5 thoughts on “Chemtrail analysis, Morgellons, AI, black goo Harald Kautz Vella”

  1. This gentleman HKV has a great understanding of Science, AI, and spirituality. I found his other lectures on YouTube profound. I wish that all of them would go viral!!

  2. SO PROFOUND! INTENT IT I SO = We need to replace the game & it’s players…I’ve learned that the geoengineering ~ chemtrail ~ Stratospheric Radiation Program will go on longer than we want (Kyron) as you can see they have been going “Full Bore” in the oceans by Florida & Asia. These rouge scientists & evil ones are experimenting like crazy on us with these Hurricanes & Earthquakes & even the Fires! This is one reason I do your MEDITATION ON SUNDAYS! I LOVE WHAT YOU STAND FOR!

  3. Most interesting to note, within the first tem minutes of an elaborate presentation on Chem Trails by Harold Kautz Vella, a chemist working out of Germany, is upon mentioning the fact that the word “chem-trails,” actually originated in the United States by it’s army as it was an actual class implemented as part of the regular day to day classes and information discussed in the U.S army many years ago. Appalling as it is, chem-trails continue none-stop till today, with reports around the world of it’s perpetual use despite! the rejection and protest by the people of the world as they call an End to all chem-trails, an End to all weather manipulation, and End to all Geo-engineering.

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