Major Key To Transgenderism!!! Bisphenol A Creates Baphomets And It’s In 16000 Food Products!!!  Dangerous Gender Bending Plastics/Receipt/Aluminum Chemical Is In 90% American Blood!!!! Detox From Bisphenol A In 10 Days!!! Theory: Much Transgenderism Is Chemical-Based Therefore It Can Be Detoxed Away!!!

There may be someone who is genuinely transgender… but it’s looking like since plastics are everywhere and Bisphenol A is in the majority’s blood, that many transgender tendencies are thus chemical-based and can be dealt with, with a good cleaning of the blood!!

1.  Transgenderism is associated with baphomet (satanic male being with female boobs) …a symbol of what appears when a species ’strays from God’.

Here is a baphomet… often associated with a time of chaos where everything goes wonky…the end of the age of Picses and the beginning of age of Aquarius has brought us lots of chaos… up is down, right is left, right is wrong, male is female… essentially there has been a push from deep hidden forces to slowly turn everything backwards for humanity.

2.  Bisphenol A has many unnatural effects on the human reproductive system.

3.  90% chance it’s in your bloodstream!!  Ack…!!!

BPA Detox – Experience Life

Bisphenol A (BPA) — the nasty, endocrine-disrupting chemical linked to cancers and infertility — is ubiquitous, lurking in all sorts of products you use every day, like milk jugs and soup cans. And if you live in the United States, there’s more than a 90 percent chance it’s already in your bloodstream. On the bright side, you can …

4.  It comes from plastics…. inside of cans… and those pesky till receipts… are some of the main sources.

BPA in 16,000 Food & Drink Products

In June 2016, EWG used industry data to build a database of 16,000 food and drink items that could be packaged in materials harboring hormone-disrupting chemical BPA.

While it’s well-established that polycarbonate water bottles and most canned foods contain BPA, the EWG uncovered some other interesting BPA hiding spots. They include:

  • The lids of glass jars for baby food, pickles, jelly, salsa and other condiments
  • Aerosol cans for whipped toppings and nonstick sprays
  • Bottles and tins of cooking oil
  • Aluminum beverage cans
  • Metal coffee cans
  • Beer kegs

*I always decline taking receipt from cashier at the store, unless it’s an expensive purchase.



Jan 17, 2013 – Bisphenol a (BPA) is a synthetic estrogen used to harden polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resin. Yes, you read that right. SYNTHETIC ESTROGEN. An estimated 6 billion pounds of BPAare produced globally annually, generating about $6 billion in sales. It is fabricated into thousands of products made of …

6.  More proof that major portions of transgender tendencies are chemical-based!

7.  See… what is messing up our lives, is the unnatural aspects… not the natural aspects… remember, many of us born have never drank water from a waterfall… they have never washed their hair in a waterfall… they have not swam in a clean river… they have not been able or willing to drink the chemtrail rain and snow… and probably most important… THE BLOOD IS DIRTY, AND HAS NEVER OR RARELY BEEN CONSCIOUSLY CLEANED!!!

8.  The solution is easier than most can see… the solution is clean blood folks… not just clean it once… but a lifestyle that revolves are cleaning your blood… it ain’t that difficult…. here’s what I do….

I make an effort to get at least 1 tablespoon of baking soda, 1 tsp of bentonite clay, 1 tsp of charcoal, in my body most days… it cleans up all sorts of health issues… and also, exercise is a must, because stagnant energy is gonna create stagnant energy.

As a 49 year old man, I had the wonderful experience of having a woman ask me if she can touch my skin, because it looked so healthy.

It’s one thing for each of us to support each other… if someone wants to be transgender then fine… however, if it’s a condition that is simply a state of detox… I don’t see how this is empowering… to support someone’s toxic and unnatural state… does that really create a better world?  The truth does set us free to our natural state of being, whatever that means to you in your clean-blooded purified self.

There’s probably been a rise in unnatural homosexuality, porn, deviant behaviour,  with introduction of plastics into common day living… that’s why they hide the homosexuality statistics, because they were growing, not staying level throughout recent history.   Also, Bisphenol A, is great for a country that wants war with others and themselves right???

Now you know why the celebrities wear dresses… one reason is to make it all seem ‘normal’.

Now we have a major glimpse into why our plastics-based world, has created untold amounts of pain, suffering and confusion… and can thus rise above.

Please note that if they say something is Bisphenol A, they may have just used another Bisphenol.

Plastic is only one concern we have health-wise… our solar system itself is changing, and we have to upgrade our bodies if we want to live on earth in the future.


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  1. I had this theory of Bisphenol-A for quite some time now. Would be kinda funny if it is actually true, all this shit because of what is basically a bad high.

    But easy on Baphomet my guy, he's never mentionned in your bible. Your "Satanism" is all wrong, created by angry teens of the time, rebelling against Christianity as a mean to exist, reversing Idols for their nefarious designs (Just like leftists when you think about it, just kinda like you right here).

    It's a spiritual concept, neutral perfection of your mind, as man so woman, as human so beast, as Above so Below.
    So I can't let you compare, or reduce rather, what should be an example for everyone on this earth to this degeneration of our unnatural societies.

  2. I want to know the name of who, in what government agency, in what year, who gave approval for this poison to be liberally put in so many of our foods. I have great anger from trusting FDA to protect me and my family for 60 years. It would appear FDA is all a lie and truly do nothing to look out for our health and safety. Another government alphabet department that is an utter and complete failure. who they truly are, we were lied about. What good are they? What do they actually do every day? Is the FDA in charge of making sure this poison is distributed everywhere in all kinds of products? Then, they are not our friend and they are not to be trusted. Who gave the ok to do this to our foods, I want to take names!

  3. As someone who is transsexual (so also transgender by default), I always wondered why there seem to be more transwomen than transmen. This article is spot on in explaining some of the problem.

    But I’d be careful saying that just clearing the blood of these will treat or cure the condition for most. It won’t.

  4. while i agree there is a hostile war being waged against Traditionalism
    but on a spiritual level there is no gender in tribal society’s the 2 spirit was sacred and those who were outside of gender norms were given a place in the world its important to unite both male and female the higher star beings have overcome there polarity cycles and are one with it all that being said on earth traditional norms were stilled preserved and encouraged

    neither Post Modernism nor hyper-Traditionalism is the solution to these issues


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