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  1. I am very vocal..People are more awake now, however so much time has been wasted. I would love to see people destroy these 5G towers. We need to simply RISE UP and do it without any thought. There are more of us than them. Prayer to our Lord for the masses to join in this revolt is needed!

    • Hmmm… Given the fact that Tronald Dump refused to have 5G tech installed in _Mar-a-Lago_ his
      Private, exclusive Home/resort for the Palm Beach elites, tells you ALL you need to know. Dump was SElected to be POTUS a very long time ago. There’s more than enough proof to show it. However, because It does require some research, very few know or even understand wth is REALLY going on in U.S.A. INC.!… We were HERDED towards him for a very particular reason. Who (in their right mind) would vote for HRC!? Seriously, the Ritual sacrificing Witchcraft practicing aside, she has a Disgusting history of greed, murder, bribery, —on and on I could go but you get the idea.
      Bottom line is this: “those” who created U.S.A. I.N.C. had planned long ago to Destroy this country at a specific time in history. They put in a Businessman to facilitate the literal Deconstruction of our monetary system. He was the one and only “person” who had Never been a part of the system itself. Never in Congress, Senate, all the other had been involved in someway, but NOT him.

      Tronald Dump was put there for ONE term, and only ONE; again, Another anomaly. Typically they’ve always gotten two. (Unless of course they’re assassinated like JFK.) Dump served his term GasLighting the people to believe he was doing good things while quietly setting up very destructive legislation that will end with our Demise as a Sovereign Nation..

  2. The really screwed up thing is the average person knows nothing about any of this they just think the phones will be faster they have no conception of the amount of radiation spewing out of these things 5G is something like 3000 times more powerful than 4G it’s going to give everyone cancer and yes they can boil at all like frogs in a pot of hot water slow boil because were made of mostly water and the heat that they can put out on these things is absolutely mind staggering gang stocking etc. but actually already doing a lot of that with directed energy weapons. but it’s absolute insanity no regulations on this stuff of course but we have to think of our children and that really messed up part is they’re going to be putting this every 15 to 100 feet so there’s not a place you can hide on this earth where they won’t have these things up they’ve already put some up in Santa Rosa where I live ( sorry I was too lazy to edit ). anyway detox be grateful for the good things and help one another and yes work from your heart chakra which the color to that is green and don’t eat food from the grocery stores anymore please people it’s poison and it is an agenda !

  3. treatment solutions would be good to add here as well for us mortals, please, anyone? 🙂

    once you have the morgellons (nanobots, GMO and AI nanotech), know it or not, you know what ‘they’, i.e. the free amongst us perpetrators are up to: switch on/off for diseases, create tumors and cancer death even in a split second, mind control, light and info extraction-dark anti-matter insertion (synthetic RNA construction), surveillance by satellite at all times, radiation and sleep energy steeling especially at their Saturn (sun/devil) worshiping ceremonies on full moon, etc.

    So, yes to the blockage on towers and stations for those who know and do systematically, but on personal level, us common people and mortals again, people must receive help asap! For FREE.

    Do we as people and ‘patients’ even dare to attend the matter (more anti-matter) inserted infected virus and disease with a traditional doctor anymore, in some village somewhere no-where taking us for ‘nutcases’ (ignorance of course)? knowing the conventional system doctors are oblivious/ignorant to the fact and entirely focused only on useless chemical accumulation ‘treatment’.. no therapy, no treatment from here.

    I mean, we all had the same thought, at a point, which I too know is the best thing to do- to dare the non-daring, which would be to: Lawsuit the ‘System’.
    (i.e. our State or country (government officials and head leaders, military or not), governments confronted and only responding with.. coverups and a rejection to our Basic citizen and Human Rights). They know about it, and also use our own heavy tax money to… control or to murder us with.. It’s incredible, isn’t it? N-o lawsuits. Not even by organization. I believe it’s only www GeoengineeringWatch org out there for us all on the matter! Some of su do dare to stand out from the silence, some go to the doctors, it’s out on the internet, it’s happening, but we don’t seek accountability and consequences for knowing the facts, and that they are making us sick and killing us, why? Doctors are treating this, they know, but why wont they take a stand? because ‘they’, criminals and perpetrators simply won’t/don’t acknowledge, and only just lie, cover up? but it’s out, evidence of their mega world Genocide, etc. etc. (I mean is there any more etc. etc. after the word Genocide that even matters? but there is. There are a few to mention: new diseases, sickness, early death, i.e. assassinations, steeling our pensions and houses/property by inducing early death on elderly, mind-control.. as mentioned) plan is documented by many sources on non-mainstream media. So what? we suffer in silence? that’s the only solution now? but despair and bad feelings of low frequency, is exactly, what they want to put in-side us to take over our energy and take over the soul (hunting)..

    Searching for solutions alone and silenced down, one might find treatments from ‘chakra’ centers, but the expense is not covered by our ‘system’.. only chemicals. There are many good home-cures online of course. It still costs. The solution treatment is perhaps a combo on several levels:
    chakra heart and green light (and just exactly what does this mean? for us common people and mortals?) I asked for that and.. it costs. Big surprise. So much for the chakra ‘healers’, okay? Obviously not all are out there for and from the heart.. they should be out there working from the heart, they always preach about, like the voluntary nurses on hard times, because this is, a fn WAR. On the People. But, no, they all want money. We don’t have.
    Then, magnetism. Another level. Necessary, I guess. The best effect in by amount and is also offered by another center, which again.. costs. A (whol-a) lot-a.
    Some buy materials like stones, pyramids (very expensive as well), etc. Another ‘God’ to follow and worship? And then… aha-aa, YES! There it is, the cheapest.
    Pray to God!
    God is in stones, crystals, the water (pure!), oh, by the way, that? the pure water, i.e. ‘distilled damped water’, yeah, sorry, that costs too today. Unless of course you don’t mind, spending all day long babysitting over the darn casserole to get the filth out damped and fill a jar with an incredible amount of a 1/10 of a glass!! Feels like the Dark Ages when my grandmother was sitting cooking in the kitchen/living room, over the fire/stove and making vegetable stone stew, with no electricity..
    Also: Cheaper detox with: herbs, citrus, glycerine, Borax, etc. and detox body wash.

    Wouldn’t it be great to have ethical non-profit community doctors and lawyers back in our communities? so we can go there no fuss no mass, have an actual choice, and be treated/helped out on the spot, naturally, for free, … right underneath the radar..

    Anyone know, if magnets and especially magnetic pulse is good enough? some chakra people say ‘bio laser low frequency light treatment’, their own selling product of course, is the only treatment against radiation (which I can only assume nanobots are controlled by and that is by HAARP, mast towers, satellites, etc.), but who can verify which treatment best/appropriate for nanobots?

    Some claim the pure water is enough to treat and detox all s.. out. I think I strongly believe on that one.. it’s (also) the cheapest! Well, sort of.

    We are not all home-schooled scientists to make magnetic pulse appliances, people, although magnets are easier to put together (hardware store: many, placed opposite, with copper sealing, as one good old social media person put out as video for us to see and make), not sure they fully work? sure are heavy to move around with (so many) anyone any ideas?

    Put it out? ! YouT or D.Tube or Independent network, I read on this site, I don’t really care, put it out, please. This ba…. in there can do BIG damage.

  4. The solution is to gift these towers with cheap but functional orgonites.

    COBRA – The other thing that could be good is to look to position those orgonite around any kind of radar facilities around the U.S. (OK. good)

    COBRA – If those two things are covered it would great. Those two aspects, the Gwen towers and the radar stations. Of course with the radar stations you can also include HAARP and other facilities around the world. (thank you)

  5. DD is correct. 5G must be eradicated. Sometimes I think draining the swamp is taking so long and then it will be too late to remove the 5G from towers.
    I read that these waves can be used to drive the populace crazy. Then we would never be able to congregate and march to effect change. We are losing our window to act!


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