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Many of the concepts were talked about in the following interviews.

Coast to Coast AM Interview with Michael Salla and Corey Good (9-14-15)  or the in5D Radio show continues the dialogue   (9-1`-15)  at…

About 15,000 years ago, the time of the “ancient alien” there were 22 difference races involved in this “Grand Experiment” here on earth.  They were manipulating humanity genetically, spiritually and socially.  All 22 of these races claim to have created us and manipulated us and have some sort of claim to “us”.  These ancient alien’s were told to back off humanity and see what develops.  Now “they” are back.  One of the main messages from the Blue Avians for humanity is . . . are we going to continue humanity in the Service to self mode that has been running rampant or learn more of the Service to others.  Let’s take a look at those.

Service to OTHERS – humanitarian, giving, reveal truth, full disclosure, golden rule, we are all one, free will,  selfless, kind, gentle, praiseworthy, love, generous, whole, service, giving, ours, sharing, etc.


Service to SELF – me, mine, taking, 1%, prison, crime, murder, selfish, glutton, abuse, rule over, control, dumb down,  greed, pornography, pride, prejudice, racial, stingy, sin, corruption, lies, etc.

You get the idea.

Now – if you were at your own funeral – listening to what others truly had to say about you, what would be the main message you heard about yourself.  “She was so kind and generous” or “she was always helping save the gorilla’s”.  Maybe, or will it be “the old guy was a _____ I’ll dance on his grave”.

How are you going to be remembered.  Character of a person, your personal character can be measured.   In ancient Egypt – It was the heart which was weighed against the feather of truth in the hall of Ma’at during the divine judgement of the deceased. A heart unburdened with the weight of sin and corruption would balance with the feather and its possessor would enjoy the eternal afterlife.”   ( Take a look at your own heart, your own life.

So . . . where is your heart and to what degree is it in service to others?  vs,  Where in your heart are you still connected to serving yourself, getting what you can and  to hell with everyone else?

You are the only one you can really influence.  Quit always thinking about yourself, your clothes, your make-up, T.V. shows, your needs and wants – – – ALL THE TIME.  Learn to be more in service to others.  Open the doors, help in a good cause, volunteer to help out somewhere.  Put that phone down, get up off that couch and make a difference.  Make this your new mantra:  I AM  in service to others (STO).   (not service to self STS).   Look around for others that you can pray for, causes you can put your time behind, if you are financially able, make quality donations and make a difference in your life and community.


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  1. The idea of service to self vs service to others only reinforces the concept of Duality, which we’re trying to escape! Toss them both out and find balance instead.

  2. The Aztec and the Maya and the Native American tribes all lived by the same concept of taking care of the whole group because the group takes care of me. In other word, what is good for the whole is good for the one individual, or citizen thus putting the responsibility on the individual to make it a better word for everyone.

  3. Be careful when ‘serving others’ you are not just ‘serving your ego.’ All too often when you do for others for what they should be doing for themselves, you weaken then. It is far more powerful to consciously decide where our energies are best served and what our sacred energies should not support – for example, religions that render our souls powerless – male religions that ignore the Goddess and worship the god between their legs to feed their egos and suppression of females who are used to create their personal kingdoms.

    The best way to serve Humanity is by example. When we love, respect, trust and deepen our connection to our Higher I AM serves, it shows and eventually others decide to do the same thing.

    • Well said, Dhara. I laughed so much when I read this part in your comment “… and worship the god between their legs…” I’ve never before stumbled on that one. It’s humorous to me, that in all the evidence of abuse by men toward women, physically and in the astral realm, I’m no exception, that one of the things high on my list with down-to-earth-wishes, is the experience of a god between my legs that is a god between my lover’s legs and in that dance create a divine re-union. I’m shameless, I know. It’s time for a giggle, about one woman who doesn’t care covering it up. Shame, I mean, not something else 🙂


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