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  1. You must realize that the United States appears as a lunatic asylum from outside. Those chem trails are a military ( defence ) project. Paranoia ? Its more than that. It is this : ” I intend attacking you and causing you harm, your annihilation. I intend robbing you of everything you have got. I intend to destroy the future of your children. As a matter of fact I shall take your children as prisoners, and make use of their bio energy in our most revered rituals by sacrificing them to our beloved gods, like Baal or whatever other bullshit. Your land must be destroyed and depleted of its natural energy so that I shall be able to introduce our GMO products to your coming generation , or what is left of it. In the future of your generations we will be your gods and you must worship us , and we will monitor your thinking as we can easily know what you are playing with mentally. If we find a discrepancy our AI guards will decapitate you then and there. Your terror- energy will charge our Archonic lords, who reside in a higher dimension, who will be pleased with our performance. Every morning, noon and evening you will bow towards the Tavistock Institute and pray to our reptilian queen and send salutations to our lord Rothschild, who is the direct incarnation of the one you most wrongly call, the devil. Dare you to do that any more. Your entire physical system will be more evolved and more suited to our agenda. Your nerves will be built more metallically so that you will not shun our ‘metallica’ music anymore, but will crave for such resonances. We will praise those chem trails that we fed you, in those days gone by.
    They told you that we were chem trailing for would be attackers from outer space. What rubbish. The ETs are our semi gods who showed us the way to power. They will always be our most welcome guests. THE CHEM TRAILS WERE MEANT FOR YOU, STUPID !! “

    • I wonder. Are you correcting my spelling mistakes ?? If there is an extravagance of language , do let me know. Be rest assured all the rest is facts. Did you think the New World Order was a human idea ??
      HKV’s language is soft. But he says a million times more. Is he Christ reincarnated. Well Christ could not do better. Except that the fiery sword is has been left to us to implement.

  2. I don’t want to be in a group of Devils, cuz looks like nobody can git it straight. GOD is who we need every day. GLADYS

  3. This gentleman HKV has a great understanding of Science, AI, and spirituality. I found his other lectures on YouTube profound. I wish that all of them would go viral!!

  4. SO PROFOUND! INTENT IT I SO = We need to replace the game & it’s players…I’ve learned that the geoengineering ~ chemtrail ~ Stratospheric Radiation Program will go on longer than we want (Kyron) as you can see they have been going “Full Bore” in the oceans by Florida & Asia. These rouge scientists & evil ones are experimenting like crazy on us with these Hurricanes & Earthquakes & even the Fires! This is one reason I do your MEDITATION ON SUNDAYS! I LOVE WHAT YOU STAND FOR!

    • Just look at Australia. Just look at California. Just look at all those forests of the Amazon, with ALL those plants and herbs, which could detox every human on planet earth, the cabal included. If I were God, looking down, what would I feel. What gift did he give us. Look what we are doing with it.

      Yes , they told us, ETs would invade this good planet earth and destroy all that is beneficial to life on earth. Well you were right. ETs did invade this planet. These ETs did the same with their own planet. Because no human would do what has been done !
      It is Tesla’s fault. James Clarke Maxwell figured out electromagnetics in the mid 19th century and scribbled some relations, who nobody understood. Thank God. Fifty years later along comes Tesla and gave us the electricity we know today. He should stopped there and gone back to Serbia. He would have been given a good stipend by Westinghouse. Then Heaviside comes along and starts fiddling around with these equations. OK. Perfectly OK. This would have got us to 5G. Only heaven knows who sent Tesla. He went past everybody and moved into zero point energy and the talk of free energy. He had no idea of who Satan was. He thought he was among humans.He should have taken up Free Masonry instead. So now the world has Energy Directed weapons. It has HAARP. It did not stop with Tesla. Wilhelm Reich comes along and demonstrates the power of ZPE.. He showed us a way to cure cancer. They tied him to his cot in jail, until he died. Serves him right. These chaps who “have something”, should be more aware of their own power and knowledge. Now we have Eric Dollard. A master of ZPE. This means Free Energy for all of human kind.NO OIL ! No Saudi Wahhabi Kingdom necessary. No more ISIS.They have made full use of his work and as an example they have taken away ALL he had, except his car. And he is destined to live in a car and on the road. Giving lectures to bystanders. While the Satanists use his technology to blow up the Twin Towers in NY ( or was it Atomic bombs planted below the towers when they were constructed ; just see how those Free Masons plan ahead for the future ?! )
      Meditation may save you. It will not save the world. Just tell those people out living on the roads, their houses confiscated for absurd reasons, that they must meditate. Meditation will not prevent this NWO that is happening all around us. As we all slide into poverty.With no hope for our kids, except to have them trained for their new gods in this same NWO. As we move into Trans humanism. As the sense and the shadow of the real God leaves our souls. For good. As we mutate to being GMO consumers
      That is the trouble. our thinking has been transformed to “think I “. It is not ” think us “, by cabalistic design. The very first step to our entrapment and have the doors of heaven shut to our souls.

  5. Most interesting to note, within the first tem minutes of an elaborate presentation on Chem Trails by Harold Kautz Vella, a chemist working out of Germany, is upon mentioning the fact that the word “chem-trails,” actually originated in the United States by it’s army as it was an actual class implemented as part of the regular day to day classes and information discussed in the U.S army many years ago. Appalling as it is, chem-trails continue none-stop till today, with reports around the world of it’s perpetual use despite! the rejection and protest by the people of the world as they call an End to all chem-trails, an End to all weather manipulation, and End to all Geo-engineering.


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