with varying degrees of pain on certain days, my ears feel plugged, and I am unable to afford any alternative treatments. I strongly wish I could afford to use a Tachyon Healing Chamber, and other healing modalities I have discovered this past year, but without the financial means, I am left to suffer without any action and progress.

    Now I come down to my final point. This is my plea to you: I have been begging for years for contact from the other side. I have yearned and asked so many times for help from God, Source, and all who serve the Light to help guide me in manifesting the life I want. Because I know exactly what I want and need in life, I just don’t know how to manifest it. I don’t know what to do, how to achieve my desired hopes and dreams in this world. Often, I feel you don’t care. I have read your words talking about love and light and meditation and all, but believe me, I have tried, and I am unable to hear your voices nor the voice of my Higher Self. I feel like I am talking to a wall. Often the answers I hear are my ego. I have no means of differentiating between my imagination and actual answers. I get this idea to do something, and when I do it and fail, I feel so let down and struggle so hard to pick myself back up. Like this job I just tried which I was so convinced was my ticket to freedom. My head still hurts just from these 5 hours of work.

    I just want to be with my friends and make music and change the world with my music. Is that so much to ask? Is this mission of mine so unimportant that you’ve literally left me and my loved ones stranded, unable to do anything? I need you to talk to me individually. As a child, I saw a UFO in the form of a huge flying saucer, super up close, fly past my window without a sound. I don’t know if this was one of your ships. But I tell you, I am prepared for contact. I fear it, but I always fear new experiences, and this fear can be quickly overcome, because believe me, the fear of not achieving my goals and being stuck in my situation and my situation getting worse far outweighs everything else. I even feared meeting my friend, but then had the best few days of my life.

    Whether contact in the physical, or through dreams, or through the astral realms, or any means, please, I beg of you, I need you, I need you, I need your help. Help me. Help me overcome these obstacles. I don’t know what to do anymore. Without help, I am going to fail myself and my loved ones, and the global awakening will be without our contributions as a result. I am an optimist by nature, believe me, I have done positive thinking, I have done it all. You need to understand what we are up against here in the 3D. Things are not as simple as you make them. And this isn’t just about me or my loved ones, but many people around the world who are doing even worse than me.

    This global movement is going to fail unless you make an effort to step into our lives. We have made the effort, and many of us will continue doing so, but please, spare us, spare us the pain. Help me help myself to help others. I desire a relationship with you. I desire collaboration. Please. I know I messed up terribly, I am willing to acknowledge where I went wrong. I had massive ego issues, and in some ways still do. I know I was wrong with my decisions in life, but now I am so far deep, I have no clue how to climb out. I am just asking for the basic essentials. I am willing to do anything in return, as long as it serves the Light and this global awakening movement.

    I do not know what else to add. Just please, talk to me. I need to know I am not just deluding myself. I worry that I just do not have the right words to make you understand. I worry this post will fall on deaf ears to you. I hope it doesn’t. My past trauma tells me it will, but I am still willing to make any effort to connect with the Light and climb out of this mess.

    Thank you for reading.

    • I accidentally entered the above comment both here and on the “Letters to the Resistance” movement link here:

      You ended up leaving the comment on ‘About’ page, but deleting the comment on the proper link. I reckon this was accidental and meant to prevent spam, but please, I really need the RM to see my comment, I poured my heart and soul out into typing it last night, and I really would not want it to go to waste. I re-entered the comment again on the proper link, and please ask you to accept it.

      • I meant ‘Announcement’ page, not ‘About’ page. Please I just want my comment posted on the proper link. Otherwise, I don’t care.

      • Thank you for resolving this issue, Prepare For Change. I very much appreciate it. Sorry if I came out combative in any way, this is just a very stressful and emotional time for me right now. I really appreciate everything you are doing. The world needs more people like you. Peace and love. <3

  20. What can we specifically do concerning the following:
    1- to establish direct communication with RM ET’s
    1a – what are the perspectives, actions, diets, and practices to increase our vibration/frequency (spiritual light) and
    1b – information, actions, practices, perspectives concerning being in service (in all ways),
    2 – achieve direct communication with benevolent, off world intelligences,
    3 – ways of raising awareness in society of the real ,
    4 – breaking bad habits,
    5 – access and development of technologies for good health and life extension,
    6 – meeting and connecting with others that are awakened,
    7- ways to petition those in the government/military having authority to order full disclosure,
    8 – ways practice and improve our spiritual,
    9 – list of spiritual and karmic laws that have been hidden or omitted from the spiritual/religious literature,
    10 – how can we position ourselves to be financially protected and have financial growth in the future (Buy gold/bitcoins, sell dollars, pay off debts, take out loans, buy land,etc.)
    11 – how can we improve our achieve Spiritual, physical, emotional, financial protection from all threats,

    Notice to the benevolent ET’s (only the benevolent ones! ?-Anshar/Mayan,/5-Sphere beings/Confederation). Please introduce yourselves to me/us in dreams and later in person, and/or add us to your list of people that are in direct contact. I am sure that there are many more questions that elude me at this time. Ongoing contact would be exciting and beneficial to me and my family members. Please do it in a way that does not attract any unwanted attention from malevolent ones. A shield of protection should accompany the entire interaction.

    • Make sure to post this comment at the link they added above. It says to not enter our comments here. And your comments a good one, so make sure you add it to the specific link.

      • It sounds like you’re being severely attacked through the veil. I would recommend liquid chlorophyll for the ear infections. I’d also recommend the book “Ask .and it is Given” by Abraham-Hicks to work with Laws of Attraction/Manifestation

    • This page is just the announcement. Post your comment here:

  21. Dear Resistance Movement,

    Etheric archon octopuses put ET implants in my body a couple of years ago. I dealt with them and psychic attacks daily until I had them removed last month. The implants did a lot of damage to my chakras and aura and health. I have two strong desires that I want to share with you. First, I’m having a hard time opening my sacral and solar plexus chakras. My health is not where I want it to be. I want to accelerate my recovery. Please send healing energies to me. Second, I’m young and I’m very knowledgeable about what is going on with the global situation. I can’t talk to a lot of friends about cobra, the RM and spiritual topics. I feel like I can be a great voice for my age group (20-30 year olds). I’m willing to receive inspiration and guidance from the RM on how I can become a leader in my community. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Universal blessings and warm regards,

    • Same age. Right on. Make sure you post your comment to the link they added. We’re not supposed to be posting our comments here, this page is just the announcement. Go to this link:

  22. Witam….Was siostry i bracia z pokojowej Federacji Światła……
    Długo czekaliśmy na waszą reakcję, na waszą pomoc 26 000 lat a może więcej w fałszywej kwarantannie .Żyjemy w matrix ie religijnym, stworzonym przez negatywne samolubne siły z innych planet. Żyjemy w chorych nie doskonałych ciałach, eksperymentach farmacji, sterowaniem podświadomości, przez siły rządowe,oraz pozakulisowe organizacje.Wykorzystywani przez kościoły,które kierują swoimi wyznawcami ,narzuconą im nie tolerancją wobec innych wyznań.Nie kończącymi się wojnami, walką o sztuczne wartości monetarne dla zysków elit. Zaprzątnięci w niewolniczą pracę ,brakiem wolnego czasu aż do samej emerytury, po przejściu na nią brakiem perspektyw na lepsze zdrowe jutro. Blokady w naszym mózgu nie pozwalają nam na rozwój duchowy, brak pamięci z poprzednich wcieleń , ogranicza bardzo nasze życie, oraz radość z niego. Rozwój elektroniki sprowadza na nas jeszcze większą kontrolę elit, poprzez pranie mózgów, oraz choroby z powodu smogu elektronicznego. Prosimy Was o pomoc w wyzwoleniu, przepuszczeniu sygnałów z Centralnego słońca do zmian w naszej świadomości, zakończeniu agresji , ogarniającej psychozy mass mediów,tworzącej negatywne przekazy. Przesyłamy wam światło miłości i oczekujemy na spotkanie z wami.
    (google) Hello … brothers and sisters of the Peace Federation of Light ……
    We have been waiting for your response for 26,000 years or more in false quarantine. We live in a religious and religious matrix created by negative selfish forces from other planets. We live in diseased, not perfect bodies, in pharmacy experiments, subconscious control, governmental forces, and extra-organizational organizations. They are used by churches that direct their followers to be impeded by their tolerance for other faiths. Unfinished wars, the struggle for artificial monetary values ​​for profit elites. Tired of slave labor, lack of free time until retirement alone, after passing on her lack of prospects for a better healthy tomorrow. The locks in our brain do not allow us to develop spiritually, lack of memory from previous lives, limited our lives, and the joy of it. The development of electronics brings us even more elite control, brainwashing, and electronic smog disease. We ask you for help in the liberation, the transmission of signals from the Central Sun to changes in our consciousness, the end of aggression, the overwhelming psychosis of mass media, creating negative messages. We send you the light of love and we look forward to meeting you.

  23. What can we specifically do concerning the following:
    1- to establish direct communication with RM ET’s
    1a – what are the perspectives, actions, diets, and practices to increase our vibration/frequency (spiritual light) and
    1b – information, actions, practices, perspectives concerning being in service (in all ways),
    2 – achieve direct communication with benevolent, off world intelligences,
    3 – ways of raising awareness in society of the real ,
    4 – breaking bad habits,
    5 – access and development of technologies for good health and life extension,
    6 – meeting and connecting with others that are awakened,
    7- ways to petition those in the government/military having authority to order full disclosure,
    8 – ways practice and improve our spiritual,
    9 – list of spiritual and karmic laws that have been hidden or omitted from the spiritual/religious literature,
    10 – how can we position ourselves to be financially protected and have financial growth in the future (Buy gold/bitcoins, sell dollars, pay off debts, take out loans, buy land,etc.)
    11 – how can we improve our achieve Spiritual, physical, emotional, financial protection from all threats,

    Notice to the benevolent ET’s (only the benevolent ones! ?-Anshar/Mayan,/5-Sphere beings/Confederation). Please introduce yourselves to me/us in dreams and later in person, and/or add us to your list of people that are in direct contact. I am sure that there are many more questions that elude me at this time. Ongoing contact would be exciting and beneficial to me and my family members. Please do it in a way that does not attract any unwanted attention from malevolent ones. A shield of protection should accompany the entire interaction.

  24. Dear Resistance Movement,

    We are eternally grateful for the magnificent efforts which you have made on our behalf, to liberate our planet from the terrible Darkness which has overtaken it for so many centuries. We love you and respect you, and we all send you our love and peace. We are sure that you will receive all the blessings that are due to you.

    All our Love, from the Ground Crew.

  25. Hola saludos al grupo RM. En primer lugar gracias por su gran labor de la VICTORIA EN LA TIERRA. por donde vivo en la zona costera de Tarragona España , me he visto que estoy sola ante situaciones complejas que estoy experimentando. Tengo una pensión no contributiva de 313 euros a mes, y me han notificado la reducción a 290 euros. Intento hacer que mi vida sea más positiva, cada paso que hago, me lo niegan. La familia cada día más separada. Los asistentes sociales para ayudas no las hacen solo les dan ayudas a los que vienen de afuera sin haber cotizado ayudas de 800 euros mas ayudas para las casas. Me siento muy impotente ante esta situación. Mucha sobrecarga en un cuerpo muy enfermo, donde los médicos no hacen su trabajo. Estoy rodeada de mucha oscuridad a la que no tengo armas suficientes para la defensa y silencio hago lo que puedo. Pido ayuda a la confederación de luz que venga en mi ayuda, por favor necesito vuestra ayuda, YA! Muy agradecida, bendiciones. NAMASTE..
    (google) – Hello greetings to the RM group. First of all thanks for your great work of VICTORIA EN LA EERRA. Where I live in the coastal area of Tarragona Spain, I have seen that I am alone in the face of complex situations that I am experiencing. I have a non-contributory pension of 313 euros per month, and I have been notified of the reduction to 290 euros. I try to make my life more positive, every step I do, I’m denied. The family more and more separate. The social workers for aid do not do them only give aid to those who come from outside without having quoted aids of 800 euros plus aids for houses. I feel very powerless in this situation. Too much overload in a very sick body, where doctors do not do their job. I am surrounded by much darkness to which I do not have enough weapons for the defense and silence I do what I can. I ask for help to the confederation of light that comes to my aid, please I need your help, NOW! Very grateful, blessings. NAMASTE ..

  26. Dear RM,
    It is my view that the most pressing problem for the human race is the belief systems which have been systematically pressed into the psyche of the our populations throughout generations. As I am aware that the reality on earth is created by these warped, dysfunctional belief systems, it is obvious to me that our main goal needs to be to address the truth of reality on a massive scale with no room for denial; no way to avoid seeing that these divisive religions are, and have been simply a way for humanity to be controlled and tricked into creating the reality that the others have been sucking energy off of since the beginning.
    That is a task that, done without war and killing, would be a first ever occurrence on this planet. Religions have been at the heart of every war ever fought here, and without some kind of assist from you I don’t see a peaceful resolution to this problem any time in the near future. Thank you for caring. ~A~

  27. Hello Resistance Movement, First I want to say how eternally grateful we are for everything you are doing for our LIBERATION!!! On one of Cobra’s latest updates he said most of humanity will not be existing here on this planet after Earth completes it’s own ascension. Where are we going? Why can’t we live here anymore? Gaia will be such a beautiful, purified, peaceful planet to live on. I want to travel and see the future Gaia. Could you please have Cobra elaborate more on this? Victory of the Light. Light and Love, Suzanne

  28. If the RM does not understand humanity or is confused by our behaviors and reactions to life in general, they should open themselves up to direct communication with human beings. No more behind the scenes intrigue. I can only speak for humans living in what we call the United States, but the RM does not appear to understand taxes, government, military, borders, rent, money, politics, etc. This 3D reality is suffocating and extremely dense. How can these higher dimensional beings understand the heaviness of this 3D reality if they refuse to experience it themselves?

  29. Dear RM, i think the humanity need more “interventions” in the dreams, as a messages, ideas, suggestions, personally i had a dreams wich i think are real (lucid dreams or who knows what), since 2011 my perception is changing and sometimes i think that my role here is to help to the unawaked, explaining what is all about, but in really slow and gradual way

    This is the method i used/learned

    1-Believe what is happening
    2-Understand what is all about
    3-Summarize and collect another “infos”, use high discernment
    4-Learned to talk with my higher-self and listen to “him”
    5-Understand the timings of this “project”
    6-Listen and understand the signals
    7-And then choose some unawaked people, now i know when someone is ready to listen and i’m ready for the questions, this is the hard part, not easy, the timing is everything

    This is my experience for now, what i request? as i said, if is possible more “interventions” in the dreams, you know how to do and if the higher-self agree to do that, why? according to my experience the people who can remember the dream/message/or part of the dream then will start to join the dots, is like a big puzzle

    “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”

    Thanks, i hope see you in some astral plane before THE EVENT and then in the “real” life AFTER THE EVENT

    Victory of the light!!!

  30. Nekada se pitam dali bog ima malo bolestan smisao za humor čemu sve to zanima me zašto uopće postoji mogućnost dječjih logora i ko zna ceg jos i to još da mi ljudi ne znamo za to sve, mogu shvatit ratove sami smo u njih ušli sami jedne druge ubijali. Ali dječje kolonije za tko zna kakve svrhe i onda nemamo ni priliku odlučiti dali ćemo im razbit glavu nemamo priliku probati pomoć toj djeci a zašto. Nismo spremni? Tko kaže ? Pa čemu svi ti ratovi svih tih godina ako nismo spremni ,za sta nas bog sprema za ratnike koje će izbrisati zlo iz svemira ,za nove ljude koji ce to zlo koje im se desilo iskoristit da se ovakvo što na zemlji nikada više ne dogodi. NIKADA:::* JER ako je ovo neka bezvezna lekcija ne znam dali želim imat nešto s bogom koji ima iz moje percepcije malo bolestan smisao za humor ,koji god razlog. Imate ratnike diljem europe zovu ih još i huligani , imaju znak od jedinice otpora skoro su vas iskopirali pa ako ne smiju svi ljudi znati što se događa pa dajte bar ovima koji se više manje bore protiv politike zla već zadnjih 15 godina., Koji se ne boje politike,. Nađite žutog psa iz grčkih prosvjeda prije par godina pas je uvijek ispred ljudi a ispred psa su kordoni policije , na jednoj čak i spava. Ako vam te slike ne govore da spremni rodjeni smo svi mi zemljani onda neznam što vam napisat. Vrijeme boli kad stvari nisu nikako dobre a kada si ti još i dijete i još stojis u slastičarnici i ne smiješ nista još ni probati pojesti pa sta još ima i nastavak u lošem smislu. Ne za mene je već i ovo previše, dragi Bože pa nismo u kockarnici pa da uvijek izgubis. Zašto bilo što živo možeš uništiti ozljedit za tren ,a da popravis izljecis ti treba dugo dugo vremena a nekada je nepopravljivo. Puno puno toga još imam na mislima i jedva čekam da budem siguran da mogu komunicirati sa bogom jer me neke stvari zanimaju prije nego se prestanem ljutiti na njega i potpuno kao ja u fizičkom obliku kažem da ja te volim Bože, . biti će tu puno pitanja a poslje je moguć i vatromet u cijelom svemiru !!!! Pozdrav iz Hrvatske

    Sometimes I wonder if God has a little sick sense of humor, all I care about is why there is a possibility of children camps and who knows what else even if people do not know about it all, I can understand the wars we have entered into them on their own killing. But baby colonies for who knows what purpose and then we have no chance to decide whether to give them a razor head we have no chance to try to help these kids and why. Are not we ready? Who says? So all these wars of all those years if we are not ready, for which our gods are prepared for warriors who will wipe out the evil from the universe, for the new people who will use this evil to exploit what is happening on earth never again. NEXT ::: * JER if this is a lethargic lesson I do not know if I want to have something with a god who has a little sick sense of humor from my perception, whatever the reason. You have warriors all over Europe call them hooligans, they have a sign of a resistance unit they have almost excavated you so if not all people know what’s going on and give it to at least those who are fighting less against the policy of evil for the last 15 years. Color politics ,. Find a Yellow Dog From Greek Protests A few years ago a dog is always in front of people and in front of the dog are cordon police, one even sleeps. If these pictures do not tell you that we’re ready, we’re all grounded then I do not know what to write to you. Time hurts when things are not good and when you are still a kid and still stand in the pastry shop and you can not even try to eat and there is still a continuation in the bad sense. Not for me, this is too much, dear God, so we’re not in the casinos, so we always lose. Why anything alive can destroy an injury for a moment, and to repair a spit you need for a long time and it is sometimes irrefutable. I have a lot to do with my mind and I can hardly wait to be sure I can communicate with God because I’m interested in some things before I stop getting angry at him and completely as I physically tell you I love you,. There will be so many questions and then fireworks in the whole universe are possible !!!! greetings from Croatia

  31. I want all the financial institutions to stop taking from the people stop threating human lives give bak to the people all thats been taking away unjustly. No more fighting amongst ourselves and no more hungry no more homeless no more equality for all. Im Milly. Im open to help you and humanity I come in peace

  32. Great idea, should have been done a while back but you guys at PFC might want to filter the contact messages because you know some not so nice people will try to mess around with our new friends and we can not let this happen. The messages have to be filtered for compassion.

  33. Dear RM, there are many things to tell. I would like to invite you to talk to me telepathically. I will be open to listen to you. Thank you.

  34. Dear RM, Simplify if possible. Humans are prone to overwhelm and many do not have the refined discernment abilities to guide them. Humans tend to shut down, and dismiss useful information when faced with too much information and too many choices. This must be well known to the Dark who bombard us with conflicting information, constantly. This must be designed to keep us from declaring what we want, and using our creative power,

  35. Hello and Greetings,

    Many of us are waiting patiently or impatiently to meet you and to begin our new journey. We are tired and exhausted mentally and emotionally of experiencing this life here on Earth with all its violence, hatred, inhumanity and cruelty. It is getting more difficult to deal with it…the information overload, the lies and progpoganda, the endless wars. We await a new chance at living the way we were meant to live…in companionship and service to eachother. At one with the Earth or nature, and we are ready to experience and understand the deep mysteries. Our life here has become artificial and unbearable. We are capable of so much more, but we are surrounded by dark forces. Please show us the way out and we will not disappoint you


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