Continental Army … ARISE.

That’s right … as the first country that dared to consciously stand up to bloodline rule, along with St Germain & ascended masters having a hand in the creation of this constitution … the spirit of the American Revolution WILL BE INVOKED when it’s inner shadow wounding is exposed on the surface across its heart, as the Moon Goddess commands its healing by casting her physical shadow.

“ … this is a critical decision point for America “

For the WORLDWIDE SYNCHRONIZED MEDITATION…that begins playing automatically everywhere around the world at the correct time in 15 different languages, click here:

Download link to the Eclipse Meditation using WeTransfer. It will take a few minutes to complete and launch on your computer, but then you will have it locally. Then you will not need the Internet to participate!

Cobra – June 2017

If you’re the sensitive or intuitive type … you can feel the massive mobilization of Light forces on all the plains & octaves over the past few weeks especially … and feel it coming to a close as the final chess pieces are moved into position for a very possible checkmate result from this eclipse.

The Cabal & what’s left of dark forces on the non-physical & physical plains has been doing the same. The physical Cabal has been knowing & planning for this eclipse EVENT for 99 years according to former insider & MK Ultra experiencer Jolene Seebacher.

Can you FEEL IT?!

This week’s show is largely going to be a rallying cry for the CONTINENTAL ARMY OF the United States of Lightworkers to arise … one more time, with whatever fighting spirit you have left in you, if it’s the last thing you ever do for planetary liberation!

The Positive Military & Agencies NEED YOU


The Weak … The Hungry … The Downtrodden … NEED YOU

And just to make sure we’re clear …

I’m not ‘asking’ you to be at the nearest ley-line or vortex/gridpoint AT 11:11am PDT…

I’m not trying to ‘inspire’ you to make sure you do the exclusively designated & specifically designed guided meditation here …

… You are being commanded to do so by all levels of Light … your galactic family … and YOUR HIGHER SELF!

Above all … Goddess is commanding you.

Make it happen … ask the boss for Monday off if you have to.

Make any excuse you have to …

Because GUESS WHAT …


So when I say: Continental Army, ARISE …


This Is Not Hype!

So for heaven’s sake … spread this article to every man, woman, child & dog you know.

The most important fork in the road since Dec 21, 2012 is almost here.

“ … how smoothly & quickly things go [to planetary liberation] depends on how humanity can rise to a high enough temporal reality”

Corey Goode 2017


… 5 mins before you hit the play button on this You Tube video:

…to start following the official guided meditation….

… call in your true identity

… it knows what to do!

No joke.

Let’s make the most emphatic statement ever seen before, to the dark network … both physical & non-physical … that WE’RE IN CHARGE now … and we will restore Goddess to her throne once again on this planet!

“ … the daughters of the Phoenix are returning, and my friends (negative Cabal/CIA) know what I’m talking about”

Positive Faction CIA agent – David Wilcock, Project Camelot interview 2010

So join me on the – rallying cry – episode of this week’s special Solar Eclipse episode of Ground Crew Command Radio at

9pm EDT on Fri Aug 18th, and be sure to spread this VERY far & wide.

As always, you get the latest news updates & analysis …. So it’s all happening, this week on Ground Crew Command, your weekly dose of empowering clarity, inspiration & motivation to get you through the Archon invented “work week”. (& Hit the Follow button for show reminders & recordings)


The host of Ground Crew Command Radio is The Unknown Lightwarrior: a member of a small but powerful team of Lightwarriors & Lightworkers who either remotely or in person, clear & restore to the Light; natural and man made power centers, vortexes, portals, ley-lines, control rooms, sacred geometry and all darkness obstacles on the etheric, astral, and plasmatic planes… to put you, me and the whole planet on the fastest timeline to The Event. To learn about their current project, and or, to access powerful healing (down to soul level) … clearing … energy surgery … DNA Activation & psychic help, with Macro Level Light Beings, and return to your power … go to: … and hit the Share button.



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  1. The daily meditation, as you describe here it, may be extended so:

    1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

    2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to speed up the process of dissolving hurricane Irma,
    and to keep strengthening the New Atlantis energy grid around the planet with cintamani stones and meditations.

    3. Visualize a pillar of Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, then going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through your body to the center of the Earth. Visualize another pillar of Light rising from the center of the Earth, then up through your body and upwards into the sky towards all beings of Light in our Solar System and our galaxy. You are now sitting in two pillars of Light, the Light flowing both upwards and downwards simultaneously. Keep these pillars of Light active for a few minutes.

    4 Now visualize a violet flame purifying the last remaining Chimera stronghold on Long Island – including the RHIC and its energy field on plasma, etheric and astral planes. Then visualize this violet flame expanding through all of North America and purifying it. Then expand it even more until it encompasses the whole planet, purifying its energy field on the plasma, etheric and astral planes.

    5. Now visualize a soft pink light dissolving hurricane Irma, making it harmless. Visualize this soft pink light protecting all people and their property in the hurricane path. Visualize this situation resolving in the most positive way possible.

    6. Visualize a violet and white flower of life grid surrounding the planet to keep strengthening the New Atlantis energy grid around the planet with cintamani stones and meditations.

    7 Visualize the Light Forces taking control of the Plasma Grid around Earth, dissolving the head of Yaldabaoth, and accelerating the dismantling of all Toplet Bombs to hasten the liberation of the planet at the Event.

    A guided audio in English of about 16 minutes might be useful.

  2. KNOW, don’t just believe -That your Father-Source- Creator is in action with HIS consort
    through you and all of us who DO love and Do Compassion. See it happening at all times in all places….Thank you

    . Roy-David Woodward

  3. Adding more meditation to the mix – all with good intention:

  4. I follow Cobra for his amazing wisdom. After his interview with Corey Goode, I felt how important it is to try to be physically together for the power of the meditation. I came from the Eastcoast all the way to Mount Shasta. Just for the meditation, not for the disclosure conference, as it is too expensive. I felt I was called to do so. Here I am for the Solar Eclipse meditation. Let’s bring our energies together wherever we are.
    Victory of the Light

  5. To be Part of this BEAUTIFUL mission is such a mix of excitement and Gratitude and Humility..I AM so honoured to be here and in New Zealand our time zone for the Global Meditation is the 22/ Aug at 6.11am…we will be on a beach called Maketu..with the Sun rising…I am not sure if there is an official place to submit on the web to calculate numbers for this event but I will join you all in OUR heart much LOVE (Aroha) Light , Peace and Joy to you All….

    • Kia Ora sister. I too will be doing this on a beautiful Aotearoa beach, Omanu to be exact. The sunrise will be at around 6.52am so I will meditate right through until sunrise. I’m so excited for this, and I’m sure we have the numbers! One Love. Victory of the Light.

  6. The cabal can’t stop us anymore, we hold the numbers. The game is up, time for us to take OUR planet back brothers and sisters. I had a dream where I was sitting in a chair and my body started vibrating heavily unlike anything I’ve ever felt before, then I instantly woke up and was still vibrating for a few seconds. Could that be what it feels like when the compression breakthrough happens? An intense vibration hitting us all? I feel we’re oh so close. ???

  7. This is our big opportunity to unite as one and to embrace the powerful ENERGY of the Eclipse. I thank Cobra and Cory for including us in their Meditation. I ask that you remember DAVE who is being falsely held by the CABAL in a Jail in California, in order to prevent his mission for Humanity. We are all powerful Beings of Light who were overpowered by the Dark Forces and held in Darkness for many generations. Together we can change the ENERGY of our world for the better for all Humanity. Love, Light, Health, Peace and Happiness to all of you. Veronica

  8. To hold positive intention, visualization, vision – an essential turn into Light:
    “This is a key opportunity to collectively assert our will and say “ENOUGH!”…A previous meditation during a February 2017 eclipse which focused upon the Congo Vortex in Sub-Saharan Africa was very successful despite being even further away. We can use the energies and intentions associated with this meditation to begin healing by bringing this entire episode to the surface, so it can finally be dealt with legally and morally. This is our chance to begin the healing process for the U.S… by joining in the mass meditation for the total eclipse on August 21:
    All it takes from every person is 15 minutes of concentration. If you don’t like the existing language, simply pray for peace, abundance, and healing for every human alive. No matter what belief system you follow… praying and meditating for a positive future for everyone should be universally acceptable. There is no excuse… no reason not to take note of this time. If you live in the U.S., especially… simply set the alarm on your phone to go off at 11:08 AM Pacific Standard Time. Then take a break – cigarrette, bathroom, walk, stretch, drink – do anything you can to step away from your 3D reality for a few minutes and think of a better future for all humans. Visualize what is most important – what touches your heart – and hold that vision for 15 minutes. Collectively, we have the power to bring about that future – especially if we all concentrate on that for 15 minutes or longer.” Source:


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