This is a powerful technique that can help to increase life force, protection, and aid in healing.

1. Stand up straight, and as you breathe in, lift your arms up slowly above your head, and while you do that, visualize your intention/will/brilliant white Light, flowing upwards from your Earth star chakra (which is 20cm below your feet), through all your meridians and chakras in the whole body, through your legs, through your central channel in your torso both in the front and in the back along the spine, up through your arms and your head, up to your Soul star chakra 20 cm above your head.

2. Now as you breathe out, bring your arms back down slowly and visualize the same thing going back down the other way, from Soul star chakra to Earth star chakra via all your meridians and chakras along your whole body.

3. Repeat this process as long as you feel guided, and while you do this, also visualize the same white light spinning around your aura, as you breathe in it is going upwards from the Earth star chakra in counter clockwise direction, and as you breathe out it is going downwards from the Soul star chakra in clockwise direction.

Take your time to breathe in and out and move your arms slowly, allow yourself to give intention to your whole body.

You can also, instead of brilliant white Light, use the Violet Flame, the White fire of AN, the Blue flame of Archangel Michael, Pink loving Goddess Light, etc, anything you feel guided in the moment.

Whichever you choose to work with, visualize it going up and down through all meridians and chakras, and spinning up and down in your aura, synchronized with the breath, as described above.

This technique can help, among other things, to become aware of any blockage that may exist somewhere in the body, which you may experience as a difficulty to move the energy past a certain spot in your body, or difficulty to place your attention on a particular spot. If you become aware of such things you can send more intention and energy towards that spot, send the Violet Flame or the White fire of AN or any other you feel guided, let it flow thoroughly through it, and let it be anchored in it.

Remember the vast majority of issues in the body originate in the non-physical first, especially in plasma and etheric, so by working on our energy body we can help the physical body also.

This technique can also increase life force by strengthening the conversion-inversion vortex of the body that is centered in the heart. This increases protection, strength, guidance, etc.

You can practice this at least once a day and its power will increase. If the energy flow makes you feel like moving other parts of your body then you can allow it, but it’s recommended to keep it slow and focused. You can also if needed do it without moving the arms, but it is more powerful when the visualization is connected with the breath and physical movement.

Enjoy !

Victory of the Light


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  1. Part 9: The whirlwind of energy matters and all that matters not.

    The description of chakras isn’t absolute in my perception, these here are taken from the training Intuitive Development that I’ve attended in Holland, since 1981. This training is based on the work of Amy Wallace and Bill Henkin, both students and teachers in the Berkeley Institute AZ in the 70’s. They’ve published a valuable book with the title “Psychic Healing” It’s still in print and reviews are very positive to this day.

    Have fun and when dancing, dance with your aura too. It’s a great help to learn to become aware of it. The conscious use of our energy-system is the gateway to the awakening of our creation skills and the freedom to express oneself. To me, that’s the meaning of autonomy.

    Thank you for paying attention and attending this mini-course!

    (I’m thinking of presenting this 9-parts party-toys comment as one article for publication in its own space/page)

  2. Part 8: The whirlwind of energy matters and all that matters not.
    There are many ways to do it. Deciding that a chakra is open or closed to a certain degree, by stating a percentage between 10 and 100 will also work for you, possibly. Just be curious, try it out, observe and use your senses, checking your sense of well-being, when playing with opening and closing of your chakras. Be watchful and be present in your neutral observation point, the center of your head.

    In general, the lower chakras 1st, 2nd and 3rd are comfortable in a range of 10 to 30 percent opening. The higher chakras 4th to 7th are usually comfortable in a range of 40 to 60 percent opening. Don’t take these numbers as instruction please, for it’s by experience and observation that each of us is able to find a preferred chakra-balance and comfort zones.
    Depending on your involvement in the physical realms, the astral realms and less denser realms, the chakras function in a relative open or closed state. The 3 lower chakras are known as familiar with survival, will-power, pro-creation/physical manifestation and raw emotions. These are the seat of our unconsciousness and instincts, our gut-feelings. The 4th chakra is the heart-chakra, the one that knows about being One with All, in the middle, between the 3 lower and the 3 higher chakras.

    The throat-chakra is about freedom of expression in language and manifestation of all sorts of creations. The 6th chakra, or the third eye, is the “picture-maker” the chakra of visualization, observation and neutrality. The 7th chakra, or crown-chakra, is the energy-portal that connects our own unique knowingness with our soul-star, present about one hand-length above our head.

  3. Part 7: The whirlwind of energy matters and all that matters not.

    The following is an explanation of the energy-system and chakras, according the teachings I’ve received:

    Our energy-system is in constant flux. For convenience I’m focusing only on the 7 chakras of our energy-system. There are more, also outside of our physical body. The chakras are energy-portals through which our physical body was formed in the womb and through which our physical body is able to maintain itself and function. The etheric body, non-physical connects with the physical dense body, through the chakra-system. It’s in a sense our creation-toolbox and manual at the same time and although playfulness helps to work with energy, it’s no child’s game at all as if we can open or close our chakras at random, for experiments related to clairvoyance or remote viewing.

    The chakras, also called “wheels” in Vedic scriptures, are capable of opening and closing, in various degrees. Our experiences and emotions are affecting our chakras and our instinctual reactions too. It’s maybe more or less a puzzle resembling the question “Which was first, the chicken or the egg?” regarding the determination of what is first, the chakra function or our consciousness directing them. I guess that depends on the level of awareness and experience of energies, through life-times and life-spaces. It’s correct that we’re capable of adjusting the chakras, by opening or closing them consciously, Imagine the lens of a camera opening and closing, that’s one way of visualizing a chakra doing the same.

  4. Part 6: The whirlwind of energy matters and all that matters not.

    While still breathing in a relaxed state of consciousness, well grounded and sensing the soles of your feet on the floor, you begin to visualize an energy, that is formed like a whirlwind, coming closer to you. You decide how fast the whirlwind turns, what colors you choose to make it of and how it affects you. Visualize the whirlwind moving through the center of your physical body, flowing upward and downward simultaneously in a spiraling motion, including your whole body and energy-field. Continue as long as it feel comfortable for you.

    Slowly begin to move this column of spiraling energy to the left side of your body and back to the center, moving to the right side of your body. You may begin to notice that your energy shifts, that parts of your physical body begin to wake up, react, or awareness of emotions, feelings, coolness or warmth. In your own time, depending on your experience and choice to work on your energy-system, allow the whirlwind to dissolve.

    At any moment, when feelings of discomfort rise, stop this excersize gently and continue to simply sit, breathe and relax for a while longer. Until you feel complete. When finished with energy-excersizes, choose a few minutes to come back and “get real” by stretching your body, or walking around, stepping outside in the sun, drinking or eating something. Thank you for paying attention!

  5. Part 5: The whirlwind of energy matters and all that matters not.

    After that’s become somewhat familiar, imagine that the combined flow of Earth- and Cosmic energy moves downward through the grounding cord, at the same time that the combined flow moves upward, taking with it any energy that you feel ready to let go of. There’s no need to know what it is or how it looks like, use your imagination and be playful. Relax your body and breathe…..

    Realize that the energy-flow going upward and downward possibly awakens parts that are frozen and stuck, in your chakra-system, physical body and aura or energy-field. No DOING is involved in this, it happens by itself, if there’s something present and nothing needs to be done. Observe and sense, allow whatever happens to be. Don’t change anything, simply observe.

    When at any time you feel complete with this work, finish with filling yourself up with energy, coming from your personal sun, present above your head.

    Once you’ve mastered the flowing of Earth- and Cosmic energy, connecting with both the center of Gaia and the Cosmos and you feel ready to work with your energy, ready to become aware of and work with energy that is frozen or stuck, in your energy-system and physical body, here’s a simple, though powerful tool:

  6. Part 4: The whirlwind of energy matters and all that matters not.

    Once you’re relaxed and breathing in a normal way, ready for the next step, you begin visualizing, on the in-breath, a flow of neutral Earth energy coming from the centre of Gaia through the feet-chakras: 2 side by side under the ball of the foot and one in the hollow of the foot, flowing upward through the legs and through the chakra- system to the crown-chakra, leaving that chakra in the same way as a fountain expands, spreading out in rays of water that at some point bend and fall down.

    In this case, the neutral energy flow leaves the crown-chakra, fanning out and flowing downwards through the whole aura, the energetic playground that surrounds the physical body. On your out-breath, imagine the flow of Earth-energy, combined with letting go of energy that doesn’t serve you, sending it down through your grounding cord to the center of Gaia. She knows how to handle it and she accepts.
    When you’ve become reasonably familiar with each step, please don’t hurry, decide to place that Earth-energy flow on automatic and begin visualizing a neutral energy-flow coming down from the center of the Universe, entering your crown-chakra and flowing down along the back of your spine down to your root-chakra.
    Try each step first, separately and than begin to combine the Earth-energy and Cosmic energy. The Cosmic energy flows downward and the Earth-energy flows upward, simultaneously, meeting each other in the root-chakra and from there both move upward through the crown-chakra, fanning out and filling your entire energy-field around your body.

  7. Part 3: The whirlwind of energy matters and all that matters not.

    A method that I’ve learned to use, in energy-work (it works well for me) is by grounding oneself first, creating an energy-cord to the center of Gaia and anchor it. Choose a cord that is to your liking, we’ve got all sorts, thick, thin, resembling a rope, a tube, a ray of light, to name a few. Fasten it to Gaia’s center.

    Men use the spot in their body where the root-chakra is located, at the base of the spine, to send that grounding cord down, women connect their ovaries and hip-nerve endings at the back, in a double V-form, to the root-chakra and send that cord down to the center of Gaia. You can use the out-breath while sending that grounding chord down, you can also just visualize it being present at once.

    Don’t force yourself to see the grounding cord, or to know if it’s there, just imagine and pretend it’s there and sense how or if it makes sense to you or not. Use your physical senses to the fullest, they’re helpful to ground oneself and experience that grounding.

    This may take some practice and time, better take one step at a time. Don’t worry about doing it right or wrong, it works most effective when you’re playful and creative, curious and exploring. And above all…. keep breathing, in a normal rhythmical way, relaxing your body

  8. Part 2: The whirlwind of energy matters and all that matters not.
    For men, usually the root-chakra is chosen for grounding, for women it’s the second chakra that joins their grounding, combined with the root-chakra. More details about grounding will be given later. Here are 7 steps, that can be broken down in more sub-steps, if needed.

    After preparing yourself, place your attention in the center of your head. That spot is easily located when you place your thumbs on the outer corners of your eyes, with your palms reaching upwards and place your second fingers in the hollow of the boney part of your skull, behind your ears. In the horizontal plane between your thumbs and second fingers, is the center of your head. It’s the spot where we create “pictures” our instrument for imagination and visualization, the 6th chakra. It’s also the point where neutral observation is possible. Here are the steps:
    1. Creating a grounding cord
    2. Flowing Earth energy
    3. Flowing Earth energy and grounding at the same
    3. Flowing Earth energy and grounding at the same time
    4, Flowing Cosmic energy
    5. Combining the first 4 steps, flowing energy upward and downward
    6. Letting go of energy that doesn’t serve you
    7. Whirlwind treatment to wake up stuckness or frozen energy

  9. Part 1: The whirlwind of energy matters and all that matters not.

    Thank you for this excersize, this tool. All this sort of work is in our private space and I always perceive that as the starting point, the springboard if you will, to change our conduct and our reality.

    There are many ways to work with energy, beneficial to each in his or her own choice of a technique.
    I’m not saying that this technique, offered by Untwine is incomplete. Experience is proof of if it works for you or not. There’s value in creating a channel where we can let go of energy, to the center of Gaia and the center of the Universe, as above, so below. I’ll present a method as a suggestion. See if it works for you. I’m probably presenting this method in 2 or more comments here, for I’ve noticed that the amount of space, available for a comment is smaller than it used to be. At any rate, I’ll see how it goes. For clarity, it’s advised to read this comment (or the 2 or more comments) from beginning to end. Thank you!

    There are several steps in this method, each in itself holding value, as each step affects your energy system in some way, immediately or after some practice. If you will, prepare yourself for an excersize by sitting with a straight back on a chair, your legs together and your knees bent at 90 degrees, with your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands on your upper legs, palms upward and bring yourself in a relaxed state of consciousness. Close your eyes if that’s helpful in focusing on your inner working and breathe..

  10. Wanted to share some expanding information, we have ALL been deceived and I have come to learn Arch Angel Michael and the Violet Ray are some areas to investigate further….just sharing and caring, I value Lisa Renee and the ES community and once you look at this wealth of knowledge or at least many that know what she shares and brings to this planet is the most cohesive to date….take what may be useful …or not.

    Thank you for all you contribute as well.

  11. I have a question. What does cobra think about the ritual of a small banishing pentagram, as a means of protecting against negative energies?

  12. There is one chakra almost never talked about – the thymus gland chakra, between the heart and throat chakra. Aqua-marine in color, it was very present during the Golden Ages of Atlantis, but left our energy bodies after the ‘Fall in consciousness” and has been almost destroyed with modern vaccines. (The reason vaccines were created to destroy the thymus and pineal glands which are essential for our graduation to the Higher Schools of Learning, after the Event). This chakra is responsible for holding the perfect cell matrix for each of our bodies, making aging impossible when worked with by the individual by holding the perfect body image and awareness that our bodies are designed to heal themselves – after the dark energies of our wounds and false beliefs about who we are have been cleared.


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