My God if I knew back in 2014-15 that we would still be here towards the end of 2017 in expectation of The Event I don’t think I would have been able to continue writing in an optimistic way about change these past two-three years. This year was a tough one for me personally and yet in hindsight has brought me to a greater sense of balance in my life. So where do we find ourselves right now? We find ourselves in the best position we could possibly imagine.

  • Regarding the entity that we name Yaldabaoth and the recently revealed parasitic worm like entities within this large plasma anomaly ~ well my feeling is that the ‘hours’ left for this creature /entity of extremely low consciousness are numbered. Also, the risk posed by the toplet bombs embedded in these parasites is also soon a thing of the past. I will not provide any % numbers here just suffice to say that things are very good. As you know because of the classification of info Cobra is not allowed to divulge details yet, but has promised an update on the situation 2-3 weeks from now which will also include previously unknown details about The Event.
  • The improved energetic situation on and around Gaia, not in least the Cintamani Light Grid with Angelic Beings situated above each stone that has been buried by a Lightworker, is stronger and more balanced and stable with each day that passes. We have recently learned that this Light Grid is already capable of handling The Event energies. Every Lightworker that has somehow contributed to this amazing feat can feel contentment knowing that their efforts have been very successful.
  • We the Lightworker community of Gaia should be feeling an enormous sense of inner calm and joy, in knowing that the Divine Feminine Goddess energies, are finally flooding Gaia and being anchored more each moment by each Lightworker that chooses to exist in a state of balance and love. This is a point in time when we need to be in trust ~ to BE in truth ~ to LISTEN at all times to our I AM higher self ~ to KNOW in our Heart space the correct movement forward to take, before we descend into the solar plexus chakra and move into action. Daily contact with Source is a MUST.
  • Updates from Lightworkers like Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock, and Corey Goode are preparing us for a time of intensity up ahead. On a recent Goldfish Report interview, Cobra suggested that the numbers being mentioned re. arrests taking place, along with the expected timings of these events, are a bit too optimistic. Believe me after following Cobra’s updates and interviews more than 5 years I can say that 96-97% of what he says proves to be reliable. A lot of wonderful things are taking place and not in least we learn that the Positive Military are ‘practicing’ / getting organized for their missions up ahead when its ‘time’. Recently {he first said this 14-15 months back} Cobra reminded us that during the 2 -4 weeks period approx. prior to The Event things would speed up intensively and we would know that we were getting closer to the Transition. My feelings here are that the Resistance Movement along with the Galactic Confederation and all of the surface Lightworker groups within the Financial world, Positive Military etc. etc. are working in tandem to create the safest, most harmonious, peaceful Transition possible. I am currently working on an article ~ coming soon ~ which aims to show You what you can do now to speed things up and create this Event asap.
  • In our private lives we need to strive for balance now. If something is happening in your life that lowers your energy level ~ energy that could be better utilized at this time for something of importance regarding being prepared for The Event, then maybe you need to stand back and ask yourself “is this of Love? Is this of balance”? And if not then maybe it’s time to say ‘enough’ like people all over Gaia are finally finding the will to do. Inspired by the advice recently from Archangel Michael, I personally believe that from this place of balance, its high time we consider involving ourselves more directly with communication with others in our communities. This of course all depends on what free time you have available. If you have the time, then why not consider being somehow active in your local community? For example, visiting a local shelter for the homeless or community center for refugees, or offering you time at a local home or hospital where patients might need someone to chat with. You don’t have to be an expert at anything to talk and spread some love to others. An hour or two a week would be great. Then you would also have a wider circle of contacts at the time of the Event.

Love and Light to all my readers TZ



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  1. Thank you for your own unique style of sharing your experiences and views, Therese. It’s refreshing because the feminine quality is present, as I perceive your posts. To be honest, I’m finding quite an unbalance in feminine and masculine quality through the PFC pages and their content. I myself may be rather masculine in my hunt for factual proof and understanding, though I’m not doubting my right to ask questions.

    Like you, I’m not fixed on a set date, a day that finds us all in bliss at God’s divine feet. Don’t mind my wry humor, coming from a strict Calvinistic background in Holland. I’m confident that all will be well that ends well. And that we, in essence, are more than ever capable to manifest wholeness and peace in our NOW, instead of waiting for some sort of event or a savior. I perceive humanity’s evolution or flowering of consciousness as a Quest with challenges and uplifting events both. That’s mirrored by my inner Quest on my path in life. To be open to learning in a state of curiosity and lightheartedness is just what the doctor orders, in my case. I’m winging it.

    To be clear about where I’m coming from, there’s no intention to debunk and damage anything whatsoever. My curiosity, in sync with an urge to investigate in order to find the truth, is what motivates me to ponder, wonder and… ask questions. There’s no disbelief or denial of a change for the better, that is available to each of us, as a birth of our true selves, while knowing our sense of direction and purpose as well, before and during that process. And in all that, to learn to accept impermanence. Of one’s personal self-image, or one’s belief-system.

    Recently I’ve explored the Diamond Sutra and found great wisdom in it. It’s peculiar that I’ve never felt drawn to India and its religious practice, except enjoying the movie Mahabarata much. I’m experiencing a breath of relief, when I ponder the view that all religions are created from non-religious elements, just like the human body is created from minerals, plants and animals, which are all expressions of the elements water, air, earth, metal and fire. As far as my knowledge goes, on an Earthly existence.

    I’ve found an insight that a being who believes in absolute power, is fully opposite the notion of impermanence, even in fear for that truth and therefore living in a self-made cage where being at peace, being enough unto oneself, is absent, replaced by the urge to yield absolute power. A human being living in that paradigm is fully lost to itself and its nature of being an eternal spirit. Is that what it means when one sells one’s soul to the devil? Isn’t that beautifully expressed in the story of Faust? Alas, there are so many scenarios to choose from, after eons of time, trying things out if it works this way…. or that way.
    To me, that’s where much light is covered up by darkness.

    That quality, living in acceptance of impermanence, not including the soul to be clear, our eternal spark, requires honesty and the acceptance of truth, in all colors of the rainbow. Be assured that I’ve observed myself in all my questioning and offering of assumptions, sometimes jester-like. I know the position of a jester well, also the skill of navigating in order to steer projects or events in a direction where honesty and compassion are companions of the king or queen. Though, in that metaphor, that same king or queen has the power to behead me for revealing the truth by means of a joke… a jest.. a gesture even, clinging the bells on my hat. There are two sides to that coin, I know.

    I know when repetition of my questions becomes annoying, when no answers are given, possibly for a lack of answers, the frustration in an inability to offer clarity or practice transparency. I can picture PFC as a ballroom with all sorts of dancers and dance-styles, all thrown in the mix. Is it a ball masquee or a celebration of harmony with an open visor, so that the support, given to those who seem to always step on their dance-partner’s toes, risking to end up as wallflowers, is the spark that makes them grow in confidence? Enjoying a waltz on their own two feet?


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