It’s time to do it!

 It’s time to throw caution to the wind … fulfill your soul purpose at a much higher level … and transform this world we are here to liberate.

 No more being on the back-foot, both in your personal life or in the collective external world.

 No more of the status-quo tyranny running our lives & deciding the fate of humanity.

 Goddess has commanded the full & unconditional liberation of us all. She has authorized our request for abundance to be unleashed … wonderous suppressed technologies to be released …

 … and that big moment we’ve waited tens of thousands of years for …

 … the mass landings …

 … where we will once again be in the embrace of our galactic families …

 I now ‘just happened’ to glance at the number of words this article had just reached, … and it was 144!

 Can you just imagine the Anshar coming back to our timeline … because WE, the 144,000 … raised Gaia & humanity to the highest frequency timeline with our monthly MASS Meditations, where they were literally saved, and now on the surface thanking us & hugging us PERSONALLY … one by one.

 There’s millions of them … no reason why they can’t do this after disclosure and mass landings!


Can you imagine Resistance personnel coming to the surface (actually they’re already on the surface) … and wanting the honor of shaking-your-hand … and informing you that what we did: 

  • collapsed all remaining lower timelines and catapulted us all to the highest timeline for the Mass Arrests & Event.

  • drastically quickened the mass arrests, and arranged things for them to go as smoothly & painlessly as possible for humanity, with no scary disruptions to goods & services, or false flags.

  • triggered official disclosure FAR sooner

  • … and feeling tears begin to roll down your cheeks knowing that this means Mass Landings and the warm embrace of your galactic family will once again be felt … in the PHYSICAL.

  • … possibly just days afterwards.

  • seeing motherships land and taking in all those millions of children & adults who suffered so horrendously in human trafficking & rituals … being taken to the motherships for healing.

… and just feeling yourself finally breathe in the sweetest air of FREEDOM.

It Is The Role & RESPONSIBILITY of The 144,000 to MAKE this happen … by taking charge!

WE … are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

WE … are they ones THEY’VE been waiting for.

WE … are the ones the whole universe, multi-verse, omniverse, angelic realms, animal kingdom, fairy kingdom … pick your realm, right up to the highest levels of Light … have been waiting for.


This is not a game … this is nothing “amorphous” or high falutin’.

This is REAL … and it’s up to us … the 144,000… to smash through the last stubborn layers of the Veil, and MAKE IT REAL here on the physical too.

“Give me liberty … or give me death”             

–    Patrick Henry

“… free at last … free at last … thank God almighty, I’M FREE AT LAST!”     

–    Martin Luther King Jr

Time to honor all those brave souls who gave their lives for freedom.

Time to make this real.

Time to bring this all to the physical.

Time to blow the jail cell door wide open.

Time to bring back the reign of Goddess to the surface.

Time to bring it all home.

Time to go home.

Time to join the 144,000.

… then come back & click the pink Follow button here:

… to receive the email reminder for show time & follow Ground Crew Command; the official radio broadcast platform for the 144,000.

Call in #: (310) 807-5232

Then you’ll be able to join the official FB Group:

This is the special official launch episode of the 144,000 on Ground Crew Command, this Saturday at 11am Mountain time. (Check for your time zone here:)

Commander type souls like Ashtar’s (and no less than Ashtar’s) … are now in position.

Time for your soul to move into position, and bring its unique abilities, talents & purpose into play…. and time for it to move into position!

You’re NEEDED …

After the official launch of the 144,000 activation campaign at 11:11am, Ground Crew Command Radio will be taking your questions and providing more information on the mass meditations & when they’re likely to start.

Remember … our meditations will be amplified by special visualizations, with each meditator channeling far more light thanks to the extra ‘routing’ abilities of  Macro Level Light Beings.

And of-course, if you have non-physical Light Beings you know are powerful, they are more than welcome to join in!

Now it’s time to hit the Share button, and I’ll see you there!


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