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  1. Hmm… Let me ask you guys. Does anyone here understand the scene with the Architect in the Matrix? What are they talking about? I don’t really expect people to know this but maybe, just maybe, there is someone who has heard something about it…

    • …every 26.000 years. Inside a solar system we have circular time and in every planet we have linear time. “The prophecy was a lie Morpheus. I’m sorry. I know it isn’t easy to hear, but…I swear to you it’s the truth.”

      • This is the true reason for chemtrails, Haarp, satellites, etc., basically everything. I won’t explain why since nobody is interested and even if you heard it I doubt you would do anything differently.

  2. Apart from the Matrix another one which makes many references is the Westworld series. I highly recommend it! Although this is harder to understand because it requires that you know various things.

  3. wonderfull video,, I would like to have it in spanish, to share it in the Prepare for Change in Guadalajara Mexico face book,, Blessings

  4. Love the sound of that! “The Day Of The Event” & the use of imagery and graphics are too cool thanks! I really enjoyed them very much, thank you.

  5. The man in the video have a bleu eye like the pope bush (Scherff) and others wat is the meaning of the bleu eyes that is interesting.

  6. Kudos to you, Jonathan, great video. Much, much better than the rather silly James Bond style video, published her on Oct. 22 2017, called “Operation Omega Phoenix ~ Resistance Movement”
    Creating sensational news items is a cow milked empty, by the mainstream media, since the term “ON AIR” was invented.

  7. Earth is a restaurant, no doubt about that. Yes, most of us can feel that a change is about to happen. However there are some few people who believe that the only thing that is truly going to change is the customers. That we are entering a Cthulhian era as prophesized with earth becoming a more fancy restaurant at that. And that this change will happen “as soon as the stars are right” and not before.
    Can you assure these people that this is not the case? Can you?

    • there is something that has been bothering me lately
      if what is portrayed in The Matrix movie is accurate in depicting our situation…and
      if the ‘real us’ are living in incubation chambers when is the part where we get out of those in this Event stuff?
      so, i’m pretty sure I get what you mean – does anyone have thoughts on this?


      • @Mike T. That’s not exactly what I mean. The Matrix movie depicts the situation we are in by using metaphors like many other films do, it’s not literal. However many things in the movie parallel our reality in great accuracy. The Matrix trilogy covers many things and it’s actually quite difficult for someone to understand all the references it makes. One of them that relates to what I said above, is the thing Neo says. “It was a lie, Morpheus. The One was another system of control” His initiation was never meant to end anything. Anyway, I do believe there are ways to assure people and determine if there’s a catch or not.

        • @Mike T. My advice to you would be to rewatch the Matrix trilogy and try again to correlate it with our situation. In my view the Matrix is so carefully made that even the tiniest details have some correlation with our world.

          So let me give you a head start. In the place of the machines you can put instead any of the dark forces, negative alien races, the Cabal, etc. Then the first thing to do is to wake up. According to the film in order to wake up you have to realize that human beings are not at the top of the food chain. That humans are needed for food. Mostly energetically and physically to a lesser extent.

          “The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.”

          You can continue deciphering the rest of the film in the same manner.

      • @ Mike T. please, never take a movie-script for the reality of life. In essence, the Matrix is an idea in someone’s head, grown from knowing a bit more than the average person on planet Earth, taking bits and bops from other people’s views, visions and…. fantasies of possible realities, like those of Aldous Huxley or George Orwell, to name a few visionary guys.

        I’m not saying that The Matrix is without value, for it offers food for thought and shows the present state of the collective human consciousness, much influenced by virtual reality and out of touch with the world of physical form, finding the barrier between the 3rd and lower 4th dimensional level dissolving. In other worlds, the 4th dimension and planet Earth’s 3rd dimension are beginning to merge both ways, sort of, in sync with the thinning of the Veil.

        Visions and prophecies are NOT reality, they’re possibilities of outcomes, found in the moment of showing up, by surprise or in altered states of consciousness, a little less “surprising” to the experiencer, in a way. They’re not always meant to be true for everybody and they might be a message to the one who experiences them.

        So, what I mean to convey to you is, that you should never allow an idea in someone else’s head bother you. That’s asking for trouble in your paradise 😉 It’s healthy and helpful to base your sense of reality on your own experiences, on all levels: physical, emotional and mental.
        To each his own, for you’re an original and so am I and the reader of this comment.

        Assumptions can be very tricky inventions of our mind, tempting it to run with it in anxiety, finding this process the best recipe for wishful thinking in a not so rewarding way toward your Self. Keep it simple, the journey within is most exciting and pretty much full on, these days, if our eyes are directed to our inner stirrings and whirring of mindful windmills 😉

        Personally, I love to follow the adage”Do what your hands find doing…” meaning that when I’m awake and know my mission, which I’ve chosen consciously, situations in my daily life show me the way to where, with whom or what I feel I resonate with, in order to engage with it. Be it visiting an elderly lady in her home on Sunday afternoons (I’ve just returned home) joining a crafting group and make things for charity work, which is thriving here in Devon UK, or working 2 days as volunteer on organic farms, feeding the chickens and giving backrubs to the pigs.
        While a red robin is following me around in much chatter and natter.

        I’m even bold enough to say that it’s a great step into your sovereignty, when you’re finding the place within where you KNOW what your place is in all this CHANGE, meaning finding clarity about your heart’s desire, and than just DO IT, make your dream come true. Those terms seem always to suggest making big steps, warrior-like almost. That’s not necessarily so, it all depends on your temperament. I’m one who makes feisty waves at times and other times I’m progressing silently, in great patience, like a monk.

        You may find one day that you’re the creator of your reality, by finding that freedom of expression inside of you in a joyful way, not a worrying way engaging in assumptions, fed by instinctual reactions or other self-sabotaging elements. No one else dictates your reality, certainly not the sisters Wachowski or Sophia Stewart, all claiming to be the scriptwriters of
        The Matrix.


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