An Amazing Project ~ Easy to See How Our Future Can Look ~ A Must See!

TZ here: I decided to take a look at what James Gilliland was up to and started to look at this video where James discusses future developments with Michael Tellinger like the ‘One Small Town’ project that Michael’s Ubuntu {a 12-year-old project} movement is involved with.

The interest in this project which has started in South Africa is enormous and growing as you will hear in the discussion between James and Michael. So, we are already starting up the work of building Nova Gaia ~ its in full swing and I am sure that there are many more amazing projects like this one which are underway, would not surprise me if they number in the 100rds already.

Why get involved in the fear porn abounding round the net? Whey get involved or affected by anything crazy? There are so many amazing evolutionary projects like this one happening NOW. When you listen to the five-minute video which describes the One Small Town project I am absolutely sure that it will make you feel the optimism that I feel when listening to this.

One Small Town Video Primer

Here is the discussion with Michael and James where they both agree on the importance of focusing on the positive. This is positive! Lots of interesting things discussed here. Enjoy!

James Gilliland / Michael Tellinger Feb 6th 2018

Therese Zumi


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