It’s the best and the worst thing anyone can ever imagine.

What’s the worst reasons for doing something? For the destruction or enslavement of the entire universe for your own personal pleasure and deviancy against the original intended purpose of creation.

What’s the best reason and motivation? For the protection and full potential of all sentient life.

Both motives are at play in what we are analyzing and research here today. I have personal experience, as do you all as the human race is personally entangled in something of a spiritual battle of cosmic proportions and everything in this reality is connected through that.

The time of fallen, the watchers, the chimera experiments is this time. We are literally in the past. The ancient depictions of warnings in regards to these events is related to this. Advanced technology was discovered then which advanced the civilization to where it is now. The entire in between 2000 years is an illusion cast by those with access to this power, hiding this technology and waiting while using the human race as guinea pigs (not to give guinea pigs a bad name) and their own chattel for abuse for profit and personal satisfaction.

Everything is related to the unleashing of personal, unconscious desires through murder, deviant sex acts, experimentation and the hybridization of the original life. In actuality the head is on top where one’s mindfulness and the center of their being of their physical power as well as emotional stability are the primary composites of their self and thus reality. In the falsified version the sexual organs are on top and thus the heart and the mind come secondary to carnal desires including rage and lust. These are the primary motivating factors of the groups that plague humanity and it is a learning process to unveil not the truth but the carnal desires in acts of continuing complexity and depravity. That is literally the name of the game. If it’s considered evil or goes against innocence then that is sought and refined to produce the most powerful evil. The more one is payed, the more allowance, the higher their position the more access to innocent beings. This kind of sounds like fairy tale speak in regards to ‘the more powerful evil’. In short, the actual essence of evil in the sense of the vibrations that are sensed and transmitted by sentient beings and some kind of essence in the universe itself has been discovered and refined to create the most viable and vile form of warfare imaginable. This is what was spoken of in the ancient texts, this is why there were and are coming great times of change in response to this.

They create realities.

Pieces of consciousness into alternate realities. It’s all for the creation of slave-races that can be used to house ‘unclean’ spirits or simply beings that lack the connection to source.



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  1. This Be-Ing has some the best understanding of what’s really going with the “Controllers” of our planet I have seen for some time now.
    Makes us understand better what happen with what happened in Atlantis, and WHY it suffered the fate it did. They had been practicing the very same foolishness toward their own demise then.
    This is the very reason WHY I have very little trust in what is going on with is now being discovered about the so-called “Secret Space Program”.
    WHY the “Secrecy”??? Recall what murdered president Kennedy said about the word SECRECY?
    Fortunately these “Controllers” will be removed soon and mankind will be returned to the “Source” and be reunited with “Oneness” with it again.
    Peace be with ALL there is.

  2. Thank you Marian. With going beyond I just mean the material part of it, not remove it, because it’s my way of experiencing and expressing beauty, as far as clothes and juwelry. All the rest is my own way of giving value to myself and those around me. It’s the part where I can share with others.

  3. Thank you Edward. This made me realize that not only sexuality but in fact everything material is part of our life challange, such as food, the desire of certain foods, in particular sugar products and meat (bbq), clothes as long as we can follow fashion, juwelry … (o lala). So we have to practice being beyond those desires and enlarge spirituality and wisdom. Blessings…

    • Thank you, Edward Morgan, for a most important piece of information that, to my perception, will take a long time to sink in humanity’s awareness and touch deep emotions, before and after The Event has arrived. I’m also commenting on Maria’s comment, describing my perceptions based on real life experience, a brief clash with a perverted lifestyle by accident.

      Maria, I see your point and I agree with you in life’s challenge regarding enslavement to food, clothes and jewelry, including sexuality “on top”. Enslavement to the dictatorship of one’s senses, habits and ruts, which always crave for lusting and instant gratification, when the mind and heart are silenced and one’s conscience is in the freezer. Change isn’t welcome much, at the door of our private homes, when the curtains are closed and no sunlight enters the home.

      Without condoning anything that is mentioned in this article, Maria, I disagree with the last part of your comment “So we have to practice being beyond those desires and enlarge spirituality and wisdom”.
      As I perceive and practice it, as a starting point, I’d rather be WITH those desires (general desires in daily life, not the perverted ones mentioned in this article) I’d rather be in close encounters with them, feel – come to know – and see them for what they are and what the cover up is, the walking away from my divine qualities, from source. Before going beyond them (when desires are ruling me instead of the other way around).

      In that way, the enlarging of spirituality and wisdom happens in sync with my, hopefully, growing discernment and discipline amidst the lives of those around me, who are struggling to figure out if it works this way… or maybe.. that way…? while constantly tempted by external stimuli: advertisements, money-temples with gambling machines or banks promising “easy money” produced out of thin air, demanding “hard-earned dough” from the customer, who doesn’t stop craving and therefore continues to live in debts. The banking system is going to die… long live the banking system a la 21st century! NOT.

      On a slightly more compassionate note: The cruelty of practices mentioned in this article shows enslavement on both sides of this “game” of creating realities. Of evil to the highest possible degree.
      The misery of living without the connection to source, as I perceive it, must be full of shame, anger and fear, sublimated in perversion, addiction, anything that covers up the misery. Despair sets in when the cover is lifted, hence the frenzy of drama’s, all invocations to cover up the misery inside. I believe it’s why evil practices are thought out by well and long trained minds, always in need of cover up, secrecy, living with the absence of satisfaction, in essence. It’s a never-ever-getting-there, I believe. Until coming full circle. Closing in on itself in self-destruction.

      And to include real life experiences in this, which I always prefer, when possible, it’s a revealing of an event of which I was part as witness, unintentionally, in my early 20’s. I lived in a relationship, without having much voice, where my boyfriend took me on his Harley Davidson to a “circle” in a “private club”

      In Amsterdam, of all places! Where sex and sado-masochism was experienced in expensive and “refined” ways. I was dressed in a most eccentric way, right from a StarTrek movie or Abba style outfit. Imagine, this couple that we were, stepping from our bike. All eyes on US, theatrical, eccentric. Inside I was as insecure as a shy meerkat, but I was a trained performer, due to my obedience as minister’s daughter, present in church, with all eyes on us, a family of 11. Public presence, no matter what, that’s what I learned in my youth, just like princes and princesses need to practice, in their royal role.

      I simply followed in curiosity, observing everything and without an atom of desire to take part in it. I’ve witnessed the scenery and the energy. The dual dance in these practices has the same foundation: trauma, shame, fear, sublimation, abuse of power, of life force energy. With some love mixed in between too, in a peculiar way. In short, sexuality is placed “on top” in that tango. Arousal and release through the senses is focused on the physical pleasure parts in company of fantasy. It wasn’t grim or cruel, for I don’t think I would’ve stayed, but pleasure through pain is the name of the game. Which wasn’t my game at all. When I found my voice, end of my twenties, I’ve walked away from this relationship.

      When I read this part of the article here: “In short, the actual essence of evil in the sense of the vibrations that are sensed and transmitted by sentient beings and some kind of essence in the universe itself has been discovered and refined to create the most viable and vile form of warfare imaginable.

      This is what was spoken of in the ancient texts, this is why there were and are coming great times of change in response to this”.

      I realize that the last line of that part, separated above, resonates with my belief that life/nature itself doesn’t allow abomination to exist forever and that life/nature will always begin to support and bring forth circumstances that bring justice and balance. That realization, which is a choice at the same time, empowers me to stand my ground, building bridges between the sleepers and the awakened.
      Checking myself, pinching myself now and than. And even while present in the line of arrows, if I must 😉

      Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.

  4. These articles are being written quite often. We know the evil is out there! Cobra wrote an article awhile back, “We are the content that we consume.” Well, as a starseed, I don’t wish to be notified of such articles. My reality is MUCH more beautiful than the content of this message. The rest will be sorted out as time goes on. I am participating in activities of the light every moment of every day. I consume only light messages!


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