1 thought on “Drain the SWAMP – a View of The “Rabbit Hole””

  1. Let me talk here a bit about the energy grid of earth.
    How many of you know that earth has three superimposed energy grids? Why three?
    One is earth’s natural energy grid which is unstable because of an old war. The other is the artificial one which is being built by using anchoring mathematical relations and geometry( not the fake so called sacred geometry that is promoted by various “lightworkers”). And a third one which is produced due to heterodyning(electronics term) of the other two.

    You can find some of these mathematics and geometry in Buckminster Fuller’s work Synergistics II.
    Other sources would be Jon Mitchell’s book The New View Over Atlantis and the work of Wes Bateman The Rods of AmonRa.

    The ones from Orion found the combination of mathematics and geometry which maximizes the extraction of energy from the vortexes of earth and so the artificial grid was made accordingly..
    Some of the energy is also sent to the Hercules constellation. This the true reason why places of worship(old and new) are built on the junctions of the energy grid. Did you really think they would let all these astral juices go to waste? Earth is a farm/restaurant in a very literal sense!

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