Therese Z here; On this eve of Valentines Day I felt that probably one of the best ways to bring Peace to Gaia tomorrow would be if we wrote ourselves a Love Letter. We have all heard the words reminding us that to gain peace in the world we must have peace within. To have peace within we must be willing to love ourselves unconditionally which is the only foundation for loving others unconditionally. Soon on this planet there will be much to forgive so that we can move forward. Let us be ready for this time now by finally loving ourselves as we are loved by Source ~ Mother ~ Goddess. This beautiful letter by Kathleen is a perfect example of how we might write to ourselves this Vaentines Day.


21 Days of Forgiveness: Love Letter

February 12, 2018 By Kathleen Mary Willis

Voice of

Dear Heart, Self,

I LOVE you.

I apologize to you for the entrenched belief that I have been consciously, unconsciously, subconsciously holding, that “God is punishing.”

I see now:

I Love you, my Self
I forgive you, my Self
I apologize to you, my Self

Mother/Father One never meant for life to be a struggle, to think that I needed to plan for disaster, for lack.

I see now, lack of love within creates the perception of lack.

Lack of apology and forgiveness to you, my Self, and others creates lack within/without.

Flowery language can explain what is transpiring on planet now, but what am I truly feeling within, what is my heart saying?

What is heart listening?

If I sat still and truly examined how I feel, what would I find?

Oppression, control, judgement, separation anxiety, worry – broken trust, doubt, futility, disappointment, sorrow, shame, exhaustion, fear of ruin, fear of failure, fear of defeat — lack of self-worth and lack of self-Love — is that how I feel?

What is lack of self-love and lack of self-worth? What is judgement of self and fear?

In the present moment, Now, what am I feeling?

Am I feeling the LOVE that is all around me?

Am I in bliss, in ecstasy, in joy knowing sacred purpose helping create the New, in rejuvenation?

How do I get there, to that feeling bliss, the LOVE, the joy of sacred purpose?

This is our Nova Earth — living in the heart — heart consciousness.

As within, so without. As above, so below.

Jesus, when he walked the Earth, knew this. He taught this.

Anyone who has experienced near-death relays this; they come back to Earth and all they speak of is LOVE.

What is LOVE? Absolutely no judgement of self?

What is PEACE? The state of no fear?

I understand the value of pain but am I compassion?

Where is “God not punishing,” where apologies and forgiveness are the Way of LOVE, the Return of LOVE?

I LOVE you, Self.



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