We are all One! How on earth could we all be one? Deep in our hearts we each have a spark – a flame of The One and Only Source of all that exists. Linda Dillon has been teaching us about our tri-flame – trinity flame for many years now. When we look at our heart from within we can envision this tri-flame emerging from three diamonds at the deepest base of the heart, seeing from left to right the Fathers / Divine Masculine bright canary yellow, golden, diamond and flame, to the right we see the Mothers /Divine Feminine light blue diamond and flame and in between our very own pink diamond and flame. So deep within our hearts we are one with the divine masculine feminine aspects of the One.

To focus on this triflame daily making sure that you see each of the flames as equally strong can bring us closer to an understanding of our true selves. I personally like to start from my heart space each morning when I connect to the Light from Source through the portal of the Galactic Central Sun and likewise when connecting to Mother Gaia.

The Light from above and the Light from below are meeting so intensively now upon the surface of Gaia as more and more of ‘us’ – ‘ones’ anchor the pure white light of Source within our hearts. Nothing can stop this process now. It will continue to intensify until we have Compression Breakthrough. It’s so beautiful we are beginning to realise more fully who we are as each day passes. We are beginning to ‘know’ what the union of our souls can create. An unstoppable beauty is spreading like wildfire. We can know this now and be at peace.

I was asked recently if I would like to share a notice of a meditation tomorrow the 4th of November which has a focus upon the welfare on all the beloved animals that we share our space with here on Gaia. Of course, it also has power to bring us closer to change. The wording used reminds us about the words we use in our weekly ascension meditation.

“It is time to take action! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! If you agree that process of liberating of Gaia takes too long here`s your chance to speed up this process. If you agree that it’s time to stop pointless suffering of animals around globe join us in our attempt to end this. Make this viral! Spread around internet to reach as many people as possible!”

When I visited this site for the meditation I discovered a link to an article about the triflame that’s a perfect complement to what I’ve just written that I’m sure you will enjoy.

Namaste – Victory of the Light

Beaver Moon meditation


Threefold flame


Therese Zumi


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  1. Unity in the trinity is the only certitude I know. The only question I asked. The rest is our choice and our way. However, time is short. That is why we cover the earth with light. Light and love are our choice. One and no other. This spark, this presence burns and purifies.

  2. Oops, that 42nd minute talk about animals was a short one, but the announcement of a Tsunami of Spiritual Energy in this hypnosis session with Alba Weinman is relevant for those in waiting for some sort of Event. According to this man’s Higher Self, the first wave of the Tsunami of Spiritual Energy arrives in 2018. Although that same man describes “time” as “pace”, meaning that the nature of time as we know it is more fluid, less measured in a linear way than most of us humans tend to perceive time. The literal meaning of the Mayan prophecy related to Dec. 21st 2012 was “The end of time as we know it”.
    I myself expect the year 2018 to become a significant moment in time 😉

  3. At the 42nd minute, the man begins to talk about animals and their nature. Thank you for reminding of
    Nov. 4th animal day. I seem to remember that Holland chooses Oct. 4th as that day, am I right? At any rate, I’ll visit an animal farm tomorrow and offer many of them cuddles, also my grey cat-friend who lives nearby and always jumps over the fence when I call her. She’s very talkative and loves ear-scratches!



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